New Win 7 computer cannot access the IP address of the network printer. Help, please.



UPDATE: we have found the solution to this problem, we, and that I posted an explanation as well as two ways to solve the problem in my 2nd post on May 5, 2015. Scroll down to it for the solution. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not allow the OP to mark one of their own messages as 'the Answer' so this thread continues to be listed as "no answer" when he actually answered me.


The original message follows...

We cannot sign a new Win 7 (64-bit) computer to a printer ethernet established in our local network of 'working '. We have reached the limit of our troubleshooting skills and expertise assistance.

Our Local network
The printer is a Dell 5100cn workgroup laser that is connected via an ethernet cable to a 10/100 workgroup switch 5-port Cisco/Linksys. The switch is connected to the built-in cable Motorola modem / 4 port gigabit router / WiFi access point. There is no server between the printer and the network.

Other computers on the network run also Win 7 and have no trouble seeing and using the printer. Some computers are connected via a gigabit ethernet cable to the router Motorola. Other computers connect wireless WiFi (once again, by the same Motorola device). All computers, including the new ones, are attributed to the same workgroup.

The printer has a static IP address. It also has an integrated Web page accessible within the network via a browser to view the status of the printer. All previous computers can view the status of the printer Web page by entering its IP address in a browser.

The new Win 7 computer
At the Windows command prompt, we successfully ping the IP address of the printer and received a return signal. However, we are unable to connect to the IP address of the printer (and status Web page) with a browser. And we cannot find the printer when install us the printer driver. We have tried to turn off the Windows Firewall and it did not help.

When we install the driver, move us as a 'local' printer and create a new "Standard TCP/IP Port" for her. We enter the static IP address of the printer and name the port. Define us the Protocol to "LPR", enter the name of the queue ("lp") and activate SNMP State with name of the 'public' community and the index "1". These settings have worked very well with our previous computers.

When the time comes to 'choose printer', we select 'have disk... '. ' and use the Dell 64-bit for this printer driver. But it does not work and do not print a test page. We even tried to install the printer as a 'network' printer driver, but it does not, either. In addition, the 'local' method always seemed to work best in the past.

The new computer has no harm to see other computers and devices on the network. For example, there is a NAS connected to the same switch Cisco/Linksys like the printer and the computer can access the NAS via its static IP address. The new computer can also access the internet. He can't use the IP address of the printer. We even tried to change the address IP of the printer, but that did not help either.

Despite the fact that the work - the network troubleshooter Windows command prompt ping indicates that the printer is not responding. What do we lack? Help, please.



I hope that this will be our last post on this subject. We have discovered the source of the problem and can offer two 'fixed' in case someone else runs into the same situation.

With the help of MSConfig and a process of elimination, we have disabled non-Microsoft services that were running on the computer until we discovered that "Qualcomm Atheros Killer Service V2" was the source of the problem.



Our new Win 7 computer contains a communication module ethernet/WiFi/Bluetooth e2200 Qualcomm Atheros. The manufacturer provides a '' Killer Network Manager '' for this system. Its purpose is to monitor and control the flow of data over a network connection in order to optimize for. For example, the user can choose to give the program A high priority and program-B low priority. This ensures that the program-A is less lag in the network traffic.

The primary market for this function, so far, has been the online game (where the name of 'Killer'). It allows players to channel the bulk of the bandwidth available to their game and away from other programs and services that are running at the same time. A response faster online gives the player the advantage it needs to get "kill him" before someone else.

This system of control of bandwidth has interfered with data packets of return of our network, clearing communication between our computer and our printer printer.

Difficulty 1


The simplest solution for us was to disable 'Qualcomm Atheros bandwidth control' for the ethernet NIC that has been accomplished by going to: Windows Control Panel > network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > change the settings of the card (in the sidebar). Then we clicked on our connection to the LAN (our NETWORK ethernet card) and select the 'Properties' command Finally, on the Networking tab, we have disabled 'Qualcomm Atheros control bandwidth' and clicked 'OK' button to close.

All that was needed after that was a quick restart and we were able to access our printer even with the killer Network Manager and functioning of Qualcomm Atheros Killer Service V2.

Either way, we left the control function of bandwidth enabled for wireless (our) network connection because we do not plan on using this network printer when the computer is untethered to ethernet.

Difficulty 2


If you don't want the killer running Network Manager on your computer, you may be tempted to uninstall. Do not! Uninstall will also uninstall the drivers needed for your ethernet, WiFi and possibly your Bluetooth as well. We heard that some users have communicated with Qualcomm and were able to coax, on their part, the necessary drivers comm without luggage "Killer". But you don't need to do it, either.

All you need to do is: (1) remove the 'Killer Network Manager' of the '"start up" folder of the start menu of Windows (under "programs") and (2) using MSConfig, uncheck "Qualcomm Atheros Killer Service V2" under the ' Services ' section. Then reboot and you're good to go. The killer Network Manager and his service will not work.

Moreover, the reason for which we did not chose this method, ourselves, is because we see one deserves that available Killer Network Manager so that we can block network traffic to select programs. Solution 1 converts this easy thing because the Ethernet bandwidth control can be quickly activated again if she is ever desired. And we're leaving it enabled for our WiFi.

Best regards, David-EH

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    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Communities. Provide the following information:

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    I have a lenovo ideapad z570 running windows 7 ultimate, processor intel pentium cpu B950 @2.10 GHZ 2 GB ram and 64-bit operating system. My problem is that when I create a wifi hotspot via intel my wifi technology, I so can not access the network on my android phone or the playstation 3. There is a sign yellow triangle on the wireless icon and I have the cursor on it, she reads, access to the internet network, unidentified network no internet access. I tried to update all the drivers, I even reinstalled the operating system after a wipe, same result. I tried to use programs such as connectify but same result. Please help me

    Original title: network

    There is a sign yellow triangle on the wireless icon and I have the cursor on it, she reads, access to the internet network, unidentified network no internet access. I tried to update all the drivers, I even reinstalled the operating system after a wipe, same result. I tried to use programs such as connectify but same result. Please help me


    You try to use the Add-hock network so that you can access ac in android are as good as play station unit
    Like you would have checked in the id network properties material and device id, it yellow list means problem with driver, please try to update the BIOS and the driver appropriate with the hardware ID, if possible to install from the laptop power management

    IdeaPad Z570.please press fn + f5 and check the layout state of WIFI is turned on, current state should off
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    Another option would be to try to use a key research tool...

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    You can try the following steps and check whether the problem is resolved.

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    Step 2: Now, you will need to follow the links provided below to check if you are able to connect to the home network.

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    Step 3: Now, you will need to visit the link that will help you solve network problems.

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    It will be useful.

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    I think that since you have replaced your hard drive, old settings are configured may still on the hard drive of old. You can change the users and group so that it syncs with the new hard drive or start from scratch (reformat the hard drive).

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    If you updated that could trigger it, you can do is to uninstall and avoid installing it by hiding the update in Windows Update.

    Click Start, type: see installed updates
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    Restart your computer

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    Recently, my computer (Dell) crashed (about 2.5 years).

    I have now purchased another HP Pavilion (8.1 64-bit-with 'apps' instead of programs) and when I now click on the printer icon to access the interface of the printer nothing happens...

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling programs, but also updates etc., but it still does not work.

    I can now not for example do scanning to PDF and not to scan several pages in a single document, that I have a great need of.

    Everything has worked with my old Dell computer, but when I bought a new HP (!) it doesn't work anymore.

    HP support will not give me support due to that they claim it's a printer problem. And it's just maginally on a year - so not supported... It was when I bought a new HP computer, that he has stopped working! :-(

    The printer worked fine with my Dell computer recently. The problem came when you buy a new HP computer...

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    Kind regards


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    Hi all

    I have a strange problem that I hope someone can help me with.

    I have a PC Windows Vista Ultimate, newly installed, all the patches applied. Any other installed apps don't except MS Office.

    Not my problem, I have a NAS drive on my network and can be accessed by different machines on my network (IE. \\NAS)

    However for some reason any my Vista machine has ceased to recognize this. Now I can only connect via an IP address (IE. ( \\

    Whenever I have try type \\NAS he says "Windows cannot access \\NAS... etc etc" with a "unspecified error 0 error Code 80004005 x.

    He used to work, but now it does which is very weird. When I click on diagnose says that it cannot find \\NAS. However, as this network drive has a web front end, when I type its IP address there is no problem at all and I can access it, but not through windows Explorer! I use a TP-Link wireless adapter. I have a LAN connector normal that I disabled and enabled with no effect (although I have not physically connected them)

    I can navigate to Windwos Vista machine to it seems to work very well.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.


    If the regular way, you connect a reader could not be used and that you were forced to connect by ip, get error 80004005 would make sense, because it means that the rights or false refused/insufficient access permissions. Your network can have a parameter saying denied access by ip address, so either you might find this setting, or find a way to solve the original problem, making it impossible to connect as normal to you.

    I would check the firewalls, because your firewall or the firewall of the NAS could have been changed to not connect to the NAS or do not allow you to connect, respectively.

  • I can only access the Internet through a browser. My programs cannot access the internet. Help..?

    I can access the internet without any problem in all browsers, but can program.

    For example, when you try to install Windows Live Essentials, I got an error saying I need to be connected to the Internet (but I already was!) - error: OnCatalogResult: 0x8104000b.

    And another example, I can't use Windows Live Messenger, apparently for the same reason, no internet...

    Some additional info:

    • I tried with an Ethernet connection and a wireless network
    • I also disabled the firewall Windows, but which didn't help either...

    Oh, by the way... I use Windows Vista .

    Can someone help me please... ??

    Thanks in advance

    I forgot to say that my problem has been resolved.

    It was lack of Norton. After the execution of the removal of Norton tool by PC is back online with no problems.

    But thank you very much

  • Adblock Plus working on main identitiy, stopped on the other profile, when I try to download it on another identity, "firefox cannot change the file' please"

    don't know why, but the block of adplus works do not on the other account. When I tried to download it again, he says firefox can not complete... can not modify the file, help please, the amount of the pop ups and ads and the size of them is annoying to say the least. Thank you

    It is possible that there is a problem with the files that store the registry extensions.

    Delete the files (extensions.sqlite, extensions.ini, extensions.cache) extensions.* and compatibility.ini in the profile folder of Firefox to reset the extensions registry.

    New files will be created if necessary.

    See "extension corrupted files:

    If you see disabled extensions, is not compatible, in "tools > Modules > Extensions ' and then click the Tools button, on the left side of the search bar (or click on the"Find updates"button in older versions of Firefox) to check if there is an available update compatibility.

    If that didn't help then also try to delete the file addons.sqlite.

Maybe you are looking for