. LNK problem on my Satellite 5100


I have a 5100-201 satellite and Ad-Watch kept displaying "Change registry detected" with the choice of ALLOW or BLOCK, last night I chose block then after I rebooted all my icons changed. LNK can someone help with this problem? I am trying to run a CD recording program to see if that would fix it. I can't run internet or open a CD.
I think that changing the player's bios boot sequence would go registry program - how do I access the bios, I have tried esc F2 F10 but no luck. Anyway, fresh ideas on this would be appreciated.

Hi John,.

This seems to be a particular problem with Ad-Watch and I found a following possible fix on the web site:-


Select "File Associations" in the options under "Win XP fixes" and then download the ".exe" file Note the use of the Task Manager to start the RegEdit program.


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  • Problems of restoration Satellite 5100 503

    Hi all
    I have a Toshiba Satellite 5100 503, and its hard drive has malfunctiond, so I had to replace it with a new, but now I can't use the restore CD I got with the computer.
    Could someone help me with this?
    Thanks in advance.

    > but continues to load windows
    How laptop computer can load windows if the new HARD drive is not contains a BONE?
    Or have you installed the Win operating system on any other way?

    To me, it seems that the laptop does not start on the recovery CD.
    The drive cannot read recovery CD because of the fault of CD or disk failure.

    Have you checked whether it of possible to boot from another bootable CD s?

    Tip: try to set the BIOS default and safe settings. Then turn on the laptop and press F12 immediately after starting the laptop. The start menu should appear and you should be able to choose the CD as a boot device.

  • Satellite 5100 - Question about dead pixels. Is - this really dead pixel problem?


    I've got Satellite 5100 603. There was a few pixels on the display. I don't know what is really dead pixel problem or not because the black area appears to be behind the screen. When I move the left and right sides, the black area move too much left and right (as if the black box is behind the pixels of the screen)! And I can say that all the pixels work OK when watching from the sides right and left of the screen (because the pixels that appears to be dead, changes in search of different angles).

    Are there really dead pixels or is it another problem?
    Can I do about it?

    FYI, I use my laptop for 2,5 years and there is no guarantee of course...

    Thanks for any help...


    Because of your description, it is not easy to give you a proper answer. On my old laptop, I had two dead pixels and it was easy to see the boot process. At the beginning, you can see home screen Toshiba and dead pixels are usually green (the background is black).

    Sorry but there is nothing to do. You have to live with it because the display is very expensive.

  • Satellite 5100, HID not supported!

    I have the problem that the MS Explorer Bluetooth Mouse is not supported by BT from Toshiba stack.
    Is there any way to make it work on my Satellite 5100?


    you updated the BT stack to the latest version?

    Toshiba had a clean section of Bluetooth can be reached at the www.toshiba-tro.de under Bluetooth.

    There, I found in "Testimonials" following the expression to MS BT Optical Mouse

    "The HID profile is not supported on the old Modules of SiW - BT and Digianswer PCCards"!

    Rudi Bye

  • Satellite 5100-201: five keys: ' 9-O - L-.-Del "do not work

    I am owner of a Toshiba Satellite 5100 201. The five keys 9-O - L-.-led on the keyboard do not work. Is it a software or a defect of the keyboard control problem or a problem of contact on the map? Does anyone have experience with this problem? Can it be a BIOS problem? I have Bios 1.90.
    Can someone help me?

    Best regards


    in most cases, the problem is that there is some dirt on the contacts of the keys.
    You must remove and clean and check the connector of the keyboard.
    If this help not the keyboard probably is defective and must be replaced.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 5100 603: where to find a new graphics card?


    I am currently the owner of a Toshiba Satellite 5100 603. The problem is the video card. But I can't find a new or second hand video card for this laptop anywhere.

    Anyone has suggestions where to look for this card or maybe has a replacement part or with the problem I described a few lines (lines and twinkle in your screen) back.

    Try eBay. You will find lots of laptop parts. Google a bit. For new parts is no problem to find them but second hand parts

  • Troubleshoot the Bluetooth Manager on Satellite 5100 503

    After update the latest driver bluetooth (version 3 July 2005), the bluetooth Manager will not start at all: a saying "TosBtMne.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" error message, and no bluetooth services are available.
    Uninstalling this version of the driver and reinstall version 2 did not help - the problem remains.

    Hello ehudor

    Sorry, but I must ask you something. As much as I know Satellite 5100 503 has no Bluetooth. This device is just ready Bluetooth and. Have you built later in the Bluetooth card?

  • Replacement of motherboard on the Satellite 5100-603 - BIOS update is required?

    I just replaced a dead card main satellite 5100 603 with a new main Board which I could get on ebay (Toshiba card system FNZSY2 - A5A000160010 P000341750-Ref.). If I boot with an installation of XP DVD it starts but hangs with the message "unexpected error (536674392) on line 1768 in D:\xpspi\base\boot\set-up\arcdisp.c".

    I realized that there are versions of different bios for various models 5100 satellite. I think I flashed the bios of 5100-603 last for this problem.
    Is this correct? (start with BART-PE from CD or HDD BART-PE raises the same error msg text in another look)


    to get your motherboard to work you must write about the UUID (Universal Unique Identifier).
    As far as I know, you can get the UUID to a Toshiba service partner writing tool.

    Good bye

  • Satellite 5100 501 and installation of Vista


    Is it possible to run Vista Business on 5100-501? No problem with drivers?


    I can't say for sure if this is possible or not, but I know with certainty that the Satellite 5100 is not Vista supported for laptop and Toshiba will not offer a Vista driver for this older model laptop.

    If you test it please report results.

  • Help! Satellite 5100 - 503 has stopped working!

    I have a Satellite 5100 503 and was really satisfied until yesterday.
    Now it has stopped working.
    What I did: closed the laptop after work (everything is ok) and it only stems for a while. When I opened the laptop again to continue working, nothing happened.
    Only the small frontdisplay showed me a spinning CD (no CD inserted) and battery light. After pressing the button on the sur-signe appeared, but nothing happened again. By pressing the button again (a few seconds), do go away on-sign. No display, no fan, no noise of hard disk in any case (ono/stop). Insert an audio CD and works by pessing the play button! Soundsystem works well.

    Does anyone have an idea what could be the problem?
    questions? more info needed? Thanks for asking!

    Help, please

    Hello Guenther,

    have you tried to remove the battery for about 5 to 10 minutes! It seems that the laptop is unable to start the file hibernation to start windows. You can also try to push the button to start for 5 seconds.

    Theo Cu

  • Satellite 5100-201 a LG GSA 5120D external (Firewire) - DVD burner

    Satellite 5100-201
    LG GSA5120D-connected via Firewire external DVD burner

    Windows XP SP2

    Windows is instability, often blue screen:
    IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_Equal or other

    by stop Windows always shut down (Halt)

    Help me.

    Hi Victor,

    on the utility Cd & Toshiba tools is a program called «Register of IRQ routing V1.0»

    Maybe a reinstall might fix the problem!

    To bye chris

  • Replace the drive of my laptop in a Toshiba Satellite 5100/5105 - experience?

    I intend to replace the defective CDRW/DVD drive in my Toshiba Satellite 5100 503 (European version, it was sold as 5105 in the United States and other countries).
    The disk is a UJDA730.
    Update, I consider the much appreciated a Slimline DVD +/-RW drive. Unfortunately, some internet research revealed that the upgrade to optical laptop drive is not as simple as one would hope. I had no trouble to remove my old drive (just remove the keyboard and unscrew the two screws), so I consider myself to be able to put in a new drive instead. However, two problems remain:

    -mechanical compatibility: the 6500 has seems to have a different layout of collar. The eject button and the LED are in a different position from that of my current drive, so I doubt I'll be able to use my old glasses with it. In addition, the bezel from my old drive has a niche in the lower right corner (similar to that found on some laptop computers Fujitsu-Siemens), which gives place to the volume control on the laptop. So I can't reuse the old bezel and bezel of the NEC will probably not allow me to close the CD tray. I wonder if some Dremel work on the plastic parts of the NEC drive will allow me to physically. Anyone who has tried?

    -electronic compatibility: computer laptop drives don't usually have jumpers to change their configuration of master/slave/cable selection. Instead it is located in the firmware, change so it is flashing a new firmware, which is not easy to find and hard to do if your drive is still not recognized. SO I need to know if my notebooks is the optical drive set to master, slave. CSEL or 'inverse cable select. " Can someone help me here, either by own experience pointing me to a relevant source on the web?


    as a first step in a Satellite 5100 CD player is fixed mounted and can only be replaced with the same model! Another model might work, but as you can see the bezel fits and maybe the new drive does not match 100%. So you will have problems all the way!

    What do you think about an external solution via USB or Firewire. It's the best way to upgrade!

    To bye chris

  • Satellite 5100: need to restore image file

    Hello world

    I have a problem with my recovery disk1 which contains preinstall them image Satellite 5100.
    Could someone give me a copy of this image file generously?
    The path of the file is in the directory base with preinst.gho as the name.
    If there is someone willing to help me, please contact me by email at [email protected]

    Thank you

    The CD of restoration took supported and compatible, you can order the ASP in your country. The CD is not expensive. You should also know that the images are trigger designed for laptops and you cannot use different files.

  • Satellite 5100 - SD card reader-> new drivers!

    I had once downloaded a bunch of bugs to the Satellite 5100, but through bad circumstance, I lost the files.

    When I search Satellite 5100 fixes now I can't find one for the Bluetooth stack. The research of whole download worked really years now hasn´t. The stay of doesn´t selection on the product selected and some time ago, you have all kinds of things without with product report and the OS. Today, you get almost nothing for old products.

    I bought a micro-SD-card 2 GB with SD adapter and the Cana´t 5100 handle it. (I purposely stuck with 2Gigs and avoided a SDHC)

    I know that there is an updated driver for the card reader!

    Hey Buddy,

    whereas the problem? I took a glance at the pilot site and drivers (card SD Host Controller, etc.) are available.

    I chose the site driver Archive-> Satellite-> Satellite 51xx and then everything was there.

    Please take a look and if your model has nothing, then go to another model of the 5100 series because they are all similar machines.

    Welcome them

  • Display Satellite 5100 adapter fails suddenly with NVIDIA GeForce

    I have a 5100 501 Satellite, which uses the NVIDIA GeForce 440 Go display adapter.

    Without changing the settings, the display has stopped working about two weeks ago. Other users have had the same problem (see http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/index.php?act=ST&f=5&t=49116), but no one has managed to explain or fix the problem. The best that we can do is to disable the driver, which means that the function of "hang" on the laptop is no longer works and leaves me with interference on the screen.

    One theory is that a Windows Update caused the problem. Does not work reinstall any number of drivers (including those recommended by NVIDIA and Toshiba).

    This is a problem very irritating... someone can help?



    Well, check that you have downloaded the graphics driver on the right.
    Each Satellite 5100-xxx needs a different graphic driver.
    In addition, overheating can be a problem. If some high-performance tools (games) running on the device the parts (graphics card) produce a lot of heat. This can lead to freeze the screen. In his case the square around the unit should be free with it that fans could take a breath.

    Good bye

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