Impossible to get HP Photosmart C4780 print after recent move

I recently moved from the France to the Spain.  My 3 year old printer has moved forward so no problems were anticipated, but...

I uninstalled the printer and then tried to reinstall with the disc.  All goes well until the page "select printer - Add Print queue.  He asked me to launch the Print & Fax system preferences by clicking on the button Print & Fax.  What I've done.  I then clicked on the devices icon in the bar of the browser (where was my printer).  However, he said that I needed to click on the button Add to select the device and then stop the system preferences.

There is NO button 'Add' on this page.

If I go on the button continue it says that I did not add a print queue for my device and it will not be printed.

I went to the HP support to download the latest software and drivers (several times), but after going through the movements tells me "this software is currently unavailable.  Please contact the printer manufacturer for the latest version of the software.  When I go the the website of HP and do what she wants to download the software tells me "software update service is currently not available.  "Please try again later".

To say that I am frustrated with this is an understatement.  All solutions?


Here is a link to software for OS x 10.7 Lion software for your printer, it might be the only one that comes close.

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    With the Mavericks (OS X 10.9.4) installed, I noticed that completed print jobs remain in the queue for my HP Photosmart C4780 Safari printing and preview.  If I want to print another (another page), I usually have to remove the previous work (100% full) of the queue so that the printer will print (I think remember that sometimes, with a Google Chrome browser, it is not necessary).  If I close the lid of my MacBook Pro (which goes to sleep) with a completed print job stays in queue HP, it will be then print again for a second time.

    Today, I installed the updated driver, but the problem has not disappeared when I tried to print from Safari and overview.

    HP Print Driver Update critical for printing a foreign page address - 2014-01-31, Version1.0.0, 10.56 M

    Any ideas of how to solve my problem?

    You have an old HP software in your Applications folder, which was the Mavericks before OS?

    In the meantime, download and install this:

    Restart your Mac.

    Reset the printing system:

    -Go to System Preferences > print & Scan
    -Right (or control) click in the rectangle listing your printers and select Reset Printing System.
    WARNING - This will remove ALL your printers!
    -Select the sign more to add a printer. Select the default tab on the top of the window. Search for the printer, select it, and then beside the dropdown 'Use', select the model of the printer (not AirPrint). Wait for the 'Add' button becomes available. Until it clicks.

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    I recently moved into a new place, so, get a new router, connection. Since I moved, I was not able to connect my printer (HP Photosmart C4780) to the wireless network. When I try, an error message indicates that the IP address of the printer does not match the one on the PC (a Windows 7 32 bit). How can this problem be solved? Thanks in advance

    From the front of the printer: [Scan] Setup > network > network by default.

    Now run the HP software to add your printer (start > all programs > Hewlett-Packard > C4700 series...)

  • How to find the email on Photosmart C4780 printer

    When I printed out the parameters for the C4780 wireless, it didn't display an email address of HP.

    How can I get email address of the printer in order to print and stay in my local network?

    I am able to print with my iPad2 via the HP ePrint home & Biz App.


    The HP Photosmart C4780 doesn't provide any capabilities.therefore ePrint there is no the printer email address.

    As you can see below, the product take charge application HP ePrint home & Biz on the LAN onlyonly and does not provide the remote printer features:

    Kind regards


  • How can I install my HP Photosmart c4780 printer under XP?

    I have a Sony Vaio, which has been wiped and Windows XP has been installed.  I'm unable to print and have try to make it work with our wireless HP Photosmart c4780.  I googled how to do and was asked to install a driver, I did.  I'm still not able to figure out how to get my laptop to work with the printer.

    Hi and thanks for posting. Be aware that you would be better suited to your problem with the Hp HEREsupport forum.

  • HP Photosmart C4780: HP Photosmart C4780 printer does not print

    The printer does not print. It turns on and can scan and all that, but when I try to print it fair shoots on a single page. I checked my drivers and ink, both are very good. I've done the Troubleshooting Wizard HP and it has never worked (I tried 3 times and he said that the event was canceled somehow). I tried calling HP, but my printer is "more served by HP" (it's what tells me the site). Help

    @raygun11, welcome to the forums!

    I'm here to try to help you with the problem you are having with your Photosmart C4780 white pages print, and I hope we can solve it!

    I would like first of all for you to tell me if there are problems when you make copies, black and white copies and color.

    Try a power reset if you haven't already and make sure that the printer is plugged directly into the wall, avoiding bars power and surge protectors. This ensures that the printer is full on.

    Reset instructions:
    Press the power button to turn the product on.
    With the product, unplug the power cord from the back of the product.
    Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
    Wait at least 15 seconds.
    Plug the power cord into the wall outlet.
    Reconnect the power cord to the back of the product.
    If the product does not light by itself, press the Power button to turn it on.

    Also run Print and Scan your PC of Windows 8 doctor , chose the option "Print of difficulty" and let me know that say the results at the end try printing out in Notepad too and I would like to know if the page is empty, or print very well.

    I hope to hear the results of your part, and we'll go from there!

    If you want to say 'Thank you' to my answers, simply click the "thumbs up" button this message below!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  • HP Photosmart C4780 prints wireless but does not scan.

    I have a HP Photosmart C4780, which works great on USB, but only print via a wireless connection.  This model may be able to analysis via the wifi connection?  I have an IBM T23 running Windows XP SP3 with all updates.  I see the CD-ROM driver I have is version 14.1.0 which is the latest version online also.  I missed something in the installation that makes possible the wifi connected to scan?  I saw a USB connection through the room, when I want to scan anything.


    You could try scanning utility ande printing:

  • Impossible to get ipad, iphones to print using wireless on Photosmart estation e510

    I have a photosmart estation e-510 and I'm trying to get my assortment ipads, iphones to print wireless using this printer.

    I downloaded the iprint applications, and I have the function working on the printer wireless. Apple products will not recognize the printer. I use a router dual-band.

    I looked on the forums, on the HP website to no help.

    Any help would be appreciated


    Let's start with a reboot of the router.  Pull his plug for a few seconds, reconnect and wait for it to start.

    So who disobeys, restart your printer and your iOS devices.   Make sure that all devices have the latest firmware.

  • Impossible to get HP Photosmart 7510 C311a to print borderless Photo 4 X 6

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    Hi, the setting can be found in the Preferences\Advanced\Borderless print 7510 printing.

  • I can't get my Photosmart D110 printer it does not print to work?

    I can't get my printer Photosmart D110a it will not be printed off the internet or other programs work?

    Hi Amy,

    I thank you for your message and gives us a chance to help you. I see you are having problems with printer.

    Changes have been made to the system before this problem?

    You can follow the steps of troubleshooting on this link to see if the problem is resolved.

    For troubleshooting below.

    You can get the drivers here.

    Feel free to use the forum for any other issue of Windows, you may have.

  • Impossible to get want 5530 to print


    I recently decided to upgrade my printer for a wireless printer, so I bought a HP Envy 5530 because my old hp printer lasted more than 5 years. I'm a little disappointed because I can't get my printer to print on the network. I used printing HP and doctor Scan and no luck. I tried to turn my firewall off, no luck. I am out of options and I am really frustrated by that. Is there something I can do? I don't want to hook up with USB otherwise I will continue to use my old one and just return a new. Help, please


    Forget the CD that comes with the printer. Please download the following software and save it to your computer:

    (a) turn on your printer and turn on the radio (you can see the light from flashing bule),.

    (b) to ensure that your computer is connected to the wireless internet through your network,

    (c) right click on the downloaded file and select run as administrator.

    (d) follow the intructions, allow your printer to use your computer to connect to your network.

    (e) at the end, you can save your printer can create connected HP if you want (Note: you can do it later).

    Please post back the result or error.

    Kind regards.

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    I tried all the instructions given help, advice etc and still not get envelopes to print. My OS is windows 7 with Microsoft Word 2010 and the printer is an Epson NX400. I made sure everything is updated and connected correctly, too. Help, please.

    What happens when you try?

    Error messages?

  • Impossible to get access to change printer cartridges using windows 8


    Have new HP computer running windows just 8, have connected before printer Epson SX200, alls been good so far, except printer ran out of ink - have tried all means to get to the maintenance of the printer etc, so to change BUT can't please, anyone

    Support of Epson is the best place to get help with this. -Basically, turn on the printer and lift up the scanner with the bottom cover to access the ink. Press the button to open the ink tank, you do not need to use the maintenance. Here's a poor video that shows you how. You can't see much in the video, but you can follow the verbal instructions-

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    You're talking about the next part:

    or just a cord itself? You can buy a cord itself in the many shops electricen which.

    Kind regards.

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