Satellite A50 - recovery disk not recognized


I have a Satellite A50 who I am rebuilding. I insert the recovery disk came with the laptop. I get a window with the message
"This recovery and Applications CD is not configured to work with this machine (laptop). This CD is for: Satellite A50. Please use the good recovery and Applications CD".

I'm looking at this message. I look at my laptop with Satellite A50 wrote about it. And I don't know what to do next. Can anyone help?

Thank you... Peter


I agree with Bob. Mobo was traded in the past?

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  • Satellite 5005 - recovery disk not recognized

    I'm trying files my satellite 5005-S504 but when I put the original disc, one in the computer does not recognize say 5005 series disc and is not compatible with this PC.

    Help, please!

    Can you tell us more about your laptop?
    Is this laptop your day or you have bought used?
    East - the first time that you use the recovery disk?
    Maybe is exchanged mainboard?

    In any case, visit Toshiba US page under for assistance

    There you can find description and DMI tool how to use it. After using this tool, the motherboard will have good information. Before the start of the recovery procedure this information is compared with the information stored on the recovery image. If these two pieces of information are the same, you will be able to install the recovery image.

    Surroundings and good luck

  • Satellite A10 - recovery disk not recognized

    I want to format my hard drive and reinstall windows xp.

    Of course, I have Toshiba A10 laptop with HDD 160g, 1 g of Ram, cd/dvd player and the restore disc (cd).

    Problem: the restore disc is not recognized by the cd player. When I insert the disc, then again, boot sequence goes to hard drive and boots from there

    What I did:
    1. check if the reader sees another s cd. Answer Yes, Yes
    2 boot sequence of the bios checked as well as toshiba consoles set up made sure it is
    in "order"hdd, lan, floppy, cdrom", (I tried other combinations starting with cd as well).
    3. I cleaned the restore disc, didn't work
    4. I ordered another set of Toshiba restore disk, which did not work either, still not recognized
    5. I bought a cd/dvd external reader believe it or not, disc starts to work in this case, I get a warning screen shows all data will be lost and asks me to click if I want to continue, when I click it says will now restart the computer and it does but comes back and goes back on the hard drive and boots from there.

    I must also add; When I switch on I get "' pxe e61 media test failure, mof outgoing intel boot agt" msg, according to my search, this problem indicates hard disk.
    but my hard drive does not work,

    Will someone give me an advice?

    If the BIOS is set to boot from the local network first, before trying to boot from the HARD drive, you will see the error PXE.

    Have you tried to clean the lens in the DVD player? Wipe with a Microfiber cloth.

    try holding down "C" when you turn on the laptop, this will make it boot from the CD.

  • Satellite A50 - recovery disk is not working


    I'm trying to do a clean install on my laptop, but the recovery disk is not working.
    The files transferred to the laptop, but once done, I get an error message that says: "the system is not fully installed. Please run Setup again."

    Does anyone have suggestions as to how to fix it?

    It took me four days to get to this point and make me very frustrated.

    Thanks heaps



    What is the installation using another CD; That is to say the Microsoft Windows XP disk?
    Have you tried that?

    In my opinion, this would help to pinpoint the problem
    The error message can be linked to different issues; I mean the HARD drive or a single partition problem could also be possible.

    Try to format the drive HARD whole again. Delete all partitions from the HARD drive and check if you can proceed with the installation.

    But if you will not be able to install the OS by using the recovery disk and other disks then a question must relate to a part of the material. (possibly HDD)

  • Re: Qosmio x 770-107 - recovery disk not recognized

    I gave up my old 3 months Qosmio x 770-107 last week and killed my HARD drive. A new HARD disk, exact replacement to order it. Ordered a DVD of recovery of this backup media site that is posted here. I entered number etc.

    Rolled up today but at the start it is not recognize at all. He sees my drive in the BIOS, and I changed the startup as well as preferences to try waiting usual f12 or whatever.

    All I get is:
    "Reboot and select proper boot device."
    Or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key. »

    It doesn't matter what I do.

    I tried another windows 7 boot cd and it started to load files perfectly. It's infuriating after 8 days of waiting, I thought I was back in business.

    Any help?

    Thank you


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    > I tried another windows 7 boot cd and it started to load files perfectly.

    This means that you can install Win7 using the original installation disc from Microsoft but Toshiba recovery disc is not recognized at all?

  • Satellite Pro 6100: disk not recognized HARD - error IDE #0

    I just replaced a failed HARD drive from MK4019GAX in my 6100 Pro of the Satellite with a MK4026GAX and have tried to install XP Home. I can't recognize the hard drive of the computer.

    When I boot, I get a message ERROR IDE #0 before installing Windows, then a message saying that all third party SCSI drivers should be installed first. (I'm starting with the Windows disk in the drive) then when it is at the end of the installation process a message saying that "put in place did not any hard drives installed in your computer.

    If I boot without the Windows I'm getting PXE - E61 Media test failure.

    When I go into the BIOS ACPI BIOS version 1.90, under devices "Mode HDD = used (s) ' I can't get in to change and there is nowhere else that seems related to the hard drive (apart from the boot priority section).

    I read on a forum somewhere that there could be problems getting the BIOS to recognize a new HARD drive.

    It is a common problem for this model, or is the new hard drive may be defective?
    Is there a workaround or a solution?

    If all requested assistance right.



    This error message indicates that the HARD disk drive was not properly acknowledged. The fact is that this unit uses a regular IDE (ATA-5) interface and the new HARD drive is supported by this interface.
    In this case, I assume that the HARD drive has not been installed correctly. Try to remove the HARD drive and check the connections.
    The other possibility is that the HARD disk controller is dead.
    In this case, the service partner must check the laptop.

  • Satellite L30 recovery disk failed: could not do language input error

    I have a L30-101, which has been slow to turn on. Another forum suggested going in ms config to ensure the maximum memory used to initialize and uncheck that some elements to start. When I rebooted, windows icons have been expanded and slightly blurry, so I undid the changes I did but windows is still not clear. The laptop works well otherwise, so I recorded that restore data, I needed and tried a system, but the computer can't find any restore points.

    As a last resort, I tried the Toshiba product recovery disk which I had never used it before. He begins to read it ok, then asks for the choice of the English language. About 10 minutes later it stops with the error message "could not get a writing of the language of the INI file! Article: [Commom] key InstallCMD file D:\Setenv.ini.
    When I hit OK to clear the message the Administrator page says could not initialize the raid class no RAID-continue normally.

    When I restart the laptop it brings back me to my previous state with blurry icons, another way to work laptop and all my old data is still there.

    I have since bought a new portable Satellite L450D that I write this, but I'm eager to try to lift my L30 and working again as a spare. I contacted Toshiba UK in case there was a problem with the recovery disk, but due to licensing issues they can only redirect me to the support of EU toshiba backup site to buy a new recovery disk. As I already have a recovery disk, I don't want to buy another for the same results. Does anyone have ideas on how I could get the recovery disk to load entirely and recover my laptop to its factory settings?

    At first, I must say that you should back up all your important data to an external device like external HD or USB. When you use the recovery facilities disc all the partition is deleted.

    I don't know why you cannot use livery recovery disk, but the only thing to do is to visit nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer and show the problem. If they can confirm recovery DVD is defective, I assume that you will get a new free of charge.

  • For Satellite 5200 recovery disk does not work


    I try to use the recovery for Satellite 5200 disk but it won't work. I have the recovery disk in the DVD player and I tried holding C and also tried to change the boot sequence by pressing F12 at startup to the top but he's not in it.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Is there a problem with the drive while the OS is running? Try to use different bootable CD and see exactly what is happening.

  • Recovery disk not recognize in my Satellite M70


    I own a Toshiba Satellite M70. Recently, I installed Ubuntu and in the process of formatting my drive hard completely ended.
    I tried to run the recovery disk I got with the computer I want to run Windows XP on it again.

    However, the recovery disk that my computer does not recognize as a Toshiba.

    When I called the service center, they said something like I need to put in the computer to run the Disk Manager.

    Can anyone help?



    Are you sure you are using the right recovery disk?

    Have you changed some parts in the laptop IE. motherboard?
    Usually the DMI contains some details about the cell phone as number series, model, etc.
    If the motherboard has been changed and the DMI has not been updated, then you could get this show.
    In this case, the DMI must be updated and this can be done by an ASP.

  • Satellite M105 - recovery disk is not load all the drivers

    I wiped my M105 HD using the Toshiba Recovery DVD. XP Home loaded, but good number drivers did not load as the ATI, Intel Wireless, Ethernet, etc..
    Most of the factory programs installed, but not important factors.

    What do you advise?

    Thank you


    Did you use the right Toshiba Recovery disk?

    I put t know why it happened, but try to install the drivers manually. You can find the Toshiba site:

    Good bye

  • DVD - RW for Satellite 2800-500: IDE1 error, disk not recognized

    Installation of a slim drive DVD - RW NEC ND6500 caused a message "Error IDE1" at startup and the drive was not recognized.
    The DVD-RW Toshiba SD - R6472 drive is not compatible with my Satellite 2800-500?
    Does anyone know a way to make someone of them work?

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    The problem is that all CD/DVD drives cannot work spirit all models of laptops. The problem is that there is no way to change to master or slave. AFAIK there is no public document that shows the discs and laptop computer compatibility.

    The best solution is to check if the drive is CSEL. In this case, it should work properly. If you can check please if you can find the CSEL notation on the label located on the upper side of driver s.

    Good bye

  • For Satellite L450 recovery disk does not work

    My laptop's daughter was so slow, that we decided to take it back to factory settings. There is no disk recovery with the laptop because it has the repair work however when we did the computer is no longer started upward and when we started it in safe mode, the repair option was gone!

    I've then went to and bought the recovery disc, seem to work, load files etc and then says loading windows, but the screen just goes black.

    I can't find a phone number or contact point on the invoice and if I will have to consider in a shop to repair I don t want to have paid for both disks that do not work!

    I do something wrong or can any one help?

    Thank you

    New laptops are available with preinstalled operating system and without recovery disk but in user s manual is clearly described that you can create this preinstalled software recovery disk Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    I m wondering really you didn't mark this option.

    In any case, try to reuse this disc to see if the problem occurs again and again. If you will not be able to install the original recovery image I recommend you contact the nearest Toshiba service provider and ask for help.

  • Satellite A200 - hard drive not recognized

    Hello. Deploy a satellite A200.

    Original problem would not initialize only power light and hard drive light came on a second, nothing on the screen, not access to the parameters of F2. Reinstall memory, no go, deleted the test and drive hard and read disc hard ok in an external enclosure. With disk hard deleted computer will start after market boot disk and running program diagnosis ok. Can now access the settings of F2.

    Format external hard drive, reinstall and start with the startup disk, hard disk appears in the bios, the test runs diagnostic ok.
    Tried to install Windows XP and XP pro and windows twice starts to install and then comes up with an error saying there is no hard drive present, even if the Bios and a diagnostic boot disk at the same time recognize the hard drive.
    Tried another hard drive with the same problem, not recognized.

    Any ideas?


    Have you tried to reinstall Windows using the Toshiba Recovery disk? Normally with this record everything should work fine because it s pre-tested and specifically designed for your laptop.
    Check this box!

    In the worst cases, your HARD drive is faulty and you need a new. The HARD drive seems to have random failures.

  • Satellite A100 - recovery will not be finished and stop error message occurs

    Satellite A100-S2211TD, OS is Windows XP Home Edition of recovery disk,

    I have updated the BIOS to 2.20 and laptop was working fine. The old installation of Windows factory has worked well.
    After a few weeks, I tried to use the recovery disk to remove the noise from the HARD drive.
    The recovery of disk task completed and the computer restarted.
    I got the stop error message
    STOP: 0x0000007B (0xFA335528, 0xC0000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
    I removed the memory that I have entered over the past two years and return the PC in the factory scene.
    However, recovery will not be finished (he worked to restore).

    I am able to boot in dos with a separate boot disk (Dr. back, windows does not start, not even in the safe control mode) and I did chdsk of the disc and disc is fine.

    I've never used before recovery disc, the only thing different is BIOS 2.20 instead of 1.50.
    WEB of TOSHIBA said that if you upgrade the BIOS most 2.00 you can not return to 1. XX

    Thank you


    The A100-S2211TD doesn t support the Intel Chipset!
    This laptop was equipped with the ATI graphics card and the graphics driver on the Toshiba page contains us the graphics driver and chipset driver!

    Have you received 100% good recovery CD?

    In your case I would try to install Win XP from the Microsoft CD to check if the same error would appear if no drivers are included in the CD of the OS.

    Check it out

  • Satellite A200 - recovery disk problems

    I just bought the (all new store big tech) Satellite A200 for a few months and not used because I was on business trip to take. This weekend, I opened it up and running for a while.

    After that I read the manual and found that I need to create a recovery from the tools provided disk. However, the problem start here:

    1. when I click on "Recovery Disc Creator", a message is display "no HDD Recovery area!, the toshiba Recovery Disc creator cannot be launched."

    2 then I call center service support and to inform that there is a problem with the "recovery disk creator" and I have to retrieve the laptop using the hard drive partition recovery (waiting when 0 turning on the system) and the next step is complete:
    a. the laptop's boot in the recovery screen function.
    b. when I try to "restore windows PC" (option 3), it is display and error message on file not found.
    c. when I try to click on "restoring the recovery disk" (option 5), it asks me to put in the recovery disk which I do not have?

    NOTE: I'm sure that the hidden recovery partition is therre. 1.46 GB. There is no way that I can access the hidden partition from a normal windows vista screen (without drive letter).

    Then, I called the support center again (now what difference person support) and to inform you that:

    1. my recovery partition is corrupted and I need to get the recovery disk again (which I did not), it's going to cost me AUD $66 (I got from HP one and cost me AUD $15 and will be free if I come and Pick-up) for administrative costs. And it is a procedure.

    2. I explain to the support staff that it is brand new in the box laptop and I consider it as defective on arrival (DOA or FOA.

    3. I also ask what causes the problem and has been a consultant with the following reason:
    a. I may have deleted the partition accident (impossible because I still can start on the recovery partition, but can not recovery which all).
    b. There may be a virus infect in my laptop which was remove my recovery file in the hidden partition (ridiculous, you can delete some files in the drive on which you cannot yet access).
    c. I should create a recovery disc when the first time LAPTOP computer service. Which it is recommended, I get a question that if I do not, or I forgot to do so, this means that the software will automatically delete the system restore image file? I have no answer for that.

    State (when I try to post this messgae), I'm still waiting for the staffs of complaint call fomr back (very tie when you talk in support of service these days).

    NOTE 2: I would like to raise these issues, not because I want something (I do both IT support) complaints but I just want to solve the problem:

    1. is there some sort (software) allow me to access the hidden drive in and out of recovery disc image, my laptop still have the partition.

    2. is there a link I can download image recovery (in iso format) disc again? I've known it is not a question of wise, but when I ask the support staff that can re - install windows vista with the license key from the bottom of the laptop and has advised that it is not work or turn on.

    3. is there someone out there has similar problem

    Hi Thomas

    I have a European model A200 (don t know what you model is) and the A200 was NOT equipped with the option of HARD drive recovery! This means that you cannot create your own recovery disk!
    My laptop came with the Toshiba Vista recovery DVDs!

    Still is it that your 1.46 GB hidden partition is not the Toshiba recovery partition but Vista hidden partition. It contains the WinRE files that are useful for repairing the operating system if something will go wrong!

    Second, the Toshiba Recovery folder is too big for the partition of 1.46 GB!
    So it is not possible that it would be placed on this s partition!

    So finally, it seems that you will not be able to create the own recovery disk and therefore, you have to order it from the ASP in your country.

    Welcome them

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