How to put a common page for all users after loging on?

Hi all
"My dashboard" is now the default page after logon.
I want to put a home page by default for all users. users can see the homepage after loging on.

How to change the default dashboard "My dashboard" to the "Home page" for all users?

Thank you


Steps to follow:

Tried to put the default dashboard for all users.
1. creates a session init block
"2 source of data used in select ' / shared/SH Test / _portal / Test1" double
3. This value assigned to the variable of session CHEMINPORTAIL
4. in presentation services > Administration > my account > default dashboard must be set to "default". Then only the dashboard specified in block init will appear otherwise my account will override the init block.
5. save the changes to the RPD.
5 disconnect and reconnect to see if it works well. It works perfectly fine.

For more details, please see the document of CSG replication. But this is for all users.

If the customer wishes to have a user/group basis homepage.
1. they should have 2 separate tables.
i. Group_path_tab with 2 columns. Group_id, portal_path
Wise group path portal for all groups
II. user map table group
Group_id, groupname, user_id

The user should be part of a group.

2. then in the writing init bulk sql must be something like this

Select A.portal_path in the Group_path_tab A, User_group_map B
where = B.user_id: USER
and B.Group_id = A.Group_id

SO, based on the USER session variable, it will try to identify the group, and then the portal_path.
Finally, set this value to the session CHEMINPORTAIL variable.

Thank you!

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    6.3 (1) version PIX

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    This is your problem:

    Access-group 101 in external interface

    You link this access list to your external interface. This means that the rules are applied to incoming traffic IN your network. The implicit IP any any rule is because you have not bound to an access list on your inside interface.

    To prevent users from going out, you will need this:

    access list permit tcp host exchange_IP OUTPUT no matter what eq smtp

    access list tcp OUTPUT deny any any eq smtp

    Access-group interface inside OUT

    See how this access list is linked to the inside interface... it will affect traffic leaving your network. Note: Once you apply this inside allow any interface it will remove the implicit.

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    Thanks in advance.

    You will probably have to use Google.

    or maybe

  • How to set preferences of creation for all users - machine laboratory at the University?

    I'll put up for our University editing room which has a CC license "per machine". It is a PC facility. This machine will be used by a class of students who will register with their own credentials. I need to set preferences for the first (video output, default working space planning etc. discs) so that it is the same for all users connecting from us want a consistent configuration for educational purposes and not want to help every student to configure so that it displays correctly on monitors. Is there a way to save this default setting for each user?

    The most important of them is the preferences - reading to set up the second monitor.

    Post edited by: Bruce Cooke

    Just copy the files preference and workspace of your user folder.


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    You can enter data simultaneously. But you can post sample data. So it will be easy to say something?


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    The former for group policy .adm files did not work longer.


    You can create a defaults\profile file in the Firefox program folder and place the files that it be used to create and initialize a new profile.

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    Hi srinivasan,.

    If you want to keep 'Save' and 'Stop' common, why would you keep the tab control? Your tab control takes all the space on the front panel? If so, you can have SAVE and STOP on other vi, and you can call this (MODAL) vi.

  • How to set a common background for multiple users?

    We have several users for each computer on the network.  I have put a public office and wish to use our logo that is on "public images" as a background common to each machine.

    This can be done through GPO

    User - Administrative - Office - Office templates configuration - enable Active Desktop wallpaper and office.
  • How to create a default profile for all users of a computer under Windows 7/Vista for Firefox versions greater than 8? I would that all new users on a computer to get the same values by default, homepage, bookmarks, etc...

    I found some help on older versions of Firefox, but I can't seem to find anything for the latest versions greater than 8. There must be a way to do this for imaging large scale.

    Have you created a defaults\profile in the folder of the program Firefox (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\)?

    All files in this folder will be moved into each newly created profile folder.

    To give the prefs a default, it is best to do this via a mozilla.cfg file.

    Use a mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to lock the prefs or specify default values.

    Place a local file - settings.js in the defaults\pref folder where you will also find the channel - prefs.js to specify using mozilla.cfg file.

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    You can use these functions in mozilla.cfg:

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    pref();         // set pref, but allow changes in current session
    lockPref();     // lock pref, disallow changes
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    I created a dashboard with a page to publish the ads. Now, I want to make this dashboard as the common dashboard for all users. I donot have the catalog presentation groups where to use the LDAP protocol in my org.

    Thank you

    We can do this by using the session System Portal path variable


    Thank you

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    When a new person connects to this computer, it goes to the built-in default material (which of course didn't is not connected to anything) and not to the sound card that is connected to the mixer.

    So what I'm after, is a way to save all settings (including workspaces) and their default for all users (including users)

    (Please tell me there's a way to do it...) Having to configure AA for each trainee or a guest is going to be an incredible pain in my *.)

    Thank you.

    Audition CS6 and later have the opportunity to create "Machine-specific device settings" that replace a users roaming profile preference files when you connect to jobs at random, but cela was not available in Audition 3.  There may be solutions workaround, depending on your network configuration, but nothing as nice and direct.

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    How can I disable this printer for all users?



    I found it here:

    the registry key is

    SSNPNotifyEventSetting REG_DWORD 0x00000001; 0 = disabled.

  • Configuring the desktop for all users

    When you use Windows 7, is it possible to put up desktop shortcuts for all users who like to log onto the computer, it was in XP? Thank you!

    C:\Users\All Users\Bureau. You can copy shortcuts out there, and it will be displayed on any connected user.

  • How to hide the 'privacy statement' for all pages

    Hi all

    I have a requirement to hide the "Confidentiality" comes at the bottom right of the
    page for all pages, I know they hide through the controller extension, but I want to avoid
    to extend the controller for each page, is their any other way to hide this privacy statement

    any suggestions would be very welcomed.




    1. connect to SSHRC.
    2. Select Customize Page link at the top right of the page.
    3. Select the context button choose.
    4. in the field drop-down list select foot of OA.
    5. click on apply.
    6 extend the protection of personal information.
    7. click on customize pencil icon.
    8. set the property Rendered false at the required level.
    9. click on apply.
    10. click on back to the app link.

    I hope this helps.

    See you soon,.

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    I did the 2 larger site and how to keep the same size for all pages when I re - open the web browser?

    You can use an extension to set a page zoom and the size of the default font on the web pages.

Maybe you are looking for