HTML5 Web database

I wonder what will happen now that the W3C will not continue to maintain it more only by:

So I started a playbook application that need a SQL database, what are my options?  BlackBerry plan to continue supporting the web database, even if you can't support html5 in the future?

Is - this somethig, I'd be worried?


I think that you are safe to use for applications that target the OS 6.7 and Tablet OS. The advantage of using SQL, it is that it will be easy to migrate to IndexedDB as soon as RIM supports.

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  • HTML5 Web database is supported for BB 10...

    I think that W3C deprecated webdatabase. What other database options are WebWorks BB applications?


    You can use webdb without no problem, although it is deprectated as you say.

    During the BB10Jam, I heard one of the speakers IndexDB will be supported by WebWorks, but it is still a work in progress. In fact, I think that it is a construction site in the W3C too

  • Problem with BBUI / Web database / asychronous timing: untreated by BBUI.js query in HTML format

    I think I solved most of my problems with getting my data to be used in various functions, etc... but the problem now (which may have been the problem basic all along) is related to the asynchronous nature of the treatment of Web database.

    I get my markup returned as a

    with all the 'data-bb-type' attributes etc, but based on the statements of 'alert' I sprinkled throughout my code, database results are processed after the 'onscreenready' event is over and "ondomready" began.

    I know that if you generate markup for use with BBUI.js, he must enter the screen "" before the screen "" is passed to BBUI.js BBUI can do everything it's the stuff of fantasy for her.

    I tried to make sense, but it escapes me. Maybe someone could point me in the right direction for a good tutorial that explains clearly what is happening behind the scenes, and then I guess I'll have to rip my code share and put back... or at least call functions in a different way or from a different location or use the callbacks more liberally (I'm not exactly clear on the use of reminders either).

    The approach you describe would be necessary in the sense that an asynchronous call in the onscreenready function will allow this function to progress / probably finish and BBUI continue on treatment until you can completely change the elements with the data returned by the database.

    Content, while not ideal, front-loading is a valid route.

    The other option, depending on which time of control you're filling, would wait for ondomready and then use the JavaScript APIs for the control (if any) to be completed after the fact. For example, the ImageList controls have JavaScript APIs to refresh their content with an array of elements, once the element has been created / BBUI-means.

  • Encryption of SQL Web database


    I have a Web application to work with a large number of sensitive data in a SQL Web database.

    • Is it possible to read data from a second application?
    • Is it necessary to encrypt these data in order to prevent piracy?
    • What are possible attack scenarios?

    Best regards

    Security is always a relative term. Nothing can never be guaranteed 100% safe.

    If your database is stored in your sandbox app, no other applications can visit its profile to the database file, unless someday BB10 has been hacked and security app sandbox mechanism is compromised.

    If a third party can run somehow JS or native code within your application, they could potentially access data.  If your application downloads or incorporates data from third party, make sure that you are not vulnerable to injection attacks. If your application loads information in the shared file area, which could be a potential weak point. If your application is a client Invocation Framework or the target, which may be another.

    Examine any 3rd-party libraries and extensions, that you can use to correct the vulnerabilities.

    Make sure that your signature keys are kept in a safe place.

    You may wish to consider how to secure backups are, as well as your application data could be included in those.

    In the case of doubt: hire a security expert. Still no guarantee however.

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  • Can I create a web database search that does not use Javascript?

    Can I create a web database search that does not use Javascript?

    While it would be possible to do it through custom coding, this type of web database search would not supported by Eloqua.

  • HTML5 corrupted database


    I have a device that has seems to have a database of the corrupt database HTML5, does anyone know how to locate it on the device and delete / reset the storage area for any application without having to reset the entire phone.

    Kind regards


    Your DB can be found here:

    [SDCardDir] / BlackBerry/system/appdata/rim/webstorage / [ApplicationName]

    appName can be base64 (appName) If you use OS5. Delete the entire folder manually using Windows Explorer if you can access with the connected BlackBerry.

    The app, "DROP TABLE.." would normally, but does not help if you can not open because it was damaged. Here, you can use () to make sure that the directory actually exists, then use[path])where path is file:///SDCard/BlackBerry/System...

  • Video export from After Effects for HTML5 Web banner

    I have a 10 second video made in after effects CC 2015 with 300 x 600px and duty work under a Web banner.

    We need to provide as HTML5 and the Media Guide he needs with the maximum of 40 k.

    I've read many tutorials but FLV and SWF is not in After Effects or Adobe Media Encoder, I don't know how the process would be.

    Please help us.

    Thank you

    WebM for Adobe Media Encoder

    Producing for HTML5 - Adobe Media Encoder tutorial

  • With the help of a folder as a Web database

    I can use this statement to get a connection to a database stored on my local machine derby
    con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:D:/application_folder/mydatabase;user=myuser;password=mypass;");
    I experience just to see if I could use the following, while the web folder has write permissions enabled on this subject
    con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby:;user=myuser;password=mypass;");
    I get the error message:
    java.sql.SQLException: database '' not found.

    NKA says:
    I just thought that if I could make a record on my writable domain name and use it as if it was on my local disk. I think that there is stuff of security involved in this call of web folder.

    More security tips.

    You can't "write" to a URL like
    You must have a server database running on the domain and connect to that.

  • Using a HTML5 Web page as a user interface for Wallpaper app selection

    I designed a very simple app that uses HTML5 to create a small site which allows the user to select a thumbnail graphic linked to a jpg size wallpaper to use as, well, wallpaper.

    I have downloaded all the files on my Playbook and they load into the browser as expected, and the links work. However, I am unable to 'download' the largeimage in the 'images' folder, so I can put it as wallpaper... it displays but says simply 'done '.

    If I try the same method with an image from a site 'good' then it works as expected.

    The browser is confused because he's trying to 'download' a picture that is already on board, but in another folder?

    I maybe just f ound the answer to my question oewn... put the HTML files in the folder 'download' and not 'documents' and it works.

  • HTML5 Web - add output or click on the tag?

    I did not banner advertising for about 5 years. I'm super to animate - stupid details of coding. I created a html5 using Animate banner. I have published it. But before I submit it to advertisers is there anything else I need to add - as a 'exit' tag or click tag for that to be universally acceptable and standard? Where does go? I did a giant button, but there is no measure applied.

    Also, there was no established spritesheet, I've only used vector graphics. So the only thing that I must submit the html and js file?

    It depends on the adserving company; There is not a universally standard way of setting up a "clickTAG" HTML5, so you'll need to know how the ads will appear before the implementation.

    You can see this thread for instructions for execution of clicktags for DCM, Adwords and Sizmek: How to create a "clickTAG" link when creating a banner of html5? (Ignore the correct marked answer since it was just for a specific Austrian company; if you scroll down you will see more standard examples.)

    The final file that you submit for traffic will be a zip that contains your code HTML, JS and images if you had them.  Each ad must be in its own zip file.  For the DCM and Adwords, you should also include in the head of your HTML file.

  • Camera work is not in HTML5 on BB Z10 web application


    I'm working on a simple HTML5 web application which allows users to take a photo and upload it.

    IM using the following HTML5 code which works fine in the BB Z10 Simulator:


    However, when you run the web application business of a real BBZ10, I get only a file browser which lists all images that were taken by the camera before - icon to directly access the camera and take a picture is missing.

    Any idea what's going wrong here?

    -Unfortunately, I can't test the web application on the side deprived of my BB (this is not an option that the web application should work commercially and I can not access the server from the private side)

    -WebWorks Help or some other related client API is not an option, we want to stick to the plain, client-agnostic HTML5

    -J' already found this link, (exactly the code that I use also).

    -Z10 BB model STL100-2, the software Version is

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Kind regards


    Unfortunately the camera app is not present in the scope of work; This means that you can not call the specific application of the camera .

    From what you see, it seems that this code is either:


    (A) directly rely on the camera application; or

    (B) invoking the default image into the Manager.

    If it is (A), then we can not use the approach described above through the entry. However, if it is (B), then taking another photo manager is installed, like peaks cloudy, then he must be able to be invoked. A simple test would be to install the cloudy peaks and see if it is called, or if you still see issues.

    If you still see issues, this means that procedure input specifically called the camera application.

    Here, the solution would be to create your own button to invoke the taker of the photo. The framework of the call allows you to directly call the cloudy peaks, or call the taker of the generic photo (which would by default Pics cloudy if the camera app is not present.)

    You must use the call as described in the link above, but omit the target ID; This will allow the system to choose the best Manager (available) for the invocation as opposed to explicitly point the camera application.

    For a full text on it, the 4th part of the series of peaks cloudy blog gives a lot of good information and background on this issue.

  • What are the databases, we can use with html5 in playbook

    What is the best database used with html5 in playbook

    The answer lies in the developer site very well documented of the RIM:

    LocalStorage might be easier to use:

  • can I video call through facebook, using the browser firefox web?

    My wife just bought a tablet... and there was a facebook application in the Tablet, but I can not video call...
    Whenever I'm doing video call, he said: "inaccessible".

    So, I thought that if we do this on the browser as normal video call from PC to PC using firefox, then it would do (?).

    Anyone tried?

    Sites like Facebook are not designed to make video calls on the browsers, it's where there are apps for that. However, there are a simple HTML5 Web sites offering video lectures/talks in which will work with browsers on tablets.

    Please note we only provide support for the Firefox browser and not 3 third-party sites or applications, these problems or questions, address them.

    However, as part of my effort to help, the person that you can try to reach through the Facebook app can't equipped with software to manage your call to them or that they are not online when making your call, giving you this error. It is also important to check that you are connected to the internet with a strong link to avoid problems with video calls. You can try the Google search why you might encounter such problem with Facebook or see if restarting your device can help.

  • HTML5

    How to know if someone travels page is HTML5?

    For example, if I am browsing Web php page then I right click on the page and "View Page Info", I get this:
    Type: "application/xhtml + xml".

    I tried on HTML5 Web page, but I got the following:
    Type: ' text/html '.

    If the page is HTML5, then you should see this DOCTYPE in the Source of the Page: <! DOCTYPE html >

Maybe you are looking for

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