object of alarm monitoring


How can I make an alarm trigger every 2 hours if the alarm has not been deleted, and even if the alarm has been recognized. I wan't to force the operator to examine the whole issue of the alarm. Example if my level alarm low tank is active and the operator recognized and he forgets the tank level, but he has not recovered and is still at low level I wan't alarm retrigger again and again until they find out what the problem is. The only way to stop the alarm is by the level of the tank goes above the low level alarm setpoint.

I used an interval timer, but would turn out only on once and then turn off, he would not repeat the cycle. I need to be able to control the alarm of time intervals. Please help and thank you for your response.


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  • Alarm to monitor the deviation from host profile

    So, I used the creation of Luc alarm script and massacred to create (hopefully) an alert when a host deviates from his profile.  However while I first thought I cracked, I clearly do not have.

    Can we see something glaring by the following:

    # Variables

    $vc = "vcsa.lab.mdb - Lab.com.

    $credential = get-Credential

    $mailto = " " [email protected] "" "

    # Connect to vCenter

    SE connect-VIServer $vc - credential $credential

    $alarmMgr = get-view AlarmManager

    $dc = "London".

    $entity = get-data center $dc | Get-View

    # Create the AlarmSpec object

    $alarm = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSpec

    $alarm. Name = "Violation of the host profile.

    $alarm. Description = "home deviation of profile screens.

    $alarm. Enabled = $TRUE

    # Alarm action

    $alarm.action = new-Object VMware.Vim.GroupAlarmAction

    $trigger1 = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringAction

    $trigger1.action = New-Object VMware.Vim.SendEmailAction

    $trigger1.action.ToList = $mailTo

    $trigger1.action.Subject = "not compatible with the host profile.

    $trigger1. Action.CcList = «»

    $trigger1. Action.Body = «»

    # 1A - yellow transition-> red

    $trans1a = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringActionTransitionSpec

    $trans1a. StartState = "yellow".

    $trans1a. FinalState = "red".

    # Transitional 1 b - red-> yellow

    $trans1b = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringActionTransitionSpec

    $trans1b. StartState = "red".

    $trans1b. FinalState = "yellow".

    $trigger1. TransitionSpecs += $trans1a

    $trigger1. TransitionSpecs += $trans1b

    $alarm.action.action += $trigger1

    # 1 compatible host expression: profile

    $expression1 = new-Object VMware.Vim.EventAlarmExpression

    $expression1. EventType = $null

    $expression1.eventTypeId = "Host" compatible with the profile

    $expression1.objectType = 'HostSystem.

    $expression1.status = "yellow".

    # 2 expression - Profile non-compliant host

    $expression2 = new-Object VMware.Vim.EventAlarmExpression

    $expression2. EventType = $null

    $expression2.eventTypeId = "not compatible with the host profile.

    $expression2.objectType = 'HostSystem.

    $expression2.status = "red".

    $alarm.expression = new-Object VMware.Vim.OrAlarmExpression

    $alarm.expression.expression += $expression1

    $alarm.expression.expression += $expression2

    $alarm.setting = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSetting

    $alarm.setting.reportingFrequency = 0

    $alarm.setting.toleranceRange = 0

    # Create the alarm.

    $alarmMgr.CreateAlarm($entity.) MoRef, $alarm)

    # Disconnect the vcenter

    Disconnect-VIServer $vc - confirm: $false

    I tried first with a green status instead of yellow... but then the script will not yet create.  In its current form, I get a load of the SOAP faults page...

    Any help would be (as always) greatly appreciated.


    With the help of Oynx I have it fixed.  Here's what it is today:

    # Variables

    $vc = "vcsa.lab.mdb - Lab.com.

    $credential = get-Credential

    $mailto = "[email protected]".

    # Connect to vCenter

    SE connect-VIServer $vc - credential $credential

    # Get the data center

    $dc = "London".

    $entity = get-data center $dc | Get-View

    # Create the alarmspec object

    $spec = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSpec

    $spec.name = 'Deviation from host profile.

    $spec.description = 'home deviation of profile screens.

    $spec.enabled = $true

    # 1 expression: profile host is non-compliant

    $spec.expression = new-Object VMware.Vim.OrAlarmExpression

    $spec.expression.expression = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmExpression [] (1)

    $spec.expression.expression [0] = new-Object VMware.Vim.EventAlarmExpression

    $spec.expression.expression [0] .eventType = "HostNonCompliantEvent".

    $spec.expression.expression [0] .objectType = "HostSystem.

    $spec.expression.expression [0] .status = "red".

    # Create the alarm action

    $spec.action = new-Object VMware.Vim.GroupAlarmAction

    $spec.action.action = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmAction [] (1)

    $spec.action.action [0] = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringAction

    $spec.action.action [0] .Act = new-Object VMware.Vim.SendEmailAction

    $spec.action.action [0].action.toList = $mailto

    $spec.action.action [0].action.ccList = «»

    $spec.action.action [0].action.subject = "not compatible with the host profile.

    $spec.action.action [0].action.body = «»

    $spec.action.action [0] .transitionSpecs = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringActionTransitionSpec [] (1)

    $spec.action.action [0] .transitionSpecs [0] = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmTriggeringActionTransitionSpec

    $spec.action.action [0] .transitionSpecs [0] .startState = "yellow".

    $spec.action.action [0] .transitionSpecs [0] .finalState = "red".

    $spec.action.action [0] .transitionSpecs [0] .repeats = $false

    $spec.action.action [0] .green2yellow = $false

    $spec.action.action [0] .yellow2red = $false

    $spec.action.action [0] .red2yellow = $false

    $spec.action.action [0] .yellow2green = $false

    $spec.setting = new-Object VMware.Vim.AlarmSetting

    $spec.setting.toleranceRange = 0

    $spec.setting.reportingFrequency = 0

    _this $ = get-view-Id "AlarmManager-AlarmManager.

    # Create alarm

    _this $. CreateAlarm($entity.) MoRef, $spec)

    # Disconnect the vcenter

    Disconnect-VIServer $vc - confirm: $false

    I am now writing a block to edit the task scheduled every hour.


  • digital alarm


    I would like to know if by definition the hi and lo alarm triggers in the digital alarm of my object of alarm if section which will alert the SCADAlarm? and if SCADAlarm need to see the .the.

    example: Lookout 4.5 alarm_server_db = alarm object = alarm1_tank_1_level: digital alarm Hi = 29, lo alarm alarm = 1

    SCADAlarm 5.0 = application = Lookout, topic = Alarm_server_db: server = alarm1_tank_1_level element<= does="" this="" need="" to="" say="" alarm1_tank_1_level.hi="" and="" the="" same="" for="" the="" low="">

    Please help thanks.

    What is 'alarm1_tank_1_level '?

    For example, you have an alarm object alarm1. Configure its hihi. Then, when the hihi is triggered, alarm1.hihi will be the. You should monitor alarm1.hihi.

    The $Alarm is a global object. $Alarm.active is a numeric value that indicates the number of active alarms.

    But I don't know how the SCADAlarm is connected to the lookout. OPC or DDE?

  • PowerCLI remove alarm


    I have run tests in order to move one vcenter to another alarm and got a little bug I think.

    I copied an alarm, and I do not see it in the client gui or web. I couldn't find any powercli method to remove an alarm?

    I can't see because it of a alarm this object data center monitor and I copied on a vm folder.

    I can see from powershell using get-alarmdefinition and I know it's in my vm folder, but I don't know how to remove it.

    Thanks for any help

    Is - that do the trick?

    $alarmName = "MyAlarm.

    $alarmMgr = get-view AlarmManager

    $alarm = get-View ($alarmMgr.GetAlarm ($null)). where {$_.Info.Name - eq $alarmName}

    $alarm. RemoveAlarm()

  • See the list of system alarm notifications

    How to display the list of alarm system notifications? It indicates when an anlarm is present, but I need to show this list on demand to watch the story of alarm. I can't find anything in the menu normal workspace that will show in this list.

    My other thought is to create an alarm for a push button on the workspace and trigger the list this way alarms.

    Hi Damien,.

    First of all, let me mention that if you use VeriStand 2015 SP1 or later, you can use the new Manager user interface as an alternative to the old VeriStand workspace.  This new application has an alarm monitor tool that has a tab alarm history that you can pass ot at any time.  Check it out if you have not already!

    Regarding the history of alarm notification dialog box, there is no built-in features this and the only time where it will be displayed is when an alarm is fired.  The VI is built in the exe VeriStand, changes cannot be made.

    However, I was able to do a simple VI that you can add to your Tools menu that allows you to display the dialog box.  Some cautions however first:

    (1) it is not fully tested, so there is a chance, it may not work properly in all cases (even though she seemed well in my limited testing)

    (2) it refers to a path of the internal VI to the exe VeriStand.  There is always a chance that this may change or stop working in the future (although I would say that the chances of this change is fairly low)

    (3) I made this 2015 LabVIEW VI, so it only works with VeriStand 2015 or 2015 SP1.  If you use a different version of the VeriStand, let me know and I can recompile it for you in his own version.

    To use this tool, unzip the VI in the .zip file to the following location:

    VeriStand 2015\Workspace Tools\Show \National Instruments\NI alarm History.vi

    You VeriStand project, click on the "User Interface" node and select "configure tools."  In the dialog box, click the 'Create a new item' button in the lower left corner of the dialog box, and then configure it as a tool for custom VI, as shown here:

    After that, click OK, and then run your project.  In the menu 'Tools' in your workspace, you should see the new command "view alarm history.  If you click on it, the list of Noticiation alarm system should appear.

    If all goes well, that should work for you, but let me know if you have any problems.

    If you don't want to use this for some reason, your other idea on the creation of a dedicated button alarm will work as well, but then you'll find yourself with a lot of extra any notification of alarm to 'View' in your list.

  • Support for alarms diagnosis field according to FF - 912 with NOR-FBUS Configurator 3.2.3

    I tried to control the utility alarm monitor and diagnosis field according to FF-912 alarms since a FF camera H1 with NOR-FBUS Configurator 3.2.3.

    Alarms standard block for example in the case of a change of parameter are monitored in the alarm monitor.

    Field diagnosis according to FF - 912 alarms are not controlled.

    Are field alarms diagnosis according to FF - 912 took supported by the NOR-FBUS 3.2.3 Configurator. or something special to do to activate the analysis.

    If not, what tools or host systems are available for monitoring these alarms?

    Alarm in the software OR-FBUS monitor doesn't have a field of diagnostics alarms. You can try to use NOR-FBUS C API nifWaitAlert2 to monitor this alarm. We will find the detailed description of the API OR FBUS Hardware and Software User Manual Chapter 6.

  • simulate the arduino serial monitor

    object: simulate the monitor series of Arduino on lab view

    problem: I'm working on a project of graduation of scale and arduino interfacing
    I use an amplifier for the load cell signal, so I have to load the code from the amp to the arduino
    everything is good with the monitor of the series and I get the readings that I'm looking.

    I can simulate these reading lab for further analysis view?
    Thank you


  • Recovery of vSphere PowerCLI with alarms


    Can you please help me write a PowerCLI script that would recover the vSphere alarms?

    I want the script to show only alarms last 24 hours only if not acknowledged or deleted.


    Get-VIEvent - MaxSamples 10 | Select Fullformattedmessage # this command shows me the last 10 events

    Win01 from green to Red alarm # the script "MyAlarm" should show me this alarm

    win01 on esx1.company.pri in Lodz is turned off

    win01 on esx1.company.pri in Lodz stops

    Task: Stop virtual machine

    win01 on esx1.company.pri in Lodz is turned on

    Message on win01 on esx1.company.pri in Lodz: running VMware ESX in a virtua...

    starts win01 on the host esx1.company.pri in Lodz

    Task: Power on virtual machine

    Task: Initialize turn

    Alarm"monitor the health status"on changed from yellow to green data centers.

    Help, please.

    If the alarm was not recognized and authorized, it should still show.

    You can see these alarms with

    $dc = get - file - name of data centers

    $dc. ExtensionData.TriggeredAlarmState |

    Select @{N = 'Entity'; E = {Get-view-Id $_.} Entity | {{Select - ExpandProperty name}}.


    @{N = "alarm"; E = {(Get-View-ID $_.)} Alarm). Info.Name}}

    -What are you looking for?

  • An alarm can be created for task: move features?

    Is it possible to send a notification to a list of email addresses whenever a virtual computer is moved to a specific folder?  I know that this task is called "move features", so I tried to create an alarm monitoring events VM triggered by conditions custom, but without success.  Any suggestions?  Is it still possible?

    Here are some good guidelines on vCenter alarms. http://communities.VMware.com/docs/doc-12145

  • How to disable/BPEL/BAM monitoring running help

    Hi all

    How to toggle the integrated monitoring of BPEL for BAM (which uses the Express data objects of the monitor) during execution.

    Thank you!


    Here you can find the documentation for your all queries concerning the deactivation/activation and other things too.


    The advantage of the activating/deactivating the monitoring of execution is. Monitoring of Composites led a charge of overload in servers or BPEL process. Thus his gives some performances to publish.
    This option so we can handle load on process. His means that when you want to monitor you can if not disable.

    Best regards
    Shiva Shankar

  • Create an alert n for disonnected/on which the virtual machine

    Hey guys,.

    I am running vCenter 4.1 and I want to create an alert for disconnected or no response from the virtual computer.  I havea hoe from basic idea to create the new detector of definitions, but I can't seem to find one that does what I want.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

    You'll probably have to create a new alarm "monitor for specific events on this object...". "Alarm type must be the virtual machine.  Add a trigger to the disconnected event 'VM.  Next, configure your actions.

  • RV network management tools.

    I would like some suggestions or what tools can be used to monitor a RV016 or RV082?  Our main objective is to monitor the State of the router and is it possible that the firmware may be expelled to remote. We have 1000 devices at the moment, they use a broadband connection.

    Thank you

    Well, for what is upgraded is I recommend you upgrade firmware of the router when a computer is hard wired to her and not remotely...

  • Query IDS4215-CSA-BUN-K9


    Is the VMS in BASIC that comes with IDS4215-CSA-BUN-K9 threat prevention Starter Kit capable of simultaneously supporting the alarm monitoring/management of a 4215 and an AP?

    Is all cela I need to set up a single 4215 and a CSA on an exchange server?

    Sorry, but I just want to be sure. Am new in this field.

    Thank you very much

    I don't know that this is sufficient for the monitoring and management of the hardware ID & HIDS. This will have the IDSMC &™ incorporated, which can be used to configure a system IDS 4215 & CSA. You can have the surveillance done from the security of virtual machine monitor.

    I think it comes with 10 licenses of CSA.

    more details on the bundle can be seen from the following URL:


  • How to track data changes in a LMD scheme

    How to track data changes in a LMD scheme

    My version of the database is 11.2.0

    I want to know how many records inserted,.

    the number of deleted records

    the number of updated records to date on which object?

    example... See table below

    update date object_name insertion deletion

    02-06-14  A                    2             0          1

    02-06-14  B                    0            1          1


    Thank you


    «The DML surveillance function keeps track of all activity DML (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE) on a table * given that the statistics were collected last *, Oracle 10 g change the method in which Oracle monitors the tables of DML changes.» Rather than use the clause [No.] FOLLOW-UP in CREATE TABLE or ALTER TABLE statements, STATISTICS_LEVEL initialization parameter now acts as a global switch to control the monitoring for all objects. It is more necessary to toggle DML followed at the level of the object. »

    Monitoring of the Table DML changes

  • default datasore use alarn vcenter


    What is the alarm to use vcenter datastore 5.1 in terms of % default for

    Yellow (warning)

    Red (warning)

    Thank you

    Frank gave the right values.

    To check it out yourself, sign in vCenter server using vSphere client.

    Click the object vCenter > alarms > definitions > right-click on the use of the data on disk store and go into editing it.

    You will find the values under triggers.

Maybe you are looking for

  • What does it mean to select 'request to activate' for Add-ons?

    What does it mean to select 'request to activate' for Add-ons?It makes it safer, for example when using flash player?Or, when this option would be desirable?And I read this advice: "uninstall all versions of Java completely and see if you can manage

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    Hi guys,. I come to me a laptop Toshiba Satellite P850/05F recently, everything is perfect and I love her not to mention that of one small problem which is quite annoying. If I press the "Mute" button that is "F11"key, the mute symbol comes up, but i

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