I have the same file name twice in one folder?

De : Batstar

Message: On my camera, I decided to split the photos that I took in folders according to the country I was in at the time.  Now that I want to put pictures on my computer, I find that due to the use of more than a memory card for a given country, I have more than one folder called 'PERU' and each folder has named the pictures from 1 again, then when I combine all the photos of the Peru on my computer, it won't let me because I have two files with the same name.  How can I get around this without having to rename all my photos manually.

De : John Inzer

Response: Duplicate file names cannot exist in the same folder, the new file overwrites (replace) old.

If you do not want to rename your images... try to save new files in a different folder.

The following article explains how to rename your files in a batch:

How to rename multiple or a series of files in Windows Vista




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    Now I want that it take its course. But no, I have to press ok to confirm the backup on each photo.

    Someone knows how to fix this?



    I solved it.

    I forgot to check the box "override save under ' :)

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    The only solution is to disable the ' Remove missing photos in the catalog "on the prompt window synchronize folder so it does not remove it catalog.

    I have the latest version of Lightroom for Windows (v5.6) but it happened in previous versions on both Mac and PC.

    If someone has noticed this?


    "Treat the RAW + JPG as separate folders" enabled or not in preferences?

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    "Remember Me" for the site connections automatically when you return to the Web site is done with a Cookie the site in Firefox.

    Try to clear your Cookies for this Web site.

    Tools > Options-> life privacy - Cookies = the button show Cookies.

    You must use the custom settings for history at the top of this tab to see the View the Cookies button.

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    When you are finished click Close.

  • Need to re - register a completed form on in Acrobat Reader and keep the same file name.

    I did collect a form developed for our client in. They need to access and save it several times without making several versions.

    Now that they can open, fill out some fields and "save under" a different file name. They must then go back and edit or add additional information to train at a later date.

    He won't let not the re - save the file with the same file name, only "save under". It is not very practical because they will end up with many versions of the same shape and all earlier versions would be obsolete and useless for them.

    You must disable the preview in Windows Explorer or close Windows Explorer.

  • ColdFusion CFFTP copy of the file from the remote server and save to a local folder with the same file name

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    This article from Adobe might be useful.  (I was tempted to use LMGTFY; but I do not have).



  • transfer with catalog will use the same file name

    Hello everyone, I evaluate the cloud of Lightroom version. I have a MacBook that I use on a trip to import and did a first job on my photos, so I have a home NAS at home where store pictures and do most of the work.

    I want to transfer RAW files, but all the work with the MacBook on the NAS, I tried to use "export as catalog" and then "import a catalog" with options to move the files, it works but it keep the old file name and it does not put them in a folder with a different name. For example, if on my Mac, I work with a folder named '2015' and then transfer into a folder with the same name on the NAS Server everything works fine, but if I made a folder called 'photos' to work on the MacBook, and then I want to transfer everything on my NAS under the folder "Hawaii", everything is put under Hawaii\photos\ instead of Hawaii\

    I'm having a hard time understand what you did. But the best thing to do would be to highlight all the images in the Hawaii\photos folder and drag them to the folder of Hawaii. You can simply delete the folder of pictures and everything should happen as you wish. Do all the going in Lightroom and it should be simple and quick.

  • Multiple images with the same file name no doubt prevent export

    iMac running OS X El Capitan v10.11.6; Photos 1.5

    I'm trying to export approximately 331 images and I get an error report saying that only 169 of the exported images due to the inability to create files for 159 of the images.  Then the report gives me the names of files of the first 100 images for which files were not created.  After looking at many images that would not create a file, I realized that, in any case, there was at least one, if not several, other images with the SAME EXACT FILE name as the image in question.  I can't change the names of files by right click on "info".  I tried to export the images and change the names of files to export using the sequential option and the option of album name - always having exactly the same problem.  I even tried not to export an image at once and change the name of the file individually or no available. Is there a work around that? I desperately need to export those specific images. I am trying to create a photo album for shown to mothers who choose a family with which you want to place their child/ren for adoption. I'm at my wit's end.  The kicker is I'm moving towards trying to export all my pictures, and that's going to be a HUGE problem in course for me, so I really hope that there is a way around this question somewhat simply. I am a hobby photographer and use the computer for businesses and crafts.  I've seen a few posts that included answers referencing "AppleScript" - I have no idea how to do something like that.

    From here on I will DEFINITELY ensure that my Canon continually numbers the names of image files and automatically resets.  For the other photos other than Canon, is possible to rename images during the import of the lot?

    All advice and help will be GREATLY appreciated!

    Finder has the ability to rename files with various models of lot.  Simply select all the files to rename, right-click one of the selected files, choose 'Rename X points... '. ", and then set the options and click on the button"Rename ".

  • Can't save files to the same file name after the installation.

    I have Adobe Reader 11.0.10 running on Windows 7.  I cannot save files.  I open the file, edit it and press save.  The box comes in showing the location of the file and the name.  I hit save to save it again with the same name.  I get an error message saying: "this document could not be saved. Unable to save this file name.  Please the document under a different name or in a different folder. "It then changes the file in a temporary file name.  I can hit Save As once again, and it won't let me save it as I want without problem.  She does think I save or save as in the beginning.  I am able to save the file and move, but it's such a pain.

    A friend sent me.  It corrects the problem.  https://forums.Adobe.com/thread/1254950

  • Combine files into a single PDF file with the same file name

    I have a PDF form that I have to fill out some data and a Microsoft Word Document.   Sometimes I wait a few days, so I need to fill out the same form PDF.  When I combine them, I get warning that PDF forms with the same name will be the same - if I don't want it, I should create a PDF portfolio.  The portfolio is not as I want.  It combines PDF files in some others.

    I could change the names of the fields that I need, but I sometimes fear that I missed something.

    Is there a way to get away with this problem if the combination is good?  I have to fax documents at once created and portfolio doesn't seem like I can do.

    Adobe Acrobat Pro XI and Windows 8.1

    Thank you!


    Flatten the fields of the form before combine you files.

  • Renaming of files with the same file name.

    I got image files files that have been renamed properly with a file name


    and they must be 1234.jpg.

    When I open the file in Photoshop, the name of the file says 1234 .jpg.

    Can someone help me with an action or Automation (not good at writing, it, any help is appreciated) who could help me to rename these files properly without the task to open each file?

    Thank you!

    You have Finder > Preferences > advanced (on the Mavericks) configured to display file extensions?  The ".jpg" is perhaps already there.

  • Photo Loader deletes files with the same file name

    A few days ago I imported a number of photos and videos from my iPhone to a specific folder on my MBA by using Photo Loader. Tonight, I imported again a number of photos and videos in this folder, only to find out they were not imported after all as the file names already exist. Apparently, iOS uses IMG_xxxx.xxx for all that is shot with the camera and always uses the next available number. So as I had already IMG_0618.JPG in this case, she has just imported this photo, but that the flag has been verified, he took the original iPhone itself.

    As they have not been removed by interaction on the iPhone, but by means of Photo Loader, they don't pop up under "recently retired" and the device with third-party scanning software also has been failed.

    I have recovered the photos via photostream but am always desperate to find one or two movies that I shot. Any thoughts?

    Never mind... For some strange reason, the photos have been transferred to the location of default images.

  • Automatically replace the jpg files with the same file name TIFF.

    Is there a a way to automatically link the files by replacing the jpg files with the same exact file name TIFF?

    Thank you!

    Click on the link in the links Panel and open the Panel menu. Choose repeat the link extension.

  • Impossible to add pages to PDF and save it with the same file name

    I often have to add pages to a PDF to another PDF.  I used to have no harm to add pages to an existing registered PDF then pushing the record button and that is.  Last month, after I add the page, then try to save the PDF file, I am now getting the error message "the document could not be saved.  The file may be read-only or another user can open.  Please save the document under a different name or in a different folder. »

    Now, I have to rename the PDF file I added pages and go back and remove the old PDF that has no pages added, which is a bit frustrating.  I use Acrobat X on Windows 7.

    Any ideas how I can troubleshoot or solve this problem?

    Make sure that the preview in Windows Explorer option is disabled.

  • I have 4 computers that all have the same workgroup name (MSHOME) but I don't see one any of them to any of my computers. What I am doing wrong?

    I am running XP on all 4 machines.

    [Moved from comments]

    From my experience, it is usually caused by an internet firewall on one (or more) of your computers.  If you look in your event logs system (start-> Run-> "eventvwr.msc") on some of you, computers, you see an event ID 8003:

    Event ID: 8003
    Description: The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer that believes it is the master browser for the domain of transport . The master browser stops or an election is forced.

    Usually, the machine that "believes it is the master browser" is who has the active firewall that is causing the problem.

    Microsoft has an article about this problem but does not offer too much detail:

    "Internet firewall can prevent browsing and file sharing.

    <>http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/298804 >



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