I can't call anyone on Skype, he said only: "problem with recording device" help?

Could someone help me? my lack of Skype let me call anyone, when I try to call or answer a call it comes a message saying "problem with recording device"-does anyone know how to fix this help please!



You can install this "driver - Lyd" (Realtek High-definition-lyddriver (HD))

http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareDownloadIndex?softwareitem=ob-135685-1&CC=no&DLC=no&LC=No... =

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    Until recently I had a few problems with my microphone on Skype. Whenever I start my PC, everything will be fine, but every time I change the microphone source (from my webcam for stereo mix so I can play sounds in calls) and leave the call, I get weird questions. First if I still have the stereo mix as the source micro fine, but if I change it to my micro webcam when I click on answer call nothing happens and if I call someone it won't fail to connect and it will say: problem with the device registration, which is strange because it has nothing to do with the connection. Also if I change the source to microphone during a call, the call will be disconnected as if I turned on the internet and post something about the sound card errors. Can anyone help?

    I found the problem, clown fish was not working with Skype and it ceased to use the microphone and I thought since I had removed so I don't think that was the problem, but for some reason any, it is been installed, in any case I removed it and now Skype works fine.

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  • Live messenger won't open so I can make calls or use Skype with my webcam.

    Live messenger won't open so I can make calls or use Skype with my webcam.

    Now Windows Live Solution Center is offline for maintenance. When it's over, please repost in forum Messenger:

    This methos involves editing the registry...
    If you are not comfortable with editing the registry, please do not do.

    Start button > Search box, type regedit > press the Enter key > (uac prompt) > expand (click on the pointer before) HKET_CURRENT_USER > expand Software > expand Microsoft > expand MSNMessenger > expand PerPassportSettings > under PerPassportSettings, find 2 folders with a series of numbers > delete the two folders including their subfolders > window regedit.
    Restart the Messenger.

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  • Why is what I can't call anyone on this site!

    Why is what I can't call anyone on this site! I have no frikin all this need! * I NEED A REAL PERSON!

    Is there a particular issue that you are experiencing or the error message you see?

    Having issues of membership or software?

    Please let us know what software you are using and what difficulty you encounter so that we can help you.

    If you need to contact our support staff, assistance, please visit:

    FAQ: How to contact Adobe for support?

  • Skype usage error: problem with playback device

    Original title: Skype.

    I'm calling by Skype and it is written that I have a problem with "currency of reading".

    What should I do?


    ·         Audio devices work otherwise?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Step 1: Launch the audio troubleshooter. It search common problems with your volume settings, your sound card or driver and your speakers or a headset.


    Also refer to the support of Skype.


    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer

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  • I intend to buy a Apple Watch in the United States, but I have a European iPhone 6 Plus. Anyone know if I have a problem with syncing my iPhone (EU) and the Apple Watch (US)? I think not, but any ideas?

    I intend to buy a Apple Watch, United States of America, but I own a European iPhone 6 Plus device. Anyone know if I have a problem with the sync between devices? I don't think, but it would be more useful to have a definite answer for this as my assumption...

    Hi John

    The devices normally work together.

    There is no difference in the hardware specifications for the watch. It can be configured to use your preferred language and format of the region.

    Adapter USB power to the watch will be located in the United States. To charge your watch via food in Europe, you can use the magnetic charge cable supplied together with a real 5W Apple (iPhone) or 12W (iPad) adapter USB power (or with a third party, Apple certified adapter).

  • Anyone know if there is a problem with the "Windows Update" site? Since May 11, 2010...

    Anyone know if there is a problem with the "Windows Update" site? As of May 11, 2010 I could not access it for 2 days now.  I get an error report indicating that he has a "problem with the site '... Not sure if it's my computer or the site itself. I just need to check updates and download them. I would be grateful for any feedback...  Thank you!
    ~ Jenifer

    It is without a doubt.  There were a few patches published today, and I was able to update all my machines successfully.  This looks more like a virus problem.  Have you run a virus scan recently?  Many times, if you are infected the virus will prevent you to access Windows Update.

    You can also use Microsoft Fix It to reset the Windows Update components: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058.  This could also be your problem.

    Let me know how it goes,


  • "the problem with playback device" with Skype.

    receive 'problem with playback device' with Skype.  When I go to the Control Panel on my pc dell under sounds, etc., there is no option of reading before it takes.  have spent hours on Skype and my pc. Help!

    Hi BeverlyBowers,

    Facing any problem with the sound on the computer other than on Skype?

    Problem with playback device means that Skype cannot find a speaker or a headset that is properly configured on your machine in order to make a call.

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to run the Fixit and check if it helps.

    Automatically diagnose and fix the audio problems and Skype webcam

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, I suggest that you make sure that speaker or headphones are selected by default.

    a. go to Start and click on Control Panel.
    b. click on her, then a new window will open.
    (c) in the new window click on the tab "recording" and right click in the window and click Show disabled devices.
    d. now check if the speaker or headset is listed here and right click above and choose Activate.
    e. highlight the speaker or headphones and click on 'Set as default'.

    Method 3:
    If the problem persists, I suggest you install the latest audio drivers on the manufacturer's Web site and check if it helps.

    Hope this information helps. Answer the post with an up-to-date issue report to help you further.

  • "Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found." Called brother and my MFC 7360N works very well with other programs to scan - only problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.

    "Error while interacting with the scanner: the selected scanner was not found." Called brother and my MFC 7360N works very well with other programs to scan - only problem with Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.

    Hi davidd67669685,

    Please provide the exact point of the software & OS installed on your system. Also check if it is there any update available for the software after going through "help > check updates.

    Follow this thread to reset the Acrobat preferences:- How to reset preference settings in format Acrobat.

    You can check after connecting this scanner locally to the system if asked its connected on network & then look for the same thing.

    Please refer to this article:- of the troubleshooting tips for scanning questions when using Acrobat

    If the problem persists ask please check with another user account.

    Kind regards


  • When accessing Skype problems with playback device

    Original title: when you try to use Skype, I have a problem with the playback device and the test of my sound system the reading micro meter is empty


    When you try to use Skype it tells me there is a problem with the playback device, I went to the control panel to test the sound system, everything looks ok but the microphone meter is empty. the balance of micro control record is also empty. I think that it shouldn't be a major but a little annoying problem.

    I hope someone has the answer.

    Thank you


    Hi Peter,.

    ·         Did you do changes on the computer before the show?

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Skype application and check if it helps to solve the problem.

    How to change or remove a program in Windows XP


    If the problem persists, contact the Skype support for more help and information.


  • I am owner of a mini iPad (MD528LL/A, s/n F4LKQ4N7f193), that I use mainly for the practice of music (iRig); can I upgrade to 9.2.1 and use new apps music?... I read where there are a few problems with older devices!

    I mainly use for music practi

    There is nothing wrong with this update.

    This update is designed to fill a long-standing security hole that took forever to connect Apple.

    In addition, this update was tailored to address issues on older models of iDevice.

    My advice on the conduct of iOS upgrades/updates.

    Ideally, your iDevice should maintain a minimum amount of free storage for 4 to 6 GB or more on any iDevice (more free space, the better it is), plus, more 50%-60% state of the battery to ensure smooth operation, as well as, to ensure the possibility of an update/upgrade installation to update iOS successful.
    In addition, it is better to upgrade an iDevice connected to a computer running iTunes with you sync iDevice had and backed up by iTunes rather than OTA Over The Air () using a wireless WiFi connection, if possible.

    Doing a major or critical OS update/update may be risky to do in Wifi or cell due to the risk of interruption of data or forged data, causing problems with downloading the OS data and the subsequent installation of the unit.

    Also, it is best to do the update/update via iTunes you will get the update/upgrade entire and not only a smaller WiFi download version/serving based on your iDevice to model that can or can not download everything that your particular iDevice needs.

    If you have no other choice than to use the Wifi, then make sure that you have a solid and stable connection the will of the signal does not induce the possibility of dropout data.

    I prefer the iTunes method because there is minimal risk, and I've never had PROBLEMS with ANY operating system, updates using this method.

    Good luck!

  • "Windows services Centre" call by saying that I have a problem with my internal security system


    I received a phone call from 'Windows Service Centre', James Henderson, employee of 406-235-1159, phone number #7098 (Yes, that's an indication 406 and 416 - which is one of the reasons why I'm suspicious), but gave a speech in Mississauga (Ontario), saying that I have a problem with my internal security system and even if www.ammyy.com I need to talk to the technician to solve this problem. I do not trust him and hang up, but called the number, responded to the same person (as he had an Indian accent with a lisp in addition to this) and he said that Joseph and not James!
    Scam or what? Thank you

    It is a scam! Who is becoming extremely common and was even on the news in some places. As long as you don't give them any personal information, you should be fine. Should they call once again, simply hang up.

    See the recent thread below for more information; Shenan Stanley and the spirit of the messages contain very useful information:

    The call tech support?

    The links below contain excellent information regarding this and other scams:

    Avoid scams to phone for tech support

    Avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently

    The site ammyy.com offer legitimate a service to help users to connect remotely to other computers; the crooks simply operate these services. This is the first time I have heard of this site, seems most of the fraudsters a different use.

    Kind regards

  • Why can't I save a file changed due to problems with the properties?

    Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    I sent myself a JPG file, taken by a camera in the email.

    I backed up, & then tried to turn it using Windows Photo Gallery.

    He says: 'cannot save this image due to a problem with the properties of the file.'.

    Sometimes (once, so far), it then says 'Changes to the labels, legend, side, or date taken could not be saved in this file.'.

    When I try the same thing in Windows Explorer, it says "you cannot rotate this image.  The file may be used or open in another program or file or folder can be read-onlly. ».

    Properties file shows the file read-only.

    Unchecking that and apply or OK has no effect.

    Ditto for the folder.

    But looking around, I see that (sometimes (?)) other records are also marked read-only, but are not their files.

    When I produce-> properties-> details-> ' properties delete and personal information "->" create a copy with all deleted properties ", he says: 'an error occurred when writing the property 'Altitude' in the file <....>.'.

    I can't find another way to try to remove all the ((maybe) offend them) properties.

    Hello PMH232!

    Thanks for the return of the response.  Below, I have included a few steps to try.  When you fill out these test in Windows Explorer and see if you can rotate the images.

    1. click on the start menu.
    2. click on computer.
    3. right click on the drive that gives you trouble.
    4. Select Properties.
    5. click on the Security tab.
    6. click on the Edit button where it says "to change permissions, click on change."
    7. in the "group or user names", click on the user you want to change.

    8. in the area 'Permissions for the users', click the checkbox to allow full control.
    9. click on ok.

    Please let us know status.

  • How can I call 3 buttons to the same server function with 3 different return URL?

    Hello everyone...

    I have a question...

    Can I use the same function side server to send to guests 3 different swfURL whereby key pressed from one of them?

    If the answer is positive... How can I do it?

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    on the client side

    import flash.net.Responder;

    var responder: responder = new responder (function name);

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