Impossible to move objects with the Selection tool

So I just installed Illustrator CC, I have now on a trial license.  An hour ago, Illustrator suddenly began to refuse to move objects, while I'm in the selection tool.  I can move objects in the free transform.  I use shortcut keys a lot, so it's really slow me down.  I hit 'V' to click on and then move an object, and then it won't move. I get the error sound, but no dialog box appears to explain the error.

Because I'm about to bite the bullet and start paying a hefty monthly fee for this program, at my trial runs out, that's enough aggravating circumstances.  Anyone has any ideas what can cause this?


Looks like there could be a hidden modal dialog open. Hit the ESC key does nothing to release the objects?

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  • Illustrator crashes when I try to move an object with the Selection tool

    The problem occurs in a new or existing document. I tried all the solutions I can think.

    1 reinstalled I

    2 remove preferences. It worked temporarily and inevitably HAVE crashes and the problem recurs.

    3 disabled my wireless mouse.

    I have a similar problem in InDesign. However, InDesign won't crash.

    This is a serious shortcoming, and its driving me crazy. The only thing I can think is that my software is bad, or Illustrator CS6 is very unstable.

    Have a different work around in addition to what I mentioned above?

    Hey all - this is Laurel de Pushbullet.

    We came across the same issue and have been able to solve the problem on our systems simply by rebooting.

    Many of our users who have sent found that Universal copy & paste deactivating solves the problem for them.

    Something in the way Chrome handles copy / paste feature seems to be launching programs Adobe to some people for a loop.

    Sorry for all this. Certainly let us know what works and what does not.

  • Objects can be moved with the selection tool - InDesign CC2015


    Can someone help with this problem? I can't move an object with the selection tool. I am able to select and change the coordinates to move objects, but thnot with the selection tool.

    I've updated the software and replaced the preferences.

    Thank you


    Thanks for the reply. I tried so many things that I could think of. For some reason, I didn't to restart my computer. That's what fixed it. Thanks again for your response.

  • Can resize is no longer with the Selection tool

    For some reason, I can no longer resize objects with the selection tool.  When I click on an element, the handles appear, but remain strong.  When I choose at the level of the item, the entire item moves.  Any suggestions?

    Cmd (Ctrl) - SHIFT - B, which is the toggle to show/hide the rectangle enclosing or perhaps Cmd (Ctrl) h the toggle to show/hide the edges.

  • Can't resize an object with the Selection (black arrow) tool?

    If called on an object, I am suddenly unable to resize it by dragging one of its corners with the selection tool.

    The object is not locked. The layer which is the object is not locked. I can only move the object.

    If I use the transformation tool, I can also resize, but not with the black arrow by dragging its corners.

    What could cause this problem?

    I read in this form of stimulus Illustrator command-Option-shift key. It solve my problem?

    View > Show Bounding Box - or - shift + command + B

  • CS5, blocks of text with the selection tool.

    InDesign CS5:

    I work on several documents that requires to move blocks of text.

    When I select the text block with the selection tool, my cursor will move immediately to the text tool.

    I'm not double click, only clicking once to select.

    I don't want to edit text, select only the text block, so I can move it.

    Is there a way to disable this feature?

    Or maybe a tip and Trick so the tool rest the tool selection and not switch to the type tool.

    Thank you in advance.


    As stupid as it may sound, try a different mouse.

    We prefer to keep the choice to convert an empty block to a block of text, but here already are blocks of text.


  • All my objects in Indesign are locked. I can move objects with the help of the arrow keys on my keyboard, but not with the mouse. I must have done an order by mistake. Any suggestions?

    All my objects in Indesign are locked. I can move objects with the help of the arrow keys on my keyboard, but not with the mouse. I must have done an order by mistake. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help. I work again InDesign brokedown and after a reboot, everything works perfectly fine.

  • Cursor does not change with the selection tool

    If anyone has experienced this?  My cursor suddenly does not change with the selection tools when working on the photos.  Once I roll over the image, the arrow disappears and becomes a strange 3 little things, so cannot do any work with precision.  Still using 7 PS in Windows 7.  It wasn't a problem before.  Already uninstalled and reinstalled and the problem is still there.  I searched where this can be corrected.  So far, no luck.  Any suggestions?

    Three cursors display in Photoshop, Bridge, and Camera Raw (Windows 7)

  • Patterns with the Selection tool and the tilde.  Is it still available in CC2015?

    I used to be able to move freely the fill pattern without moving the object.  This was done by pressing the tilde (~) key on the keyboard and moving the model of the object with the direct Selection tool. I tried to look to see if there were updates.  There is no announcement for this change, but it seems that the only way to move a boss now thanks to the transformation and typing is X / coordinates or moving X / coordinated its activities with the arrow key.  Please help, this change has made it much more difficult to move the models!

    Yes, I've updated to Yosemite and that solved the problem.   Thanks tone.


  • With the Selection tool over new layer but becomes "the selected area is empty."

    I have been working on an image in PS and I have a number of layers.  First of all, several adjustment layers.  Then I do various clean ups (especially with the cloning tool).  I make a selection and then create a new layer.  I'm on one of the layers again, I made a selection to move a part of the image, hit command-J but this time I get the error message: "could not make a new layer from the selection because the selection is empty.  I understand the error but what would you suggest to go ahead?

    Here is a picture of my current layers:

    PS Layers.JPG

    Hi sutherland.

    Please visit:

    Photoshop help! Selected area is empty. ? | Yahoo Answers

    Hope that helps.

    Kind regards


  • Need help with the Selection tool

    Hi all

    I have a few strange occurrences (for me) while using the 'quick selection'...


    I'm using PS 11 items on a PC Win 7 (64).

    What I want to do is to create a new pic from an existing photo.  Background of the existing of the captain not suitable for what I want.  But the FG is what I need.  I thought that by selecting the FG object and to be placed in a new pic would be what I need using the <Quick Selection tool>.

    To do this, I try to use the <Quick Selection tool>.  I had degrees of success using it.  I do not understand one main thing & pretty much makes my useless project & voidable, is the fact that when I use <Refine Edge> so that I can refine my selection of edge, my pic is lost immediately or removed.  Since I have no idea what is going on, I am obliged to close the peak (without saving the changes, of course) and then re-opening the pic.  All is well until I click the button <Refine Edge> once again, then, my pic disappears AGAIN!

    My guess is that maybe the captain doesn't turn somehow a layer or something.  But, how can I disable this behavior and make not my pic disappear?

    There are a few more details on this selection tool <>I'm muddy on.  Is there something where I can read more on its use?  I would like to learn more, but how?  Where?

    I now read the manual part online on the selection tools.  Although he enlighten us, I need more.

    I'm not a constant user of the PSE, instead, I use it only on occasions.  Normally, I use its scanning functions.  I can play with some other features, but I also know that the PSE offers many other powerful features, I use rarely, if ever.

    To do this, I am using the Quick Selection tool>.  I had degrees of success using it.  A main thing, I understand & pretty much makes my project useless & voidable, lies in the fact that whenever I use Refine Edge> so that I can refine my selection of edge, my pic is immediately lost or kidnapped.  Since I have no idea what is going on, I am obliged to close the picture (without saving the changes, of course) & then reopening the pic.  Everything is fine until I click on Refine Edge> new button, then, my pic disappears AGAIN!

    Try to reset the tool. To do this, look for a box with lines inside on the tool, and then reset options bar.

    If that fixed it, reset the preferences. To do this, go in Edition > Preferences > General, click Reset preferences on the next launch.

  • Cannot change the shape with the Selection tool


    I have installed a mac OX S El Capitan and the latest version of Adobe Illustrator. When I create a form, rektangel or something like that, or add an image I can't change size with the neither selection tool or shape. The shape only has points in the corner and I can not use them at all. I reinstalled, but the problem remains.

    How can I solve this problem? A ppreciateall the answers that can help!

    Go to view-> see the area delimitation

    This will bring the bounding box while you are in the selection tool.

    If this did not help. could you please share a screenshot?

  • Impossible to move anything with the mouse in Photoshop CC 2015 running on Win 8.1

    Hello world

    I can't move anything with the mouse in Photoshop CC 2015 running on Win 8.1. I can't even move/resize the cropping frame when activated.

    However, I am able to move any layer with the help of the keys on my keyboard. (it happened also in Indesign)

    How can I fix this?, please, it drives me crazy!

    Thanks for your help!

    Hi crazyfoo,

    You run Photoshop CC 2015 (latest version) with a Tablet Wacom (drivers day)?

    If this isn't the case, so it could be other drivers of conflicting devices. See the mouse, hand tool works do not at all!

    What is your operating system and the computer specs?

    Kind regards


  • Problems with the "Select tool?"

    Because I have updated the latest version of Adobe Illustrator on cc, the "Select" tool does not correctly. It does not scale the rectangle shapes (made by the tool 'Form') using the "select" tool (all other forms work fine). I tried to contact customer service at this topic and it seems that it is a software update. I asked an ETA, but was initially ignored, and the 2nd time said they could not provide me with this information yet, only that he had been sent to the engineering team. I have projects and patterns to talk of the possibility of those not being not on the time and all I was asking for a was an estimated time that the glitch would be fixed and then nothing more said, I booted from the live chat. At this point, I am furious because I tried to be patient ALL day with the customer service team and that's how I'm treated... All I want is a time on how long it usually takes to update glitches can be solved. Even if it takes a month, it would be nice to be able to provide this information to my people.


    It seems that the problem is a bug that is limited to only one of the MAC versions starting from 10.7 and 10.8, but not 10.9 (Mavericks), see this thread linked below.

    Thus, a switch for the Mavericks with a reinstall might be another way to solve here and now.

  • CS5 disable select content photo with the Selection tool

    I don't know if this was added in CS4, because I skipped CS4, but I know it wasn't there in CS3. With my selection tool (solid slider), I can grasp the content of an image represented by Mark circle block that appears in the center of an image on the mouseover. If I come near her, I take the picture, not the framework (which I don't). But if I keep my selection more close to the edge, I select the box and content (what I want). How can I disable this feature? I looked through my preferences without result. I mean, I thought that was what the direct selection tool for? If I want the selected content, I use the hollow cursor. Why mess with that? Please tell me this can be disabled. That would make my day.

    A common query, some people like it, others hate it, I am among the latter.

    Go to > Extras > hide content Grabber.

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