Hello, can someone explain to me how I make a flower. Example of the screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gxg2366l19ym29m/Schermafdruk%202014-09-22%2013.47.09.png?dl=0

Thank you.

Best regards, Ekrem

Draw circles and combine them using the Pathfinder "combine."

See manual on Panel tool and pathfinder of Ellipse.

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  • How many time you listen to a song to count as "played" (= 1 flow)?

    How many time you listen to a song to count as "played" (= 1 flow)? I know it is 30 seconds for Spotify, is it different for music from Apple?

    Thank you


    Until the end of the song.

  • Intrepid Beta testers needed. Discover the flow of information to the poster to the left of the text.

    Intrepid Beta testers needed. Discover the information flow of the poster to the left of the text box.

    Adjust the format and presentation of the ASC Web Pages

    You can see a screenshot of the discussion How can I find my own posts?  That's what your experience of the CSA will be after you apply the style of the user.  I made the changes to move the user information. I have built on the work of Hiroto, and. turingtest2.


    Today is 24June

    Most recent PasteBin is dated 22June - what to test?


    Why not just post the link to PasteBin here?

  • Audio dropouts in streaming for magical flow device


    I had a certain audio hang ups today.

    Check the journal of Unix, what is happening:

    26/05/2016 15:06:29.889 configd [52]: network modified: v4 (en0:, en3 +: DNS * Proxy SMB

    to, I think, the same time as the break in the game.

    Has anyone else seen elsewhere? He is not related to hiring, occurs during playback of MP3 and FLAC.

    Looks like a problem with the network for me, however.

    I use an Airport express to keep WiFi (faster flow network).

    First of all, you did recently updated on your Mac or the AirPort Express? You use a VPN connection to the streaming source? Using Back to My Mac? Since you play files FLAC, I assume that you do not use iTunes as the audio server... correct?

    I recommend that you start troubleshooting cela by disabling the DNS cache on your MacBook Air with this command in Terminal:

    sudo dscacheutil-flushcache. sudo killall - HUP mDNSResponder

  • irregular flow oddly with two TCs problem

    I was mystified by a problem with a strangely inconsistent flow (i.e. read/write speeds) involving my two time capsules, which consist of a 1 TB of third generation unit and a unit of 2 TB of fourth generation. The 4th-gen is configured as a router connected via a cat-6 cable on my cable modem, and the 3rd generation is configured in Bridge mode and connected via a cat-6 cable to the 4th gen. I have a MacBook Pro 15 "(mi-2015) running OS X 10.11.5 which is connected via a cat-6 cable for the TC of 4th generation." I changed the cable, without result. I've updated the firmware on both cameras from 7.6.3 to 7.6.7 without result.

    What I observed in copying a file of ~ 1 GB to and from each of the Finder window time capsule, is that on the first try for each flow is good: 30 to 50 MB/s on the 3rd generation and maybe 50 - 75 MB/sec on the 4th gen unit. But if I try again (and each subsequent attempt), the flow is * much * lower in each direction, ranging from 30 MB/sec up to 7 MB/s; It is with much longer correlate for the transfer to complete. I am able flow by using the 'Network' tab on the activity monitor approx. unplug the 3rd-gen unit has no effect.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause of the inconsistencies? I checked, and in my testing Time Machine or CrashPlan were back up.

    You have wireless off in the MBP?

    Otherwise, please turn off... even if ethernet is top of the list for the wireless connection may cause problems.

    Can you please move the ethernet cable to the Gen3 of MBP unit and see if you get the same effect.

    This seems a strange effect, so it may take a bit of track.

  • stop the flow of ancient text to a new text

    I have an iphone4 and trying to stop the flow of text from previous messages, when I write a new text to a contact.

    Any help on this? Thank you.

    momthood wrote:

    I have an iphone4 and trying to stop the flow of text from previous messages , when I write a new text to a contact.

    Any help on this? Thank you.

    Please clarify - are you get over and over again old messages?

  • I can't find a list of the RSS FEED so I can remove a. I import into Outlook, where I deleted the flow, but can not reload the RSS.

    When I use Explorer, there is a place that lists all the my FLOW RSS I can delete, open, etc... I can't find a similar place on FireFox.

    There is an RSS feed that I have download problems on my Outlook, and I would like to remove the workflow & recharge. (I deleted my Outlook.).

    Any suggestions on where I can find a list of my RSS FEED?

    Firefox does not have a specific list of items in RSS feed.

    Those who are treated like all the other favorites and are managed in the bookmarks (library) Manager.

    • Bookmarks > show all bookmarks

    IE stores each favorite as a separate folder on the hard drive and probably need a special treatment for its elements of flow, but Firefox stores the bookmarks and history in a file places.sqlite database.

    So if you have not placed the RSS all items in a folder of bookmarks or otherwise marked then them it will be difficult to locate them all.

  • HP Jet 8: 8 HP flow can't keep not fresh, takes place at 0% even when it is plugged

    My HP flow 8 tablet has never held public office.  I leave it plugged in all night and the next day it is fully charged, but the charge only lasts 2 hours at the most, even if it is plugged I use it all the time.  He goes down to 0% and turns off.  I put aside for several hours to recharge.

    I'm looking for another Tablet, but the flow 8 HP serves all my needs except that it only lasts 2 hours before going to 0% while I use it, even if it is plugged in all the time.  I really hope to solve the problem, rather than having to buy a new tablet.

    Any suggestions?

    If you hold the low volume button while powering it will enter in the BIOS boot menu, you can press F2 to run diagnostics and there is a component for the battery test.  I think you are saying that the screen turns off after that two hours than even when the charger is plugged in, it does not seem that should happen.  If you have not already, try another charger.  If you plug the USB on another computer, which will allow to load also.  You can update the BIOS if you have not already too.

  • Seen the lines flow on several pages

    I have this problem in the Pages on Mac, what really bothers me.

    When I have a blank page, and I add a table and add as many lines that I wish, Pages will automatically pause at some point and the lines with continue to pour in on the next page. Just like on this picture here:

    Now if there is already text in front of this painting, it won't work. Instead, the ENTIRE table will go to the next page. How boring is that?

    This is what it looks like when there is text before the table:

    And now I add some more lines, and what is its role? It does here:

    Someone knows how to fix this? I want the table to stay just below the text and lines flow into the next page without all of the table on the next page. It's crazy how is complicated Pages.

    I hope that it is possible to do at all! Thank you.

    Found the solution. Or better said, to find a person on the internet.

    Select the entire document (select an empty space on the page somewhere). Go to the "Format" tab (at the top right), then the tab «More»

    Then uncheck the box "prevent window & orphan lines."

    And it works! Maybe this will help someone.

  • Only 1 198 links on a page is displayed correctly. The rest of the text flow.

    Looking at a page with 198 links seems to overflow an internal table of Firefox. 1 198 links on a page correctly, and these links work fine. All links starting with 199 and beyond onscreen as simple test, flow all together across the screen and are not active to click. I just upgraded to FF 3.6.24 t0 FF 8.0. It works very well for FF 3.6 & IE.
    Any suggestions on how to fix this? It makes useless web pages. The URL is one of the internal web pages of our company which are not public, I created the page. He just a simple, but the long list of links for the user to click on. Each link displays a chart of the use of the data and we have more than 600 graphics on some of these pages that are each individually selectable.

    I hope that the problem could be recreated by listing more than 200 links on a single page simply go with the latest version of FF. I just did a numbered list in the order of the elements. Everything after section 199 is broken.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

    I was already suspect something like that we saw this posted before.

    The new HTML5 parser is not well in the face of such nesting of tags.

    Add a closing < / police > would be the right thing to do.

  • HP Jet 11 mdl # 11 - d010wm: I forgot the password (BIOS) to start to get into my HP flow 11 laptop.it Windows8

    I changed the passwords (Bios and login) on my laptop HP flow 11... (OS win8) IM in the service and delivered on the seas for 9mnths... my back that my passwords disappeared completely from what I remembered them at be.when I turn on my laptop it immediately wants admin.password and after 3 failed attempts, she said system is off. Please help me solve this problem... relevance is the key... I am very grateful for having taken the time to help me...


    Enter: 69671381

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • can picture of lack of flow of photos with iphone update-how I find them?

    Recently bought a new iphone and imported most of my pictures easily.  I have a group of photos from Nov - Jan, who are now missing the workflow of the photo of my old phone 5s.  I was going to download them on a flash drive that I got wrong to support my phone to itunes (my computer is now too old). is it possible to find these photos 'lost '?  I don't know yet why they just disappeared.  I checked icloud - no chance.  I even kept another return in google - who also lost the same photo group.

    I have a group of photos from Nov - Jan, who are now missing the workflow of the photo of my old phone 5s.

    The photos are only in 'My Photo Stream' or in the film?

    Do you still have the old iPhone, then you could retrieve the pictures from the old iPhone?

    the problem with 'My Photo Stream', is that it is not intended to store pictures, but to transfer them between devices.  iCloud is buffering the pictures that you have imported recently on your device or took these pictures with the flow of the machine and hen to your other devices. But iCloud only stores the most recent photos of the 1000 and don't store them more than a month at the most. Older photos will be eliminated to make room for more recent photos.

    If you activate a new iPhone for my photo stream, it downloads only what is currently in iCloud. Old photos of stream photo cannot be retrieved to iCloud.

    You always have access to the old phone?

  • HP Jet 7 Tablet 5709: 7 HP flow will not reset recover

    I went to reset the tablet to factory deleting all my files, etc. The Tablet has a 32 GB card in addition to the main unit.

    During the recovery process, a message appeared that the reset was able to complete. A Cancel button was presented to that I pushed.

    When I went to restart the Tablet, came the HP logo but nothing else. I stop and reloaded several times. The Tablet is now a brick...

    I then connected the tablet to my PC. 10 Windows PC does not recognize the tablet.

    What can I do to at least restore to factory settings?

    You can order a USB at HP recovery or do a new install of Windows 10 using the downloadable installation of Microsoft image, instructions are here.

    If you have connected the charging cable into the PC's USB port, the PC does not recognize the tablet of flow, it's normal.

  • Flow 11: 11 stream Webcam blurry

    I have a netbook HP flow 11 is in a State of almost nine. Everything is going well except the webcam product a blurred image, and there is change of color. for example, my light blue eyeglases gaze.

    I tried to install YouCam, but it is blurry, there is on the native camera in Win 8.1.

    I uninstalled the camera in Device Manager and reinstalled. Windows has automatically installed the driver for "HP Truevision HD". But nothing has changed.

    It is quite like the protective plastic is still on the lens, but I looked closely and not seen here. I tried picking him home with a touch of x-acto, but all I could do is to take the lens itself, which has a blue ring around it.

    In fact, I just searched the lens off, and the problem is still there. I guess it's pointing to a faulty cam.

    Hello @paul1149,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I stumbled upon your post on the Webcam and wanted to help!

    Try to review the following document and let me know how it goes:

    Computers HP - Webcam troubleshooting (Windows, 10, 8)

    If you're still having problems, then you can try to open the laptop to check if the Webcam cable loose.  Other than that, you can consider contacting the HP support by phone for additional options.  You can use the following http://www.hp.com/contacthp and create a case for your question and contact HP. If you do not live in the United States / Canada, please click on the link below to get contact information for your region.

    Please let me know if this information helps you solve the problem by marking this message as 'accept as Solution' , this will help others easily find the information they seek.  In addition, by clicking on the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thank you!

    Happy New Years!

  • HP CUE scanning flow component ceased to operate...

    I have a HP Photosmart C4280 all-in-One.  For several months now, I was able to do everything except scan.  Whenever I try to scan, I get the error "HP CUE scanning flow component has stopped working... ».  I tried to work with the HP Technical Support on it for about a week now.  I tried the uninstall/reinstall the software - did not work.  I tried all the suggestions that they sent me, even their suggestion to install a patch that clearly was not intended for my printer model.

    Nothing has worked.

    I can scan in paint - so what?  Photo scanning in painting is pathetic.

    Anyone out there have a REAL fix for this?  Help, please.  Thank you.

    I'm not a tech geek so bear with me I'm going to walk in on my computer and tell you how in theory to get where you want to get.  I hope it works, let me know it to be.  Unfortunately for you, I have lovate files via the feature explores what is the only way I can find it again.  I hope it will work for you.  Here we go:

    Right-click on Wdws icon in the lower left corner of your computer (same as the Start button for other features with a left click)

    Click on explore

    Find and click on Program files

    Locate and click the folder HP or Hewlett Packard

    Find and click folder of digital imaging

    Double-click the BIN folder

    Locate the following file: hpqscnvw

    Double-click on this file (hpqscnvw)

    Your HP scanning feature should open

    I think I can just create a shortcut of this and launch from that instead of the HP Solution Center if HP cannot solve this problem.

    I would like to know if it works for you.

  • HP Jet 8: 8 HP flow is dead.

    I bought a HP flow 8 at Best Buy on March 14, 2015. The Tablet has worked fine so far. I always leave the charge the tablet at night so I 100% the next day. But when I went to turn it on, nothing happens. No sign of life, battery does not charge. I tried to get on with and without the charger, but still no power. I don't know what could have happened. Could someone help?

    Thank you!

    When you connect the charger with the Tablet turned off, make sure you see the pictogram of loading on the screen for 10 seconds and then it should disappear for the rest of the time the charger is connected.  If you do not see the Tablet, charger or charging cable is defective.

Maybe you are looking for