Satellite A500 - screen is completely black

I got my laptop Satellite A500 for about 4 months and already there is a problem with it.

After that I had played a few MMO on it for a while so I decided to power out of the night. The next day I started my A500 and there was a completely gray screen and I waited for at least half an hour before holding the power button for 6 seconds just to restart, so when my A500 started to the top of the screen was completely black, but the power LED light was off, but the only lights which were the key commands on the Panel next to the screen and the power light to indicate that it carried out.

After several tries, the problem had been held, is anyway to fix this?


Hi mate,

Have you plugged an external monitor? I mean without it it's hard to say what causes this problem, but I guess that he associated material s. So if the external proceedings, I think that only the internal display is the cause maybe the FL inverter?

Anyway, in both cases you need assistance from an authorized service provider. Guys can check your laptop and fix it for you. :)

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  • Satellite L500 - screen is completely black after stand-by

    I have a L500 and after that my computer is on standby, the tried to reactivate it. Now it will not display anything on the screen its completely black and have no idea of what should happen or do.

    Can anyone help?


    You see something on a screen? The internal screen is probably defective, so you don t see anything.

    If an external monitor stays black I would try to remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter. Then wait at least one or all the night. Now connect the AC adapter and install the battery. Before you turn on the laptop, make sure that the battery is fully charged. Now, try to start your laptop and check what is happening.

    In the worst case it serious hardware malfunction and that means that you would need professional assistance service authorized in your country.

  • Satellite A500 - screen suddenly goes black with a continuous noise

    I have a Satellite A500 age of 2 months - so I'm working on it, screen goes black and there is a continuous noise until I have shut it down manually. What happened a couple of times. No error message.

    I just know that if anyone had this problem or knows what it is before you contact the retailer or Toshiba, if this is the best route to go.

    Thank you


    I also own a500 but isn't a problem like yours. I got a blue screen and stop message driver responding. Have you tried to reset to factory settings (F8)? also try to update a graphics driver: _ whql.exe

    It is not the page of the Toshiba driver from I installed it a month ago and given that everything works great. I don't know if this can help, but try.

  • Tecra M3 - when the motorized screen is completely black

    Hi all

    I really need help with this one!
    I plugged my tour through an S-video to a flat screen and watched a movie and throughout the film, everything worked very well. I stopped regular and normal. Went home and it start and started regularly and I go into my profile and startup programs started running; It froze!

    The mouse icon was surrounded in a cube that was slightly shaded vertical lines. I restarted my computer and as it started showing the logo "XP" when it starts, it displays blue line oriented vertically once more but in the whole of the totality of the screen in groups of 4, all the corners of the screen, then when it is supposed to display your profile to choose to sign in there went blue and showed and error gives me enough time to read and stop.
    When restarting again the screen is completely black and never displays anything.

    I am able to connect via s-video for device that never to see the picture or just a regular screen but the problem now is that it shows these crazy characters across the screen as a sign with the point on top and courses I m able to do the options because I'm familiar with computers , but it does not allow to run regularly.

    I need help please this situation!


    Akuma's right, if you have the same problem on an external monitor s seems to be that the motherboard or the graphics chip is defective and must be replaced.

    In your case I would contact an ASP. They can check your laptop and swap the motherboard. decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good bye

  • The button on my lockscreen does not work on my phone. Recently, my screen went completely black. I can turn on siri. How can I get my screen to turn back?

    My 5 IPhone lockscreen button does not work so I use touch help to the screen power off and screenshot. As I was using my phone my screen went completely black. I tried to plug it into a charger and call but the screen still won't turn. My phone vibrates when I call and I can't turn on siri. I tried to search the Internet on how to re-enable it. Everything I've seen involves using the screen lock button but obviously I can not use it. How do I reactivate it?

    Hello tumbler3100,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple!

    I understand that your iPhone screen is returned while you were using it and the on/standby button does more either. Because your iPhone is always vibrate when you call and you are able to use Siri, it seems there is a problem with the backlight on your iPhone.

    Because you have a separate hardware two related issues going on with your iPhone, I suggest putting your iPhone in an Apple Retail Store or Apple authorized service for an assessment of your device provider. More information about these options can be found in the following link.

    Apple - Support - Service Response Center

    See you soon!

  • My laptop screen went completely black when I plugged in the charger. Help, please!

    My dough went critical at seven percent (7%) last night and I went down to the charger plugged it. The screen is totally black, but its still on.

    PS. It is not a problem of screen brightness.

    A concerned customer.

    You need to make a diagnosis.

    If your laptop has a VGA video port, try connecting a monitor to it.

    Have you tried a full stop and restart?  Stop, remove the battery.  Hold the button for 7 seconds.  Now, without the battery, a power.  If this brings a screen, stop it again and re - install the battery and try again.

    Until you can provide more specific information, no one will be able to help you.

  • Laptop turn on but the screen is completely black

    Hi guys,.

    I was wondering if someone have an idea as to why my laptop (which was working perfectly last night), now has a black screen when I try to turn it on.
    I read in some other forums who offered to take out the battery and hold the power button, but that didn't work...

    Thank you.

    Hi Jess

    Is a busy HARD disk when you start your laptop?
    You hear Windows sound?

    If possible try to connect your laptop to the external screen or a TV to see if you can see anything on an external device.

  • What should I do if my iPhone 5 s screen is completely black (as when he died) but I know that it is fully charged?

    After charging my phone today, I went to work and about an hour after loading, the screen went black as if she was dead. I plugged it in and nothing happened. The charging light is yet to come as it does normally, even when its dead. I tried to turn it extinguished/turned on with the button on the top to the bottom, still nothing. It does not at all and I don't know what to do. Help!

    Hold the power button and the home button at the same time until the Apple logo appears. It might take a minute or two, but just keep pressed the buttons and it should start again right to the top.

    See you soon!

  • Re: Satellite A500 - screen blurry / distorted by tilting the lid towards the front

    G ' Day

    * A500 ~ 17' PSAR3A - 01 K 002 *.

    I bought this machine 6 back butterflies and just recently, I found that my screen blurry colors if I'm tilting/folding/closing my screen to the front (less than 80 degrees). The screen turns into film grain deformed pink with vertical lines on the right 1/3 of the screen. Please help me understand what the problem with my new machine or is this normal.
    Interestingly, I tried to capture this defect with the capture tool that recorded images are like normal display.

    I'll try to capture this default display with my cam, but I was wondering if any help is there for the same thing at the moment.

    After 10 years of intensive use for laptop, I can say that this behavior is definitely not normal.
    Point does not understand why this happen, but how to solve this problem.
    Laptop warranty valid so don't waste your time and contact the nearest Toshiba authorized maintainer as soon as possible.

    They should check your laptop and remedy. I assume that the cable that connects the screen with the motherboard may be responsible for this.

  • Screen 5600ea - completely black HP Omni 10 after crash while on the remote desktop connection

    I hope someone can help me with this.

    I had updated my Omni 10 to Windows Pro 8.1 so that I can Office remotely on my tablet on my work lan to get the benefits of the 2013 Office (we have not this version to work) on my work PC.

    Anyway, while it is connected to my 10 Omni via desktop remotely my Omni 10 crashed after connecting a USB drive that is powered via a USB OTG adapter. I used the front adapter without any problem with the USB card readers bus-powered and also the Lan USB card so I know it works, and the outlet powered USB hard drive works on my PC without any problem.

    The Omni disconnected from the remote desktop, and I guess it crashed, but the screen is black even when I hold down the power button and wait for the vibration (which usually means that it is set to zero).

    There is nothing displayed on screen, my work PC is unable to connect via Remote Desktop, and any number of power cycles seems to relive.

    I tried with the attached Omni 10 charger and without.

    There is no HP logo involve restarting at any point, but the Windows key infiltrates a vibration when I push on it.

    While enjoying the fact that the Omni 10 comes with the base Windows 8.1 and not Pro so I changed the configuration it worked fine for a few weeks since the installation.

    Pointers on getting this thing to life would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    I returned to the store that I bought, and they sent to HP for warranty repair.

    28 days ago so I went back to the store and they gave me a brand new boxed 10 Omni processor.

    When I got home I installed the driver and Windows updates. I noticed that the WiFi reception was really bad, even right next to my router, and the cameras had lines on the screen and the pictures that I took.

    The next day I went back to the store and they said all that and they initially said that I have to wait another 28 days, while it went for repair. When I said that this was not acceptable, they gave me a full refund of the amount that I had paid and used that to purchase a Pro of Microsoft Surface.

    The Microsoft Surface Pro is fast, well doneand more importantly everything works.




    I'm done with lag, unstable and downright unreliable HP products.

  • Was a change made? : before the jpeg photo showed up at the upper-left corner of my screen, with a white background for the screen. The image now appears in the center of the screen, and the rest of the screen is completely black.

    By the way, when I put the url in Safari, it's the same as before, namely the image appears in the upper left corner, and the bottom of the screen/monitor full is white.

    You can try it with this URL to jpeg:

    Yes, it is a new feature in Firefox 11, which was designed to improve the readability of images. You can install the, which restores the change if you don't like it.

  • Black screen on my Satellite A500-138


    Since a few days, my screen is completely black, and I can use it only with a secondary screen.

    The laptop has been verified by local service providers, and everything is OK (display, cables, connectors).
    I have a sugestion for flashing the Bios, but the software downloaded from Toshiba Europe tells me that I have the latest version and will not Flash the Bios. Any help will be apreciated.


    I m wondering how a technician can say that the display is OK if the internal screen is black?

    It's certainly not graphic card problem because in this case the external monitor does not work too.

    Have you tried the combination: Fn + F5?
    This switches between internal and external monitor.

    You see the Toshiba start screen when the device is started?

  • IPhone 6 s completely black screen

    So I bathed recently with my phone by accident, but I jumped in the pool I checked my pockets and realized my phone was there, so it did not take more than 5 seconds before he was out of the water.

    After that, I put the rice for 48 hours and allow it to dry completely. I then tried to turn it off, but he showed me the recovery screen (itunes logo and charger), so I plugged into my PC and restored the phone after a little fight with a few error messages. Essentially the device got restored and it turned on and worked perfectly fine - or so it seemed. After a while I turned it off the to cool as it was quite hot. After about half an hour I tried to start back upward and it came to the unlock screen and I entered the password and the Sim card code, but once I tried to unlock the sim card it freezes at the «unlock...» ", and then the unit turns off.

    Now, the screen is completely black and unresponsive. I tried to do a reboot with the button home + power, also put it in DFU mode and restored several times (I can restore the iphone despite the screen is black because itunes recognizes the device). All I hear is the sound that comes when you connect and disconnect the device from your computer. Another thing to note is that, while the Treaty restored it disconnected and connected several times, but at times very practical so I think it's supposed to make this (same locations in the process) every time

    Maybe it's a screen dead, but I'm on vacation now for another 2 weeks so I can't send to repairation at the moment, and I would really like to have a phone for other weeks here.

    And also the unit is hot, even if I have it plugged into a long time ago (30 min) which leads me to think he's working on something.

    Thanks in advance

    Contact Apple support (mail service may be available) or make a Genius Bar reservation to establish your available service options, which may include services off-warranty / replacement:

  • Satellite L360D - no boot up - black screen

    Our laptop won't start.
    Don't even give a start of the screen (Bios/Cmos output). Not even a cursor or anything like that.
    Screen remains completely black.

    At the beginning of year t helped by pressing a key (we choose: insert) during start and/or remove cable supply.

    But this no longer works. Screen remains black.
    External screen shows or anything.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    Hi Peter

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to say what can be wrong here.
    When you wrote laptop doesn't boot t, what do you mean exactly? What happens when you press the button walk / stop?
    You don't see anything on the screen? See Toshiba welcome screen?

    Disconnect for computer laptop AC adapter / CC, remove the battery and press the power button for about 20 seconds. After doing this will leave the computer for a while, just connect the power and press the power button / stop. What happens when you do this?

  • Satellite A500-1F7 - after Toshiba logo screen turns off completely

    Hello! C:

    Does not start my Satellite A500-1F7 up more - when I try to turn it on, the Toshiba logo appears, but a few seconds later, the screen is completely blank. If I press F2, while the logo is displayed on the screen, the Setup menu opens. F12 also works well.

    At first I thought that my computer laptop just needs a battery new, since she had been asking me to change it for a while and directed by the battery was out. Now I got a new battery - still does not work.
    If anyone has an idea, what could be the reason or what I could do to fix it please help me!
    Unfortunately, I'm a total noob to computer.

    Thank you for taking the time to read all this!

    Oh my god!
    * Update: * the suddenly turned on CPU fan, so I decided to wait and see. After about an hour, a loading bar and "© Microsoft Corporation" appeared on the screen. Also, my laptop is making noises Eman cry very acute. And now, another 37 minutes later, it seems to be back to normal.

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