Several activations phone for the upgrade (reinstall) Win7 32 bit to Win7 64-bit, then run the patch to get Win10 64-bit? Adviser says no need!

[Subject title changed to take account of the answers and expert advice, the original title was 1 or 2 time phone activation? Failure of the mobo, replace & reinstall Win 7 32 bit (1st time), reinstall as Win 7 64 bit (2nd time?)]

My mother Office card failed recently, it is installed with retail 32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium and family (3 users) Office 2010 package. Two Microsoft products have product keys.

My understanding is change of motherboard: computer transfer. While the retail Windows 7 allow to reactivate by phone, but to reactivate Office 2010 will depends on a license agreement (which I haven't checked: 2 installations on computers, died 1 single installation still work left.) Will need to contact the family member to read).

My 2nd understanding is I can try to connect my hard drive to a new motherboard and let it go through for direct start startup repair. Is better because I don't have data because of the sudden failure of the motherboard (for example bookmarks for the browser explore, can only log into the existing facility backup).

But being upgraded to the new motherboard (and the new quad core processors), certainly I wouldn't keep running 32-bit system in the future.

I would reinstall under Windows 7 64-bit later, then a free update to Windows 10 64-bit. (Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor reported that I can not direct implementation installation upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit Windows 7. Must pass through the new Setup again.)

Whereas for the 32-bit Office 2010... I could continue to use it as it is if it is allowed to reactivate on new motherboard.

Now, my question: to reactivate Windows 7 32-bit (and 32-bit Office 2010) with phone, later when I finished the backup of the data and do clean install Windows 7 64 bit (and 32-bit Office 2010), do I need to do to activate by phone, again? Or simply key in the original product key from the license of Windows 7 and Office 2010 already recognized the new motherboard?

If I need do activate phone 2 times, I might as well direct own to install 64 bit Windows 7 now (despite the loss of some data).

There is nothing worse you could install on your system than McAfee.  If you have it installed I would like to reinstall Windows it's a Goner.  The uninstall tool likely will not solve everything.

I'm not "understand why, you need to install Windows 7 64-bit just to make a less than 10 Windows upgrade when you have a much better install directly Clean install Windows 10 Upgrade , then activate directly with the product key Windows 7."

As to reactivate Office, wait until you get 10 windows up and then make the activation of the phone to help build just to install an Office (or 3 If you have a 3-pack of office, also).   Otherwise, you will have to redo the reinstallation of upgrade.

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    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    It is a wonderful place to find answers and ideas!

    You have the best experience in the HP forum, I would like to draw your attention to the Guide of the HP Forums Learn how Post and more

    I understand that your hard drive has crashed and you have ordered a recovery kit.  You did the recovery of Windows 8 and have now updated for Windows 8.1 but have a problem with activation.  Here is a link to Activate Product Windows 8 to help you solve this problem.

    If you still encounter a problem with the activation, I suggest that you contact HP support for help.

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