Connection through a switch?

I have a WRT54G V8 router that I want to spend down for better reception.  I want to connect it via my switch EZXS55W V4.2 but I can't seem to make it work.  Do I have to change the settings of the router or is - same not possible?

Modem high speed---> switch---> router

michaeloquence wrote:

I have a WRT54G V8 router that I want to spend down for better reception.  I want to connect it via my switch EZXS55W V4.2 but I can't seem to make it work.  Do I have to change the settings of the router or is - same not possible?

Modem high speed---> switch---> router

You can't the front switch the router because it wouldn't give the DHCP issued IP address of this way. The indicated above guy in the correct way to do it.

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    I replaced my router from Time Warner Ubee with a Netgear N450. I have 2 desktop computers and TV and PS3 in my basement that is connected to a Netgear GS108 switch 8 gigabit ports. Everything worked fine until I swapped the router. All my wireless devices work and the office in our head office that is connected directly to the N450 work. A desktop running Win XP Pro, the other works under Win 7. I don't get "LAN was not a valid IP configuration errors. I rebooted everything, turn off DHCP and tried to manually enter the IP information, power off the pc from the wall outlet, etc. and spent several hours on researching this issue. Any ideas would be useful.

    Problem solved. I brought the Win 7 PC upstairs and connected directly to the router. The PC immediately recognised and connected to my home network. Then, in order to eliminate potential problems with the switch itself or wiring, I brought the upstairs switch and connected between the router and the PC Win 7. Same results as above - connected to the network home and Internet. Took everything back down and voila - both PC is now successfully connected to the host and the internet using DHCP network automatically. Not sure why it worked. I went through this simple process to diagnose potential hardware issues.

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    I did some research on this and I'm getting mixed results.  I have 5 Configuration of VLAN, not including the native VLAN 1.  Vlan1 has 1 as untaggged and together the trunk port.  Him is excluded.  VLAN 100 has unidentified port defined on trunk and labeled 1 and 9-12.  VLAN 200 has 1 trunk port and labeled and 2-6 unidentified.  VLAN500 port 1 tag/trunk and 14-20 untagged ports.  VLAN 600 has a port like the trunk but excluded and 21-24 as not tagged. VLAN 700 has port 1 as marked and 7 and 8 as not tagged.  I didn't buy an exact duplicate of the switch, another srw2024 and I want to connect to this existing switch.  Could someone tell me how I can do cela two ways: a way to broaden the VLAN to the second switch and the other with just to add the second switch and be able to create new VIRTUAL networks?  Any help is greatly appreciated!  Thank you =)

    You must create all the VLANS on switches where traffic of this VLAN may occur, either because there is a device connected to VLAN access mode, either because the traffic must travel through the switch. So, in your case, if you create a new VLAN on the second switch probably want to create the same VLAN on the first switch as well and add this new VLAN for the trunk between the first and the second switch port (i.e. make new Member tagged VLAN on the trunk of the ports at both ends).

    Of course, if the first SRW not connected to any other router VIRTUAL local area network or the Internet (e.g. you have a completely closed environment) and that you do not need a VLAN special on one of the switches, there is no need to add the VLAN on the switch or trunk ports. For example, if all the VLAN 100 devices are connected only to the second switch and none of these talks of devices outside, simply configure the VLAN 100 on the second switch because VLAN 100 traffic must never travel to SRW given that there is no device in VLAN 100.

    It is possible, however, generally for clearer network design and a greater flexibility in your facility, I recommend you to run all the VLAN through all switches so that later, when you want to add a device to VLAN 100 on the first switch you would only configure the port rather than begin to implement a new VIRTUAL LAN and configure trunk ports...

  • get internet connection through another computer...


    I would go straight to the point :)

    I have a desktop running windows vista. I have a normal internet connection through a router that connects to the internet on this desktop computer.

    now, I also have a laptop with windows xp and here is what I do. my laptop's wireless was always bothers me, sometimes it connects, sometimes it doesn't work out... so I saw that there is an Ethernet card installed in the laptop with an Ethernet port.

    My question is this:

    I have a lot of Ethernet cables at home and I was wondering if there is a way to get internet to my laptop via the Ethernet port on my desktop, but without needing the desktop computer to be running, cause I only use my laptop these days and my router is too far to connect from my room. I hope you understand my problem. In theory, I think it's possible to do, but I'm not sure how, so please help me on this one. my laptop also has firewire, but I prefer ethernet for some reason any.

    Thank you


    Sorry, but you cannot get a connection via another computer if the computer is off.

    I'm not sure that I understand completely the topology.  However, if the office is connected by cable to a router for Internet connection, you can solve the problem by buying a simple network switch.

    You take the cable from the desktop and connect to the switch. Then you plug the desktop and laptop computer at the switch.

    That this switch network does, it divides a cable to feed many computers.

    Example of a switch that can be connected with a cable to a router and feed 5 computers.

    Jack - Microsoft MVP, Windows networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • Tracer Cisco packet 6 / How to connect 3 multilayer switches

    I wan't to ping of 'PC' in the right (DIRECTION FES) for PC on the left (DIRECTION KENITRA) but when I ping fails, I tried to connect 'Multilayer Switch3' and "Multicouche Switch0" but I failed, I used the following commands:

    Multi-layer router RIP Switch3 (config) #.

    Multilayer Switch3 (config) #network

    Multilayer Switch3 (config) #network


    Multilayer Switch3 (config) # router eigrp 1000

    Multilayer Switch3 (config) #network

    Multilayer Switch3 (config) #network

    but without any effect.

    Please, help me succefuly ping and connect all the succefuly of networks.


    You must watch your switching configurations and go through them carefully.

    Just looking at them, I can see that EIGRP configurations are wrong.

    On each switch, you should have statements of network for connected networks, not for networks that are not directly connected.

    If you go through them again and refer to your diagram, you should be able to see that you have set up statements of network under EIGRP for networks that are connected to other switches.

    This is why EIGRP is not coming.


  • View 5.0 upgrade cannot connect through security on PCOIP server but RDP works very well

    We have improved the sight of 4.6 to 5 and we are no longer able to connect through pcoip via security server. When you connect remotely if you select rdp everything works fine, but pcoip goes to a black screen and then return and error message of 'the connection to the remote computer is done '. Everything worked well in 4.6 before the upgrade and no settings have been changed. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Thank you

    Just had this problem, same solution, external IP had changed its internal IP DMZ, it switched back - totally fixed.

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    • Press F10, or press the Alt key to bring up the 'Menu Bar' temporarily if the menu bar is hidden.
    • Use "Firefox > Options" instead of "tools > Options" If the menu bar is hidden.
  • How can I find the IP address of a device connected to the switch GS724Tv4?

    I have a Netgear GS724Tv4 switch and I need to know the IP address of a device in the g19 port. Is possible due to the switch to see?

    Thank you in advance.


    Hello DelTorre,

    Welcome to the community!

    Unfortunately, the GS724Tv4 doesn't have a table of IP addresses. I don't see a way on how you can see through the switch.

    Thank you

  • R8500 disorder connect through C1100Z modem (Qwest)

    I'm having difficulties to keep the connection or sometimes even to make connection through my modem. (the modem) works on its own, but I bought this router on Ebay non-recorded. Any help appreciated.

    Finally had time to try this, I went all the way to clone the mac address of the cpu and well. Thank you

  • Can not share the internet connection through Wifi

    Hi all

    I am connected to the internet using an external antenna connected via USB to my mac (WIRELESS n 801.11). I want to share this connection since my mac with other devices, i.e. my iPhone. I use the internet connection through system preferences--> sharing--> sharing internet--> connection on the part of wlan to computers via WIFI and give a name and a password for the wifi settings. When I start the connection icon wifi on the the high watch the arrow menu to the top, but it gives an IP address from 169 auto... etc etc and I can't any traffic to my iPhone.

    I tried to configure IPv4 to use DHCP with a manual (instead of automatic DHCP) address and IP I enter the IP address used in the WiFi, wifi says that it is connected to the name of the internet connection in the shared connection, I opened but once again no traffic to the iPhone. Also tried disabling the firewall, once again nothing.

    I run El Capitan 10.11.2.


    OS X El Capitan: share your Internet connection

  • OK to mix 'of connection to the switch"and"close relay switch?

    Hi all

    I'm developing a test sequence using the card multiplexer 2527 to the track signals.  To configure the card, I use DAQmx switch functions.  In my application, I have a Subvi routine that imports the data from a spreadsheet Setup and run a loop for to set the configuration for each step (each iteration of the loop contains the channel for 2527 card information).  The topology is set on the first iteration, as well as the configuration of the path to the first string.

    My concern is this: I need to close the extra channels/relays without changing the topology or resetting the device.  In the first round, I use "connection to the switch" function to set the initial path, (ch0 to com0 for example).  Then in subsequent iterations of the loop, I use "Relay close switch" function to close the additional channels individually (for example k2).  In the end, when the measure is taken, both ch0 ch2 must be closed and routed to com0.  This implementation is so sure, or am I somehow to make the adjustments to the initial loop?

    I would like to test this with the hardware, but it is not yet available.

    Also, I realize that I could use independent topology and configure all relays individually for each step, but I hope that my approach will be easier and safer.

    Please notify.  Thank you.


    Hello GSinMN,

    It's OK to mix 'of connection to the switch"and"Close relay switch"If you understand what's happening below. "Switch Connect" connects two channels by closing a path of relay between the channels, then "Close relay switch" can be used to change the State of the individual relays. If you are not careful you can mess up your connection by activating / deactivating relays that are part of the route connecting your channels.

    "Also, I realize that I could use independent topology and configure all relays individually for each step, but I hope that my approach will be easier and safer."

    I would recommend the topology independent if you want to stick with connections to channels only.

    Initial connection:

    CH0-> pcom0

    pcom0plus-> icom0plus

    pcom0minus-> icom0minus

    icom0-> com0

    In each future iteration just connect to the next to pcom0 channel (which will be indirectly connect it to com0):

    CH1-> pcom0

    CH2-> pcom0




  • Need me a firewall if my internet connection through a router. I'm with Virgin and I have a D-Link router

    Need me a firewall if my internet connection through a router. I'm with Virgin and I have a D-Link router

    On Friday, June 8, 2012 14:45:42 + 0000, Ian 213 wrote:

    Need me a firewall if my internet connection through a router. I'm with Virgin and I have a D-Link router

    Your router provides firewall protection, so the need is not the same
    as if you had no a router. There are some who say you need to no.
    all firewall software.

    But my opinion is that you would be a lot safer if you have run a
    router software, and since there is little reason not to, I
    recommend that you do.

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP

    I agree.

    @OP Windows XP (SP2 and above), Vista, 7 and 8 all have active firewall software by default.

    There is no need of any 3rd party firewall.

    Some users like running programs such as ZoneAlarm because it warns him from the processes that use the network, and then there is the possibility to deny/allow it on the spot, or deny/allow forever. There may be slight discomfort in the installation, but once it's for all your programs, and then it really can work in silent mode.

    Microsoft Firewall simply leave everything default, but they can be configured manually to block anything outgoing or incoming.

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  • EA6500 only shows no device connected to the switch of working group 5 ports

    I just replaced a defective Linksys e4200 with an ea6500.  After assistance by phone, I got to the top and work, but only one computer on my LAN is not displayed.

    I connected an 8 port 10/100 switch Linksys my 4200, and my wife's computer was connected to that.   The computer displays the IP as and it is connected to the internet with my router again.  But the ea6500 does not show a device with the ip address.  Instead, he shows what he calls a network with the IP device.

    How can I see the devices connected to the switch 5 ports and determine which ip addresses, they have been assigned?

    I use a switch with my network with a router EA and it shows the devices correctly. Turn off the computer which does not appear in the list of devices and check to see if any device will appear as offline adter who. Remove from the list of devices, and then restart the router. Once the router is ready, open the page of the router again and turn on the computer and check if it will be detected correctly. I hope this helps.

    Edit: Check and make sure you have the latest firmware loaded. Otherwise, update the firmware and do a reset after the update of the firmware. Check your list of devices after that.

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