HP Laserjet M1319F MFP is not able to scan under Windows 7 (64-bit at home)

I have a Windows 7 Home Premium 64 - bit HP Pavilion connected to the HP Laserjet M1319F MFP. All the functions of the printer worked so far.

The scan function has stopped working. Here are the steps and errors that I see:
1. I load the sheet from which I scanned in the printer and the printer displays
2. I start Windows Fax and Scan dialog box and press the button new scanning
3. New Scan, dialog and I press the Scan button
4. the printer begins to feed the sheet and displays
5. immediately after the message that the printer displays the message
I did the following steps to try to fix the scan:
1 uninstalled the printer and it added. Scan still does not work.
2. I downloaded the latest driver and firmware on HP site updates and installed on the PC and on the printer firmware. I had success on the driver and firmware of the facilities. Scan still does not work.
3. I ran PC-Doctor hardware diagnostics on the printing device and got a status of success. The Test page printed successfully.
4. I am able to print documents, but will not scan. I tried both ways - single and multiple - sheets. Scan still does not work.
Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Hi ApolloWZ,

Thanks for your quick response.

In the meantime, I found the solution to my problem, so I thought I'd share it here for others.

I found the answer here:


I will cut & paste the answer below, in which case the link above doesn't work at some point:

(1) on the computer target under the normal user account, press Start, in the search box type services.msc. Right click on the program that appears and select "Run as Administrator". Enter your user password or click on next to go to the UAC popup, if necessary.
(2) locate the service called "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" and double-click it.
3) click the connection tab, and then change this service to log on under a Local System account. Click here to allow the service to interact with desktop. And then click OK.
(4) reboot (or if you really don't want to restart & know what you're doing, you can just stop & restart the WIA service twice)

See you soon,.


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    I installed several LaserJet using a number of operating systems in the past.

    Best wishes


    Hi Shane,

    Thank you for the additional information. You experience a hardware problem with the scanner in the printer mechanism. The following additional options depending on your current status of the warranty on this printer.

    In the guarantee:

    Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    Out-of-warranty options:


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  • LaserJet M1319f: HP Laserjet M1319f MFP Scaner not ongoing analysis pages.


    I use HP Laserjet M1319f MFP all in one printer software & scan.

    Already installed in windows 7, scanner function works, it will scan multiple documents in a pdf or a file.

    But now I have windows installed 8.1. I have install the printer / download site Scaneer software & firmware as suggested by HP.

    Print and scan work ok, but not able to scan the document in a single file, it will not ask as previously you want to scan another page or not? is there so all settings / software available that I can do the continuous scan in a single file.

    Thank you

    Hichem Shah


    Full features software is available for Windows 7, this is no longer provided for Windows 8.

    A basic set of drivers as offered only provide basic scanning capabilities by using operating system utilities, such doesn't offer a scanning HP utility and allow a single file of scanning.

    Try the 3rd party PAN scan utility below, it offers the PDF and the digitization of several page and offered as a freeware:


    This app you can prior multiple pages scan save the PDF file.

    Hope that helps,


  • Question of LaserJet M1319f MFP Installation on Windows 7

    Dear HP team and community members to support,

    I am currently trying to install HP LaserJet M1319f MFP connected via USB on Lenovo Q190 machine /Intel Core i3 processor / freshly installed running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit with Bulgarian language pack, all updates, Microsoft Forefront Protection/i also tried to disable the real-time protection /, UAC disabled, account administrator, IE 11, .NET Framework 4.5.1.

    The priter work properly with Windows XP.

    I downloaded the package of driver here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?os=4063&lc=en&cc=bg&dlc=en&sw_lang=&product=3547...

    After reached installation process 'Copy of the files on the hard disk' stage Setup returns error software install printer no longer works.

    I tried to run with Windows XP SP3 compatibility mode or administrator privileges, but the same error occurs.

    I tried Microsoft Fix It software to install/uninstall drivers too, but without success either.

    I cleaned up the temporary files and Max about 10 to 15 times.

    Windows update is not help with drivers too.

    I tried to extract the Installer files and manually add the printer and received the error that the installation was not successful and it says below the file is not found / if I remember it well.

    After that I tried the HP Print and Scan Doctor software, but it shows that there is no driver installed and redirect me to the driver download page.

    I tried the Assistant driver software also, but it returns that this model is not supported.

    I tried to change the Startup Windows "Selective startup" with "Load Startup items" unchecked and all non-microsoft disabled services, but without success.

    Under safe mode that will not accomplish the install because the print spooler service does not, which is running normally otherwise.

    The "ntprint.inf" file is present in the folder 'Windows\inf', HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Enviroments\Windows NT x 86 registry has only subkeys drivers and print processors and the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Monitors registry has only Local Port, Microsoft Shared Fax Monitor, monitor the Standard TCP/IP Port, USB and WSD port subkeys.

    The Windows\System32\spool\PRINTERS and Windows\System32\spool\drivers\W32X86 folders are empty.

    I ran sfc/scannow in cmd with administrator privileges, but there was no violation of integrity.

    I tried to disable the IE component, but no luck either.

    So now I'm out of ideas how to connect that * bleep * thing... I hope someone can help me with this problem.

    "Hewlett PackardHP LaserJet M1319f MFP" currently devices without driver installed in Device Manager /Hardware ID USBPRINT\Hewlett-PackardHP_La28A1 and Hewlett-PackardHP_La28A1/ and Scanning HP /hardware ID USB\VID_03F0 & PID_5817 & REV_0100 & MI_00 and USB\VID_03F0 & PID_5817 & MI_00.

    I forgot to mention that I tried all kinds of variations with these solutions with or without connected printer.

    Thank you very much in advance for all type of guidelines.

    Best regards


    P.S.: at least, I think that I managed to collect all related solutions in this topic...

    Dear Gemini02,

    After a few days of trying different types of solutions, I finally managed to install the printer as a network device.

    So basically, I also had a problem (error 0 x 002) with the installation of the printer as a network printer. Restart the Printer Spooler service has not worked and erase cache files did not work either.

    So I installed x 64 driver on the host machine and then installed the network printer. For those who do not know how to install x 64 drivers:

    -Download the drivers from the official HP support page

    -Check out the *.exe file in a folder (if you don't have additional archiving program replace *.exe with cover and unzip it with the build Manager). Navigate to the folder 'x 64' and extract the file "LJM1319L.cab" to separate the folder.

    -Go to 'Printers and faxes' ("devices and printers" in Windows 7 ")

    -Then right click on the shared printer already and click on 'Properties' ("printer properties" Windows 7 ")

    -Click the 'sharing' tab and click on "additional drivers".

    -Select 'x 64' or only ' IA64"in the case that your hardware architecture is demanding and click 'Apply'.

    If you have already installed the drivers, the rest is not relevant, but if you do not:

    -Open the extracted folder and select the file "HP1319fp.ini" (if it returns select error 'HPM1319.ini')

    -When he asked the second time pilot open 'x 64-> LJM1319L' and select the *.dll file

    -on the third request for drivers go to 'x 64 English-> PrntDriver' and select 'ZSD1319P'.

    I couldn't try to connect and install by USB (the office that I am taking care, as if it were new post more), but after the successful installation of the drivers that the printer connected locally should also work perfectly.

    So I hope I was help someone like me about this and still do not understand why I should have done everything for installation driver simple?

    Best regards


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    Is the printer connected to your PC by USB or network?

    Using the USB connection, you can scan using Windows Fax and Scan software built into your operating system.

    Scanning over a network connection unfortunately supported on Windows7 32 bit only, as you can find listed in the section about network scanning below:


    Kind regards


  • My HP Photosmart is not able to scan, the Pc is windows 8

    I have my Hp Photosmart D110 series is not able to scan, it is wireless and recently upgraded to day / compatible to windows 8. Gives me a message "try to scan from the ee SRO documentation, press ok".

    I am new to windows 8 and I do not know where to go to fix this.

    Can someone help me please?


    Well, you have to try full feature software and drivers from the first link. Must be that the installation was not complete.

    Kind regards.

  • I reinstalled Windows XP & he said that if I continue, I'm not able to connect to Windows. I hit continue, and now I can not connect.

    I reinstall windows xp & he said that if I continue, I'm not able to connect to windows. I accidentally hit continue and now I can't log on. Help, please. What should I do now? Lynn B.

    original title: Reinstalling windows xp

    Hi Lynn B,.

    ·         What is the exact error message?

    ·         What type of installation you perform? Is this an upgrade or fresh on-site installation?

    ·         What service pack is installed on your computer?

    ·         You have the Windows installation disc?

    You can consult the following Microsoft articles:

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows



    How to perform an upgrade on the spot (reinstallation) of Windows XP


    Hope this information helps.

  • I was not able to receive the Windows Update since February 2012. I have a Code error 80070005.

    Error code 80070005

    I was not able to receive the Windows Update since February 2012. I have a Code error 80070005. What can I do to fix this?


    Have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    Try the following Microsoft article and see if it helps.

    Error: 0x80070005 when you try to install updates by using Microsoft Update or Windows Update: http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/968003 
    Note: Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click on the number below to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Back-up-the-registry

  • Not able to scan from the printer to my computer control panel using the HP Photosmart 5510


    I recently bought the new HP Photosmart 5510 all in one - and I am not able to scan from my printer to my computer.

    I am however able to scan by launching the scan of the computer. I talked to HP customer earlier this evening and we ran printing + scan doctor and can't find any problems.

    I am running Windows 7-64 bit and that you have installed my wireless printer using the Installation CD supplied with the printer today.

    I could not finish troubleshooting with the technician that I talked to because I had to go to work. The person that I spoke with proposed possibly the full functionality of software downloaded from the hp.com site, which I'm happy to do, but I think that it is useless, because I have the CD of installation here. (The rep that I talked to was very nice, but I prefer not to have to uninstall and reinstall if it is not necessary)

    Because as I mentioned above, everything works perfectly and I am able to scan - but not directly from the printer itself.

    When I try to scan from my printer to my computer an error message appears on the control panel of the printer indicating that: there is no scan destination options of analysis chosen / no..

    However, I can't find anywhere with my HP software where I could add / make sure that the destinations were there. (As I could on my other printers. (IE. By the solution Center)

    This printer does not appear to be a solution center that I could find and the scanner installed with the CD icon doesn't give me any options regarding changing the settings of the parser

    I wonder:

    1. the Hp Photosmart 5510 does not have the capacity to scan from the printer control panel?

    2 OR the CD installation provided with my printer only has the base drivers as the agent of tech support suggested? Which means to scan from my printer I need to download drivers for your hp Web site?

    3. or is the problem because of something else entirely?

    Thanks for your help!

    HI Dublin,

    Follow the steps below to uninstall and reinstall the printer.

    1. open Control Panel

    2. click on uninstall a program

    3 uninstall the Photosmart 6510 in the list

    4 restart your computer

    5. download and install the latest version of Adobe flash player


    6 download the drivers and full software functionality, and then reinstall the printer.

    Version 28.8

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