Issues related to the parental control EA6900

I have my setup of parental control to block access from 22:00 to 09:00 however, it does not automatically access when the time changes to time 'unlocked '. Curiously, it still shows the message 'parental control block. I have to disable the parental control to allow access to devices after 9:00 and then it must reactivate at 22:00 to block access again.

I've also updated the latest firmware ( It does not seem to be 2 versions (V1.0 or V1.1), however, these two seem to be the same file. I used the correct version for my router (V1.0).

I want to stay with what you have for now and look to see if it works on some devices. Check that the clock on the router is configured correctly. See also if certain sites are blocked and others not. I think there's a bug where some sites using https:// is not to be blocked but http:// did. It worked correctly before the upgrade? Remember you of what was the old version? The cancellation is made by the interface of the router and there is a button to restore but still, if restore you an unwanted version which isn't good either. Better do small things first.

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  • Why should I Windows 8 for the 30 minute increments in the parental control?

    As a developer of software using languages and platforms of Microsoft, I understand how planning works in an application. Why should I upgrade to Windows 8 to get the opportunity to restrict access timed to a PC safe family 30 minutes increments? This is no logic, except if it is half cooked to inform users to upgrade. This is a feature I've wanted since we began using the parental control and I can only assume the developers actually do not use the product, they have created because it really shouldn't been missed for this long. It should also be a simple change in the code to check every 30 minutes instead of 60. Maybe the team of parental controls overlap or had their budget reduced to the point that they cannot make such a simple plus change. I understand, I am in the software. I know it's less than constructive but it's annoying to know different. It's annoying to 'upgrade' to 2012 Essentials see virtually no difference in the features. Your users are not YOU!


    Sorry for the inconvenience. You can send this as a feedback through this link on our product team to be aware of issues and suggestions from users of the products.

    Thank you.

  • I need to remove the parental control please

    Summary of the issue
    Other issues of Windows Live family safety

    What version of Windows Live Family Safety do you use?
    Choose your operating system version:
    Windows 7

    Additional details
    My account has been stolen by the intruders
    Recovered by the messaging solution...

    Note that the account has been mentioned has been added to the parental control

    And I ask to remove the family safety account to the intruder

    My account is used for

    Thank you


    We have completed our investigation of the issue you reported. I am pleased to inform you that the problem should be solved, and you should now be able to use your account correctly.

    Note: If you are still unable to access your account, maybe it's because the client Windows Live parental controls installed on your computer that retains the restriction on your account settings. In this case, I suggest that you uninstall the client on your computer. Please see this link to uninstall.

    Thank you!

    Note this moderator

  • Help for the parental control on Vista administrator account

    Computer of my son is running Vista and I set parental controls in place through the administrator account, there a nonadministrator account.

    I changed the password after that we had a few problems with the controls, and now I want to change the settings again. However, the old password allows for parental control (IE, he allows his account access websites and bypass control, etc.), but when I try to access the administrator account, it says the old password does not work. When I enter the password, account says I don't have the login procedure and kicks back me to the main screen of Vista (where I take which account to enter).

    So, I'm stuck administering the account due to a conflict in the parental control passwords. If I try to reset the password, the computer ask me a USB stick with the old password on it information. It is a step that I did not.

    Any way to disable the administrator account? Or somehow remove/reset the parental control account access restrictions that I am experiencing?

    "when I enter the parental control in the non-administrative account, the system simply ignores the password that I entered"

    I suggest you read this info below on who has access to parental controls and how it works:

    Link above has a very good tutorial on how to set up Parental controls.

    Also, read the tutorial above and the 'Related links' tutorials to

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • More great overview of two weeks in the parental control

    I installed on my Win7 parental control computer. When I want to see how the computer was used, I can choose any date for the past two weeks, but I need to see overviews since I first installed the program. How to choose freely the dates?

    Related to: Family Safety: frequently asked Questions

    Hi John,.

    Unfortunately, one look at more than 2 weeks is not available in the parental control.

    You can provide us your comments by filling in the feedback forum.

    Hope this information helps.

  • How upgrading to the latest version of the parental control

    I have family safety installed 2011. On my summary page, it says "this computer does not have the latest version of the parental control. Install and set up parental controls"how to upgrade to the latest version?

    • Windows live family safety are you referring?
    If so, then the question you posted is related to Windows live and will be much better suited in Windows live forums. Click on the link below.

    Windows Live Solution Center

  • I tried to set the parental control and received this message: because this computer is connected to a domain, Parental controls are not available.

    I have the internet Charter.  I am a home user.  I tried to set the parental control and received this message: because this computer is connected to a domain, Parental controls are not available.  Again, I am a home user.  What does that mean?


    1. which user account you are using for Parental control (Please note that you cannot apply parental controls on a user admin account? It can be applied to standard user only accounts)?

    2 have you made changes on the computer before this problem?

    I ask through the following article to find out how to set up Parental controls:

    After completing the above links persist issue please fallow the mentioned below of the methods.

    Method 1: Disable UAC (User Account Control) and check the result

    Note: You must restart your computer when you enable or disable UAC. Change levels of notification does not require that you restart your computer.

    Important: Enable UAC after you complete the steps.

    Method 2: If the problem persists, try to set the parental control in safe mode and check the result. If you are able to apply settings in safe mode, this means that some program is causing this problem, mainly the security software.

    Hope the above information is helpful.

  • Siri is disabled by the Parental control on macOS Sierra admin account

    I just installed macOS Sierra today on my 13 "Mac Book Pro (early 2011). I have only one user account that is an administrator account. Siri is not enabled on my machine. When I go to the Siri system preferences screen, it says that "Siri is disabled by Parental control. Hmmm, when I check the Parental control screen, it says "you logged in using an administrator account." You can only apply parental controls to accounts that are not administrator accounts. »

    What happens here?

    Same problem here. Updated for Sierra of El Capitan on MacBookPro 15 "(mid - 2014).

    Even if I toggle the checkbox on the Parental control > others > disable Siri & dictation I can't activate Siri, the checkox is always gray and the alert says "Siri is disabled by Parental control.

    Siri is enabled if I login as a burst, but I need it on my Admin account of course. Very annoying.

  • The user account cannot access the internet once parental used contract, even after you turn off the parental control

    I created a user account for my child. I am able to access the internet through firefox. Then I set the parental controls and can NOT access the internet more. I turn off parental controls for this user account. I still can't access the internet from this account.

    Parental control is a part of the operating system Windows and not Firefox. You can get help here:

  • How do you define the parental control on firefox android? If it does not, it will be?

    I can't find the parental control on Firefox android.

    There is no parental control for firefox. You can however get a parental control as app of Google game store that applies to the system-wide.

  • Unable to connect to the parental control with existing Microsoft Account

    I can't connect to Windows Live Family Safety with my existing Microsoft Account.

    I enter the e-mail address and password and click the Sign In button, and then get an error message saying "the e-mail address or the password is incorrect."

    The e-mail and password are correct, then why can't connect? I used to be able to connect to OK.

    1. This happens on two different Windows 7 laptops. I rebooted, cleared history, etc., and this did not help.
    2. I checked the e-mail address and the password several times (case is correct, that shift caps lock is not on, etc.).
    3. My address e-mail/Microsoft account is not an address, or - it's my own domain, something like<*** email="" address="" is="" removed="" for="" privacy="" ***="">
    4. The Microsoft Account works for all other applications and web sites on my computer Windows 7 mobile, phone Nokia Lumia 920, Lenovo ThinkPad 2 compressed (Win8).
    5. This Microsoft Account <*** email="" address="" is="" removed="" for="" privacy="" ***="">works very well for Office 365 Home Premium.

    Thank you

    And the solution is...

    Disable the verification of two steps in the security settings for information on

    The parental control client cannot authenticate because he cannot ask the authenticator application code. Can't Movie Maker or one of the other applications of Windows Essentials .

    Awareness in two steps of authentication must be added to the Windows Essentials applications.

  • Be directed to a page of advertising of the parental control redirects to the page write-up on how to configure security for the family and how great it is:

    But the real family safety Portal went, and I can also tell you that emails of status stopped containing something useful, a week or two ago.

    Help! Thank you!

    Thanks for coming back. Since you are redirected to the link you provided, it is possible that your account is not yet configured or the configuration of the parental control is removed. To resolve this problem, please follow the steps below:
    1. Open the client of parental controls on your computer.
    2. On the upper right side of the parental control window, click the icon to get the latest settings of the site .
    3. After a few seconds, it displays a dialog box saying that there is no accounts on your computer. Click set up the Family Safety. If the dialog box has not shown, just, close the client and reopen it.
    4. Connect again to Family Safety using the parent account.
    5. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up parental controls.
    6. Come back on the Family Safety website and change the settings according to your preferences.
    7. Reopen the client of parental control, and then click the icon to get the latest settings from the Web site once more.
    In addition, I have divided your request for help us to you.
    Let us know the results later.
    Thank you.
  • A new version of the parental control is available. We recommend that you update the PC of each Member of the family.

    When I connect to the Windows Live Family Safety website, it shows the opinion (in the title above) recommended that I upgrade to a newer version.  Next to this notice there is a link that says... 'install and set up parental controls'.  When I click on it to try to upgrade to a new version, need me a Windows Essentials page where it says nothing about an update.

    An attempt to update, I clicked on the symbol "Refresh" in the upper right corner of the programs parental control on each of the monitored computers, and all say they are refreshed and updated.  What is going on?  Why he continues to say that they all need new versions?

    PS. I am running Windows XP and control parental version 14.0.8118.0427.

    Hi Placebo12,

    We are happy to assist you with your concern. I understand that you wonder why the message shows up on the Family Safety website.

    The notice comes when it detects an older version of the parental controls installed on your computer. The latest version should be 15.4.3555.0308 for the 2011 version and 16.4.3505.0912 for the 2012 version. Since you're using the 14.0.8118.0427 build that is the 2009 version of the parental control, the site detects it as obsolete. Please note that the only Essentials 2009 version can be installed on Windows XP.

    If in the cases, it affects services and parental control functions, please let us know if we can help you.

    Thank you!

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