Fax HP8620

If I have an incoming fax call, and someone answers the phone, how to transfer the call to the fax to print? Currently if someone picks up the phone and it's a fax you hear the audible fax tone but how refer you to the fax machine.



Here's the manual for your printer:


Pages 67 to 73 have some contect on receipt of faxes and digital faxes.

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  • hp8620: re - print a fax on 8620

    I had a paper jam when printing a fax.  Now, I need to reprint and cannot find any of the manuals.  How to reprint a received fax?

    For the Officejet Pro 8620 manuals can be downloaded from HP here.  Starting on page 68 and 69 of the Manual:

    Reprint of faxes received from memory

    Faxes received, which are not printed, are stored in the memory. NOTE: once the memory is full, the printer cannot receive the fax again until you print or erase memory faxes. You can also delete the faxes in memory for purposes of confidentiality or security.

    According to the sizes of the faxes in memory, you can reprint up to eight more recently printed faxes, if they are still in memory. For example, you will need to re - print your faxes if you have lost the copy of your last draw.

    To reprint the faxes in memory from the printer control panel

    1. make sure you have loaded paper in the main tray. For more information, see loading paper on page 23.

    2. in the Control Panel printer display, press and drag your finger on the screen and then press Setup.

    3. press on the configuration of the fax machine.

    4. Press Fax Tools.

    5. press on the reprint of the faxes in memory. The faxes are printed in reverse order, where they were received with the most recently received fax printed first, and so on.

    6. If you want to stop reprinting the faxes in memory, press on (cancel).

  • hp8625: hp8620/25 can not receive fax

    I have installed my Hp 8625 in a wireless (Ooma Linx) port that connects my phone to voip Ooma (line2)

    I am able to send faxes, but test the incoming fax, I have this error message 252 or 283

    I consulted the Ooma Ph service, they are unable to help him.  Since I am able to send faxes, I thought that the configuration is correct with the Ooma device.

    Test HPFAX 888 473 2963, the fax is sent but incoming error 283.

    Help expeditre this question.

    Thank you.

    Welcome to the community @Hpfaxkl HP

    I saw your post on fax error codes see you and I wanted you to know their meaning. See the below pictures to their definitions and try the steps recommended, you'll see to try to solve!

    Interpretation of the Error Codes in fax or fax history reports Communication error

  • Why Apple Drop Fax Modem Support with Sierra?

    Why Apple Drop Fax Modem Support with Sierra? Now, I have to spend money on a fax or e - Fax machine. Yechh.

    It has fax modem support since Apple stopped including a port modem/phone on computers. You can always try using a USB modem for faxing.

  • Sierra Fax Modem not recognized

    I have a USRobotics USB 5637 model who disappeared from my selection of printers after installing Sierra.

    Apple dropped support for fax modems in the Sierra.

    I hope this helps.

  • change the incoming fax for .tif files

    I'm faxes sent on my computer in .tiff format. The program I use to move faxes to records of patients needs to be in .tif format. Can I change this?

    I guess since you asked here in a Thunderbird support forum for these faxes come to you by e-mail and you use Thunderbird.
    Thunderbird offers just your mail. It has nothing to do with the naming of files.
    There is no difference between a .tif and a file .tiff except for the number of characters in the file extension. You can rename the file yourself if your system will not accept the 4-digit extension.
    You can always contact the sender and ask them to change the name before you send it.

  • When I try to print it thinks I want to fax. I don't!

    Yesterday and today as well when I hit print I get a message about sending faxes, that my fax is not put in place, etc. I do not have a fax nor do I want one. Why it does this instead of print?

    Try to print again, but this time notice the "name:" drop-down menu in a dialogue of the page printing. Make sure that your printer and not 'Fax' is selected.

    That should solve this problem.

  • Can I send an email to a fax number?

    Since I do not know the e-mail address of the person I want to contact, but don't have a fax number, can I compose an email in Thunderbird and send it to the fax number? Do I need an add-on or a special format in ' send to '?

    In general, a message sent to a fax machine requires a phone call and e-mail clients do not know how how do phone calls.

    A few years ago, it was quite common for ISPS to offer a limited number of free calls, usually of SMS messages to mobile phones, sometimes faxes IIRC. Most of these promotional services seems to have disappeared quietly.

    There used to be a network (PTC ring a Bell) who took a system where you could send in a fax server near your destination and that they would make the last mile, the fax for you, call for free, but it always happens with advertising added in.

    So, overall, it is not trivial to send a fax from an e-mail client.

    There are still companies who do this, almost always for a fee. It is usually a bilateral agreement; you receive one number to which others can send faxes, that end up in your e-mail Inbox, and you can use the same number to send faxes by e-mail.

    The one that I've used in the past.


    It's not a recommendation.

    Not so long ago, we all had a modem built into our computers. This, when it is connected to a regular landline, with the right software, can allow your computer work like a fax machine. Of course, every fax you send you a phone call just like running a real fax would be costs. Of course, Windows XP can send a fax was built in; you dial in a word processor or text editor, and then select the fax as the printer device. A dialog box invites you for the fax number to send it to. As far as I know, this feature is still present in Windows 7 and 8.

    If you do not have a fixed phone, mobile phone can offer something similar.

  • Brother Fax 2820 and other printers are not compatible with El Capitan?

    What happens in the world?

    My printer worked fine until I upgraded to OX10.11.

    Brother Fax site does not provide a driver for OX10.11. the driver for 10.10 will not add to the printer.

    Then is - how they energize the economy, forcing me to throw a good working printer and buy a new one?

    I can be * off the coast at this point, or have I missed something?

    Apple has released a new set of drivers for brother a week ago. Have you tried these?

    Brother 4.0 for OS X printer drivers

  • I don't have a fax machine, but get a fax message when I try to print something on the internet and can not get rid of the pop up so how to fix?

    I have dealt with this problem about a week. I turned off the computer completely overnight, but it does not correct the situation. I can't print anything the Internet as long as the fax message is out there. I don't have a fax machine and do not want a.

    What is this message onfax?
    Difficult to understand how this is a problem of Firefox support Firefox doesn't have any fax machine capabilities.

    By chance, do you have a printer all-in-one that can receive a fax message? Printer, scanner and Fax combined.

    If so, try looking in your owner's manual for this all-in-one knowledge how to print this message. Or view a support forum for this all-in-one printer of brand.

    Maybe your problem is with the functionality of Scan and Fax in Windows 7?


  • can I send a fax using thunderbird

    I use Open Office Writer and would like to directly send a fax from the "file" drop down.
    My Windows 7 computer is connected to the Canon MX410 all-in-one printer that has
    ability to fax. Y at - it a configuration using Thunderbird that will allow me to send a fax?
    Thanks for your reply.

    This is not possible with Thunderbird out of the box. Thunderbird can send e-mail messages. If you find an Internet service accepting e-mails and convert them to a fax, you may be able to achieve.

  • With the new updated my headphones stop working and I have to reboot to get back them on. Speakers continue to work. Looks like a fax under water.

    After downloading the new update, my helmet randomly began to lose the sound and I get this sounds like a fax under water machine and I do not have what I was listening to. I have to shut down my computer to do return normally, only to have to chance to do it again. The computer stops you can hear a popping sound. I went back to an earlier backup and have not installed the update for a day and it was working very well again. Then I installed the update again and a few hours that has started to happen again. I went back to the previous record and have not installed the update for the last 3 days and no problem. I would like to be able to install the update but not if it means losing her and having to close. I watch TV on my computer and it of a huge pain to get a film loaded only to stop because I can't hear it, then reload and maybe 20 minutes. or an hour later same thing. And it seems to be quite random when it happens.

    Hi carmenoshea,

    Thank you to contact our support, I'm sorry to hear that he had a problem with the audio after the recent update of version 27. Difficulty common audio and video questions

    I found an old bug with similar issues, but it is not the current version. For more information, what kind of video/audio you play when this happens?

    Please make sure that when you update all the plug ins are updated as well.

  • Reset Windows Picture and FAX viewer as the default value for jpeg files after loading of Corel

    I put Windows Picture and FAX Viewer by default to open jpeg, tiff and other pictures, so it appeared as an option in the drop-down list to view attachments that have been downloaded. After loading the software Corel Draw, it is now the only option to open photo files even if Windows Picture and FAX viewer is always defined as the default value. How to restore Windows Picture and FAX Viewer as a choice?

    Have you looked into the Corel software preferences to see if you can cancel these associations?

    There is usually backup keys are created in order to return to the previously used application.

  • I installed Firefox 2 days ago (Windows Vista) and my Fax / HP 6700 does not accept faxes now, how can I fix this problem?

    my Fax will not receive a fax.
    Is there some kind of firewall or something to prevent this?
    or a panel of control somewhere where I choose this option?
    I re set as the fax machine and that didn't help.
    None of your tutorials helped either. I couldn't find that anything related.
    I'm a small business and need my fax machine.

    Contact HP to set up your fax machine, like edmister said.

    Browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome) have no interaction with your fax, fax are analog technology race on telephone lines, browsers are the digital technology, which even if it can be run on a phone line (as in DSL) has no impact on your fax.

  • Install the drivers for scanner and Fax for HP PC 2410 printer all-in-one

    I use a MacBook Pro with an operating system of El Capitan 10.11.4. I use a PC HP 2400 All in one printer/Fax/Scanner connected by USB to a network of airports Time Capsule. During the installation of the printer driver, the printer function to add printers and Scanners folder in preferences systems found the printer and installed the drivers. The same add function printers do not thin either driver Fax scanner. How can I load these drivers.


    Re download the drivers once again and then try to add scan and fax again drivers.

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