Motorway E overlap in srv records


In a design of the Express way, using a cluster of Highway MRA for registration and another cluster for B2B call (and jabberGuest).
We use the domain name "".
This means that clients jabber and video endpoint use the URI as [email protected] / * / your registration through cluster MRA.
If outside the appeals of a jabber client or a videoendpoint on the "" domain call must pass through the pole B2B.
The sips 5061 SRV records must be made on the domain '' but where it should point the MRA cluster or Cluster B2B?


For ARM, you only need the SRV tip collab.  According to the Expressway Administrator's guide, it is said of SIP SRV record is not necessary for mobile and remove access.  The SIP SRV should point to your cluster B2B Expressway, for incoming calls.

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    Grateful for any suggestions / help.


    Try to take possession of the file or program and check.

  • Question VCSE Bind9 Dns Srv record

    Hi all

    I recently put in place a solution of VCS Express in my area, but I need your help to solve my problem of dns.

    My infrastructure is:

    1 VCSE optional NIC for dmz 2 and natted with the public IP address

    VCSC lan subnet 1

    Everything works fine, covered call, record (Movi) from the outside, call SIP/h.323 IP or dns, interoperability... Everything is ok

    My question are dial endpoint not registered.

    When I call to outsite in:

    [email protected] / * /, working (I create a processing rule to convert the IP to the domain)

    [email protected] / * / work but the search rule failed in agreement with my search rule

    [email protected] / * / Is not no incomig call

    I suspect that there is a misconfiguration of the dns.
    We use servers DNS Bind9 as authoritative for our area

    I configured according to deployment guides, SRV records and has to point my public IP

    I try to question my DNS from the outside, nslookup and utility dig, query returns OK

    I do not know well Bind9 and I don't understand why calls are not received in the form [email protected] / * /

    I am attaching a sample of my DNS zone file

    $TTL 86400; 1 day
    @ IN SOA
    2011072147; Series AAAAMMJJNN
    7200; Refresh every 2 hours
    7200; Try again every 2 hours
    7200; They expire after 2 hours
    14400); Minimum TTL of 4 hours

    IN NS
    IN NS
    IN NS IN NS       "After you have created this entry, the call to [email protected] / * / began to operate. IN A X.X.X.X
    ns1 IN A X.X.X.X
    NS2 IN A X.X.X.X
    NS3 IN A X.X.X.X
    vcse IN A X.X.X.X                   86400 IN SRV 1720 10 10                   86400 IN SRV 10 10 1719                      86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060                      86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060            86400 IN SRV 10 10 5061.            86400 IN SRV 10 10 5061.             86400 IN SRV 10 10 5061.

    ; This article is for the test

    ; NAPTR 50 50 "s" "SIP + D2T" ""
    ; NAPTR 90 50 "s" "SIP + D2T" ""
    ; NAPTR 100 50 "s" "SIP + D2U" ""

    any idea is appreciated!

    Sorry for my English



    Please check your PM it seems that you have a typo in your SRV records.



    I have a real?

    Have a network of VCS X8.2.2 of two cluster control.

    I was running a three server cluster, but due to latency issues took the VCS3, I deleted from the cluster and makes it independent.

    I removed the intellectual property of the counterpart of cluster list also.  That was months ago.

    Problem is this morning when systems checking, I noticed that one of my VTC systems was recorded on the single VCS3 media... Problem is in the system in the H.323 call control settings, I have the SRV cluster name and not the IP address of the VCS3 yet he him?

    I don't want any system recorded in the autonomous VCS3 and want to keep the name of the SRV cluster in the area... ???  I changed the doorman affecting intellectual property SRV record and he also recorded for the VCS3...?

    What could be causing this to happen?  Also, the priority is set to one on all of the SRV records.



    I suppose that you in fact removed the old SRV records and replaced by a new that has not listed of VCS - C3?

    If you want to ensure that no system is able to register with that specific VCS, define a strategy of 'Decline' record for the sub-area of default and all other Subzones, you might have on this VCS.


    Please note the answers and score the questions as "answered" as appropriate.

  • VCSE and SRV records

    Hello world

    I have a general question about the SRV records and just need a bit of clarification. I have a client who has registered a domain for their express VCS, ( When I do a dns lookup it brings back the correct public ip address of the vcse. Now, I'll be confuring this system few however I don't know anything about SRV records.

    What I should allow the client to pass the SRV records relevant to their ISP for their external dns host?

    The public domain of customers is also identical to their internal domain. Im guessing the correct SRV records must be added to their server DNS internal too?

    Thanks for your help

    PS Si there is a good guide on adding files, srv etc then ide grateful if you could send me the link. Thanks again

    As we do not know your deployment it's hard to say, as if you have a cluster internally

    you use SRV records to sign up customers to allow failover. But who would most likely be

    some additional DNS entries and not necessarily the same as outside.

    If the systems are registered in their own country, they can work very well with no SRV record for the video domain.

    For external connectivity SRV records are more important.

    If you have a provider maintains the entries external DNS is the question put in place

    the SRV records.

    Please remember useful frequency responses and identify useful or correct answers.

  • VCS-E SRV Records for several regions of the

    I have a region of production with a cluster of 2 highways and a test with one Highway area.

    Since I've implemented the first test area, I SRV records in place for Highway test:

    Here is an example of 1... 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060

    How do I set up the SRV records for the production cluster using the same domain ( but still be able to separate my production and test records, call the traffic, etc.?

    Hi André,.

    somehow, he must distinguish between prod and test platform.

    I would say to leave the field of prod to be like (referring to your example) and trying to be

    The answer DNS SRV is a recordset in the format:

    _ service. _ Protocol... TTL class SRV priority weight Port target

    When the target is a record setting the destination and for a cluster, it may be FULL of the cluster domain name.

    so if you have a cluster as prod and autonomous as a test, you can implement it like this: 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060

    and you test domain is resolved by: 86400 IN SRV 10 10 5060

    Best regards, Ahmad

  • VCS SRV records


    I have a VCS server that I want the installer in the DMZ for dialing outside/inside URI, the domain name is the same as our domain registration of MEX, what SRV records name, I need to create local or DNS ISP and publish in DNS ISP so each time than other companies wants to do a videoconference toour internal users or TP endpoint they can reach.

    Thank you

    Question 1...

    Areas, Subzones and political service are not determined by where you place the VCS. As suggested earlier, VCS - e is placed in the DMZ. To find out how set up areas of the document that I have attached. But there are examples.

    Question 2.

    If the other company has a VCS-E which is accessible from the internet, all you need to do, is create a DNS zone and a search rule that says call not for my domain, send to DNS zone. Again the example is in the document that I sent you.

    If you want a direct connection to the company then you will need to create an area of neighbor and rule which will send all calls to this search field for this company.

  • C - series endpoints and the SRV record

    We just put our two VCS clustered and set our end points to save with a domain name of cluster.  The SRV is setup and works great on our MXP units, but the series C do not search the DNS record and fail to register.  What is the difference between the process of lookkup between the units?

    xstat h323

    * s h.323 Gatekeeper status: rejected

    * s h.323 Gatekeeper address:

    * s h.323 Gatekeeper Port: 0

    * s h.323 Gatekeeper reason: "a DNS lookup failed.

    What are your SRV records for the cluster, you may have a misconfigured.

  • DNS SRV record is missing management point

    Our SCCM client installation is not consistent, every two days after having installed the client when we check the log of the Locationservices, we find that registration of SRV DNS MP is missing in DNS. Due to which client registration gets pending. We mixed SMS R3 installation mode. Help, please.


    Your question of Windows is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for Windows Server on TechNet. Please post your question in the TechNet Windows Server forum.

  • An error occurred when DNS was questioned about the resource record (SRV) service location used to locate a domain controller Active Directory (AD DC) for the domain 'HAMI. LOCAL ".

    An error occurred when DNS was questioned about the resource record (SRV) service location used to locate a domain controller Active Directory (AD DC) for the domain 'HAMI. LOCAL ".

    The error was: "an existing connection was to be closed by the remote host".
    (0 x 00002746 WSAECONNRESET error code)

    The query was for the SRV record for _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs. HAMI. LOCAL


    Your question of Windows 7 is more complex than what is generally answered in the Microsoft Answers forums. It is better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the Forums TechNet Windows 7 Technet.

    Here is the link:

    Hope this helps

  • Question record DNS SRV + VCS Expressway

    Hi all

    I have a South, VCS in the DMZ, and I am facing a problem with the SRV DNS records.

    VCS Expressway Hostname:-VCSe


    FULL VCSE domain name:

    and I have an a record set up for the same FQDN in DNS Public Server.

    I have a sip domain configured as '' in my VCS Expressway.

    What is the SRV records, I need to create in the Public DNS server.

    Kind regards

    Nikhil Jayan


    It seems that you have not checked the link I sent you earlier... A very explicit documents. in any case that we talked about earlier is we were talking about signs send calls to the highway as well as parts of the record.

    In your deployment, you have a different domain for DNS and SIP domain. Also as you say you meet Highway cluster and you want to record to both endpoints and then I suggest you to check the document for the creation of cluster on cisco webesite.

    Now, if you have a cluster for Highway then you must create several srv records that would be pointing to each domain name FULL of the approved cluster with equal weight. In normal use scneario of domain common to different services are recommended.

    Srv records would have seen something like that. 86400 IN SRV 1 1 5061 86400 IN SRV 1 1 5061 86400 IN SRV 1 1 5060 86400 IN SRV 1 1 5060 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1719 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1719 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1720 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1720 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1719 86400 IN SRV 1 1 1719

    However, your case is different. In your deplyoment what you have to do is any request for the domain "" should be resolved in FQDN of the VCS-Highway peers with equal weight.

    for example IN SRV 20 0 5222

    Therefore, any request to would resolve to the server.

    same way you have to make it work.

    Thank you


  • DX70 record on ARM.

    Hi all

    Please suggest me on DX70 inscription on ARM.

    I've updated dx 70 with the latest firmware


    sipdx70.10 - 2-4-99

    I am geeting under option in DX70 after rebooting with the new Firmware

    The highway connection information

    • Name of the service:
    • User name:
    • Password:

    Please suggest me what I have to add in these areas because I tried under options


    service name:

    username: sushants

    There [email protected]/ * /.

    (2) name of the service: (expressswaye FULL domain name)

    username: sushants

    There [email protected]/ * /.

    Both his can't e expressway.

    I checked the event logs.

    These are the same references that you use for the Jabber MRA connection. Do you have customer work Jabber which has already been put into operation successfully and may be able to connect?  Connect to Jabber via ARM to ensure and verify the MRA functions operate. Use the same credentials to sign in on your endpoint DX70 via Highway-E.

    Name of the service:

    User name:


    What version of the firmware of your CV (Expressway-E)? You must run X8.5 or later to support endpoints DX using VCS via ARM.

    Check also if the public (external) DNS configured with _collab - edge._tls.  SRV records so that endpoints can discover highways VCS for ARM.

    In your case, for example:

    FQDN of the highway-E =

    Domain =

    Check from a Windows computer on the Internet, open a command line and do nslookup:

    To verify the a record, type:


    The response must include the corresponding Expressway-E
    public IP address

    To verify the SRV record, type:

    Nslookup-type = srv

    The response must include the domain highway-E FULL name

    Kind regards


  • Question about components entering the SIP/h.323 and SRV

    We have our VCS - E put in place for entrants and outbout call to the internet.  We have an SRV record for SIP and H323 audience.

    The SRV record lists the SIP/h.323 services for, redirecting to

    I have some problems however;

    When testing with a client of Polycom that does not work with SRV or that has a different implementation of it, we have to deal (alias)

    When you use Cisco Jabber (free), it only works when you dial (alias) but don't touch our VCS-E at all when you dial (alias)  We can compose (alias) @our-public-IP of Jabber OK.

    Cisco Jabber doesn't use regularly debriefed if SRV is not available?

    Optimally all would support SRV, I have to accept that some people that we connect will not support it and I would like to be able to give the same dial in URI to everyone.

    Do I need to register an SRV record for (I don't know yet if we record SRV for subdomains)? Or if I want the same dial in details any material they use, I have to give @public-IP (aka)?

    Cisco 'free version' never took in charge a record search as far as I know.

    The only reason for which you can use on the version "on-prem" is because the VCS-E can be configured to do this, not the customer.

    To ignore completely the DNS and the support of all comers, you will indeed give [email protected] / * /-E_IP_address, that said, as far as H.323 goes you will get a few old systems or systems with the old firmware, Polycom Polycom and LifeSize that only support ip_address ##Alias - so a transformation should be put in place to allow these establishments.

    And Yes, you can configure an SRV for subdomains.


  • Impossible to receive calls at the SCV from the outside

    Hi, we have our configuration of telepresence consisting of vcs (control + Highway) and c40, sx20 codecs. I can make outgoing video calls, but someone calls us (as [email protected] / * /), then it goes down. Any idea.

    Use DNS lookup tools and locate in the maintenance of the motorway--> Tools menu help you diagnose the problem, and the event logs.  If someone connect you to [email protected] / * /, yet there is no indication in the event logs or historical research, then their call attempt is not even to reach your Expressway.

    Use DNS lookup for tools to check that the appropriate SRV DNS records are configured to do this (Administration Guide check the VCS to the appropriate DNS entries).  If there is no DNS SRV record, this numbering method will not work for incoming calls.   You will have to configure these entries, or change your incoming connection string to [email protected] / * /.

    That's the short of it.

  • Connection error Active Directory Windows Server R2 2012


    That's my problem, I have two servers both running Windows Server R2 Datacenter 2012 I installed AD - DS on one of them and allow the installation to configure the DNS settings, this server is also a DHCP server. On the server I want to connect to AD, I address DNS pointing to my AD server which is and it's also getting an IP address from the DHCP server. But it connects to Active Directory, when I try the ping command on the domain name which is he's trying pings an external IP address (which is my public ip address because I also have the of real estate) how to fix this? It's the mistake of connection AD:

    Note: This information is intended for a network administrator.  If you do not have your network administrator, notify the administrator that you have received this information, which has been recorded in the C:\Windows\debug\dcdiag.txt file.

    The following error occurred when DNS was questioned about the resource record (SRV) service location used to locate an Active Directory (AD DC) domain controller for the domain "":

    The error was: "the DNS name does not exist."
    (0x0000232B RCODE_NAME_ERROR error code)

    The query was for the SRV record for

    Common causes of this error are:

    -The DNS SRV records to locate an AD DC for the domain are not registered in DNS. These records are automatically saved with a DNS server when an AD domain controller is added to a domain. They are updated by the AD DC at set intervals. This computer is configured to use DNS servers with the following IP addresses:

    -One or more of the following areas do not include delegation to its child zone:
    . (the root zone)

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

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