Computer froze while then restart using Yahoo, has started checking the files on the drive.

Original title: is there a MicrosoftXP NTFS file system? If SO, is there a file 875?

Working yahoo trying to open the file that was sent when the computer locked upand I had the switch works / stop. When I rebooted it came up on top of the page that opens, he Microsoft XP in the upper right corner with the logo but not color. She has also shown a verification program files on three washers on a message from a third party came this missing 875, after a short wait of the comuter open file. It is a real program under XP or is a person playing with the computer? I'm computer dumb and need all the help I can get.


It seems that the computer has started when you have turned on the computer running chkdsk.

CHKDSK is a valid Microsoft XP program and it checks bad blocks on the disk.

As Yahoo application was running at this time, the 875 file could be belongs to it & seems to be corrupted.

For more information, refer to this link: How to make Windows XP disk error checking?

I recommend you to reinstall the application that was running at this moment of time if they are not running properly.

How do I change or remove a program in Windows XP?

Hope the helps of information.

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