NEITHER USB-TC01 not found

I need very basic help taking a reading of a thermocouple.  I am a NI USB-TC01 plugged into a USB port and following the instructions to 'Take a measurement with LabVIEW' Web page of NOR.  I am at the step 4 "select USB-TC01 case as the measuring instrument" and didn't get "any device supported found" under "support of physical channels" when I see "Dev1 (USB-TC01)" what am I doing wrong?

Hi Micro01,

It seems that the device is not recognized by the software OR.  The following link can help you solve this.  Let me know if it helps.

Assistant DAQ says no device found supported

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    Usually, by unplugging the USB device and plug it in then that she return to should force Windows redo the settings.

  • USB camera not found EXE, IMAQ void VI error running program

    Hi, dear guys and managers on board

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    The program works well, and I have generated an EXE file to run the tool on computers without LabVIEW 2010 is installed.

    I installed the runtime LabVIEW 2010, Vision Runtime Engine(evaluation version) and going TO (evaluation version).

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    Hi Robert,.

    It seems that the Windows login password has been forgotten and the prints Print sensor in does not.

    In this case, I suggest you to perform a complete system restore to solve the problem. Follow the steps here to perform the system recovery:

    It is necessary to take backup of all data before performing the system recovery, it clears everything from the computer and restore the computer to factory settings.

    If the problem persists, contact Sony Service support here:

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  • Device USB-6009, not found problem

    Hi all

    So my VI and USB-6009 worked fine until recently.  I noticed the VI was read or graphing correctly the analog input channel information.  My firmware is up to date, but I noticed a problem.  In Isdaq, he will recognize the USB-6009 case is connected, then when I start my VI and to stop it, I double check Isdaq for my device and it doesn't recognize any device.  I have to unplug the daq and reconnect to Isdaq to recognize the usb-6009 case again.  But whenever I start my VI, it does not collect all the data and makes the unrecognizable device.  Do you know what could be the problem?  Is attached the VI I ran in case you want to watch.  Its working fine so far.

    BTW, I'm under Labview on Mac OS X

    Thanks for the help!

    Hello Solis,

    I recommend you to make changes to the parallel tasks to use the cluster of the error to force the order of execution, given that NEITHER-DAQmx Base is not multi-thread safe (review NOR-DAQmx Readme). Please check if this alleviates the problem.

    Best regards

    M Ali

    Technical sales engineer

    National Instruments

  • NEITHER USB-6501 not recognized by the system

    Hi all

    I wrote this simple application that writes and reads a SPI frame.

    My PC have Labview 8.5.1 and DAQmx 8.7.1 (the CD was provided with my unit NI USB-6501). Everything works fine.

    But now I need to distribute the application, and I need to run it from a computer that does not have LabVIEW.

    I installed the latest versions of the runtime of LV (8.6), and the 8.7.1, DAQmx software but the program crashes produce an error (code 200477).

    I tried to install a more recent DAQmx software (8.9 full, engine of execution of 8,9 only), but the situation has not changed.

    Also: I tried on two different PCs, and I launched MAX: one of them doesn't even recognize that a DAQ hardware is installed (even if Windows recognizes as a work device).

    Anyway, the two PCs return error 200477.

    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Best regards

    Is - this dev4 on the pc without LabVIEW? You can easily see the device name in MAX.

  • USB camera not found in MAE

    Hey guys!

    Well, I have a USB camera connected to the computer and if I open windows Explorer I am able to see the acquired image and everything works fine. BUT if I want to use this camera in Labview (or WILL or VB) can't do. I run the MAE and there is no camera there. I have all the drivers and I can't get it for this particular device. You can give me advice what to do. Why don't I see it in MAE?

    Kind regards


    Dear Matej,

    What version of the Acquisition of Vision software do you use?

    Please take a look at the following knowledge base:

    Kind regards

  • Sony camera detected on USB but not found (visible on the camera) images

    I plug my Sony Cybershot, I did successfully for 4 years and now, suddenly, Win7 detects the camera as usual but said there is no images - well they are clearly visible on the camera.

    "show the hidden files and folders" is perhaps not necessary, please also uncheck "Hide protected operating system files" is two or three lines under 'display files and folders '.
    apply/ok to close the window
    and please open it again to see if it resets.
    If it wasn't still not checked then check your memory card.

    Please kindly share the result.thanks

  • USB device not found

    from a windows 7 update may 10, ive been unable to use a linsys usb adapter model wusb100 on my computer. When I go into Device Manager "unknown device" appears under Universal Serial Bus controllers. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the devcie several times, unplugged the computer, uninstalled the usb hubs and tried and visited linsys website and site of microsofts many times since the issue and nothing worked and yes I tried the adapter in the other PC and it works. Help!

    Hi jayrod81,

    Have you had a chance to go through the following article?  It is troubleshooting for your problem as possible: ' t-work correctly

    I hope this helps!

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • NEITHER USB-9162 driver works for MAX and SignalExpress, but not for LabView


    I looked for a solution for a while now. According to Web sites OR the NI USB-9162 is compatible with LabView 2012. I installed the last DAQmx. My hardware has been detected and is sensitive to MAX and works very well in LabView Signal Express. But it is not detected in LabView 2012. I searched the forum and not found any solution other then all uninstallation and reinstallation of any. It is quite conssuming time and would rather avoid if possible. Anyone have a solution? I wish I could appreciate.


    NEITHER USB-9162

    NEITHER RIO-9215


    I reinstalled everything, and now I can work with it. I can't say that I was wrong on the first time, but now it works very well as well as other bugs that are now set.

    Thank you for your answers

  • Bluetooth Lenovo S10e has stopped working - device not found / not recognized USB device.


    For no reason that I know, installing bluetooth on my small S10e has stopped working.

    I noticed a few times when stop I had a "BTstackserver" does not message.

    I use the laptop to download regularly from a device compatible bluetooth.

    Today, when I go to connect, it says "bluetooth device not found".

    "Verify that your device bluetooth is properly connected and turned on".

    Hardware manual displays the config of LED and is correct, that if I press the "Fn" keys and "F5", I get the menu to turn on and off both the wireless and Bluetooth. I can turn on and off Bluetooth and wireless both with this menu option, BUT when I activate the bluetooth, I get the message 'one of the USB devices attached to the system is faulty or is not recognized.

    I deleted the Bluetooth installed and re-installed software by using the two bluetooth install files published on the list of drivers on lenovo S10e. Neither one works. I know that you need to install dir C:\DRIVERS once Setup has finished unpacking.

    I tried several other obvious things but without success. I also enabled "Bluetooth coopération" in the wireless LAN settings.

    All I can do now is get to the Bluetooth device under the keyboard cover and take a look at that? Anyone who has any suggestions until I get out the screwdriver? (The unit is out of warranty).

    I received my replacement bluetooth module and installing it, bluetooth is working again.

    I keep getting "BTW stack server" stopped responding when stopped down, but this does not seem to cause any problems.

    Too bad that original bluetooth module did not survive barely a month after the end of warranty date...

    I'm used to a greater reliability of Lenovo.

  • Disk USB recording 4363 - 39L not found Toshiba in my files


    on my 39L4363D, I have installed an extern USB-drive USB-record. When first connecting the drive was ok, I did two movies two days ago.

    Today the connected player is not found in the 'my documents' cloud, I get the message "USB HDD is not connected... ». Otherwise this USB - stick is shown in the Mediaplayer with saved files "ts" and "CIPlus", but
    I know that it is not possible to read these files in the Mediaplayer.

    I disconnected the line and the power of your player and the TV, but the reader cannot be found repeatedly in 'my documents '.

    Why the USB drive is shown in the mediaplayer and impossible to find in my USB-reviews?

    Thanks for help

    > The cause was that the digital antenna input has been interrupted
    Thanks for your comments!

  • HP 15-ac025TX (M9V00PA): network controller & USB controller driver not found and wifi not working not

    Hello I bought HP 15-ac025TX (M9V00PA) computer laptop computer laptop.  I installed all the drivers from the HP site, here is the link

    but still driver network controller not found also wifi works do not I installed blutooth drivers too. I use Windows 7 sp1 (32-bit)

    For network controller device ID is PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_804A103C & REV_01

    Secondly, univeral serial bus controller driver (usb) not found

    I installed all the drivers on link also updated windows, but still no solution

    the usb controller hardware ID is

    PCI\ [email protected]_80C2103C&REV_03

    and finally, I am unable to download the graphics driver AMD/Intel switchable high definition (HD). the download link works not


    Thank you


    While the pilot I know work is not made yet, I did some detective work and explored some other links from HP broadcom WiFi card driver files, and I found one that should work for you.

    He says that it is for HP desktop PC, they put the exact same form factor of the card wireless to a desktop PC in a laptop.

    I see not why this driver would not work, because the configuration file contains the same hardware ID you have posted.  Here's a partial copy and paste of the setup information file driver, and you can see the hardware ID you have posted is supported by this driver.

    x 86-Win7
    [BROADCOM. NTx86.6.1]
    % BCM430N_DeviceDesc % = BCM43XNG_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_2230103C
    % BCM430N_DeviceDesc % = BCM43XNG_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_22D3103C
    % BCM430N_DeviceDesc_HPY % = BCM43XNG_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_2232103C
    % BCM430N_DeviceDesc_HPY % = BCM43XNG_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_22D4103C
    % BCM430N_DeviceDesc_HPY % = BCM43XNG_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4 & DEV_4365 & SUBSYS_804A103C

  • Photosmart D110: D110 fails to install on Windows 7 - not found USB harware

    Hi all

    I'll put up a new Dell Inspiron 5000 running Windows 7 SP1 and wanted to add a photosmart D110.

    I downloaded the full software package of HP, but after the installation starts, I get a message that I have not available a USB device on my computer. It's probably a detection problem since I was on two of the three USB ports without problems.

    Now, the printer should be used on the network, so the fact that the Setup program does not detect a USB device should not interfere with the installation.

    I'm stuck and would like to know what are my options, if any. Is there a way to force the installer to not seek the USB hardware, or to ignore the error if it is not found?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Thank you


    Open the start menu and type folder in the search bar, open it showed "Temp folder.

    Open the last HP installation folder that begins with 7z (for example 7zs1234)

    Open the installation folder.

    You can search usbready.exe and rename the file in usbready.old.exe.

    Return to the main installation folder (for example 7zs1234) and double-click Setup.exe, now follow the installation and check for the difference.


  • USB hp scanjet not found 5370c

    My scanner hp scanjet 5370 stopped working for more than a year. When I run the software to scan, I get an information window: "sorry, scanner could not be initialized. (Scanner not found) ». I recently decided to solve the problem by searching the internet and performing recommended procedures. I decided on the execution of a sequence of manual procedures described on the site of HP. In summary it was uninstalling software, backup and deletion of registry keys 5, reinstall the software and the hardware. Also the installation of the software and update drivers. When the unit is installed, I get a message that new hardware was found but there was a problem, and it may not work properly. (Same thing I get all along, nothing has changed.) I noticed an improvement in loading the drivers, before I did all that, P & P would not recognize drivers even after that I sailed on my CD and windows to the location. Then I started to see a list of drivers for my choice. Encouragement, but without success. By reading a few posts on the site of HP last night, I came across a rather long post, describing the process that I had just finished. Sometone has seen fit to run the same list of procedures I had found. Its stages and the results were just like a script of my procedures. The procedure should have been since we used the same contour, but the results were the same. They are predictable and rpeatable. Remember that two people were using different systems. This suggests that the hardware/software was never developed to be compatible. I've never seen this reported by U.S. companies, but someone at Microsoft, Hp, or Set USB controller chip provider, has missed something. I have a Canon MP160 printer with a scanner, and I uninstalled it to avoid confussion and conflicts of the functions of the scanner. Allowed me to see the HP Scanner in my control panel, but the system could not find when I tried to use the HP scanning software or the Windows Scan function either. Both returned the message, 'I just can't find the scanner, and you can't make me "... As a 'sidebar', I got a few programs USBView, which shows me the scanner with the 'I', information icon. Also that displays the data string for the scanner, and it contained 03f0 for the ID of Hewlett Packard and 0701 for model 5370. But apparetnly it is always a problem with recognition of the scanner. The individual that I mentioned above, who did the same procedures I did, also mentioned that the scanner has stopped working after the installation of SP3. I don't have the connection because it had been a while since I tried to use the scanner, but that time would be about right. Either way, this scanner has worked at the same time, but not always the same. I have to disconnect and connect sometimes, when I wanted to use it. So if someone has a "Workaround", I would hear about it. OH, I also tried "VueScan", but it doesn't work anymore.

    Thank you


    I suggest you try it in another USB port.

    If the problem persists, then re-install the Device Manager USB controllers.

    Advanced troubleshooting tips for General USB for Windows XP problems

    If that fails, then it is certainly possible that the device no longer works correctly.

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