Eleitbook 8540w: Charger a/c problem?

Hello my friends at the HP Forum! I will post again to you for some very ' expert '!

My 8540w Eleitebook has a L - 15 a/c adapter. I don't have a label to indicate the year of manufacture. I said on the card: 125V 7A, LS-15 Linetek E 70782. I think that perhaps it is a spare Cap "after-market"? The adapter itself gets VERY hot!  It's an HP OEM adapter.  It is also the 2nd I had. This is the result of a bad plug or the adapter itself? I'm worried not extremely hot!

If it is not in respect of reminder, a 'generic' replacement would do the trick? Located at approximately of $10.00 on eBay. Thanks to you all!


TFL522 wrote:

Hello my friends at the HP Forum! I will post again to you for some very ' expert '!

My 8540w Eleitebook has a L - 15 a/c adapter. I don't have a label to indicate the year of manufacture. I said on the card: 125V 7A, LS-15 Linetek E 70782. I think that perhaps it is a spare Cap "after-market"? The adapter itself gets VERY hot!  It's an HP OEM adapter.  It is also the 2nd I had. This is the result of a bad plug or the adapter itself? I'm worried not extremely hot!

If it is not in respect of reminder, a 'generic' replacement would do the trick? Located at approximately of $10.00 on eBay. Thanks to you all!

Away generic Chargers they could be worst then your bad cable adapter. Check with the help of HP and see if there was a recall for your card overheating wiries. What they need is your laptop P/N and her series-very if it was on a list of reminders.

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    I got the iPhone 6 for about 1 year and a half, my departure from cable elbow off and leaving bend I later he broke the rubber cap and exposed the cable, I have always used this cable for a few months and yesterday I noticed that I can not charge my phone more (the percentage goes to the top but very slow (, as 2% for 30 min)
    I downloaded an app and his told me that my dough have 65% wear...
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    p/s: sorry for my bad English.

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    Your phone is almost two years of use, it is generally acceptable to lithium-ion batteries deteriorate after a number of charges, I would like to replace. It costs $79 for out of warranty: iPhone battery & Power - official Apple Support

  • charge light flashing problem with hp probook 4530 s [redacted]

    I have a problem with my hp probook 4530 s serial number: [edited by Moderator]. A few times while I use the continuous orange light flashing load on the battery and if I stop the laptop and try turning on the laptop, the orange charge light blinks 8 times and it is not running until I remove and insert using battery me back.kindly I'm so nervous.

    more information:

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    BIOS version: F.25

    [number removed for privacy]

    Finally, I think it worked.

    bios for update

    Version: F.40 (March 12, 2013)

    its almost 10 hours and I load/unloaded my laptop 2 times and his works fine. mashAllah.

    No problem flashing light up now.

    hope I never face again the blinking light problem. God willing.

    Here is the download link for the latest version of the bios:

    http://h20000.www2.HP.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en & cc = us & prodTypeId = 321957 & prodSeriesId = 5060880 & prodNameId = 5060882 & swEnvOID = 4053 & swLang = 13 & mode = 2 & taskId = 135 & swItem = ob-116443-1

    Note: the BIOS update is sometimes risky, so be careful and follow each instruction.

  • Plug the charger into the problem

    Hello world

    I'm having a problem with my laptop HP 2000-369WM of charge. When I try to plug my charger, the red light indicating that the load and the battery on the screen indicator does not change.

    I'm trying to shake the cord, but it will take a while before it recognizes.

    Do I need to get a new charger, or who will count in all and it is a problem of laptop?

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    Hello ophelialie,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that no loading is ongoing, and there is a flashing red light. Jiggling to work should not have to do. There is probably a hardware problem, but I'll do what I can to help you!

    First of all, try the steps I provided in this thread, as they will probably solve the problem if it is not a hardware problem: Re: battery charging

    If not, please try test and calibrate the battery. You should be able to know if the battery has problems, as the battery of tests should be carried out.

    If none of this helps, you should be able to contact HP telephone support and will determine what to do with the material. You can use this Web site for information about how to contact HP properly, based on your region: Contact HP worldwide

    Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and if it has helped. Thank you for choosing the HP Forums. Have a great day!


  • Charger Compaq 610 problem

    Hello, laptop Compaq 610 arrested son loads and then died when the battery ran low.  I read the adapter 18vdc, it seems OK.  I read that the plug that connects the charger to the system board, sometimes comes loose, then I opened the unit upwards, seems OK.  Any thoughts on what could be the problem?

    Also noticed that the cable between the charger and the laptop has 3 sons, but the connector seems to have 2 connections, which is the third wire for?  A schema is available anywhere?

    Thanks for any advice.

    OUTPUT of the adapter goes to "0".

    You have a short.

    I wonder if there could be a plug in the switch on the plug of the adapter and could have shorted contacts.

  • Problem of charge blackBerry Blackberry Curve 8900 Smartphones HELP!

    Hello the BB community, I am new here and I just wanted to correct a problem with my blackberry.

    Well when I started to connect my blackberry to load (I have a usb to wall adapter charger), the battery percentage would not rise. Thus, after removing the battery and put it in the creeped out slowly on its way to 80% battery power and no more would go high, no matter how long I left it to charge.  Same problem when I tried to charge it via the USB port connected to a PC.

    To try to solve my problem, I bought a new battery.  At first I thought it was the solution because the battery has been charging at a normal speed and don't punish me out constantly.  However, even once, I noticed that, after a night of load, the power would NOT higher than 80%.

    I tried all tricks, even reset my blackberry and re-installed the software. However nothing will leave power rise above 80%...

    Help, please!

    (I should add that the charge indicator is on the screen, so all the time, it is said that he is still in charge, but 80% rises in the State of the settings menu)

    It is the charger I

    I ordered a new charger that is on the right track. You think that it will solve my problem of 80%?

    Of course, please do. Since the old battery and new battery acted both in this way, I think THAT it will be correct and re - calibrate the meter. We'll see.

  • Satellite A300 - restarts if I plug charger

    Hi all

    I'm on Toshiba Satellite A300 (psag0n/00w00u). Today, I installed Vista home edition. Now, I am facing strange problem that is my lappy restarts automatically as I plug in charger. This problem started suddenly previously installed OS (Vista ultimate), but at this time there I didn't notice if this only happens when I plug in charger. It seems to be a hardware error.

    Can you please help?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hi remy,.

    In my opinion this has nothing to do with the Vista installation restart your laptop if you plug in a charger.

    To me, it looks like a hardware problem and your laptop should be checked by a technician of the laptop. Maybe the motherboard needs to be replaced or something else.
    By the way: you use the original from Toshiba AC adapter or another?

    If you use the original Toshiba adapter, contact the service provider authorized in your country. If not try again with an original Toshiba adapter.

  • HP-n240tx: laptop not charge up

    Hi guys...

    I have a hp laptop that is about a year and model n240tx... this problem has happened today when suddenly, my phone says connected but do not load on the battery and unfortunately when it happened to my battery said it was 9% and immediately turn off the power

    I did the thing to reset the power when I remove the battery and adapter and power button press and hold... I did it and my laptop did start up office and new such dangerously low battery 7% and closing down and now not even start flashing white led near port (mind you it was with the laptop connected to the power supply) load

    And it seems that my laptop doesn't start when the battery is removed because when I tried to do it just stops immediately with a little beep in the speakers

    PS: I also noticed that when the laptop started to 7%, he went back to the base... not even in the hd4400 or the gt740m display, also Ive rarely ever used my battery, he operated mainly on the sector (maybe this caused a dead battery?)

    Ive read abt this and many say this can be a defective Board on the laptop, but I think that this could be a dead battery problem? Since it is a question of holiday I can't remove for repair shop, so I would like some info of experts on this issue



    Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

    I read your post on your charger and battery problems and wanted to help.

    The diagnostic approach is to test both the dough and the charger, but in both cases, you must follow the instuctions that we could post a working laptop.  I'll post the links below:

    HP laptops - to help and the power adapter testing alternative | HP® customer support

    Computers laptops HP - HP battery check the frequently asked Questions for laptops (Windows 7 and Vista) | HP® customer support

    If you can't make it work enough to use these links, because we have no way of diagnosing the problem from here, your only recourse is to take the PC to a HP Service Center and ask them to look at.

    Here's a link with information about HP Service Centers: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c00372730?jumpid=reg_r1002_usen_c-001_title_r0004

    Good luck

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  • Problem loading Wireless Laser Mouse 7000

    I just bought 2 7000 wireless laser mouse. I can't get either one to load. I reinstalled the battery several times, moved to different outlets and nothing. It keeps blinking red.

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?
    Thank you

    I have the same type of mouse exactly, same problem and paper trick didn't work either, but I thought about it! All you need to do to fix is make sure you cut the mouse before you put in the cradle. After the paper failed, I turned off the switch on the bottom of the mouse and is only charged perfectly no problems until now! I hope that's all I had to do to fix it!

  • Problem loading of Sansa e260

    Hello, I bought 2 Sansa e260 player of Tiger Direct in January. One as one gift, one for my son. We work very well, but the other will not charge. I now have the element of return.  Since he ordered last January, was referred by Tiger to Sansa support.

    When plugged into the computer, it displays a battery icon green on the player, but when he unplugged everything just stops due to the insufficient battery charge.

    What should I do to make this work? Can it be fixed?

    The unit apparently has been renovated as well.

    Well, if it is a re-furb, Technical Support SanDisk won't not be able to help you, other than what seems to indicate, you buy a new battery. They honor only the 1 year warranty on units of '' news. '' With re-furbs, you are left at the mercy of the dealer who sells it to you.

    When it is plugged in, the lightning flashes, indicating that it is in charge? The problem may come from the battery... or it could be the charging circuit in the player. There is only one way to know, and that is to buy a new battery & try it.

    You can find replacement on eBay or Amazon for shipping incl. batteries. $10 / $20.

    Come to think of it, if you can lift the other away from your son for a while, you can replace the batteries in order to isolate the problem before spending money on a farm only to find the circuit load in the other player is fried. If you consider that it's the battery, then you can shop and buy a. If the player of your son is not load or feed the 'other' one, then you will know not not to waste your money on another farm. If this ends up being the case though, don't Chuck there still a lot of salvagable parts, you can use the reader to your son if you need them.

  • HP Slate 6 do not charge, seems to matter of charge usb port!


    On April 27, I bought a HP Slate 6 eme, 2014 is a guarantee.

    I am facing a problem that HP Slate 6 not load and sometimes showing the load but taking 2 hours to 1 unit of the capacity indicator!

    I checked the cable but another device of load with the same cable that is in charge fine.so, it seems, is not cable issue rather charge port connectivity problem.

    Can anyone suggest how can I repair or replace the unit?

    What is the procedure? How to locate a nerby authorized HP repair/replacement Phablet Center South of Chennai, in India.

    It is very urgent that I have all my contacts in there.

    Hello and welcome to the HP support community!

    To contact HP directly, click on this link: http://h22207.www2.hp.com/us-en/contact-hp/

    Outside the United States:


  • Laptop crashes after the battery is connected, must charge laptopn until I use it... irritating

    My laptop caused a lot of problems and I don't know why. This is beacause of my driver problem? By the way, my laptopn was bought in year 2007 while the driver is old enough so it's because of my driver? My battery seems fine, I bought it not too long because my previous charged was broken and the new charger autour cost $99.So can someone help me?

    You have a hardware problem-the battery, the charge adapter, the connections between then, or maybe even something else (I can't say without testing).  It is possible the battery you bought is not exactly compatible with your system, if it was not EXACTLY the same battery.  I recommend that take you to a repair shop of computer good reputation for service and a diagnosis of the problem.  You could also send it to the manufacturer for service.  Compare the costs, the calendar, warranties, parts availability, reputation and any other factor consider you important and make your choice.

    Why are removing you the battery in any way - why isn't she always left in the laptop and the charger plugged in during the night (even if the system is stopped) in order to regain full battery charge and this problem never occurs (even if you still have a problem that needs to be fixed - at least irritation will decrease until get you it fixed)?

    And what driver are you talking about?  You said nothing about what driver for this device or is that the problem or when it occurs or when he started or whatever it is - and we have need to know these things to help.

    I hope this helps.  Please answer the questions above before repair in case we discover another possible cause that can avoid this need.

    Good luck!

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  • Power problems: computer turns off when the power supply cord is unplugged.

    original title: power problems: computer shit turned off when the power supply cord is unplugged.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv2000

    Windows vista home premium/sp2

    AMD Turion (TM) 64/2 1.80 ghz processor

    1 GB memory

    32 bit operating system

    I have 2 problems with this laptop.

    !. I have lost the power cable and bought an expensive one online step (model: PA-1650-02 c. input 100-240v 1.5 put out a(1,5A) 18.5V 3. 5 = a)

    When I first plugg cord battery charge light came on the balance, then he started to come on and outside.

    now its completely off, even with the power cord plugged in. on the lower right part of the screen its showing that cord is connected to the power supply and the battery is fully charged, but as soon as I unplugg the power cord or remove the computer cut right away.

    the second problem is that the left mouse botton does not work, the work aside right very well. I went in the proprties to put it right, click on to, but who does not work either. I've updated the drivers but still nothing.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Hi aloum,.

    (a) what kind of mouse you are using?

    (b) the left button of the mouse seems to be stuck or it does not meet the click? This only happens with certain applications?

    Step 1: Test the mouse on another computer or another mouse on the test computer

    To determine whether the mouse or the computer is defective, follow these steps:

    1. test the mouse in question on a system that works, you know. If the problem appears to follow the mouse, you may need to return or replace the mouse.

    2 test a mouse you know is working on the computer in question. If the problem seems to stay on the computer, then the problem is most likely related to the software.

    In regard to the battery not holding charge

    Battery problems are often associated with the battery itself. If you encounter this problem, contact your mobile PC manufacturer. If you purchased the battery separately from the notebook computer, contact the manufacturer of the battery.

    Troubleshooting battery problems


    Thank you, and in what concerns:

    Ajay K

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Reference Dell coming 8 Pro does not charge?

    I bought this from amazon and it arrived fully charged. I used it for about 3 days and I die last night while watching a video. Let him load 3 hrs today with the unit off and then when I he turned the dough only said charge of 2%. I use the charger supplied with the device and the light is on when he is in charge

    Another problem may be the Port extremely poorly designed on the venue...  It has a USB Port to the Micro-A, and they ship a USB Micro-B plug.  Of course, making works, but port is rectangular and the CAP is trapezoidal.  (See pictures attached)...  A bit like putting a round plug in a square hole.  It can be connected that it in itself, but only works one way, and if you plug it in wrong, you can break something.  A clue would be the USB image on the form itself must face the FRONT of the place when you plug...  Large part of the connector down, party narrow the decision-making upward.

    The document shows, type a contradictory picture of the USB plug.  It shows the metal part of the plug upside...  In any case, see two photos I have attached for clarification.

    Thank you


    On the narrow side is supposed to be in PLACE.

  • X 230 wwan tablet and Ericsson H5321 problem


    someone at - it a similar problem with the installation of an ericsson card wwan H5321?

    The wwan card was commissioned by the official dealer of lenovo. The card was not installed when I bought the laptop, but the card itself was delivered separately. The wwan should be on white list according to lenovo list, but...

    The problem is that the bios allows the computer to start. The bios generates an error: "1802: unauthorized network card is plugged...» (0BDB, 1926)

    Computer can be started only without the wwan. On my understanding, this problem is somehow the white list in the bios.

    X 230 tablet, extensible wwan

    Model: 3437-2YG

    BIOS: GCET22WW (1.11)

    WWAN card:

    FRU: 60Y3297

    Part No.: 03A 36319

    Manufactured: 2012-06-17

    Does anyone have a solution?

    Solution was not so simple...

    Lenovo support changed a new 3000 Gobi wwan card. Who was allowed to the bios and cell phone was ok on windows 7. Everything worked much less in Finland. If the Ericsson wwan card won't work in current version of bios. It is not mentioned on the product catalog. Support changed this card free of charge.

    Problems of Windows 8:

    Then I changed to win7 pro for win8 pro...

    Gobi 3000 drivers are not currently on the Lenovo Web site, but you can find the drivers on another Web site. Drivers, called LenovoGobi3kSetup.exe seem to work ok on Windows 8. You will find the link to the community to these drivers.

    ... but! This works until you rotate the top of the screen of the keyboard. Mobile broadband is disabled, then there is no way to activate this feature. Troubleshoot Windows 8 indicates that the wwan switch is disabled and the tips to activate the switch. But there is no any switches for wwan module! On windows 7 will even work, but you can switch wwan when changing the display rotation. Settinga are as well FN + F5 key. But it will not work on windows 8 similarly. It disables simply all of the shares of wifi.

    Enabling switch wwan solution: simply install vantage think access to windows 7! It will give some errors, but not ignore them. It will finally install and then you can change wwan module again.

    On my laptop, it seems to work ok now. I use vantage think access only to enable the wwan module.

    I'll hope it helps someone...


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