Charged for something I didn't buy


I received a bill for:

Sing! Karaoke by Smule, subscription VIP (automatic renewal)
Monthly | August 31, 2016
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In-App purchase


I didn't buy it, and when I go to the link to cancel my malware checker stops at the opening page. The full email address it comes is: [email protected]

What is a phishing scam?  Or if someone has hacked my info?

I don't know where to go / person to contact about this.

Thank you


many of them appearing on the forums, it seems to be a scam and everything is necessary, it's an email, no need of piracy.

Apple's documentation on the identification of the emails from them or e-mail

Identification of legitimate emails from the iTunes Store - Apple Support

You can report scams here Apple.

If it is indeed a legitimate email, you should contact apple using the contact at the bottom of this page.

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