Satellite P200 - out taken helmet is broken

I have a laptop Toshiba Satellite P200 and I have earlier, broke the headphones socket. Headphones have been connected into the socket, then I got up from my chair and I stepped on the cable and it bends the inside of the sleeve and now he drops everything and will not work.

He s my brother's computer so I need to know how I can still be able to plug in my headphones on the computer, now that the headphone jack is broken. I tried in the control panel to use the line-in input, as the headphone jack, but I can't or don't know how to change it so that it generates the audio computers.
So, how can I do this? Do I need a driver Realtek or something?

I need to configure/change the line-in Jack line output or the headphone output, like the headphone jack is broken/bent and habit of work/no sound.

Please how do I do?



> It s my computer s brother so I need to know how I can still be able to plug my headphones in the > computer now that the headphone jack is broken. I tried in the control panel to use the input line-in as the > plug headphones, but I can't or don't know how to change it so that it generates the audio computers.
> So how do I do? Do I need a driver Realtek or something?

Unfortunately, but this is not possible, I mean the audio-in receives the signals and the socket for headphones (audio output) sends audio signals.
You will not be able to send an audio signal using the audio port - online!

Maybe you can use some sort of USB headset IE: headset Logitech ClearChat Pro USB

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  • Satellite R830 - replacement taken helmet


    Ive had an accident that involved the laptop falls on the ground with the headphone jack plugged in. the rest of the laptop seems ok, but put a plug in the socket does not prevent the speakers works and audio coming out it sounds ringing; Looks like the stereo is cancelling which means that something has shorted out.

    not sure I want to open up the laptop immediately; but it seems that catches jack can be replaced. I think that its still under warranty, but the accident was my fault.

    any thoughts? where can I get spare parts for?

    Thank you very much

    Hi James

    What you can do is to use Google and search if you can find replacement parts but I'm pretty sure it can be quite complicated. Also, the repair is not so easy. You want to do it alone?
    I mean the dismantling procedure is also quite difficult and must / should be done by authorized personnel only. Small error can ends with coins in plastic broken and different media.

    In my opinion you should not do these things. Buy the small Audio USB w/Mic Jack adapter and the problem is solved.

  • Satellite P200 - problem with the use of disk HARD original as external drive

    I've been pulling on my hair for a month now and could do with help

    I have a Satellite P200 series PC laptop and have recently updated from the 200 GB for a pair or 320 GB HARD drive. No problem

    The question I have is that the old drive of 200 GB system I am unable to use it in any other machine or according to and external storage device.
    The original secondary disc works fine few matter where I use it... (In my PS3 at the moment)

    When I install the orgional system drive in my laptop and rebuild windows it it still works 100%.
    Hance a good work of 200 GB of HARD drive.
    Take it out and serve in another machine of storage that it won't - boot all I get is cyclic redundancy errors

    I formatted, low level run endless disk tools
    WD test came back with diagnostics Test::Read 11 - cable sector error!

    Even as a drive on the original laptop is the same

    All ideas taken with gratitude that I don't want to lose a good 200 GB HARD drive

    Thank you very much


    The external box is maybe defective, because you said that the HARD drive works in your laptop and the PS3 without problem.
    You can test the HARD drive in another external case?

    WD test unknown to me but I always use the Drive Fitness Test:
    With the Drive Fitness Test, you can test your HARD drive. Download the CD image, burn it to a CD and boot from it. You can then the HARD drive.
    On the same site is a user's guide if you want to know more.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P200-1 b 6: Sound Driver update fails, and HD-DVD player does not work

    I just bought a laptop Satellite P200-1 b 6 and spent the day installing the updates recommended by the TEMPO programme. One of them was an update of RealTek audio driver but on run this it fails at about 80% of the way through with an error: "install Realtek HD Audio Driver failure!

    Now, the reader of HD DVD, Toshiba will fail with an error "unable to output the video to an external device.

    Please change your display keys of the device by pressing the Fn + F5 after the end of the application "." I tried this but it seems to have no effect.

    I'm now regretting starting to update the drivers installed. Should I try to rebuild the machine using the recovery discs or is there another solution that someone found? Or if others have found the upgrade work?

    All advice welcome


    When I started using PC, one of my friends told me something: do not touch the well-executed system. I know that you, like so many other people out there, have updated things but as you can see, it can go in the wrong direction.

    This TEMPO software is good, but if all goes well the leave it as it is. What you can try is to use the System Restore tool and move the BONES to earlier time and hope everything will be OK again.

    Please post the result.

  • Satellite P200-1EE PSPB6E: problem of battery and Webcam

    Hiya People,

    New on the Toshiba Forums here and stuck on a problem I have with this laptop.
    I have a Satellite P200-1EE model number: PSPB6E 0GM028EN. The election House of Uni a few days ago my refuses to laptop to turn on the laptop on and happening only when I put a Power cable in.

    I took out the battery cleaned with a can of Air and put it again and it worked but the next time I did nothing happened.
    Strange thing is that, once it is running, and I take the power wire, it works fine.

    2nd problem is the software integrated Webcam won't work for me. Sometimes, and when I restarted the laptop it works fine again.
    I tried to reinstall the driver but it gives warning that the newest is already installed on my laptop.
    Am I right in thinking that its due to the new version?

    Any help or Suggestions are appreciated and thanks in advance


    > Laptop on and lights up only when I put a power cable. I took out the battery cleaned with a can of Air and put it again and it worked but the next time I did nothing happened. Strange thing is that, once it is running, and I take the power wire, it works fine.

    It is maybe something wrong with the battery of laptops of s?
    How old is your laptop? Guarantee is valid?

    As far as I know, the guarantee covers the battery for one year. Then maybe you should ask and ASP in your country for a control? Maybe the battery doesn't work as it should.

    > 2nd problem is the software integrated Webcam won't work for me. Sometimes, and when I restarted the laptop it works fine again. I tried to reinstall the driver but it gives warning that the newest is already installed on my laptop. Am I right in thinking that its due to the new version?

    I n t have a solution to deliver you but I assume that it s associated with the software/driver of webcam.
    You should visit the European driver Toshiba page from time to time and need to check if an update is available.

    Good luck

  • Satellite P200 - need CPU fan replacement

    I have a Satellite P200-16V and my problem is on the cpu fan.

    I tried to open it, but after the keyboard, hard drive, Rams, OVOCHECK and 40-50 screws and some cables, I realized I have to get out the motherboard and screen mabe and I close it again after 3-4 hours. The cpu fan has been breaking and I don't know what to do.

    I am from Greece. If I go to the toshiba in Greece, I can find a cpu fan or any system cpu radiator? Can you help me?

    Hey Buddy,

    Looks like the fan needs to be replaced and therefore, you should contact the closest service provider authorized in your country. Guys can order a replacement part and swap it out.

    On the Toshiba site, you can find a list of them: > support & downloads > find an authorized service provider

    Sorry, but everything that s what I can say. Here it s only a user forum so I think no one knows the exact number of part or a manual how to take apart the laptop but the ASP can do for you. :)

  • Satellite P200: Screensaver does not start on Vista Home Premium

    Hi people!

    I tried to apply the option on my laptop screen saver (Satellite P200), equipped with Vista Home Premium, but it does not; the laptop everything continues to run after the game of elapsed time. Is this a known problem with Vista? All suggestions received with gratitude, thank you!



    Can I ask you if you use the Microsoft wireless mouse?
    I discovered that this may affect the functionality of the screensaver on Vista OS.


    Then maybe you should check out this MS article:

    + The screen saver does not work when you use a pointing device on a Windows Vista-based computer Microsoft wireless +.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

  • Re: Satellite P200 - TS - L802a Won't burn DVD on Windows 7

    I have a Satellite P200. Due to the original HDD becomes full, I installed a new drive hard more - and installed Windows 7 Ultimate on it. I can't get my DVD burner to work (TS-L802a). The DVD player is fine because if I put the old hard drive back (Vista) it works perfectly. I have the 6.1.7601.17514 (TF32) firmware installed. I tried to upgrade to the WinVup2_L802A_RATO35 however the installer does not recognize that there is a DVD player - even if it will read DVDs without problem. It says update is not available and the Start button is grayed out.

    I searched high and low for a solution and I'm out of ideas. Can anyone offer a solution please? Thanks in advance.

    NB: I have not upgraded from Vista - I bought Windows 7 to install on new hard drive.


    > even if it will read DVDs without problem
    This means that DVD burning function is affected, but you can play DVDs without problem, right?

    Well, this could be also related to the brand of DVD. This DVD you use for burning discs?
    I m using the DVD - R Verbatim and TDK. The two brands works fine on my laptop.

    What burning software do you use? Have you tried with CD Burner XP?

  • Satellite P200 screen is eventually died - now very dark


    My laptop screen (Satellite P200) is eventually died.
    He had been much flicker when opening the laptop but settle.

    The screen is very dark and you can see just the windows etc. I can't connect a second monitor and run from that.

    -Is the screen, backlight went?
    -I'm out of warranty, how long does it take for an extended warranty through? The site has offered me one for relief.

    Any information would be great.
    Thank you


    First you will not get an extended warranty, if you haven't bought it.
    If you warranty is no longer valid, then you will have to pay for the repair.

    Now a few words about your question;
    I think that your FL inverter is dead. The problem described in job ads seems to be a fault of inverter FL. This small part controls the backlight of the screen and causes this problem.

    I recommend contacting the technician of laptop (certified partner) and I will ask the Fl inverter assessment and if necessary I would work out a replacement.

    Good bye

  • Impossible to install a Vista clean 64 bit on Satellite P200-1I6


    I have the Toshiba Satellite P200-1I6. I've taken over product DVD that works, but I want to do a clean install of Vista 64 bit OS but
    My toshiba do but not any version of Vista - only Toshiba product recovery DVD.

    Someone knows how to fix this?

    Have you installed or included the SATA driver?

    The new laptops are equipped with a SATA controller and this is why you would need to include the SATA drivers that would recognize the HARD drive correctly and would help to insatall the Windows operating system!

    Please use the forum search option and search for similar topics.
    There are many reviews that provides more details!

    welcome them

  • Satellite P200 - system crashes when left alone for a short period of time.


    I have a Toshiba Satellite P200 PSPB6A - 17804M crashes when I haven't touched the keyboard or the mouse, for a period of time.

    The o/s is the version of Windows Vista Ultimate 32 Bit and specifications for the model are as link. But with a 128 MB ATI HD2600 video.

    Link: [link to the same laptop model: 0127] IMSfp = TL090127161001r18426]

    I have updated all the updates Toshiba including the 2.50 bios update.

    When left alone for s short period of time, my system crashes, although my mouse moves again. Click anywhere on the screen or by using the keyboard does not seem to get back to work. The only way I can then use my laptop is to do a hard reboot by holding the button power for 5 seconds.

    My system seems to work very well as long as I don't stop using the mouse or the keyboard.
    The time between when I finally used the computer and when it hangs can range from 5 minutes to 10 hours.

    I disabled all the parameters of energy saving, including the video recording without success.

    Can someone help me with this problem?

    Thank you Batty.


    Your question seems really strange have you tried to reinstall the Windows operating system and to check if the problem would always appear?

    I don't know if this could be a software problem, but you should review it before that we were discussing other possible problems of material m

    Check it out

  • Satellite P200 - 10G - some programs do not work

    Hello world.

    OK, so we have a record of product recovery and we have tried to reinstall Windows, but it wouldn't work. Some of our programs as the built-in webcam and Bluetooth don't work without reason. Other programs like Google Earth and AVG, antivirus, we cannot get out of our system. I installed the laptop with the recovery disk, but now when I put this drive and I try to reinstall Windows, nothing happens. There is no error message or anything. All the programs that I installed in my notebook, I can't delete. For example Google Earth, & AVG antivirus program. I get a message that says that these programs are already deleted, but they are always in my book. My 80 GB of disk c is almost full and I have no idea what occupies this space. All my music and photos etc are on my E drive.

    Does anyone know what we should do?

    Much appreciation,

    According to the specifications of the laptop Satellite Satellite P200 - 10G has no module BT and BT will not work.
    In the disc specification HARD is described as 120GB (5400 RPM) SATA. The question is: do you still have original HARD drive inside or you have upgraded with a new one?

  • Re: Satellite P200 - installation of XP and SATA driver

    Hi guys

    I'm new to the forum.

    I know there are already 100 topics on installing XP on a Toshiba Satellite P200 and believe me I have lived all of them, but I'm still fighting trying to install XP.

    I will describe the steps I've been through so if someone could tell me where I'm wrong or try something other way out then let me know:

    I went to the following site to download Intel Matrix Storage Manager: FullName = Windows * + XP + Professional & lang = eng & strOSs = 44 & submit = Go %21

    First of all, I downloaded
    32-bit floppy Configuration utility

    Now the first download did not contain an exe file, so I've been to unzip and copy the files on my floppy drive. I inserted my XP SP3 CD and rebooted the laptop, when XP installs the Setup files, I pressed F6 (that she mentions at the bottom of the screen) after installation of the files, that it says something like that couldn't detect the drivers and press S to select one of the pilots in total there are 4 riders, I chose all alone (so did 4 facilities in total) , but it keeps giving the same error.

    The error itself says something like the hard drive is not detected and to be honest its make me lose the will to live because I spent hours trying to figure this out.

    As there are two managers matrix downloads I tried the other as well:

    32-bit floppy Configuration Utility for Intel Matrix Storage Manager version

    This one was an exe file, I have attached my USB floppy drive ran the exe file that has copied the files and I tried to choose once again each of the 4 drivers the entire installation, but it says the same thing no hard drive detected.

    Someone help me please, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you

    To be honest, here are really quite subject to this subject and enough descriptions how to do this please, read it.

    I think the simplest is that you download the storage on the Toshiba site manager.
    Then, you can use nLite to integrate the driver on the CD.
    After that, you must also start the CD and then the HARD drive is detected (you don't need to press F6 to load the driver.

    And here's all the necessary links:

  • Graphics problems in World of Warcraft on Satellite P200-123

    I bought a Satellite P200-123 to surf the net, play and for general use. I have read many reviews and chose the p200-123 because of his good grades. I play wow on a daily basis. World of Warcraft was an extension called burning crusade that came out a couple of years. When the expansion of BC the grx will all mess. Its as if there is a new effect of grx etc which does not agree with the toshiba range drivers. I get lots of polygons on the screen after being in the Burning Crusade expansion. I thought the grx was defective, so I exchanged it. Once again when I get the new laptop at home it happened again. It is a driver problem that it happens to the expansion of the BC. Ive tested it on other games and everything works fine. I want to know is we're going to have a bad selection of drviers or will they get updated.

    To solve this problem, I have to change the resolution, then back to the setting I use. problems with polygons etc seems to leave for 5 minutes then the pips apear. I thought he could heat or a damaged GPU. But getting a laptop brand new just to do it again shows me his non-defective material and a driver problem.

    Ive posted this on world of warcraft forums and aparantly its a problem with the ATI driver toshiba shut down. Bottom line, I want to know if the drivers will be updated and not just old ATI modded those of toshiba. I feel ripped off the coast. In all my years of owning PCs and laptops, I never felt so disappointed by a company in terms of software support.


    I understand you completely, especially when you play with a few new engine that requires pilots who work quite at 100%.

    Maybe you should check some 3rd third-party drivers.

    This driver have been adjusted for mobile systems, so when you try these, your problem should go away and performance are expected to increase a little.

    Welcome and good luck

  • Graphics went on my Satellite P200-144

    Hi guys

    ran cod modern warfare 3 on xp64, and it crashed. Rebooted but graphics were gone, I get a vertical striped screen, looks like that iv, e fried the chip.
    Tried to reinstall drivers, also in safe mode. Tried to format and reinstall but no go.

    I can't the graphic chip (nvidia 7600 go) replaced?
    Also tried via TV, same striped screen.

    In this case, entire motherboard must be replaced. Satellite P200 is old laptop model and, in my opinion, you should check out eBay to see if you can buy it already used mainboard or the same model with faulty display or something similar, so you can use the motherboard.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • Access Wi - Fi bad after hibernation or standby

    I have the Satellite A80-127. Once sleep extended or standby, the internet does not start if the ' wireless networks shows be connected. " However, once I restart the laptop it works fine.I tried to reconnect to the wireless network (switch on OFF to

  • the modem compatibility

    I have a Pavilion (p6-2100), which has a PCIE x 16 expansion slot. I have an old modem PCI 2.2 (conexant RD01 D850) are they compatible? I'll be able to access the modem with win 8.1? Thank you hped123

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