Extended warranty does not

Hello world!

I bought a Toshiba laptop a few weeks ago (1 year warranty), and I got an extended warranty 1 year also. I tried to register this extension on the website of Toshiba Europe and the system OK, but as I watched my registration data, it shows only the standard recording instead of the 2-year warranty. Some have said that I should wait a few days, because the system needs time to update, but it has been so since a week now.

Could you please help me what to do, because I don't want to exceed the enrollment period for 30 days! Thank you in advance.

Best regards, Szilvia (Hungary)


have you ever tried to check it out by calling the hotline of toshiba? Maybe they could clarify your question about your extended warranty. You can also ask a certified partner and let check the status of your registration.

Here´s a link to find a servicepartner in your country:


See you soon

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    I managed to register for my laptop and my standard warranty. However, Tempro repeat my guarantee of extension (from 1 to 2 years) is not registered. And when I try to do it on the Web site, he complains that my number of extended warranty is not valid (?)
    Any ideas...
    Thank you


    Can you please check the status of the warranty on http://www.toshiba-tro.de/unitdetails?
    In the past I had the problem with the registration and the Toshiba people helped me do the refresh of the data.

    You can try to communicate with them also. Here, on this forum, I found track of mail address - [email protected]
    Try to contact Toshiba using this mail. Describe your problem and send accurate data for laptop.

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    Hi, just about to buy a Satellite Pro P100, but when we look at the warranty I don't see this pattern on the list machines covered by the extended warranty available at Toshiba.

    Any ideas?

    It makes me a little nervous if Toshiba does not cover this model for extended warranty.


    Did you mean Satellite Pro P100 or Satellite P100-xxx?
    I asked it because I don t find any laptops Satellite Pro P100 on the Toshiba site. Only Satellite P100-xxx are available and these books are very new. Maybe you checked the list of bad guaranteed?

    PS: I can t believe that the extended warranty is not available on this device.

  • Satellite Pro A300 sleep and extended functions does not properly

    I have a new satellite Pro A300 PSAJ1E - 01E00VIT, and I find this problem:

    Sometimes (not always: maybe it depends on which program is running) in trying to put the computer to sleep or into hibernation, it does not stop, but only stop the monitor (Panel), while the fan goes on and the power light is green. Of course, a lot of energy consumption of battery!

    Then there is no other way to take off the computer by pressing the power button for a long time... but this is not correct!
    NB: my computer is always connected to a local network, and generally there are some browser windows open when I put it in stand-by mode.

    How can I fix?

    You must update the BIOS and must always close the programs and applications that ruin on the laptop before activating the standby mode or hibernation would be.

    I found this solution in this forum, and according to some people here it has solved similar problems

  • Extend hardisk does not increase the size


    I have a 30 GB c:\ and added another 50 to make it 80 GB.

    I only 30 GB.   Is it due to the structure of basic disk?

    It is running windows 2003 sp2 VMs on esx 4.0

    you will have no problems that extends to a basic disk.  You can do it online as AndreTheGiant pointed out using extpart.  Or if you are not comfortable doing it this way, use a helper VM and run diskpart to extend the volume.


    Since you already have unallocated space follow the instructions below regarding the VM helper beginning in step 4


  • Satellite P200 Vista Ultimate - Extended desktop does not remain on the left

    I can EXTEND my desktop to a second LCD on my Satellite P200 without problems - UNTIL I place it on the LEFT.

    It will not retain this position (I need to reposition after every restart - this I can live with that).

    But I use a KMV switch intensively, whenever I come back to the Satellite, the extended desktop is back on the right.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Post edited by: HammondKF


    I think it s a display driver problem.
    Try to update the graphics driver to the latest version.
    If you will be late nothing on the European driver Toshiba page try to search on the site of Toshiba Canada and 3 websites of third parties such as www.omegadrivers.net or www.laptopvideo2go.com

    If you will not find the latest drivers try this temporary fix.
    Don t let the Windows Vista TMM to manage your multiple monitors.
    Go to Task Scheduler, in the list of active tasks, find the line task TMM, turn it off - off on logon trigger (or delete - save/export task before you do), and then restart your windows. I hope it will work ;)

  • Extender installation does not, can now access the internet

    I tried to set up an Extender linksys with the installation CD, and did not again... and abandoned.  Subsequently, all attempts to access to the internet don't... by using outlook express and internet explore.  On the wireless network of my daughter and mine.   The installation cd said it was "set up" the network... would it have done something for my internet access because of his failure... I was able to get email and surf just before the installation to fail.  Any ideas how to solve this problem?  TIA... pp

    You must go back into the setting for the wireless network and you map the TCPIP setting for automatic configuration value.

    Read a few other posts here are detailed instructions on how to configure your network adapter so that the setup of the process will work.

    Once you can find on the internet again you can just click the automatic configuration button and do work.

    Thank you

  • CS5 extended suddenly does not work

    Message is for Adobe PS CS5 extended activation limit.  I used this for probably 2 years now and all of a sudden it happens.  Says it's the 3rd computer but this is the same computer that I used it.    Then what should I do?

    Beverly Hanson

    [serial number deleted by the host of the forum - NOT in public serial numbers post!]

    Contact technical support to reset the activations. Something struck your second activation, which could be a glitch technique simpel or setting that you changed on your system.


  • Office extended; display does not display, image too large, not centered

    Hi, I know that it is apparently a matter of stupidity, stupid with a solution obvious but wait - I'm not a

    full retard. I already did all the utilities to change screen resolution and checked the settings

    for the "Display".  I've updated all the drivers, checked the compatibility, etc. Basically, I have tried everything I can think

    and yet my desktop image lying on my 37 '' Sceptre flat screen TV is not placed correctly / size right.  I can't

    See the entire desktop (as appearson the screen of my laptop).  The whole picture is fire too far to the right (in front of the tv),

    leaving an area 3' black on the side left which is unaccessable to my cursor.  Size of the window when on the internet is too large for

    access the menu items. The window is stretched too long in width and too short in length; content is not distorted.  One

    monitor only - once identified, the 1 appears on both screens. 1 is the primary monitor. Its driving me crazy - it's

    something I should have been able to take care of myself, but I give up. Any help would be appreciated a lot.

    Hi Ankhisis,

    ·         What is the brand and model of the computer?

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    Check the status of the display driver in Device Manager:

    a. click on Start

    b. in the run box, type in devmgmt.msc

    (c) in the Device Manager window

    d. expand graphic cards

    e. check if an error code is listed.

    Follow the methods below:

    Method 1: You can see the below mentioned article Microsoft Knowledge Base and check if the problem persists.

    Resources for troubleshooting problems in Windows XP


    Method 2: You can also try to change the manual steps of resolution screen and check the results.

    To change your screen resolution


    Let us know if it helps.

  • Photoshop CS5 Extended - start does not after several years of use.

    I have Photoshop CS5 Extended. I got this program several years now that I use on my Mac. 10.7.5. I tried today to open an image in my photoshop and gives me all sorts of problems. What can be the problem?

    Corruptions can and happen. Try restoring preferences.

    FAQ: How to reset my preferences?

    Nancy O.

  • Aspire Switch 10 does not light: 10 Windows Installer failure problem or coincidence?

    Greetings! I have an Aspire Switch 10 originally running Windows 8.1 32-bit with Bing, which is a little less than a year. I had not used for several months, so in the course of a few days had been the installation updates which have been missed, while it was not in use. Yesterday, the update of Windows 10 presented, I ran the utility, which determines whether the system can be updated and then decides to go, despite some reservations about it based on horror stories that others have shared with me. But I thought that the relatively 'new' OS on it mitigate the risk to some extent. Maybe not so much. I'm not a professional computer, but have done enough hardware and DIY software over the past 20 years that I thought I might give this a go with limited risk, but in hindsight should have been more careful because the operating system is rather an essential component of the computer.

    Download was fine, and the installation started and was about 19% when I had to leave unexpectedly for a few hours, so I don't know what happened during this time, or when the installation has stagnated. I went back to a completely black screen and a unit that does not turn on no matter what I try. I spent several hours last night looking and try different ideas on how to at least get it lights up, while I might try some of the other patches. No luck at all.

    I thought I had created a recovery file, but I can't find a flash drive with one, if my memory fails me on creating a file of recovery, or lost it. Anyway, since I can't get the unit running, I'm not sure he would do any good if I had one in hand or bought an Acer.

    The camera has a little less than 3 weeks left on the hub of the manufacturer and is subsequently under an extended warranty from Costco. However, the extended warranty does not cover problems caused by software or applications, so if it is a problem that was probably caused by the installation of Windows 10, I'm stuck with a brick or will continue to try to fix it myself or find a computer local store who might be able to help without the cost more than what I paid for it originally.

    All the advice, assistance, are welcome. Thanks in advance!

    Here's an update on my problem. This morning, I had a live chat with a support of Acer person. After a last-ditch effort to revive my machine from me, the conclusion was what I thought: the BONES disappeared. Fortunately, because the model is one that supports Acer for Windows 10 and my machine is still under warranty, the repair (original reinstallation of the operating system) will be covered by the warranty. The downside is that there is no local service center, so it needs to be shipped to Texas.

    Needless to say I'm going to stick with the original OS as soon as I get it back.

  • Dead button, mini home iPad does not

    I left my mini ipad charging for a whole day yesterday and was just dead when I arrived home (connected at about 07:30, got home around 22:00).

    I tried locking push button and the "home" button and went into account before that, my home button works well so I think that there is no guarantee that I can perform the reset in this way. The last time I had similar problem last year (the case was also dead after left load for a long time), I took to a third party service center and was functioning properly shortly after. I plugged my ipad back into power source, nor any laptop computer. Is it possible that I can try to solve this problem before coming back to the service center? Since it costs me a lot of money.

    Turn on the AssistiveTouch

    When you turn on the AssistiveTouch, you will see the AssistiveTouch menu. You can drag it to any edge of the screen, then press the menu to open it.

    There are several ways to turn on AssistiveTouch:

    • Go to settings > general > accessibility > AssistiveTouch, then turn on the AssistiveTouch.
    • Tell Siri 'Activate AssistiveTouch.'
    • Go to settings > general > accessibility > accessibility shortcut and turn onto AssistiveTouch.

    When the accessibility shortcut is enabled, you can enable AssistiveTouch on or off from any screen using Triple-click home. Simply press the Home button three times. To adjust the speed Triple-click, go to settings > general > accessibility > home-click speed.

    Replacement of the device under warranty

    If you have the opportunity to get the button replaced (by obtaining the replaced device), it would probably be the best route. It would be much easier to use a functional button only to use AssistiveTouch. If your machine was purchased less than a year before, or you bought AppleCare and the unit was purchased less than TWO years ago, it is under warranty. The warranty does not apply if the unit has been dropped or suffered from any accidental damage to the user. If the unit is not under warranty, you can see...

    AssistiveTouch allows you to control your device

    You can use AssistiveTouch to find and adjust some settings on your device as Volume, screen, lock screen rotation and more. Click on the AssistiveTouch menu and click on the parameter to be modified.

    To turn off your device, follow these steps:

    1. Open the AssistiveTouch menu and tap device.
    2. Touch and hold the lock screen until "slide to power off" appears.

    You can also use AssistiveTouch to access your home screen. Just open the menu AssistiveTouch and press Home. To use Siri, open the menu AssistiveTouch and press Siri. You won't see Siri on devices with iOS 5 or later.

    To access your Notifications, go to the AssistiveTouch menu and press Notification Center. To reach the control center, go to the AssistiveTouch menu and press Control Center. From there, you will be able to do things like turn Bluetooth on and off, use AirPlay and AirDrop, take pictures and much more

    If you have an iPod:


    If you have an iPhone:

    Model Replacement price
    iPhone 2G (original), iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 $149
    iPhone 4S $199
    iPhone 5, iPhone 5, iPhone 5 c $269
    iPhone 6, iPhone 6 s $299
    iPhone iPhone 6s, 6 Plus more $329

    If you have an iPad:

    Model Replacement price
    Mini iPad (1st generation) $199
    (original) iPad, iPad 2, iPad mini 2 $249
    iPad (3rd or 4th generation), iPad mini iPad Air 3 $299
    iPad 2 Air $379
    iPad Pro $599

    Note that they will not replace the button, but rather the camera itself. Check your warranty here:

    The link above requires your serial number, which is located at the rear of some devices. If your device does not have the serial number printed on the back, you can go to settings > general > topic > serial number to find. If your unit is under warranty, the replacement will be free.

  • Satellite L650 - 12N USB Ports does not work

    My satellite L650-12N usb port does not work. I did everything that I could and it does not work.
    It shows a yellow exclamation mark on my system.

    I try so many ways, including the recovering auto troubleshooting, formatting and system he could not work.
    Under the key USB gives error code 43, I do not understand.

    The webcam and the wireless card no more.
    This boot problem after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Please can someone help.
    Thank you


    > This problem start after a storm in my area some time ago.

    Because other devices don't work properly and because procedure didn t get it back help you solve this problem, I think that the problem is related to the hardware malfunction possibly that the motherboard was hit by lightning, which would explain the problems

    I think you should ask the maintainer authorized Toshiba in your country to check the motherboard.

    But in my opinion, that the warranty does not cover the issues of environmental impact maybe your household insurance could help you

  • iPhone 6 fell into a drain. Touch ID does not.

    2 days ago I went out to the race and my phone fell into a drain. The phone fell into the lower part of the water first and was completely submerged. He stayed on during 4 minutes before turning off by itself. It was off for 48 hours and I was unable to put on at the beginning but I loaded and empty battery icon came and the Apple logo as well.

    Contact ID does not work and for a brief 20 seconds, Siri kept popping up and I was directed to the home page and that I was typing, the keyboard would keep sliding down. I know that the warranty does not cover for the water damage, but I'll just put this here, the one year warranty has expired.

    Anyone know the cost to solve this?

    This is a big problem... Water damaged.  There are probably corrosion around the part of half button below "home" connection of your phone...  That's probably why he would siri sound on... Corrosion is originally short in the connector.

    There are a lot of people here on this forum who will disagree with the opening of your own device...

    There is a chance to solve this problem... But first... > go to apple store and tell them what happened... see what are the options they give you.  Don't forget to tell them that you do not want to lose your data... ask them first what they plan to do to solve the problem before accepting, just in case where cus your phone is not under warranty... That if they cannot fix or solve that you can take a chance and try to fix yourself... My bet is that they will give you out of price guarantee for the new phone.

    Another option is


    Hope that gives you a few options.

  • My laptop fell and does not start

    Hello! My compaq presario cq56 bowed down and now won't start. I opened it and checked everything. Hars battery, memory disks. I have replaced everything but nothing. I checked the mem, battery and the drive on my second laptop and it worked. When I connect to the AC, the indicator light is on, but when I push the power button, it does NOTHING. What should I check?

    Unfortunately, it will have to be disassembled and inspected if it is does not start due to a fight with gravity.

    Warranty does not cover damage inducer owner, even if inadvertently.

    You could try to remove the hard drive and then see if the laptop responds to the power button. If the motherboard is OK, the BIOS must meet in showing an error message that says it found no bootable disk (or operating system) found. A fall can make a hard drive unusable.

Maybe you are looking for