Problem copying with HP Designjet T2300 PostScript CN728A

Someone at - it an idea on why when the printer above comes out "sleep" mode, trying to copy anything the printer will produce a block of black ink A3 size.

If you stop the copy job, perform a new analysis the document it prints normally.  It seems what happens when coming out of sleep mode.

Ideas everyone.  Firware is to date.

Image attached as an example.

Hello tomsocr

The HP Designjet printer product series is commercial printers and it's HP consumer forums. As such it is there not a lot of users familiar with printers Designjet (hardware or software). I suggest you post in the HP Business Support forum for a better chance to find a solution.

You will find the Designjet Commercial Council here.

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    I tried to upgrade the firmware to the Designjet T2300 MFP (CN728A).

    I tried with: network, usb, thumb stick.

    It does not at all.

    The current firmware is: IG_02_00_15.1 and I want ot update at: IG_09_00_00.4

    Should I update to the previous firmware: IG_06_00_00.2, first?

    Yes, try the update to firmware IG_06 first before the update of the firmware IG_09.

  • Problem copy with Dos command

    I have a Windows Vista laptop that wasn't signing in Windows & browsing the trunk upwards. He tried to solve the problem but could not.  I replaced the laptop for now and try to restore all the old data.  Unfortunately a very important file is not in the original backup.  I was able to get into the back of command on the old laptop and found the file I want to restore.  I have a USB key that I can add & delete on it but I am having some problems copying the files on it.  I hope that there is someone here who could help refresh my memory to make it work.  I really need this file.

    I have 2 separate files in the following directory for backups of my product of the emails:

    Backup directory: c:\users\Linda\Documents\Incredimail

    File Names:                                                                  File Size:

    2011 11-23-IncrediBackup - Linda M.ibk 26,253,299,746

    2011 12-16-IncrediBackup - Linda M.ibk 28,204,879,070

    That's what I tried:

    backup c:\users\Linda\documents\incredimail > copy *.ibk f:

    Error message: the parameter is incorrect.

    c:\users\Linda\documents\incredimail backup\2011-12-16-IncrediBackup - f: Linda M.ibk

    The system cannot find the specified file

    f:\copy c:\users\Linda\documents\Incredimail Backup\ * .ibk

    The system cannot find the specified file

    Can anyone help with this?

    Thank you

    OK - this is great, this post more later for me (we) do know how things are going...

    I was surprised by the error message (error: the parameter is incorrect.), usually, you can see the error - not enough free space on the disk (device).

    If you use flash with computers disks, you can format all the drives to NTFS flash. Format NTFS is WIndows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and of course you know WIndows 8. Older Windows (such as Windows 98, Windows 95) knows that FAT32.

    The maximum NTFS file size is about 16 TB (of 16 000 GB).

    Perhaps mean you - why is the default to FAT32 ?

    Some modern TV, VCR (DVD) or the satellite receiver USB input and you can Plug the flash drive into this devices - you can see the pictures on TV, that are saved on the flash drive, or you can record a TV show on the flash drive, which is plugged into the TV (or VCR (DVD) or the satellite receiver) , but this devices know only FAT32 format.


  • HP Designjet T2300 PS printer: HP Designjet T2300 gas station problems

    I work for a small engineering firm. We have owned a large scale printer Postscript HP Designjet T2300 plotter for about five years. We rarely have problems with it, but a few days ago, we started to have problems with the service stations of the tracer. Whenever we turn the plotter hear us a loud clicking noise coming from the area of the station.

    We initially received error code 21.2:13. I contacted HP support and they had me run diagnostics on the service station. They returned with the error code of 21:13. I was told that I needed to replace the service station.

    I disassembled the side cover right to access the service station. When you turn on the plotter, as it has gas carrier station inializes goes ahead all the way and continues to click. I got out the service station Assembly and disassemble to see if I could fix it. Badly cleaned ink necessary spittoon & one of the metal clips used to stop the carrier to move too far to the front had popped out.

    I've cleaned all the ink level and I replaced the clip. I reassembled the Assembly and reinstalled in the plotter. After the reboot, I can still hear the rattling noise. The motor that moves the carriage of station service before doesn't seem to work properly. It does not stop when it reached the front of the gas station. She continues to advance the carrier and click on gears.

    Is there a sensor or something built that is supposed to stop the carrier to service station when it is moved to the front as it has supposed to go? Is my only option to replace the entire service station?

    Thank you!


    If there is a click on the service station, provided is because a part broke.

    Your best option is to replace the part number

    CH538-67040 gas station - includes the fall detector and the spittoon of station service

  • problem on copy with hp printer m127


    Sorry! my English is not good

    I have a printer hp m127 and I have problem on copy with this printer

    When I copy an A4 of sandpaper or Charger do not print about 1 inch of the bottom of the page, but when I scan this page, it is OK and when I print the document scanned, it's too good

    I don't know why this problem exists

    Thank you very much

    Hi @hamidjoon and welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I see that you have problems with copy.  I would like to help!

    Before we start, I need a little info:

    I'm a link a few HP Support documents below that will show you how to find what operating system you are using. In addition, if you are using Windows, please indicate if your operating system is 32-bit or 64-bit.

    Mac OS X: how to find which Mac OS X Version is on my computer?
    Operating system Windows am I running?
    Is the Version of Windows on my computer 32-bit or 64-bit?

    Please let me know what you find.  Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

  • Designjet T2300: Error 59.3 Designjet T2300


    I wonder to watch an error Designjet T2300 8.01.

    Someone in front of me like a tried to solve the problem by replacing format it and the hard disk, which are both recycle parts.

    For this reason, he created an error 59.3 & 8.04 (tracer require new original pieces of work).

    The control panel were also replaced.

    So after some tests it looks like no drive must be replaced.

    Do I have to replace the trainer so if I replace the hard drive?

    Thank you.

    I got the number of part of a confidential document from HP, you may have to contact HP service provider to buy the parts.

    You can also try the computers in Minnesota, they are fairly well informed and have many DesignJet parts in stock.

  • Factory\HARD reset HP DesignJet T2300

    Hello! I have HP DesignJet T2300 with lost password. How factory\hard reset this device or enter the service menu (I hope, hard reset is in the menu)?

    If you click on the key icon and scroll to service mode, enter 3174 and scroll to reset access control.   I hope that this resets the password I've ever had to try before.

  • HP C7280 all in one. Problem copying

    HP C7280 all in one.  During the copy with the original on the glass, the copy is fine.  During the copy with the original introduced in the extra paper tray, a vertical line appears at the same place on each copy of the product.  Maybe some soil is at this location on the device that "reads" the original document because it passes?  Any suggestions on how to get and check this out?


    I would tell you to follow the steps mentioned the link and check if this helps out you

    Thank you

    I am an employee of HP, these messages are consistent with my knowledge and HP is not responsible.
    By clicking on the star of congratulations in the post helped you to say thanks.
    Please indicate the position that solved your problem as accepted Solution

  • DVD-R/CD burner drive is not allowing me to copy all files on the disc it says "" problem copying '.

    I have a Dvd-R/CD player David encoder and I uninstalled Roxio because it allows me to copy onto a Dvd - r. But now windows won't allow me not to one, it gives just this error message:

    «Problem copy»

    Windows encountered a problem when trying to copy this folder.
    What do you want Windows to do? "

    I think it might have something to do with the fact that I had there before only on cd player, but I don't know because windows does show that it is a Dvd Player when a dvd is in.

    Hi SanithDemil,

    ·         What it shows as in Windows Explorer?

    Method 1: Run the next Fixit tool to check the issue.

    Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media

    Method 2:

    Step 1: Uninstall and reinstall the Device Manager DVD player. Automatically search for updates to the firmware on the manufacturer's Web site.

    a. click the Start button and then right click on my computer. Click on properties.

    b. click on the Hardware tab, and then click Device Manager.

    c. now, expand the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drives, click with the right button on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive and click on uninstall.

    d. restart the computer.

    Step 2: Log on to the manufacturer of the DVD drive and install the latest updates from driver\firmware.

  • Problem copying of music

    I have a strange problem.  I have 2 albums which won't work on the Clip +.  I ripped out with MS Media Player, and they play well on the computer.  I copied them to the Clip + using Windows Explorer, and when I tried to read them, the Clip + just jump from 1 piece to another without playing them.  I have re-done the copy with the same results.  Then I tried Sync'ing with Media Player and once again, I got the same results.  I had this problem with 1 album previously and found that I had it ripped with the "copy protection" enabled, so I turned it off, and that fixed the problem with this album.  I checked and the "copy protection" is not enabled.

    Anyone has an idea why I see this and how to solve?

    Thank you


    FLAC is the way to fly if you want as the huge reference files.  Tapeworm is right, WMA Lossless is not supported, just regular WMA (compressed).

    If you are interested in playing lossless files, I would advise you of FLAC, is free and works very well.


  • Unable to scan or copy with my Lexmark x 5650 on 32 bit Vista Home premium

    So initially the installation, I had no problem with my Lexmark x 5650 printer, but in the last 3-4 months, I can't scan. She was driving me bananas more recently as I uninstalled it and reinstalled the software and drivers repetively, changed and changed the settings of the back over and over again and search forums for anything will do. I think even just buy a new printer altogether, as the headache of it does not seem worth when well even I got it since last Christmas.

    the facts:

    I have a printer all-in-one lexmark, model x 5650

    I have an intel pentium D running Vista Home premium 32-bit

    I have automatic updates of windows.

    I can print.

    I have never tried the fax.

    I can't scan.

    I can't copy with the lexmark productivity studio application, but I cannot directly from the printer.

    If I select scan directly from the printer, it just says: "downloading application list" but it never downloads.

    When you use the Lexmark productivity Studio scan option, I get an error that says "scan failed. Try these solutions - make sure that the printer's power on and ready. -Make sure that the front usb port is not connected. -Disconnect and reconnect the usb cable. -Disconnect and reconnect the printer power cable. -Restart your computer. For any additional help, use the Lexmark service center. "but none of that actually works.

    If anyone has the answers to this madness, it would be greatly appreciated, because I can't scan and it makes my heart hurt. Thank you.

    I had the problem of the 'Application download list' with the similar X 4550 wireless printer. If you have downloaded the drivers and firmware from the website (this even if they seem to be the same versions that you already have), this procedure was the only way to get the scanner working again.

    • Find the IP address of the printer (see page 129 of the manual)
    • Enter the IP address in the address bar of your browser and press enter
    • You should now have a Lexmark administration page. Click on Configuration
    • Click scan to network host management
    • Check delete all registered guests
    • Click Remove
    • Power switch and the  

    If all goes well, you should find something similar for your printer.

  • Editor Windows Mail problem: copy the text only - no formatting.

    I send each week a report that contains digital data tables.  I used to copy the report from the previous week and simply insert new numbers (most of the entries are zero, so there is relatively little that really needs to be changed).  Then, a few weeks ago, when I copied the previous week report, none of the formatting got - just text copied.  And it's a terrible mess because all the columns compressed on the left margin with only a single space between them.  Column headers do not cover, etc.  It's more work to fix this mess only to re - simply type everything.  Once I get a line put in place in the columns, you would think that I could copy it as many times as necessary to re-create the table - then go back and fill in the changes - BUT NO!  Everything I copy is copied without any formatting being recorded.  What used to take me a minute or two now takes half an hour.  HOW CAN I MAKE THE COPY OF THE EMAIL AS WELL AS TEXT FORMATTING EDITOR?  I think that this problem started with the first report, I tried to create after the installation of Internet Explorer 9.  This is perhaps related to my problem.

    It's quite possible.  There are a number of issues in WinMail IE 9 has touched.  See and I would say that uninstall you it.


  • my printer is copying with a black line in the middle of the page

    My printer has just started the copy with a black line in the middle of the page.  Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it?

    I have a Photosmart C7280 all-in-one printer.  Thank you!

    This document should help:

    Scan quality

  • Cannot install ESXi v5.5 - copy with debugfs error


    I am installing Hypersphere ESXi Vsphere v5.5.0 (or v6.0) on a Dell computer.

    I burned the image to a CD:

    VMWare - VMvisor.Installer - 5.5.0 - update02 - 2068190.x86_64.iso

    I can boot the computer off this CD image, and the first steps of the installation process are ok. At some point, I can accept the license (press F11), and then to select the player that I want to install to.

    In my case, there is only one choice: internal HARD drive. This point is highlighted in yellow, I just press ENTER.

    A few seconds later, I get the following error message:

    Copy with debugfs to /tmp/ESX_upgrade/boot/Initramfs_genkernel-x86-3.14.16-gentoo.gz

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!



    Is there some thing/all operating system installed on the local disk? In this case the local disk wipe could help.

    Alos there could be a problem with the driver for the NETWORK interface that is integrated, which is generally not supported (no driver) with desktop computers. You will need to customize the installation image in this case to add the driver.

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    Yesterday, I installed Photoshop CC (2014) through the creative cloud app. Now, when in Lightroom when I go to "Edit in" and select Photoshop CC (2014) and click on "edit copy with Lightroom adjustments", it opens Photoshop CC (2014) but my picture does not appear?  My picture is displayed when I click on "copy edit" or "edit original".

    How can I fix this so that I can open a photo in Lightroom WITH Lightroom adjustments? Thank you!

    My problem has been resolved by Adobe engineers. It seems that automatic resettlement carried out by sets of upgrade to win 10 everything to "run as Administrator". The simple solution, they told me was to disable this limitation and now everything works as it should.

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    about 10 new excel spreadsheets open every time that you press the volume control.  computer HP Pavilion dx-4-1465dx entertainment notebook pc.  Window update - updated.  HP bios updated.