Re: No scroll in win7 on Satellite P300D

I use win7 32 on Satellite P300D-10u. It works well, but there is no scrolling.
Should which driver I install to enable scrolling on the touchpad?

Thank you.

Did you have a Win7 upgrade or clean install of Win7?

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  • Satellite P300D-12F shows blue screen by installing Win7

    When I bought ths laptop, Windows Vista is already installed (32 bit Premium).

    Now, I bought Windows7 Prof I wanted to upgrade my system. But, is not possible. Because of the compatibility of professional and high quality of windows.
    That's why I have to install windows 7 from the beginning (New Installation, no upgrade)
    I tried to install the system

    The problem is that I always get blue screen windows

    What should I do? What is the reason for this problem?
    Thank you

    I installed Win7 on a friend's Satellite P300D month without problems.

    Here is my order of installations:
    Satellite P300D-13N and own Win7

    -display driver
    -driver sound
    Driver LAN-
    -Supervisor password utility
    -card reader controller
    -WLAN driver
    -Infrared driver
    -Registry patch 1.2
    -Hardware configuration
    -Toshiba Assist (Vista)
    touchpad driver-
    driver webcam-

    Before you begin installation remove all existing partitions and create a new partition and he chose to install Win7. That s all that I did.

  • Satellite P300D-136 - how to restore the system?


    I own a Toshiba Satellite P300D-136 with Windows 7 (64-bit) and I want to restore the system. I've tried the way by clicking on the value 0 or F8 at startup, but it does not :-(

    The HDDRestore Partition is available...

    Best regards


    As far as I know Satellite P300/P300D comes with Vista and not with Win7 for Win7 installation drive recovery HARD work not at all. You can install Vista, maybe, but certainly not Win7.

    Because of this, I assume that you have installed your own version of Win7. Can you confirm this?

    Is that HARD drive recovery facility (F8 > fix my computer) works with the installation of recovery only (out of the box).

  • Satellite P300D Pro and Windows 7 - LCD problem


    I update my Toshiba Satellite P300D from Vista to Windows 7 Pro and the only problem is when I change rezolution of 1440-900 to 1280-800 or below my screen shrinks
    Ye and 1 last thing I have hiden partition recovery, but now I can't start to set Vista.

    Anyone know what to do about it?

    Have you noticed a few problems with the native resolution of the poster?
    It makes sense when you use non-native resolution LCD will be somewhat different.
    So if the image is perfect with a native resolution, everything is OK.

    If you did own option of recovery installation Win7 will be gone and you will not be able to install HDD recovery again.

  • Satellite P300D - touchpad does not work

    I have a Satellite P300D-131 with Windows 7 64 bit. The touchpad does not work.

    Activation with Fn + F9 has no effect. The device manager says that the device is functioning.
    Who knows the reason? Could be a driver problem.

    Where can I get a driver appropriate? I already searched the Download Center of Toshiba software without success.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to offer a diagnosis in order to answer your question may be some speculation on the possible reasons.

    In your ad, it is not clear since when you have this problem.

    I installed Win7 64 bit on several laptops P300 and everything was ok.
    Since when you have this problem? I can't imagine touchpad doesn't work all the time since when you use Win7.

    It is interesting that I ve seen that Windows update offers updates of the driver Synaptics listed as optional update. Perhaps you have it installed?

    Did you install driver touchpad of Toshiba download page? If Yes, have you tried to remove it and test the features?

    Does touchpad work in safe mode?
    Open the properties of the mouse and check if peripheral is enabled/disabled?

  • Satellite P300D - 21K: Windows 7 64 bit upgrade level & RAM Upgrade advice

    Hi, I need some advice on upgrading my laptop. My laptop is a:

    Toshiba Satellite P300D - 21K
    Model No.: PSPD0E - 00H003EN

    I think of upgrading to windows 64-bit (lucky students can do that for A £30!) to help speed up my laptop. I use some CAD applications, so 64-bit should help with the speed of these applications. Question:

    (1) are there reasons that someone could advise me not upgrading to 64-bit with my laptop?
    (2) I need to update my RAM at least 4 GB for 64-bit. I currently have 3 gig, so I guess I need to replace my stick of 1 GB with a 2 gig stick? Or did I put a 4 GB stick with my existing 2 gig stick?
    (3) going to upgrade my ram and operating system void my warranty?

    1 in my opinion there is no reason why you should not install version 64-bit OS. Just be sure that all 64-bit drivers are available on the Toshiba support page.
    I imagine at the moment for Win7 drivers are still not available and you have to wait.

    2. According to the specifications of the laptop Satellite P300D - 21 K can handle with 4 GB 2x2gb RAM max is the maximum that you can do about it.
    2 GB compatible RAM has PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    3 No.

  • Satellite P300D-13N and Installation of XP problems (Sata driver)


    I have some problems with my XP Downgrade.
    I tried to integrate the Intel Storage Manager driver in my XP CD, but unfortunately it did not work.
    Probably because I've been incorporating all THE drivers, who were available, not only who should work for my chipset.
    Anyway, in one of the threads of this forum, there is a link to [THIS how-to |] and I think I found my problem...

    [Here:] is a screenshot of my (sorry to make it in German) Device Manager preinstalled Vista.
    As you can see, there is no information about the Version of controller.

    So my question is, WHAT chipset is built into my laptop, because it is due to the fact that Intel drivers do not work AND there is no information on any Intel-inverter speed, I have no idea, I have to integrate into the XP CD to get my XP Installation working drivers. :(

    Help :(

    Thank you

    Laptop: Satellite P300D-13N PSPDCE


    According to the specifications of the laptop, your laptop has an AMD RX780M chipset. Processor is AMD Turion Dual Core RM - 70 (2.0 GHz).

    I hope this info will help you.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300D - 15 c is very slow to start WMI


    My pc (Satellite P300D - 15 c) is very slow at startup.
    When I look in the newspaper, there is a WMI wich tooks 2 minutes East service delivered with an error.

    After that, my pc on the screen fr jumps 'welcom' starts normally.

    So I turn the WMI service, but that there are other mistakes after the full boot (tosipcsrv.exe close).

    Is there another type of solution, except turn the WMI service?

    Sorry for my bad English,
    If you can answer me in Dutch or English basic ;-)
    With sincere friendships.

    Johan Nijsse

    Here's the (Dutch) log of the WMI problem:

    Logboeknaam: Application
    Bron: Microsoft-Windows-WMI
    Reference: 2009-04-06 22:52:53
    Gebeurtenis-id: 10
    Taakcategorie: Geen
    Level: who cares
    Trefwoorden: Klassiek
    Gebruiker: Derby
    Computer: PC_Fam_Nijsse
    Gebeurtenisfilter met query SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99 kan niet worden van naamruimte //./root/CIMV2 vanwege opnieuw doing 0 x 80041003. Mogelijk worden er geen gebeurtenissen via said thing totdat het clean filter is corners.

    0 x 80000000000000



    SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA 'Win32_Processor' AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99
    0 x 80041003

    Very good thread on slow start up you will find under

    It will be interesting for you.

  • Satellite P300D-110 does not recognize the 9 cell battery

    Can someone help me with a bios version of work?

    Running v2.80 with 32-bit vista, in this configuration, the battery is not recognized. I read in a German forum I need v3.00 or higher there is no newer version on the download section that works on vista 32 bit.

    Hi mate

    Your laptop P300D-110 belongs to the series of PSPD4E.
    For this series, you will find only 2.80 BIOS.
    There are other satellite P300D as PSPD8E or PSPDCE series.
    3.30 BIOS is available for this series.

    I think that the problem is not related to the BIOS if you had no problems in the past, so I think that your battery is defective.

  • Satellite P300D 10V - problem with TV OUT


    I have a card ATI HD3650 in my Toshiba Satellite P300D 10V model and I can't use my TV out!
    It does not work! How to start!

    I use a newer driver of origin! With the previous driver output TV not too worked!

    Kind regards!


    The laptop seems to support a 4pijn s-video port and HDMI port.
    Which port you use to connect to the TV?

    You can use both and it only depends on the available on television port.
    Choose the right channel on the TV and then use the FN + F5 key combination to switch to the TV out.

  • When I touch my Satellite P300D support component turns


    I got my Satellite P300D for awhile now however when I try to clean up when its been turned off and I have spend my sheet over the media group above keyboard turns itself on which is annoying when you're trying to clean it up.
    No one knows how to stop it turning I would decide when to turn it on lol

    Any help gratefully received

    Kind regards



    Since when did you notice this problem?
    Have you installed the latest version of the BIOS?

    On this behavior, I found a similar thread:

    So I can say this normal behavior of s is on when you press the button mute.

  • Screen keeps freezing on Satellite P300D

    Hello everyone,

    One of my friends has a Toshiba Satellite P300D - 15 c and its screen keeps freezing (stripes, colors).

    It happens randomly and he told me that the laptop is pretty hot.

    Known problems with this? Memory failure? Out of the video card?


    Stef Broere
    T: + 316 3893 4404
    E: [email protected]


    > he told me that the laptop is pretty hot.
    No doubt, in this case due to a higher internal temperature
    Your friend is already cleaned the laptop?

    There is an interesting article in the forum on the Toshiba laptops cooling system cleaning:
    [How to clean a Toshiba laptop cooling system? |]

    Check this box!

  • Bug BIOS on Satellite P300D-136


    I bought a Satellite P300D-136 and update BIOS version 1.90, but power management does not work.

    Vista and Ubuntu 8.04 has been reported to me by inability to change the frequency of my turion x 2 ultra zm-80, so it stucks on 2.1 GHz, even when not used...

    What can I do?

    And what's with the power management?

    You write about Vista or Toshiba power management?

  • Satellite P300D-13 has (PSPDCE) - downgrade to Windows XP SP2 from Prof. - pilot

    Hello, first of all, I come from Germany and I hope you understand my problem...

    I bought last week it really useful for computer laptop Satellite P300D-13 (PSPDCE) and have now a few huge problems...

    I have download all the drivers of P300D Series for Windows XP and also installed the display driver.
    My problem is that the sound is not as good as on Vista. He did not get the right sound for me... Is this a driver problem? But I can listen to the sound...

    Another problem is that Windows XP found SM Bus controller, but cannot find a driver for it.

    I know it was a big mistake not to burn a DVD of VISTA recovery but I have all the files for recovery on a separate disk DVD. If I have the Toshiba recovery software can I make a DVD of recovery with the old files of Vista on Windows XP? If all goes well, there is a solution...

    I don't like Vista, it's like a very expansive toy for me. So I decided to install Windows XP Prof. SP2...

    I hope someone can help me...

    Regarding the noise I suggest you to check the website of conexant for some newer drivers, maybe they could improve the 'sound quality' of your audio output.

    The SM-Bus is part of the ATI chipset and install it that you only have to google for "ATI SMBus" that returns thousands of links to driver ATI SM - Bus.
    With the recovery it s not so easy because the file structure on the recovery partition is not similar to the image of final recovery on the recovery CD.

    I suggest to make a picture of your XP, recover your machine with the recovery of HARD drive, burning media, and then copy the picture from your previous installation of XP on the C: drive. I know it sounds a bit like much work but it s worth. :)

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P300D-110 integrated webcam does not work properly.

    Hi all

    as the title suggests, the webcam built-in in my Toshiba Satellite P300D-110 does not work correctly. Allow me to explain. Using the camera Assistance software I can take pictures and record music. If I try to record a video preview screen comes black and the end result on black, pitch black aswell tuns.

    Whenever I try to use my camera with applications such as MSN Live Messenger, Skype or on community websites, using Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari the app crashes.

    * How what happened? *

    You tell me. That's how it happened;
    * 1st day: I booted up my laptop and looked at my installation fresh and clean Windows vista Home premium. I tried my webcam using the webcam support software and it worked like a charm.
    * Day 2: once I start my laptop and try to start my webcam only to find out that he is no longer functions.
    To give a quick summary of the thread;

    Help of camera Assistance software provided by Toshiba, can I take pictures.
    Help of camera Assistance software provided by Toshiba, I can record the sound.
    Using camera Assistance software provided by Toshiba I can _ * NOT * _ save or preview of a video.
    * I can't start my camera using any other application such as, but not limited to; MSN Live Messenger, Skype, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safar.
    * I downloaded and isntalled the latest drivers on the Toshiba site.
    Portable listen is on a weekday.

    I'm not sure what more I can do, all I want is for the webcam works, if someone can help me please do.
    And if possible WITHOUT having to reinstall Windows Vista Home Premium.
    I have not yet used and would not do as a solution to all the problems that might occur in the future.


    a sad customer.

    Camera Assistance software using provided by Toshiba I can't save or preview of a video.
    Can you please describe the steps how you try to do this? I have to ask you this question because it works fine on my laptop. When the recording is finished Player opens and you can see saved the film. This is the avi format and at the top of this player, you can see the path where the film is recorded.

    Strangest thing for me, is that you can not use it with Skype. OK for MSN is not perfect, but there is absolutely no problem with Skype. Make sure the settings and it should work somehow.

Maybe you are looking for

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