Officejet 5610 - umpteen tries, but some printer software won't just UNINSTALL

Have to / want to completely uninstall all the HP printer package in order to do a clean INSTALL.  I have Windows XP and this printer has been working well for a few years now, but stopped a couple of weeks.

Slow death: initially, could not print but Scan ok & the window Solution Center was fine.  Then Scan will not work, but still the window SC was fine.  Now, the entire batch is dead.

Last week, tried everywhich way suggested in various forums, including it, but some of the software with respect to this printer just will not go away.  Tried on (in no particular order)...

  • uninstalled via the control panel configuration/add or delete - it's just a dead-end; does absolutely nothing, but can see the entries of HP products.
  • Registery cleaning... no obvious improvement
  • install the HP Web site for what he will clean or recognize the persistent stuburning software.  The process has given the option "Uninstall" which appeared to be successful while he continued to 'install' which failed.  All I get is window without options black HP Solution Center.
  • repeatedly tried to install using the CD that came with the printer... Failed!
  • tried pulling my hair don't go out several times along the way... no obvious resolution!

End of my teather... Any further suggestions as to how I could get rid?

From the display of the query, someone suggested unintsalling HP printer and Adobe Flash and then first re - install Adobe Flash using IE (no other browser Firefox especially not!) and then re-installing the printer.

Has done exactly that but still no result, although slight improvement that I now have small white boxes in the window completely black original HP Solution Center, but still nothing works.

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    After you set up a new office - the Pavilion 550-130Z running Windows 10 - my trusty printer - Officejet 5610 will not print. It feeds the paper and is as it will be printed, but he gave up and just the paper very quickly and stops.   I downloaded and ran the printer and Scan Dr.  It is said that everything is fine.  When I try to copy a document, it works very well.  I ran a self-test of the control panel of the printer report and print correctly.  But it won't work if I try it queue of my new office!

    I'm sure it's a driver issue, but I can't find anything to download to fix this problem.

    Help, please!

    Thank you!

    Hi LKNLady,

    Welcome to the HP Support forum.

    I understand that you have a printer of HP all-in-one Officejet 5610 you use with your desktop Windows 'new' 10, and even if she copies and prints fine self-tests, sending print jobs through the print queue do not print. I would like to help with that.

    Thanks for letting me know about the copy and auto tests. It definitely seems to be a software problem and the pilot.

    You mentioned that you downloaded and ran HP print and Scan Doctor to see that everything is OK, but the printer still does not the computer print.

    First of all, I would like to start by ensuring that your new computer has completed all available updates.

    Then I would uninstall all the installed printer software previously, the I would like to use the HP printer installation wizard to proceed with the installation. This tool will help you find the drivers and printing software more suitable for Windows 10.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.
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    I have a HP Officejet 6500 E710a.   He has worked with every other printer I connected to.  It can scan via the USB on my laptop Lenova connection but will not print documents.  I have Windows (Win 7).  I tried all the options troubleshooting including uninstall of the printer and allowing windows to find and automatically install it but no good.  Then, I made an update of the driver printer full of windows and tried with the latest dirvers HP Officejet 6500 Series E710a, but still not good.  The printer is connected directly to the laptop via the USB port - without hubs etc. What can I do now?

    Mysteriously, HP sent me an update tonight. I installed it.  I also reset my impression of parameters by default (not that she needed). Turned power off and then back on. Restarted my computer and magically something I am woring on since a week not working finally.  I PRINTED A TEST PAGE!  Thank you for reading my HP forum page. You are the best!

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    When viewing photos in pictures, they are in portrait mode, but when you print a contact Board on Win 7, some print horizontally. It is not possible to correct using the paint to return or turn right or left.  I copied the file to a USB key, it in an old XP, copied the file to my images, all selected and sent to the printer as a 35 Contact sheet. All photos printed correctly in portrait mode.

    I checked several sites to find answers.  Found the same problem in a matter of March 2012... but no one has provided an answer.  I hope that there is a difficulty softward for the problem.

    I gave you the wrong software he used.  Is that it allows to change the photos of Picasa3.  Is Microsoft Office 2010.  He clicked on the photo which would not remain in portrait when you print a Contact sheet.  He then opened MS Office 2010, clicked on the right to edit and crop. Then he chose the Ratio of Aspect (8 x 10) and the landscape; cropped the photo and saved under a new name.  Worked very well.

    Thanks for the comments.

  • HP officejet 6500 installed but a printing software unknown device... no driver installed?

    used cd to install printer hp 6500 office jet series. everything is supposed to be there. does not recognize the device. device manager unknown device States, no driver installed. using the usb connection. I tried 2 different cords and do not proceed with the connection. the drivers downloaded from the hp Web site and still no go. spent 45 minutes with hp today and I think I know more than them! Help, please. Windows xp (x 86) all updates are underway.

    Hello Sosocompliterate,

    Thank you for your message.  This computer connects to your printer via the USB port?  If Yes, are you able to use other USB devices on your computer?  You can try to change the output port the printer is connected to exclude a possible bad USB port on your computer.  Otherwise, if USB is detected on your computer and that you can't always not to recognize the printer, the result is most likely a bad cable or a defective printer.
    Please let us know.
    See you soon

    Engineer Jason Microsoft Support answers visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8600: connected but cannot print

    We just moved our office and have a new WIFI configuration. At our previous location, everything worked well, but since the move, a computer will not print from any application - Pages, Word, Email, etc.

    We have two Mac wireless connected to a printer, and both seem to be successfully connected. Both are able to print pages and information via the HP utility test, but as I said, one of the computers is unable to print documents from applications. (The other computer prints just fine.) When you attempt to print the HP icon in the dashboard shows a red dot with the number 1 in this document, as it should be, but after a few seconds him point disappears and nothing prints. Of more blue light that is supposed to be on when it is connected to the WIFI isn't on.

    I tried to resolve this all day with no luck. I couldn't find anything in the forums that helped. Hoping that someone has had a similar experience or a few ideas. Thank you.

    UPDATE: just in case someone having a similar problem, see this post.

    I uninstalled the driver on the computer that gave us wrong then reinstalled version fresh and everything works as it should. Don't know why I didn't try it earlier. Well.

  • All-in-one Officejet 5610: computer said paper jam, printer does not respond

    We had a paper jam, which we is allowed. The printer says there is no jammed paper and printed successfully a self-test.  The table of edge devices and printers said that there is a jam paper and attempts to print just to sit in the queue.  Clicked on the HP Solution Center and it says printer is ready. The printer is okay.  Only the OS seems to have a different opinion.

    Not tried them: (1) open the back door and look for debris. (2) open the Feeder and locate debris.  (3) open front (involves opening door cartridge, unplug the printer and remove the trays) and search for debris.  (4) self test printing.  (5) restart the system.  (6) unplug the printer while and leave unplugged for 60 seconds to force the delivery.  (7) repeat steps 1-4.  No SOAP.

    Have you tried what is obvious.  Turn on the computer and the printer off both.  Now, unplug the printer from the computer.  Turn on the computer and then turn the printer back on.  Now reconnect the printer to the computer.  This assumes that the printer is connected to the computer via usb.  Alternatively, you can try to plug the usb cable into a different port.

  • HP Photosmart B109n: my printer software won't install


    I recently built a new PC with Windows 7 ultimate to replace an old man on the model used. On the former model, the system used the same exact OS like a new one and I was able to install the drivers and software to print with ease.

    However, when it is time to install the drivers and software B109n-z on my new build, the installation stops and always gives me these messages:

    For some, I know that my new PC meets the minimum requirements which wants that software but I do not know why it does not recognize my USB device and drivers.

    Any help will be appreciated, thanks.

    Click the Start button and type folder in the search bar, then open the Temp folder indicated.

    Open the last HP installation folder that begins with 7z (e.g. 7zs1234)
    Open the installation folder.
    Find the file usbready.exe and rename it to usbready.old.exe
    Navigate to the main extraction folder (folders that begins with 7z) and run the Setup.exe file.

    Now follow the installation and check for the difference.

    Kind regards

  • Printing software blocked installation and uninstall with

    Original title: printer problems

    My printer was not print if I fooishly put the boot disk to reinstall the siftware without uninstall the old.  Now my scren is stuck not only installing, but uninstalling as well.  Is there anything I can do to solve this problem.  Turning off the computer does not seem to help at all.

    Hi JoyceSobelman,

    What is the brand and model of your printer?

    (a) you can manually uninstall the software of the printer to the computer.

    Reference: How to manually remove programs from the add tool / remove programs  

    (b) thereafter, add the printer and check if it works very well.

    Reference: To add a printer attached to your computer

    To install new or updated printer drivers to update

    Hope the helps of information.

  • HP officejet 5610 all-in-one does not print one when it does print a map from 2 months ago.

    Officejet 5610 all-in-one will print no one when it does print a map of 2 months ago

    Officejet 5610 all-in-one will print no one when it does print a map of 2 months ago

    Who is this?  Do not print or print the old data?

    Under what circumstances does the former print job print (for example, after restarting)?

    Follow these steps:

    Open a command prompt window (start > run > cmd > OK)

    Type the following command and press ENTER after each line:

    net stop spooler

    del "% windir%\system32\spool\PRINTERS\*.*" [Y when prompted type]

    net start spooler


  • Use hp officejet 5610 all in one and hp scanjet g4050 (the two usb) on the same computer

    Have an officejet 5610 that I used for years to digitize documents, faxes, printing and copying on Acer computer with windows XP. Recently, I moved my scanner flatbed scanjet g4050 wifes to my computer to scan photos and negatives. The problem is when I install the G4050, I can scan is no longer with my Officejet 5610. Get an error message; "An error occurred just by contacting the HP imaging device. Try the following steps. Turn off and unplug for 60 seconds. The cord is properly attached. Reset. Uninstall and reinstall the device. Reinstallation of photosmart software.  Have tried all these. Does not help unless I have uninstall and remove the two devices and reinstall officejet 5610 ONLY. If I reinstall G4050 default folder which is recommended for multiple hp devices work properly then the 5610 can sweep is no longer. Error message as above. Running scan doctor and it says that there is a problem of façade. Go to the solution Center, click settings, scan settings, scan to Setup. When I click scan to Setup, I get the same error message as above. Both devices appear in the HP Solution Center each with its own tab. Is it possible to use these two devices on the same computer?

    These two devices will not be able to work together. The ScanJet uses a newer than the 5610 software the 5610 will not work with. You can try to install the ScanJet, then the 5610, but I don't think it will help. I'm sure that just does not allow two devices on the same computer because the software conflict. I'm sorry.

  • The printer software e-all-in-one-HP Deskjet 3520 includes scan-to-searchable PDF function?

    The printer software e-all-in-one-HP Deskjet 3520 includes scan-to-searchable PDF function? I installed the full version of the software, and this isn't a scan option, only standard PDF. If it is not included with the not on this model is an alternative HP printer software that would work with this printer and if not, is there an all HP designed for home or small office printers still have this feature?


    Please visit the following link:

    Kind regards.

  • "Ready" printer, 1-0 in the queue but nothing printed queue >

    Cable USB all-in-one, HP PSC 1410 printer, XP

    The printer displays 'ready', when I print a document, the printer makes a noise, watch 1 document in the queue for a second and then NOTHING - goes back to 0 document in the queue and nothing is printed.

    I have downloaded and tried HP Scan and print doctor 4.5. Photograph of Go thru that and "Printer problem", same problem when I go to test a page.

    I tried to close all to down and reboot.  ??  Help?

    Hey @planejanea ,

    Thank you for taking time in your day to ask this question on the HP Forums today!

    I see that you are having problems with the queue on your printer software. You have downloaded and ran the print and Scan doctor and still no solution.

    I would like for you to try a uninstall/reinstall and see if that fixes the problem.

    Uninstall markets - uninstalling the printer software

    Installation - install / uninstall software & drivers

    Let me know after you complete these steps and try to print. Can't wait to hear back on your part.

  • HP Officejet 5610 all-in-one: need to Downlad HP Solution Center so I can't scan on my HP printer user

    I tried to reinstall the software and drivers for my HP Officejet 5610 all in one printer, but when I start the installation process on my notebook (Windows 7 64-bit) a window appears and says that it cannot find the specified file. I download the sofware and complete player file but for some reason whenever I try to install this same error window opens and I can't complete installation.  The error log says the file not found X:\hpzsetup.exe source. Any body to meet this problem and if you have how can I find a way to install the HP Solution Center.  My printer works fine, but I do not have the scan software. Of suggestiuons or ideas are appreciated.

    Thank you very much for the link to HP Scan range. I downloaded and installed and it works fine. Just as good as what I had in the HP Solution Center.  I really appreciate your help

  • Uninstall problems w/HP Officejet 5610 all-in - One Printer

    I have a Dell E510 desktop on which I've recently updated my printer to a printer wireless HP Photsmart 7520. I am running Windows 7 32-bit professional, an Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz CPU with 4 GB (usable 3.24) RAM. The new printer worked for about two weeks, but developed problems. The previous printer, a HP Officejet 5610 all-in-one, began to send me questions, so I removed it, or so I thought. The physical device is out of the system, however, I can not uninstall the software.  I tried to uninstall using the uninstall feature, nothing helps. I tried to use the feature to remove programs from the Control Panel, also to nothing does not. These tasks have been tempted both before and after the physical removal of the device.

    I keep getting error messages about the file being on a network that is not available. When I opened the printers and devices, the HP 5610 printer keeps appearing, no matter how many times I 'remove this device '. I believe that the two software are conflicting with each other. Does anyone have suggestions as to how I can remove the printer HP Officejet 5610 to my system?

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

    John C. Morgan

    Hello jmorgan884,

    I would like to offer a suggestion to uninstall the printer HP Officejet 5610 on your Windows 7 computer. I recently needed to tear a program on my computer and had problems as well, I was finally able to uninstall the software using Microsoft Fixit.

    This application is compatible with your operating system, free and very easy to use. I would like to know if using the Microsoft Fixit allows to remove the software.

    The problems that the programs cannot be installed or uninstalled

    Thanks for posting

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