Sound problems after installing Vista on Satellite A100


I have something new, something I've never seen and I do not much [as appropriate] of you.

Today, I installed Windows Vista Beta 2 on my laptop Satellite A100-192. As it is Vista compatible now [I added some memory] I think it's the right time to see the new operating system [that is great, he will rule the world for sure].

But back to the topic.
After the installation of Windows Vista, which has detected almost all of the software in my pc and have fun on this topic / and there are a lot of things an old fart like me, can have fun with / I decided it's time to get back to work.
So I restarted my toshiba for win xp, started working and has decided that music will surely improve my / concentration i'm from Poland and as many of you know, my team lost the first game of the 2006 World Cup. so they will not pass the group stage of WC2K6--real cause my humor today. After turning on my foobar, I realized that I don't hear nothing/i do not drink, so he can't really be the cause. I've set all volume settings, all the settings of the sound and nothing! I tried headphone jack, but it does not work too. I tried reinstalling the drivers, reboot the system several times and... nothing.
I went back to Vista and... sound works like a charm.

Bromine to Vista my sound on XP...

Anyone has any bright ideas, how this could have happened and how to solv it / accept to remove vista from windows...?

I would be greatfull for some advice...

Best regards


Hello Krystian

If you use recovery media supplied for installation of WXP is the noise problem persist?

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  • Boot problems after installing Vista SP2 (KB948465)

    I installed SP2 via update.  During the update process there was a power failure.  After that (I don't remember if it's immediately after, or if a few days elapsed) I had problems with the startup.  Initially, seemed the Startup Repair to fix the problem, but not permanently, and the Startup Repair had to be used repeatedly just to start.

    After a few times of what is happening, Startup Repair did not turn, and the PC wouldn't start.  After about 5 attempts using the decision-making power, sometimes choose the Startup Repair, sometimes choose to load windows normally, he did start.
    I immediately did a system restore to return my PC before SP2 was installed.

    After the restoration of versions prior to SP2, Windows Update showed that the SP2 update failed.  It was on 9 November.  As I need my computer, I didn't reinstall SP2 until I had finished this work.

    As I thought that the problem is probably caused by the power outage, on 10 September, I reinstalled SP2.  Windows Update show no SP2 as an available update, then I downloaded and installed the standalone update.

    Between the 10th and today, 14, Windows Update has installed more than updated.

    Today, I was unable to start for the first time since the reinstall SP2 and Startup Repair has allowed me to open a session.
    I tried to uninstall SP2 via update.  The first part of it seemed to work, but when it came to reboot, the PC stopped at the end power to the bottom of the procedure.  I used the power switch to turn the PC back on.  After startup, the PC told me that deletion failed.

    Then I tried the system restore.  Unfortunately, the first available restore point was post - SP2 installation.  I restored it for the point that is as close as I could.  I tried to uninstall SP2 again through Windows Update.  This time, I receive a generic error message immediately (less than a second) - it does not attempt to go through the configuration - restart the procedure.

    I haven't restarted my PC since then.  Most updates have been downloaded automatically, and the PC tells me that a restart is required.  I'm a little worried that I will end up with a completely insensitive PC.

    I use an Acer Aspire X 3200 with Vista home premium pre-installed.  I don't have a Vista disc.

    Hello, Alex

    Free unlimited installation and compatibility support is available for Windows Vista, but only for Service Pack 2 (SP2). This support for Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2) is valid until November 26, 2009. Availability of support chat or messaging differs depending on your location. Go to & select appropriate category (i.e., download problem;) Installation problem; Problems after installing a service pack).

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • Cannot install VISTA on Satellite A100 graphics card driver

    Hi all

    I need help.
    I just installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my Satellite A100-326, (series PSAA9). This system has a graphics card from NVIDIA® GeForce Go 7300 with 256 MB dedicated memory that has worked very well on Windows XP MCE!
    The default graphics card driver does not work, so I downloaded the new driver for VISTA from Toshiba.
    Don't just install! I always get the following message: "the NVIDIA installer didn't find all the drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. The installation program will now stop. »
    We know what the problem might be?
    Did someone encountered the same situation?

    It's really frustrating...

    Thank you

    Hi Jota

    Please check the different view on the same driver problem.

    Try to download the driver again and see your results. Thanks ;)

  • Unknown devices after installing Vista on Satellite Pro U200

    Yesterday, I installed vista ultimate, but unfortunately my U200 is not compatible with vista because the tile would make me believe.
    What does not work I have identified to date:
    -Speakers and headphone jack
    -Function keys
    -Fingerprint reader

    Almost any of the included toshiba software installs even after disabling "control of Application Security."

    Does anyone know where I can get the new drivers and software or when they become available?

    Otherwise really like Vista. It is very reactive and simplifies many tasks. This is very pretty too, but this isn't my priority.
    Any help gratefully received
    See you soon

    This might help others with similar problems. I was able to get evrything working except my shortcut keys.

  • Internet problems after installing vista SP2

    I'm running IE8 and yesterday I installed Vista Service Pack 2.  After the installation, I got an internet connection, but could not access all pages including my home page.  The pages would hang and the little blue circle would go round and round and nothing happened.  I also have Firefox downloaded on my computer, and still the same thing happens again.

    I checked my system tools in the lower right of the desktop and my icon for connectivity internet local and internet had a red cross on it that has not changed.  I restarted my computer several times and nothing has changed.  I used the prompt commands and ping google (my homepage) and found within seconds, so the connection was there but not able to access all pages.

    I am running Vista Home Premium as my 32-bit operating system.

    To cure the problem so far, I did system restore and completely got rid of the installation.  As soon as I did, my internet was totally fine with IE8 and Firefox.

    Any suggestions, I won't install SP2 again until I know what has caused the problem of the internet, and he was healed.

    Hi Smokeycat,
    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Windows Vista Answers.
    Since you have already restored the computer and the internet works fine, try to reinstall the stand-alone version of Service pack 2. Later, try to connect to the Internet.
    You have security software installed on the computer? If so, try disabling the security software and install the stand-alone version of service pack 2.
    Try to install the stand-alone package for Windows Vista Service pack 2, access the link below and download the file to the desktop. Later, run the installation of Service pack 2 from the office.
    If the problem persists after you have installed the stand alone package, reply came back with the details:

    1. try to boot into safe mode with network after installation of Service pack 2 and try to access Internet
    2. in normal mode, try to right click on the network icon in the taskbar and click on diagnose and repair, if it gives any error make a note of it and we gives the error.
    3 - is wireless to a wired connection?
    4. do you have any router installed?
    I hope this helps.
    Kind regards
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • No display after installing linux on Satellite A100

    Hi all

    The weekend, I decided to install linux on a partition on my toshiba satellite a100. I did a new install of windows from the recovery cd and everything worked fine. I then installed linux on an extended partition and my computer does not display anything on startup - (the LCD has a backlight) and I get all the beeps and reads it from CD etc. The strange thing is that I can plug it into an external monitor and it works fine. When I start with an external display I can then go to the LCD screen and I get a screen but it is very slow and has a lot of flaws.

    I've updated the bios, installed the latest graphics drivers (ati), but still no improvement. Since the linux install I deleted the partition scope and installed windows from the restore CD (still no improvement).

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try next?

    Thank you in advanced for your help.

    Ask what you can do?
    Delete and format the whole HARD drive and reinstall the OS from the recovery CD.
    If you want to use Linux, I advise to use a Knoppix. You can get it on the Live CD and it s not necessary to install it on the HARD drive.

  • Error in device IO after installing Vista on Satellite A105-S334

    Need help please!
    Recently, I did a full restore of my computer Toshiba Satellite laptop.
    My computer came pre-installed with Windows XP Media Center edition.
    I had upgraded to Windows Vista, which was one of the worst computer decisions I had made.

    That's why... I did the full restore with the factory restore disk that came with my laptop.
    Before restoring, my CD player worked fine.

    Now all I get is an error message "the request cannot be performed because of an i/o device error."
    When I put in the disc, I can hear it turn. I see even my mouse cursor will turn to a disc as if she was about to open the drive, but the error message.

    I tried to reinstall the driver... no luck. I also tried to change IDE properties that don't seem to work either.

    Someone please help!
    If it helps, I have a rug * drive his DVD Ram UJ - 841 S Satellite A105-S334. I can't boot any CD, however, if a disc contains a few documents, it will open up very well!

    Help, please.

    Stand by. I'm a bit confused.
    If I understand you right you can use the drive as a boot device and boot media is readable, but you cannot use the drive just under the operating system. Am I right about that?

    Have you noticed this problem right after the clean install of OS? Did you remove some pre-installed software components? Did you install additional software for burning CD/DVD?

    Also check this Microsoft document

  • problems after installing Vista SP1

    I have Vista 64 Business edition. I managed to install SP1 from a MS DVD.

    The only problem is that after installation I can't get internet connection.

    I'm on broadband with Tiscali/Talk Talk and my connection is cable to router Thomson TG585 v7.

    If I uninstall the update SP1 my internet connection works perfectly.

    Talk Talk were unable to help.

    Thank you very much


    I have Vista 64 Business edition. I managed to install SP1 from a MS DVD.

    The only problem is that after installation I can't get internet connection.

    I'm on broadband with Tiscali/Talk Talk and my connection is cable to router Thomson TG585 v7.

    If I uninstall the update SP1 my internet connection works perfectly.

    Talk Talk were unable to help.

    Thank you very much


    Download the drivers from the hardware manufacturer for the device INSIDE the computer network.

    What is a clean install of Vista or something (why just get installed SP1 - since SP2 came out for years)?

  • HP 15 laptop: Sound problems after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

    A few days ago, I downloaded Windows 10 Anniversary Edition on my HP laptop 15.  This version just as an update, and it was not not clear for me until it is complete. This laptop is new to me, bought in June of this year.  Since the update, the sound quality is poor; very rough and white noise in the background.

    Don't know what to do to solve this problem.  Someone else?


    What is your 15 HP machine?  Please follow the instructions below to find the product/model of your machine:

    You can try:

    (a) go to the Device Manager > Sound,...

    (b) develop its pilot, right click and uninstall.

    (c) to restart the machine and wait for 5 or 10 minutes

    (d) check sound now.

    Kind regards.

  • Qosmio F10-124: some problems after installing Vista

    Hello world

    have upgraded to vista premium
    on laptop with update system and card nvidia geforce 6600 graphics
    rating for graphs 1 shows no transparency at all.

    Can not find driver of common modules like the others
    and also its being played at half speed
    Windows says all devices are working correctly (do not think)

    can you help me


    As far as I know, Toshiba does not support and does not all drivers vista for Qosmio G, G, F10, F20.
    The Vista drivers are available for G Qosmio F30 laptop
    Therefore, you will not be able to find common modules and others on the download site Tosh.

    The needs of Vista and wastes many resources of the laptop! File, the picture transparency and the Aero feature needs min on 256 MB graphic card, fast CPU and min 1024 MB of memory.
    Here are the requirements material min!

    But you should also check if the transparency of Vista (Eye Candy, magnifying glass effect) has been activated!
    To enable or disable this effect do this:

    1. right click on an empty area of the desktop
    2. Select Customize from the context menu
    3. click on window color and appearance Option
    4. check if you want to enable transparency or not.

  • Satellite A100-237: unknown device after installing Vista

    Hi all

    Just installed vista on my A100-237... After doing the upgrade of the BIOS and the installation of the "unknown device" Value Pack, with the location "on system compatible ACPI Microsoft" appeared in my device manager, any ideas on how to address this issue?

    Thanks in advance!


    Could you please check if you can see the 'Batteries' entry under ' computer in Device Manager?
    As far as I know that the entrance of batteries should have a "Microsoft SMART Battery" & "Microsoft SMART Battery subsystem.

    If there is an unknown device, this might have something to do with Microsoft ACPI Compliant Embedded Controller.
    In this case it seems that you need a driver for MS SMART SMART Battery & MS battery subsystem.

    pleasae also check this thread;

  • Problems with sound after installing Vista Ultimate SP1 on HP Pavilion Dv4

    I lost sound after installing Vista SP1 Ultimate on my HP Pavilion Dv4... everything was fine before. Help, please.

    Go to the HP support website and search for Windows Vista drivers for your specific model number. Also look for recent updates, even if your PC comes with Windows Vista preinstalled.

    If there are Vista drivers then download to a folder on your hard drive and install all of them, starting with the installation card mother/chipset drivers, then the SATA, LAN, Audio, drivers and other device drivers.

    J W Stuart:

  • Re: No sound after install Vista - Tecra M7

    I improved my Tecra M7 to Vista (and then upgraded to Vista SP1) but the computer is no longer plays sounds (no music, no sound system - nothing)

    I installed the latest Realtek HD driver, I have the latest version of the Bios.

    Device Manager indicates that everything is working. "Speaker" icon tells me that his work (the green bar follows the beat of the music)

    The volume & button Mute works - I can't get the "speaker" modifying, turning to the top/bottom/inhibition icon. I tried the headphones in and out.

    I checked the bios if the sound card has been disabled it - but it seems that there is no possibility to change the settings of the sound card in the bios.

    Does anyone have an idea on what I'm doing wrong here?

    Maybe I can help you;

    I read on a sound problem after installation of Vista it happened if XP was preinstalled on your laptop and the mute box was accidentally activated.

    [No sound after upgrading to Windows Vista:]

    Check the Toshiba TSB article tool


  • Problems after installing KB978338 on Windows Vista SP2

    I met a problem after installing KB978338. The update installs without error or problem, but the system is extremely inadmissible after the reboot. The "\Windows\system32\config\systemprofile\desktop is not accessible" error, and the system is practically unusable. Normally opens the Task Manager and system seems inactive, but you try to start a new application from the Task Manager gave an error "hose is not valid.

    System is Vista Home Premium SP2 installed without any obvious problems before the update. Start the system restore and go back to immediately before the update of the results in the system back to normal functionality and responsiveness.

    I've never seen or either of these mistakes before and my research has not yet been able to find something similar, so I am at a loss to start this kind of problem with an update of troubleshooting.

    Please tell us how can I still troubleshoot or solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance.


    Halifax, NS

    So I "hid" the update and you call this one closed without resolution.

    While the overall rating of gravity for KB978338 is moderate (critical vs), it of still a security update and must be installed.


    See the section "How to get help" of

    Visit the Microsoft Solution Center and antivirus security for resources and tools to keep your PC safe and healthy.  If you have problems with the installation of the update itself, visit the Microsoft Update Support for resources and tools to keep your PC updated with the latest updates.

    Purchasing problems of installation of the security updates Microsoft may also visit the following page for assistance:

    For more information about how to contact your local Microsoft subsidiary for security update support issues, visit the International Support Web site:

    For enterprise customers, support for security updates is available through your usual support contacts.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

  • How can I reinstall MS OneNote2003 after installing Vista?

    Hello everyone,

    I was a bit confused of the 'ExpressUpgrade' action, because I first thought I would get
    a DVD-Windows Vista upgrade, but as I can see in ModusLink he is named "Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit DVD"... OK, it's done now, but that's why I have other questions:

    There was additional software and utilities already installed (I have a Satellite P100 - 463 WinXP).
    I know that there is this "step by step Toshiba DVD" who has first updates the BIOS, install Vista and then the drivers needed and utility (as "Toshiba Assist" and all the others, I guess). As it is written in the guide step by step, all programs etc. will be deleted, as formatting of the hardddisk, ok.

    But with the laptop, there wasn't "MS Office OneNote 2003" already installed and this program, I have not found on one of the DVD / CD. On the CD is 'MS Works 8.5' and on 'Tools-CD"that I was burning of 'C:\toolscd' there are things like"InterVideo Win DVD Creator"(the player) and"recorder of Sonic.

    On the "Recovery-DVD" is just the Image of Windows XP preinstalled + software etc and I think of course, there is also the OneNote2003, but like I said I can't find the setup.exe from OneNote2003 anywhere...

    Or could it be that OneNote2003 will also be installed with the installation of Vista? What is a "core" Vista, don't not patched by Toshiba? As I was reading in the Vista_Express_Upgrade_instruction_multilanguage.pd f (the manual "upgrade progressive", first BIOS is up to date, then installed Vista and here again I have to use the toshiba DVD to install the software and drivers...) Is it only "utiltities' as"Toshiba Assist"or as software?

    Last question: update after the BIOS that is needed for Vista, is still possible to install the "old" Windows XP + stuff pre-installed recovery-DVD or this BBIOD goof only for Vista update and I cannot restore the original recovery image?

    And anyway, can I install new stuff like Works 8.5 etc. on Vista or will I have problems with it?

    Thanks for the replies.
    Greetings, launchee

    Hi kai

    I know that the Vista upgrade is a bit confusing
    So I'll try to clarify some things:

    1.) Toshiba Recovery XP CD contains all Toshiba drivers, utilities and tools, as well as additional programs like OneNote, Win DVD, etc.
    It is not possible to install this software separately without using the recovery CD because these programs are part of the image.

    2.) as far as I know the received "Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit DVD of moduslink company is not a restore CD but the real Windows Vista installation CD. That's why you need to install all the tools of Toshiba and the drivers after installing Vista. This CD does not include additional software such as OneNote or WinDVD

    So finally, you will be able to install Works 8.5 on Vista because you have one working on CD separately but it s not possible to install OneNote from recovery CD

    But you can try another way. You could create a second partition and you could install the Vista to the second partition.
    Laptop you would use the two operating system; XP and Vista. The Vista also provides a clean boot manager.
    Therefore, it is very easy to switch between the two OS's.

Maybe you are looking for

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