How to make a USB recovery


I all ready have a 16 GB usb driver ready too go and I would also like to make a usb for my W700 acer recvery, how can I do to make this point, I can't get the cd has A I don't have a usb cable and B I don't have a USB drive, CD drive, so I would also do a recovery on my USB 16 GB USB

Maximillian wrote:

I'm fighting with an appearance of bricks, or DOA to-100.

I'm trying to reload the system files,

can access the Android system recovery utility.

Can not find a way to select or implement recovery

the menu selection?

Any advice would be appreciated.


I would like to do your own Ant about it

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  • How to make a USB bootable windows 7 or windows xp or any other

    How to make a USB bootable windows 7 or windows xp or any other


    The link below is a tool that will use a Windows ISO file and make a USB bootable for you.

  • How to make the backup recovery onboard cd - dvd burner drive

    How to make a backup recovery drive cd - dvd drive integrated with windows 7 Professional?

    How to make a backup recovery drive cd - dvd drive integrated with windows 7 Professional?

    You can do a repair disk or an image of the system - the two are below.

    Create the system repair disc

    1. Open backup and restore by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking system and Maintenance, and then clicking the backup and restore.
    2. In the left pane, click on create a system repair disc and follow the steps. If you are prompted for an administrator password or a confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

    Create a System Image in Windows 7

    After you install and activate Windows 7 create a system image as a backup of your current computer in case you need to reinstall it. This will restore your computer to its exact state when the image has been made - which will save you the trouble of having to reinstall Windows 7 and installed everything currently again, and it takes much less time to do.

    1. click on the Start Menu and type "Save", and then click Backup of your files.

    2. in the Control Panel window that appears, click the blue link to the image.

    3 create a system image window should pop up.  Select which hard disk, DVD, or network location, you'll save your image.  Click next to continue.

    4. on the next page, check disks in your system and your system for.  Once you have selected the drives, click next to continue. Note: You can select as many records as you want (if available), but you choose to include means to the greater will be the size of the image.

    5. the next window is just a review, make sure everything is correct, and then click Start backup to start the process.  It may take 10 minutes or more, so patience is needed.

    6. once the backup is complete, you will be asked with the option to create a system repair disc.  It's a good idea, just in case your system has problems in the future.  Click Yes.

    7 choose which drive to record the disc you use to burn the disc.  Insert a CD or a blank DVD for the physical disk, and then click on create disc.

    How to restore Windows 7 from a System Image

  • How to make a backup recovery disk (usb) for my new XPS8700?


    Please bear with me as I'm pretty much computer illiterate.

    I just bought a Dell XPS8700 with Win8.1 for my partner for Christmas.  It came with 2 TB HD cache & 32 GB of SSD.  Round 6 months. from now on I intend to buy a 120 GB SSD for upgrading its system & will use for the operating system.   I do not know how to do this (I have an idea... looked. vids online, etc.), but what I need to know is > how to make a backup for its new computer recovery disk (so that I can put it aside for when I get the new SSD).  I don't even know if that's actually what you still call it (recovert disc?) or if it is called "backup of factory drive?

    Basically, I want to put Win8.1 on a USB key so I can use this more later to reinstall it on an SSD.

    I bought a Lexar 32 GB USB (3.0) to use for this.

    Can someone "please" give me a step by step on how to go about doing this?

    Thank you!

  • How to make Toshiba USB 250 GB HARD drive read-only?


    I just plug a Toshiba USB 250g external hard drive to replace all the sticks of memory, I've been using.

    I'll use this external hard drive to copy files to other computers and I would like to know how to make the drive read-only.

    Moreover, all the other tips to protect the disc would be extremely welcome.

    I use a Dell with Windows 7 laptop.

    Thank you very much


    I don't know what HARD drive you have exactly, but I know that Toshiba offers a software protection with external hard drives.
    Did you check manuals? Is something like that provided with your HARD drive?

    Maybe you need to use some third party software part for the protection of files on the HARD drive. Google all over the place.

  • Portege 3480CT: how to make a USB bootable floppy drive?

    I need help to make a USB bootable floppy drive.
    My laptop 3480CT has not the traditional floppy drive instead, it uses a USB floppy drive and the bios has an option to boot from USB FDD.

    I would like to use a USB key to start (a Lexar Jumpdrive 32 MB 05dch 0080 h and GTX 1 GB 1516 h pid pid 8628 h), instead of the floppy. I want to load the boot XP on floppies, so I run recovery programs using chkdsk.

    I tried the usual suspects, the bootloader makebootfat and mkbt20 HP.
    I tried the demo version of the commercial product Flashboot.
    I photographed a floppy back 5.0 system on the USB key using the I-Setup demo.
    All failed including the specific option in the makebootfat images for FDD option and 3 different options of Flashboot.

    I ran

    Using Hexplorer ICY, I was able to confirm that the DOS5.0 on the boot sector pendrive is identical to the diskette.
    I could start in Dos5.0 from a floppy disk with drivers USB Panasonic and confirm that my Lexar was a system of 1.44 MB disk and displayed in the directory. The GXT is not recognized by the Panasonic, nor BACK USB drivers to Duse 4.4 4.9. Another worrying indicator, it is my computer XP did not see all of the files on the pendrives, not, or two hidden files (view all the hidden files option).

    I learned that Transcend a specific option that creates a bootable 1.44 mb floppy
    image on their USB key.

    Here is what I have gathered, corrections and suggestions are welcome.

    Interface USB the USB protocol specifications

    bInterfaceSubClass field specifies the Protocol
    01 order reduced block (RBC) a flash device
    UFI 04 a floppy drive floppy drive
    05 FDD SFF-8070i SFF-8070i command blocks however, funding may be in a different subclass for example RBC

    bInterfaceProtocol field specifies the transport protocol
    00 control/Bulk/Interrupt (CBI) with break of completion for FFD only
    01 CBI without interruption of completion for the FDD only
    transport in bulk only 50 h, including priming

    I don't know if the USB controller must imitate the FDD Protocol.

    Any ideas?


    You cannot boot from the USB key.
    The BIOS of the laptop does not support something like that.
    Laptop factory supports and use different BIOS versions. As far as I know on this laptop Toshiba BIOS was installed.

    To my knowledge this BIOS does not support booting from the USB key, but only the HDD, ODD, LAN or USB - FDD.
    If you want to boot from USB FDD, you can create a bootable FDD floppy.
    Windows operating system creates the boot floppy drive when you right click on the connected floppy drive and select format. Then simply choose the option create MS-DOS startup disk start.

  • There is no recovery of replacement key account ID apple under the Security section.  How to make a new recovery key number?

    In the support section for a lost 'recovery' for two-step verification key, he pointed out that a recovery of replacement key can be generated on account of ID apple under the Security section.  However, it is not located there.  How can I make a new recovery key?

    Thank you.

    I just checked and it shows (for me) after I click the button Edit in the Security section. Two possibilities - 1) this is the bottom of the screen on my screen so I need to scroll down to see it and 2) If you scroll further down after clicking on the button Edit in the Security section, does show that the two-step verification is on?

  • How to make a USB stick into a bootable image

    I did a complete reinstall of windows xp to sp3

    I'm doing a usb key that will start a linux system

    usb in question has been used before on a windows vista and windows 7 and starting machine

    Why can I not make an usb device bootable on windows xp machine work?

    The problem is probably not the key USB but the BIOS that is loaded onto your computer motherboard.  When Windows XP came out, USB was relatively new and had not reached the sophistication to address such opportunities that boot from USB.  Things have changed a bit since then and newer machines have no problem using USB as a bootable media.  Your only chance would probably be to see if there is an updated BIOS available for your machine.  You can check your manufacturer's Web site or the Web site of the manufacturer of your motherboard to see if one is available.  Do your homework and proceed with caution because an installation or an update of the BIOS failed can easily turn your computer into a boat anchor.

    You can consider using a Linux boot CD instead of the USB key for this computer.


  • How to make a USB-TC01 temperature data a global variable?

    Hi all!  I have a simple question (probably).  I bought the box USB-TC01 and with the software came a VI called LabVIEWTempLogger.  This VI reads a thermocouple voltage and internal conversions using DAQmx and a CYC edge to give a reading of simple temperature.  My problem is that I want to use this temperature in an another VI, then I want to make a global variable of temperature of LabVIEWTempLogger.  How to set a global variable such as temperature of LabVIEWTempLogger?  Thank you!

    You must get out of the recorder temperature VI the DAQ Assistant. Put it in a Subvi if you wish.

    Your main VI has some problems. The first fact a comparison is equal to the current temperature. Never make an equal comparison on a floating point number. Use in the range and force.

    The local 'Set Temp deg C' should be replaced by a wire from the Terminal. All local variables should be replaced by a wire. You can easily have the cable terminals from outside the main loop.

    Can't the difference in code in the States True and False when you read voltage.

    Don't use VISA bytes to the Serial Port. It's just bad style. You programmed it for a terminal character LF to get rid of fixed forward and set the number of bytes to read at a high number. Playback will wait until the stop character is detected and then automatically end.

    Finally, you have already created a world so I do not understand your questions about it.

  • How to make a USB bootable rKill and manage to get a copy of a Windows Vista repair disc?

    I had a Trojan horse, don't know what kind of Trojan horse, but a Trojan none-the-less. Now I would like to repair vista, like you used to be able to repair XP with a disc. First of all, I would like to remove completely all the malware from my computer, BUT, I need rKill to kill all processes that can be associated viruses.

    So, nobody knows how to create a disk bootable rKill (that there not using Solution Explorer, the [portable] mouse pad)
    Also I need a copy of the ERD for vista please, don't know where to find one, but it would be nice to have one standby.
    Thank you.


    the way XP to do a repair installation by booting from the disc does not apply to Vista

    a vista repair install is done from within a vista operating system

    and to do a repair installation, you must borrow a DVD of Vista to Microsoft, not an Acer, Dell, etc. recovery disk

    read the below tutorial on how to do a Vista repair install

    Here's how to do a startup repair disk; There is NOT a disk of resettlement:

    the link below is how to download and get a vista disk startup repair, which you can start from the

    Here's how to use startup repair system restore command prompt, etc. to bleepingcomputers link below

    to boot from the dvd drive to be able to you will see a way to get into the bios Setup at the bottom of the screen or command menu start

    It would be F2 or delete etc to enter the BIOS or F12 etc. for the start menu

    Change boot order it do dvd drive 1st in the boot order

    and for any question regarding rkill, post the link below because it is their product:

    How to reinstall Vista

    Contact the manufacturer of the laptop computer and ask them to send you to vista recovery disks to reinstall the operating system back as it was when you bought it

    they do it for a nominal cost of $

    also ask them if you have a recovery partition on your hard drive to get back to the way you bought

    you would normally press F8, F9, F10 or F11 or Alt + F10 or 0 to start to start the recovery process according to the manufacturer

    Ask them of the exact key sequence

    or borrow a vista microsoft dvd; not a HP, Acer recovery disk etc

    Make sure that you borrow the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer

    they contain all versions of vista

    This is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

    How to replace Microsoft software or hardware, order service packs and replace product manuals

  • How to make the Vista recovery disc

    Hello world

    I hope someone can help.  I ordered a disk recovery recovery Vista -, until I knew I could do this in HP.  They sent me two discs, a disc labeled 1 and the other 2 drive. There is no install disk, only the files feature. This is what disc 1 looks like.

    file mgr boo. Mgr

    SOURCES folder

    the file folder preloads


    Folder of BOOT files

    Does this mean anything to anyone.  When I try to open is going to the web to find something to open with.   Help, please

    "jshort1980" wrote in message News: f81ac371-e0dd-480C-b5da-6df8a2b62374...

    Hello world

    I hope someone can help.  I ordered a disk recovery recovery Vista -, until I knew I could do this in HP.  They sent me two discs, a disc labeled 1 and the other 2 drive. There is no install disk, only the files feature. This is what disc 1 looks like.

    file mgr boo. Mgr

    SOURCES folder

    the file folder preloads


    Folder of BOOT files

    Does this mean anything to anyone.  When I try to open is going to the web to find something to open with.   Help, please

    The disc is bootable - simply insert the disc 1 in the bin and restart the machine - you should have an option to boot from the CD (if not, read your manual for instructions) - recovery then reformat the hard drive and continue the installation.


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  • How to make a usb connection between 2 computers.

    I have a son with two heads identical usb in, and I want to make a connection between 2 computers.

    With just a single cable with standard USB plugs on each end, none.  Is not possible.

  • How to make a Windows Recovery CD to get rid of the error?

    I have an error message cannot locate c: Windows privacy_danger.htm. I ran a diagnostic test and informed that I had to re - install windows home edition CD, but my phone never came with one and I don't know what to do.

    Thank you

    PS do not know if it is displayed in the box to the right if not please direct me to correct a.


    You may need to create an own Toshiba recovery CD or DVD.
    This should be possible using the preinstalled software called Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.
    Check your software from Toshiba.
    You should find the recovery disk creator in this folder.

    I ve got a pre-installed manual user on my laptop and found this info here.
    You should also check the manual for details.

    Good bye

  • How to make a USB bootable for HP Mini 1116RN?

    I have a netbook HP Mini 1000 or HP Mini 1116NR. It displays the options of f10 and f9 and that's it. I know I have to reconfigure the USB but I don't know to what or what file to put it in the USB port. What I want to do, it's the laptop restore to the factory settings. There are two options on the black screen and the first does not work it says disc error. The second it starts but it keeps loading. I don' t have the disk for setting and the laptop does not have a disk drive.


    I suggest that you contact HP support to better support on the issue.

  • How to create the usb flash disk to Reboot

    How to create the reboot usb flash drive. If I want to do a recovery or restart the usb flash drive how to


    read the google links

    and make sure that your motherboard allows you to boot from USB

    and if you talk about the recovery partition of computer manufacturers from the D: to a bootable flash drive, you can not do

Maybe you are looking for

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    By turning on the laptop I get IDE #0 ERROR Inter (R) Boot Agent FE v4.1.09 etc. Insert system disk in drive. I do and nothing happens. Is this to say that the hard drive is spent? If yes where can I get a replacement from? How I don't know what to b

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  • Missing DLL files while trying to load a game

    Original title: missing DLL I bought a game for my daughter who said it is compatible to Windows XP. However, when I try to charge it I am constantly be bombarded with messages stating that files such as Wing32.dll, wing de.dll and wingdib.drv cannot

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    NVIDIA GeForce GT 530