Files Word suddenly have a green arrow or blue arrows on the icons. I can't open them in Word

All my Word files suddenly have a green arrow or blue arrows on the icons. I can't open them in Word directly from the file because it cannot find them. I can open it from Word. What a pain! That is what it is?


For the Green and blue arrows.

Green tick or blue overlay arrows icon displayed for files in Windows Explorer

Check with the experts here: (re - ask your question in these groups)


Restore the associations for Word files.

How to set default Associations for a program under Vista
How to associate a file Type of Extension to a program under Vista

If necessary:

How Unassociate a Type of Extension file in Vista - and a utility to help
Restore the Type Associations by default Vista file extensions
How to view and change an Extension of filename on Vista


If you need more check help with experts here: (re - ask your question in these groups)

Answers - Word

Answers - Office


Discussions in Word Application errors

Office newsgroups

and here:

Microsoft.public.word.application.errors discussions

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