TCP/IP on the Internet

I managed to establish a TCP/IP connection in client/server application between two machines on the same subnet, thanks especially to Mark Yedinak here on the forum.

However, I would like my request to be able to establish a TCP/IP connection via internet and so remove the limitation of having to have two machines on the same subnet.

I don't know what IP address in order to provide to the customer in order to establish the connection with the server.

To summarize: Machine A, server, network 1

Machine B, Client, network 2

Can I establish a connection TCP/IP between Machine A and B of the Machine and if so, how?

# 2, I meant the strategy of

--> Put in place the port forwarding on the router to forward all TCP ports. External clients would then use the external IP address of the router to communicate with the server.

In fact, I would be created only one port on the router to forward the port to the server.  I assume that you have a specific incoming port on the server that you want to expose to the outside world.  In this case, you need to set up the "port forwarding" on the router to take an incoming port (like port 20100 and forward it to the appropriate port on the server).  The customer must then be configured to connect on port 20100 with the address of the router (not the internal address 10.XX.XX.Xx)

This isn't code for labview example.  I assume you have a server of TCP client running as said.  But this is a no - LV, router configuration topic.

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    Hi Diddy Dell,

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Performs a search using the Microsoft safety scanner.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2: Follow these steps:

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    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode

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    (a) click Start, run.

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  • My computer does not connect to the Internet. Event ID 7003, "the TCP/IP protocol driver service depends on the non-existent service below: IPSec."

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    He said that Saturday night he started to act funny and wouldn't connect to the Internet. There were a few popups then begins, and he did not know if they were connected to not go on the Internet.
    He had the rootkit.zeroaccess infection. I used Combofix to remove it. It won't always get on the Internet, either via a wi - fi or ethernet connection.
    Looking at the event viewer, I see event ID 7003, "the TCP/IP protocol driver service depends on the non-existent service below: IPSec."
    Then, event 7001, "(NLA) network location awareness service depends on the service protocol driver TCP/IP which could not start due to the following error: the dependency service does not exist or has been marked for deletion.".

    I copied ipsec.sys from another XP Home machine which worked and stuck in the Windows\System32\drivers directory and it still does not work.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated!



    See this link:

    Let us know the results.

  • Unable to connect to the internet MIcrosoft tcp/ip

    This is the error I get... I have to manually configure my ip address for intranet and internet access on my laptop, but the ipv4 properties automatically change to so I can't access the internet... above is the image of the dialog box get.


    ·         If it works well before? If so, remember to do recent changes on the computer before this problem?

    ·         Is your computer on the network or domain?

    ·         Have you tried to disable firewall?

    You can temporarily disable software antivirus (and any other security software) and the firewall on the computer as a test and check if this solves the problem follow the link below:

    If disabling the antivirus software solves the problem, you may need to configure the settings of the antivirus as a result program.

    Note: make sure that you enable the antivirus software, other security and firewall programs.

    Warning: Antivirus software can help protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you need to disable temporarily to install other software, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks.

  • Instructions for managing macs w ARD on the internet (no static IP address)

    Please excuse me if it's asked all the time, but I searched and can not find detailed instructions for this.

    I need to manage more than one Mac, on connections to the internet, the devices will not be on the static IP, they will constantly be moving around.

    All the videos I have found online seem to show how to connect and manage Macs on LANs w ARD.


    ARD v3.8

    All Mac on El Capitan

    Very appreciated for any help!

    This question is not particularly related to Apple Remote Desktop; for ARD.  This is a configuration of generic firewall and networking question, so good enough instructions for your specific firewall will work here, as long as the firewall can redirect ports - port TCP 5900, in this case - or if your particular firewall has a VPN - Firewall Server average range and high-end frequently - or if you can implement a VPN server behind your firewall and configure the firewall to forward the VPN protocols (different ports) and ports necessary for the particular VPN.

    In general...  I would suggest three ways...   1: set up your firewall to port before port TCP 5900 to the client target.   Maybe TCP 5988.   Or set up a VPN server in your firewall and connect to that and use ARD via a VPN.    If you want to access more than one system on the target network, you will need to either use a range of ports to forward to specific systems behind your firewall and happens to be a problem with many customers - I don't know immediately off-hand if the ARD client allows even to select different target ports - or to set up and move to a VPN.    2: creation and configuration of the VPN server in the firewall allows access to all systems on your network target - a VPN connection makes your local system as it is directly connected to the target network.  3: If you have the VPN server running on a target system and accessible through the firewall port forwarding, this target system must always be available, and all VPN traffic is routed through this system.   It is more complex and can also be a bit difficult to set up.

    If you directly expose ARD ports to the Internet via port forwarding, you'll want to either restrict the available source IP ports (to reduce the magnitude of the attackers), and you'll want to be very careful about passwords on target systems.   Ports of the ARD are detected very fluent, and several people and botnets will attempt to access the system password-baited; trying to guess the users and passwords on the target system.   Once attackers have a login and a password, they will then try to spread throughout the rest of the network.  (It's part of why I prefer to use virtual private networks).

    Sierra of MacOS support PPTP VPN, so I wouldn't go with any configuration of VPN that you considered it.   I'd probably use L2TP/IPsec, because the customer is generally available in most of the other operating systems, Mac OS and iOS.

    There is information available on the network ports used by Apple devices.   If you enable VPN port forwarding, there are discussions on the ports and protocols required to according to VPN you use posted around the ' net and not all firewalls is particularly good to port-forwarding, the protocols and ports VPN. "  Low-end older firewalls and firewalls tend to have problems here.

    To locate on the networks of the target systems, you get to use dynamic DNS from client devices or other means to identify the public IP address that is associated with the target customer.   If customers are roaming on disparate networks and not simply roaming IP addresses on their private networks (these addresses can be fixed through DHCP configurations, too) and if you don't have access to intermediate firewalls, then you will probably have to rethink the entire approach, unfortunately.    Connection to mobile systems distance arbitrary is not especially it is possible, he must do something on the client that "tags" or "ad" its network metadata to your own server from tracking client or server monitoring of some other entity (for example messages to the DNS servers used by the dynamic DNS providers), or the management connection must be initiated from the client.    ARD does not support these mechanisms.   Discussions here can get pretty complex, too--in terms of network configuration, both in terms of security for the clients and servers.

    There are a few related discussions this general topic in the forums. See here, here, here, here or here.

  • I can access network, but not the internet.

    I am able to access my network but not the internet.  However, I can get on the internet if I use parallels.  Does anyone else have this problem? If so, how have you managed to solve.  I rebooted without parallels and nothing changes.  Any suggestions?

    In the menu bar, you select

     ▹ System Preferences... ▹ ▹ ▹ Advanced TCP/IP network

    What values are given for the following?

    Configure IPv4

    IPv4 address

    Subnet mask


  • Cannot connect Tecra M10 to the Internet

    My wife has a TecraM10 with an Intel 82567LM gigabit wired network adapter. It cannot connect to the Internet via either wired LAN by plugging directly into the container of Cat 5 to the rear of the machine or the thorugh a docking station.

    A diagnosis indicates that the LAN switch is turned off and check the manual as to his location to turn it on.

    I can't find a reference to a LAN switch in the manual. I checked TCP/IP protocols and they progress ste correctly and the device manager says it's working properly.

    Any ideas? Thank you. John

    Hello John

    Card LAN installed and listed correctly in the Device Manager?
    >... LAN switch is off
    Laptops doesn t have LAN switch. WLAN spend only so I t understand how you can get this message.

    Please check device manager first and let me know if the network card is OK here?
    When you connect the LAN cable to your Tecra is green LED ON?

    By the way: did you test connecting to the local network using another PC/computer laptop?

  • I can connect to the local network, but not to the internet

    Why in an internet connection, I can connect to the Local network, but not to the Internet.
    I have valid IP address and configuration is good.

    I recommend you read some threads here in the forum about similar issues.
    If this problem occurs using the WiFi network, then check if you can use the connection to the local network.
    Using the WiFi network, you must check if the common WLan parameters are favourable;
    Check if the encryption key is right; turn off filtering by mac address, check the TCP/IP protocol settings if it has been set to automatic, disable the firewall settings, rest you WLan router, check if you connected to the right SSID.

    Good bye

  • Tecra M5: Can not access the internet pages, but can ping in cmd.exe

    Hi all, this is confusing to me.

    I've been happily connected to my WLAN for more than a year without any problems. I recently updated my drivers for the following on my Tecra M5:

    -Intel Pro Wireless adapt
    -Drivers audio Sigmatel
    -nVidia graphics card

    Now, after facilities, everything was fine. However, a few days later, I turned on the laptop and went to IE7 and it cannot display the web page (my homepage is I called my ISP to help and they reported problems on the service, and they gave me the ip address I got a response of in cmd.exe. It seems that I can get out on the internet but I can't access the Web pages - it could be a DNS issue?

    I have disabled my A - V and firewall and tried but get the same question. I also tried to restore the PC back more than a month and it did not help either. I'd appreciate any help that anyone can give.

    I also plugged the laptop directly into the router using an ethernet cable, so it's not only a wireless issue either.

    I have installed any other software at all at the moment and the only other thing that got my attention, it's that, in the field of restoration, there a lot of system restore points, which I wasn't expecting to see in the last month. But it could be a Kipper.

    Thank you very much



    According to your message, you are not able to connect to internet via LAN and WLan. Is this good?

    Well, in your case I would first check the router settings and re still.
    In addition, you must reset the router.

    Usually, the router assigns the IP address, and therefore you would just plug the laptop LAN cable and then should be able to connect to the internet.
    Please note that the TCP/IP protocol settings must be set to automatic.

    Check everything first!

  • Unable to connect to the internet - satellite L40 cannot assign IP address


    I have 2 desktop (1 - 1 Toshiba laptop) and 1 wired cable adsl INTERNET connection modem airties RT-101. There is no problem using the Internet with desktop XP.

    But when I plug the cable into the Toshiba (vista) Ethernet card, I can't connect to the INTERNET.
    He is unable to assign an IP address, I checked, and there's something blocking the connection I think.

    Please note that there is no problem with firewalls, because they are now closed.


    Try to start the command console and use the command:

    Ipconfig / renew

    This should help to refresh the IP address.
    If this is not possible, then some settings must be verified.

    In this case, I recommend reinstalled the LAN driver, then check if the TCP/IP protocol settings are set to automatic.
    Disable all firewalls, check the connection of the new.

  • Unable to connect to the Internet my Satellite L300-1 to 6


    I have a problem with my Satellite L300-1 to 6. When I try to connect to the internet I plugged taking LAN my slot for LAN card and when the identification process of the network in "Network and sharing Center" to the State of the connection write "Unindeficated Network" and I cannot access the internet...
    And this is happen when I use automatic receives the IP parameters... ?

    When I try to solve this problem with the manual configuration TCP/IP settings in the status bar indicates that I have an internet connection but when I try to open the WEB site I see the error message «...» CAN NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE SYSTEM (DNS).

    Please explain to me how to fix this...?

    P. S. The network on my other PC works normally... ? On my L300, I use Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 and on my other PC, I use Windows XP Pro... ? !


    Usually, the WLan router supports a range of IP addresses and everything should be set to automatic.

    In my opinion, you should first check the settings of the WLan router.
    Take the router manufacturer news and read the manual of the router how to set up the router.

    After the router has been configured correctly, you should go to connections-> LAN (local network connection) and need to access the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.

    Here, you must make sure that the IP address and DNS are set to obtain an address automatically

    That's the whole secret.

  • Equium L10-142 - unable to connect to the Internet

    Laptop does not connect to the internet. Have tried 3 ways:

    (i) WIFI - WIFI is clicked. Laptop also can't see other my neighbours networks (my network is OK because may fix another pc WIFI-where this post on the forum!).
    (ii) by network cable - can sometimes become to attach to the wired network (although couldn't this morning) but it will bring up all of the Web pages.
    (iii) external wired modem broadband provided by the ISP. This will not work either. It will recognize the modem, but doesn't bring to the top of the Web pages when I go into Internet Explorer.

    Also cannot access Belkin Modem/Router to administer, even by simply putting in the IP address in the bar using everything above Internet address.
    Laptop running Windows XP with SP2. Have not done everything I can think of to wear this. Laptop works very well to recover documents Word etc and make a backup.

    Help please! Thank you.


    Have you updated the WLAN and LAN driver on your laptop? Check the Toshiba site for an update: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

    In addition, you should check the TCP/IP for LAN and WLAN settings. If your router supports DHCP, you must set this in the TCP/IP settings.

    You should try to update the firmware of the router you can find on the site of the factory.
    If you go to the menu of the router, you see if the router has an internet connection to the ISP?

    Good bye

  • Tecra A8 - unable to connect to the Internet via a cable


    I can't connect my laptop to the Internet via cable. The laptop does not recognize when I put the cable. Recognize only the wireless connection.

    Can someone tell me, what is the right software that I need to install in order to have cable internet?


    Normally you n t need a software to connect to Internet or router. You should only check the TCP/IP settings. This means that if you have a router that supports DHCP default settings should be allowed, otherwise, you will need to set static IP addresses. It s based on your router configuration.

    What OS do you have right now?
    Is the OS installed Toshiba now or another OS?

    You can also try to update the network driver which can be downloaded from the Toshiba page.

  • Satellite A60-352 - little or no connectivity to the internet

    Okay, to be honest, I'm really bad at using the computer so when it comes to change the internet or install... It's bad

    I have the computer more old never the SA60-352 probably actually exists is no more in the market, but I need to use it for a while until I buy my new laptop.

    The problem here is that there is no wireless, so I have to have a cable provider internet owners. But it didn't market it tell "limited or no connectivity" and then when I need to solve the problem, he said something like "cannot configure the IP address, please inform your supplier or the company whatever" (I translate it Dutch is not perfect that I translate)

    If anyone can help me what I do to have better internet rather than little or no internet connectivity?

    Someone? It's something to do with the connection to the local network.

    My brother who is the type of computer can not help me because it is abroad that he does not know the computer by heart since that he now uses the Apple.


    THX tho


    The good news is that your network card is recognized.
    In my opinion, there are some incorrect settings in the network adapter's TCP/IP protocol.

    You should do this:
    Go to connections-> LAN card-> properties
    Here you can see the TCP/IP protocol. Go to properties.
    In the new window, you will see the settings of IP address, subnet, gateway, the DNS server address, etc, all these parameters must be defined on get automatically.

    In addition, you may refresh the IP address, thereby:
    Start the console (in run type cmd) and to back new window type the command: ipconfig / renew

    It s worth a try.

  • PSAA9 satellite A100 - unable to browse the Internet


    I reinstalled the operating system on a friends computer laptop A100, installation of WINXP pro.

    After I installed, I noticed that a lot of missing drivers so I scoured internet and downloaded most of them. The problem I have is that the ethernet connection seems to not work properly. I installed the driver on the toshiba site and hooked it up to a test network to my polytec.

    On this network to test an internet connection is available, but the laptop cannot browse the internet! I can ping other PC networking on mobile Internet sites and ping but cannot browse their IE. Other network PC cannot ping the laptop automatically obtained IP address.

    Any ideas what's happening?


    Have you tried another browser like Firefox? I don t use IE because Firefox is much faster and I can't get a large number of modules.

    In addition, you should try to disable the firewall on the laptop. Maybe it s blocks the internet connection or the internet browser.

    Last but not least try to use a static IP address. You can change this in the TCP/IP settings.

Maybe you are looking for

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