Question of 2012 of R2 group key Distribution Server configuration.

Hi all

I searched online for more information on the problems of kdssvc. and addition of KDSRoot keys that have been problematic.

In looking Site and Services snap-in and display of the Service node information I see the Server Configuration file, but no input config key Distribution of Service Group.

I don't see anything online that would allow me to recreate the Configuration of the server. Is there a way to re - generate the Cryptography keys properly here and allow me to move forward with additions of Cle_principale. I have a 2003 with a r2 dc 2012 functional area in the field of parent and child.

In the test of items off I see kds configs are always available and kdsrootkey can be created after the deletion of the entry of the Server Configuration. I'm looking for documents of deep dive on the subject.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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    I am using Microsoft Server R2 Standard Edition 2012. I facing ' am question is, I applied a group policy, to block all USB ports on computers in the domain. So without knowing it also applied to the servers in the network. After a while I had to disable the NIC in the server and hit restart. To my great surprise, the group policy is applied, and I am unable to use same USB keyboard and mouse after the restart of the process to the Welcome screen.

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  • Question on ISAKMP POLICY < priority > GROUP?

    Good evening everyone,

    I have a few questions about affecting an isakmp group a 4th connection. I read that Im only allowed to use the Group 1,2,5 (on pix to pix firewall), but I've exhausted all 3 groups with my existing connection and Im currently adding another office off site to the network but can't understand how, need whether in 3des as well.

    These are my configs to the 3 existing work sites, how could I add the site 4th with 3des encryption?

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac AAA

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac BBB

    Crypto ipsec transform-set esp-3des esp-md5-hmac CCC

    vpn_remote 10 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    vpn_remote crypto 10 card matches the address AAA

    card crypto vpn_remote 10 peers set

    card crypto vpn_remote 10 transform-set AAA

    vpn_remote crypto 20 card matches the address BBB

    card crypto vpn_remote 20 peers set

    vpn_remote crypto 20 card value transform-set BBB

    vpn_remote 30 ipsec-isakmp crypto map

    correspondence address 30 card crypto vpn_remote CCC

    card crypto vpn_remote 30 peers set

    CCC vpn_remote 30 transform-set card crypto

    vpn_remote interface card crypto outside

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 10

    ISAKMP policy 10 3des encryption

    ISAKMP policy 10 md5 hash

    10 1 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP life duration strategy 10 86400

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 20

    ISAKMP policy 20 3des encryption

    ISAKMP policy 20 md5 hash

    20 2 ISAKMP policy group

    ISAKMP duration strategy of life 20 86400

    part of pre authentication ISAKMP policy 30

    ISAKMP policy 30 3des encryption

    ISAKMP policy 30 md5 hash

    political group 30 ISAKMP 5

    ISAKMP duration strategy of life 30 86400

    Thank you in advance, I hope someone can give me some input on this.


    You need not to N isakmp policy to support associations N IKE. You can use one for all remote locations. You could live with isakmp policy 10 and use the Group Diffie-Hellman 1 2 or 5 (do not need all three). Just make sure that there are individual cryptographic cards for each site (unless your doing dynamic VPN).

    Also you do not need separate transform-sets because you use the same encryption methods in all three sets of transformation that you have defined.

    If you do not want to change the configs that above, all you have to do is to create a key isakmp, as well as a new instance of crypto 40 for the 4th remote site map.

  • Questions (MS Sculpt Ergo) keyboard: Windows key, Double letters

    I was using an ergonomic keyboard Sculpt Microsoft and mouse for a few months now on Windows 7 running on my computer (iMac in Bootcamp) with no problems until yesterday.  I brought to the top of the keyboard on the screen and the issues I found are the following:

    1. the windows key often seems to be pressed (always with the two shift keys), leading to questions disappearing actually press the Windows key (but refer to chance).

    2. often, while typing some letters will appear twice, it seems that some letters (e, t, h) more than others, but I can't say for sure.

    3. the above questions also shows where I could type a word (for example the combination) and it doubles as a series of letters (ex: combinatioion) or add a letter I typed just after the space I typed (ex: where e).

    4. certain combinations of letter/key (SHIFT + V) do not work, so I can't type a capital "v" without using the on screen keyboard.

    I tried the following things to resolve this, so far without success:

    A. replacement of the batteries in the keyboard.

    B. restart the computer.

    C. blow off dust keys of (the room was clean and did not have whatever it is spilled on it).

    D. removing the Windows and verification key to remove the dirt or anything that might be the cause to push.

    I would appreciate any input, the keyboard is new enough, I can see to have replace if necessary, but I thought I'd check and see if anyone had ideas of software/driver to try first.

    Hello Joe,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I understand you have questions using the keyboard you have made recently. We appreciate the efforts that you have taken to solve the problem, we are happy to help you in the matter of fixing.

    You can try to follow the suggestions mentioned in the link below to solve the problem with the keyboard.

    Troubleshoot wired keyboards that do not or only the erroneous characters category

    Additional information:

    Mouse, touchpad and keyboard with Windows problems

    I hope it works for you. Otherwise, feel free to write us back for assistance.

  • WAAS for RADIUS and Windows Server 2012 NPS server configuration

    I have trouble getting our WAAS to authenticate devices and connection via RADIUS.  Running NPS on Windows Server 2012.  Confirmed that my device WAAS can ping the IP address of the RADIUS server.  Using the attribute Type of administrative service under network policies.  Look in the event viewer, I get an error with event ID 15, "a malformed RADIUS message has been received of the xxxx-WAAS-01 customer. The data is the RADIUS message. »

    Right now, I can connect with only the local default user and password name.  Here are a few config for WAAS, running version 6.2.1:

    RADIUS server key *.
    Server RADIUS auth-host port 1645
    connection of local authentication enable secondary
    enable login authentication RADIUS primary
    local authentication configuration enable secondary
    Service radius Authentication configuration Select primary
    failover of authentication server unavailable

    I confirmed that my shared key is entered correctly on the WAAS and the NPS.  I have the switches/routers Cisco works well on the same RADIUS server.

    Someone had a bit of luck plug their WAAS to RADIUS devices using Windows Server 2012 and NPS?  If so, please share additional measures you have taken to get things to work.

    Hi Paul,.

    Based on the RADIUS error you probably experience failure CSCva14731. This was discovered with Cisco ACS, but can affect other RADIUS servers.

    To confirm, you can check the corresponding error in syslog WAAS:

    authenticate: % WAAS-UNKNOWN-3-899999: pam_radius_auth: talk_radius: RADIUS server did not respond (timeout 5 (sec))

    Also, this defect would not affect peripheral on software 5.x WAAS.

    The problem will be solved in 6.2.3 to come free.

  • Verification of the users belonging to the Group spasfic weblogic server

    I built a simple service application web with jdeveloper strategy (Wssp1.2 - 2007-Https-UsernameToken - Plain.xml) and deploy the weblogic 10.3. Everything works very well in both the client side and server.

    The client side is unable to call any method without specifying the username and password properties. The server automatically checks the user in users values define in weblogic server in the following path (summary of the areas of security > myrealm > users and groups). Hereby, the customer can access the system if he takes one of the users in this group even with the default user weblogic/weblogic.

    Question: How to limit the name to username/password check with specific usergroup?. That is, if the client mentions the name of user and password outside of the Group (even if the values are correct) the server rejects the request

    Problem, solved by (user name: Roque)

    in this link: java - verification of users within the spasfic group of weblogic server for the web service application - Stack Overflow

    Here is his answer for your reference:

    If you use the 'default' weblogic for users authentication method, you can follow these steps to set up an access group policy:

    • Connect to the weblogic administration console
    • Click on the links of deployments
    • Select your webservice
    • Click the Security tab
    • Click the sub-tab political
    • Choose your authorization provider in the menu drop-down (looks like by default)
    • Choose Add Conditions-> Group-> Type in the name of the Group
    • Finishing

    Now that the group you added should be able to invoke the web service. All other users should see something like: Access denied to operation myWebService

  • KMS keys for server 2012/Win 8


    Recently, we have applied the KB2757817 our server to SP1 2008R2 in preparation for our 2012/W8 machines licenses.
    After the restart, we entered our key KMS from the MVLS site and run the cscript command to enter the key to our Standard Server2012. After that, we ran the command of activation with the ato settings, is that OK to do it on a KMS server?
    This process has been a success, however, how do I really know that the steps we have taken are correct? Is it possible using the VMAT 2.0 tool to see that everything is OK?
    Thanks in advance!

    Support is located in the Windows Server Forums:

  • How to stop the red symbols to appear when I use the question mark, the apostrophe and slash keys. This only happens in my e-mail program.

    How to stop the red symbol to appear when I use the key question mark in my e-mail program.

    HI Julie Delany.

    1. for how long are you facing this problem?

    2. is there any changes made prior to this issue?

    3. may I know what mail client do you use?

    Disable the function key (lock) and then check

  • A few general questions about records OS, ID and keys

    Discs, ID and keys

    A few questions:

    Are all the same windows installation disks?
    When I say the same thing, I mean if they are the same product, i'e two disks with Vista Basic on
    Is the product id part of them somehow?
    What's this number on the disc? or do I have reason to think that it is created by the installation and hardware on your laptop / pc
    You can use the same disc windows genuine to install the same copy of windows on two laptops, but by using laptops to separate the key product authentic?
    If someone could answer these for me I would be very grateful


    manufacturer's recovery disks are specific to the make and model

    You cannot use a Dell disk on an HP machine


    BUT, if you have a DVD of Microsoft Vista, it does not matter whether a Microsoft Retail or OEM Microsoft license disk (and I don't speak of HP OEM here, but more particularly Microsoft OEM), read this:

    Microsoft Vista DVD contains all versions of vista

    Make sure that you borrow / use the correct 32-bit or 64-bit microsoft dvd to your computer because there are 2 Vista DVD

    and this is the product key that determines which version of vista is installed

    That's why they are purposes of resettlement used if you cannot acquire the recovery for a particular reason manufactrers discs

  • Question of 2012 R2 install Poweredge R415

    I have my SAS drives in a RAID 5 (PERC S300, Poweredge R415) matrix and also appear online. When I go through the lifecycle to deploy Server R2 2012 he does not see the drive to install the operating system to. I tried to load the driver retrieved through the USB port, but it happens to say that there is no available signed drvier. Can you tell me to fix the driver should I use?


    Unfortunately the S100 and S300 raid controllers do not have support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and there is currently no plan to support these controllers with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in the future. If you use the S300 controllers, you must either get the controller hardware raid (h700), or you would need to follow this procedure to continue.

    • Open the server and remove cables internal SATA connected to the S300 controller and connect it to the embedded SATA controller of the server ports.
    • Power on the server and press F2 to enter the BIOS settings.
    • Enter the--> SATA settings BIOS setup and change it to ATA or ACHI mode depending on what is available. See Figure-1.
    • Save and exit the installation program.
    • Boot from the DVD Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and proceed with the installation
    • You can learn more about this here.

      I hope this helps to answer your question, even though this is probably not the answer you wanted to hear.

  • Morphing of the shape in question, where is my image of key path

    This is probably a really easy question, but I had way too much frustration about that.

    I am morphing shapes I've done successfully, but for some reason, I ran into this issue. When I create a form with the tool pen and then open content > shape 1 > 1 way is the keyframe, the path option.

    The problem:

    I then use the rectangle tool on the same shape layer or a separate shape layer and create my form, and then open content > rectangle 1 > 1 rectangle path and there is not an option for a path keyframe. The keyframe only options I get are size, position and roundness. Where is my path keyframe option?

    Is there a difference I know between the building shape with the pen tool and the shape tool?

    I watched a few tutorial on converting the form of Bézier, but when I click right I do not get this option.

    I use a mac with AE CS6

    Any help is very appreciated


    Make a right click on the name of the rectangle in THE TIMELINE, not the composition window, you can create a nonparametric form by pressing the Alt/Option key and choose only a form.

  • Strange question by using a layer to key as hidden by approach

    Hello world

    I have a strange problem on a model that I work with and because of the way his game upward and the pre comps etc, I don't know yet how to ask questions!

    So, please excuse the next long-term, attempt to explain:

    (1) to start:

    I have a comp with 3 layers of images. A background image Moving 4 K of video blocks, interpreted at 25 fps. A clip of R3D of one of our ships, the camera on a tripod and the ship "Waggling" kept a little up and down - in RAW mode for own overlay. A duplicate of this layer, used as the color corrected layer.

    I have a comp that contains the raw footage, key and then set it to the color corrected images below, Alpha matte.

    01 - Track matte settings.JPG01 - Track matte wing.JPG

    Above is the settings and exit from the squadron of ships.

    It is then precomped and engine lights, streaks and propellants etc. are added with Null objects, lights, optical flares including:

    02 - Precomp Settings.JPG02 - Precomp wing.JPG

    at this point, everything is great, it is then more precomped in a new comp, where it is placed above the background layer - and here is where the problem occurs. It's almost as if the trackmatte is a frame or two behind the color layer:

    03 - final comp settings.JPG03 - final comp wing.JPG<-note the blue edging to the blue screen.

    I followed these layers and back up the precomps, and I can't understand why this happens? I guess I made a really stupid mistake and will gladly apoligize publicly when I find it!

    I don't know what else I can send to help understand this (keyframes on the trackers above there, and the precomps of drag to position and scale change over time on the layer of ship in the final model.) If I pull the precomp ships in the final model as a new layer - the problem remains. If I double click to open the layer of the vessel, the question is not visible.

    Well, that's it. Thank you all.


    Why did you settle your final model to 29.97 FPS rate?

  • Re: Satellite A200: Question about the Windows Vista serial key

    I have a Toshiba Satellite A200 and I doubt, in everest, I can see the key of Windows Vista, but it's different to the Windows key in the tile to the bottom of the laptop.
    I change anything in the laptop because I bought, I have use once the recovery cd, but I have not a pirate key or something like that.

    Why this different key?

    Post edited by: Admin

    I agree with the user above.
    The serial key you will find at the bottom of the device is not similar to the serial key that can be read using a few 3rd party applications!

    But you don t need such series on your Toshiba laptop key.
    The restore CD contains an image of Toshiba which is already activated!

  • QUESTION: SE 2012 data display returns to the time graph each time


    I have SigExp 2012.

    If I try to add a data view and make a pledge of graphic style, thermometer, etc., as soon as I have the right up until it clicks, add my TC chain, the data view returns immediately to a graph time.

    In addition, even if I use the graph of time, once I added the signal, it only let me see the string in a table, a chart of time or a waveform graph.  Those are the only choices.

    If I use a graph of time or a band of waveform graph, it does not read the signal correctly, but I can not configure the data view, the way I want it.

    Is this a bug or I do something wrong?

    Thank you!

    This occurs when you try to change the display of a signal in its raw format "waveform".
    You must convert your signals in scalar format. To do this simply add an amplitude and levels step (under: analysis > measures Time-Domain). Drag this DC signal newly converted to a new chart and right click on the graph to change the display.

    Honestly, I'm not sure why raw waveform signals are inherently limiting viewing functionality, but in such cases, it is.

    You can also; According to the devices on which you use and the order in which you add to your DAQmx Acquire, some default signals step to scalar signals without having to convert.

    See the attached screenshot and you'll see how the icons are different between the waveforms and scalar signals.

    Hope that helps

  • does anyone know how to change the settings to view photos within months, they have been taken this year? for example, all photos taken in March 2012 with being grouped together.

    I use to have this setting but a few days previously, he changed and I now juice have folders with the date, the pictures have been downloaded on my computer

    Hello NatalieSayer,

    This thread has been created in the image and video forum. the Microsoft moderation team has moved this thread in the Files folder and research forums.

    I suggest you look at this article if you are running Windows 7. It will tell you how to organize your files by date:

Maybe you are looking for