I also wanted to put this up as a background for my laptop.

WAAAAY before this problem started my webcam stopped working and when I close my laptop, then open it again (pulling on my screen down and closing laptop then pull the screen up) the computer refuses to start and just flashes, forcing me to remove and replace the battery to restart. I don't know if it is a symptom that lead to my problem, but could you give me some advice on this? Like, it would be something that lead to the problem or should I start individual questions for specific help on each problem?

From what you describe, it looks like there may be a hardware problem with the webcam.

Can you try disabling the webcam in Device Manager, restart the computer and then see if the blue stop screen error.

The memory.dmp file showed a potential involvement of igdkmd64.sys (Intel graphics driver).

Try to run the utility from Intel and see if it picks up the driver updates:

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  • USB-6009 not recognized after the blue screen of death

    I have two devices USB-6009, used with NOR-DAQmx and Labview to make some analogue simple analogue input and output.  The USB box - two 6009 were previously works very well on this PC.  Recently, I got a blue screen of death, associated with a different USB device to (non - OR) connected to the PC.  I not save the information of the blue screen of death.  When I restarted the computer, the USB-6009 devices were no longer recognized by Labview / MAX.  The Green LED on the USB - 6009 s do not come.  The USB - 6009 s appear in the Device Manager of Windows with a yellow exclamation point ("Windows cannot load the driver for this hardware device").  If I connect the USB-6009 case to another PC, MAX recognizes them on this PC, and I get the usual flashing green LED.  If I connect another USB-6009 (never connected to this PC), I get a green LED solid, and, says Windows cannot load the driver.

    I am running Vista, Labview 8.5 and NOR-DAQmx 8.9.  I rebooted 5 - 6 times, I tried disabling and the reactivation of the USB-6009 by windows Device Manager, I tried the options "update driver" in Device Manager.  Any advice on how else to solve it?  Thank you!

    The driver update and turn do nothing to the main driver - DAQmx. Reinstall or repair that.

  • USB not connected

    I have a C4280 "All-in-One", printer/Scanner/Copier for years.  He ran very well with MAC OS Tiger and snow leopard.

    Now, I've updated for Lion. (10.7.2) I can print and copy.  I can't scan.  When I try, I get the error message "USB not connected".

    (USB cable is connected, of course)

    I've updated all my software with Mac software update - although I check I have to correct driver for Lion?  I don't see it anywhere.

    I tried to 'uninstall' all my software driver with the uninstaller provided with the driver.  Also, I did everything drag in my trash.  Then I tried to update all the software again (via Mac).  No update.

    Any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!  Jocelyn


    The software is currently available for your device via Apple Software Update.

    Don't forget that the HP scanning Application is not compatible with Lion and you need to analyze using module Apple ICA (preview, Capture of Image or print & Scan), as you can see below:

    The preview and Capture of Image are located in the Applications folder.

    So, you can use the scan tab located under system preferences > print & scanning.

    If recover updates fails for any reason, you can download and install the HP printer software 2.8 below, then you should be able to scan by one of the above methods:

    If still face you any problem, please check the key USB is directly connected to your Mac and not via a USB hub or extention.

  • USB not connected when you try to scan

    My Photosmart C4280 prints fine, but when I try to scan, it says USB not connected

    Hi laughingface, sorry to hear that you have some question when scanning. So I can help you better, can I please have the model number of your printer as well as the operating system on your computer (Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 - 8.1 or Mac).  Please write back to your convenience and I'll be happy to help you.

    Thank you.

  • HP4240 printer scanner will not scan (says USB not connected) also cannot print attachments in emails

    1. an email has been sent with an attachment in PDF format, but I couldn't print it.

    2. I tried to scan a document and then join an email but the scan says USB not connected. The printer will print however


    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. are you able to print or scan from other applications/program?

    Method 1: I suggest you try the procedure described in the below mentioned link and check if it helps.

    Printer in Windows problems:

    Method 2: If the problem is not resolved, you can download the latest driver from the website link mentioned below manufacturer.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • My HP 3 year all-in-one C4280 shows USB not connected and "device not detected.

    Everything works OK until a few weeks ago. I uninstalled reinstalled. During the installation, there is a message' device detected"and then at the end of"device not found ".

    Also USB not connected. Switched USB to another port, nothing helps. Contacted running Vista Home Premium SP2. This is my last ditch attempt to resolve. Is this a problem with Vista?


    I suggest you try to run the Microsoft Fixit from this link and check if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • Blue Screen of Death and stop working after plugging my Razer Kraken Chroma 7.1 (windows 7)

    (Which mean that I speak French, sorry for my English)

    Hi, I have a problem. When I plug my headphones Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma, awhile, they just stop working. I heard a noise and that they stop working. I must unplug and plug my headphones so I want them to work again. And this thing is happening very randomly! As for 5 minutes, I have déplug and reconnect but some times, it's job for 20 minutes without problem.

    Also, I feel that if I plug my headphones too fast after this problem, the blue screen of death appear.

    I uninstall and reinstall a lot of time, but don't change anything.

    I have 2 computer: this problems happens on my computer which has windows 7, but when I'm on my pc which has windows 10 all work.

    So thanks to you. Sorry for my English ^^

    Logitech Inc QuickCam LVcKap64.sys associates.  Yours is from 2007.  I would completely remove the software and install a new copy of the most recent driver available.

  • Blue screen of death 0 x 00000024 (0 x 00190444, 0 x 00000000, 0x870FF5E0, 0xc0000102) using Vista, poster at startup and no longer starts. Does not start in SafeMode either. Any ideas of how fix?

    Blue screen of death 0 x 00000024 (0 x 00190444, 0 x 00000000, 0x870FF5E0, 0xc0000102) using Vista, poster at startup and no longer starts. Does not start in SafeMode either. Any ideas of how fix?

    Possibly a hard disk failure. (v = VS. 85) .aspx

    Try to run diagnostics from the manufacturer if you can.

  • USB 3.0 blue screen of death

    Hey guys,.

    I've been looking for a solution for always now and can't seem to find anything on Google

    So, the problem is, when I plug my headphones 'Lautsprecher Z Seven' in my USB 3.0, it will blue screen... It works very much like a normal stereo headphones USB 2.0, but he needs to turn the sound surround and the micro USB 3.0...

    "Bluescreening" began after I formatet my PC, but I have installed all the drivers and everything I have... It worked fine before the format, and I can plug in other devices with no problems...

    I don't really have many details, but I hope you can help me

    We need the log files themselves (called a DMP files) because they contain the only record of the sequence of events that led to the accident, what drivers have been loaded, and what has been loaded.

    Please follow our instructions to find and download the files, we need to help you fix your computer. They can be found at here

    If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please ask

  • USB not connect not not on Win8.1 for DeskJet 1512

    I have a new laptop with Windows 8.1 and I bought a new HP DeskJet 1512.  I try to install the printer and the USB does not yet recognize the connection.  This is related to a printer of 15' cable.

    I tried on a Windows 7 machine and USB has been recognized as unknown.  I installed the HP driver and had something to print this machine.  A lot of hassle, but at least now I know the cable doesn't work and the driver.

    I return to the machine of 8.1 and still nothing.  There is no error in device drivers.  I manually installed the printer on LPT1 and the laptop says the drivers are there, but I'm not connected to the physical printer.

    I spent to Microsoft and makes the difficulty they have for the USB turns off not.  I can't identify what USB printer is connected to given that the cable connection is not even be recognized.

    I changed the USB Sockets and my mouse works in each of them but the printer cable is not recognized in any of them.  I am ready to return the printer if I can't even get connected.  Help please

    None of the fixes work.  I asked about the length of the cable.  I finally found something in the window stuff 8 of which 3 m is the longest to be used.  Wal-Mart has packed a 15 feet with the printer.  I'll get another cable that is less than 9 ' and try again.  I'll put something on this thread on the question of whether it works or not.  Thank you for responding.

  • OK so I connected my iPhone 5 s for my Macbook Pro with a USB cable, but the system settings it is NOT CONNECTED, even if it triggers iTunes to open. Do not get internet connection on the MAC how come the system settings shows USB not connected

    I connected my iPhone to my Mac using a USB cable, but the Mac connected USB not appear, even if iTunes opens

    The Mac has no network to the internet via a port USB, WHY NOT?

    Where in the Panel are you looking for? And what you're trying to do with the phone? Transfer files? Share an internet connection?

  • Can not install any version of Xp because blue screens


    I recently got a Compaq Mini 110 c - 1050SF my sister.

    (She recently bought for me while visiting the France. The first problem is that the laptop will not stop (after pressing Shut Down, it stops and after 3 seconds, it restarts and connects to Windows. She not noticed this and now I can't return it because I'm not in France, and she left already. The 'solution' is to keep button about 5 seconds of the laptop ON the button in order to stay shutted down.))

    In any case, my main problem is that I can not install the XP or 7.

    (Any version of Windows XP, I tried end up with a blue screen after the Licend agreement arise, and any version of Windows 7, I tried popping guard this: "A required CD/DVD device driver is missing.) (If you have a disk driver, CD, DVD, or USB flash device, please insert now' but my laptop doesn't have a CD/DVD player, and I do not have this driver.)

    Can someone help me install XP or 7 (7 would be great, but I will be happy with Xp too).

    Thank you very much!

    Found the solution (my found friend):

    -created a bootable with Lili software Ubuntu

    -initialized and chosed try Ubuntu.

    -in the Terminal, I opened gpart (a partition Manager) and formatting drive HARD whole, created 2 partitions NTFS

    -with Novicorp WintoFlash, I created a bootable USB and Windows 7 installation was flawless.

  • Blue screen of death! Will not start at all. Every time, it's a different error.

    Several times, I get the BSOD. Whenever it happens that there are various STOP codes and errors. I haven't added a new hardware or software on this computer. Just performed an automatic update Micrdosoft and restarted on its own and the BSOD appeared. I rebooted several times and get the BSOD every time. I can't get the system to boot at all. He's coming to my office for about 30 seconds, then BSOD!  I tried starting my CD-ROM and using the last configuration that worked but I still get BSOD! Here are some of the things that I got:

    STOP: 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0xAE29D527, Ox00000000) SSMEVENT. SYS-address AE29D527 base at AE288000, time stamp 4f1DAD9c

    FltMgr.sys PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA B9E4CA23 base at B9E4C000 datestamp 480251da
    Still, whenever I restart I get all the new info! Help, please!


    See the following steps and check:

    Step 1:

    What to do if Windows does not start correctly

    Note: When you perform the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed. System Restore helps you restore system files from your computer to an earlier point in time.

    Important: Running chkdsk on the drive if bad sectors are found on the disk hard when chkdsk attempts to repair this area if all available on which data may be lost

    Note: Trying to back up all important data before you perform a custom or clean installation

    Step 2:

    How to fix a blue screen stop errors that cause Windows Vista to shut down or restart unexpectedly

    Note: When you perform the system restore to restore the computer to a previous state, programs and updates that you have installed are removed.

    Note: Trying to back up all important data before you perform a custom or clean installation

    Hope this information helps.

  • New pc get a blue screen of death on the second day

    minidumb of the file

    Hi, my name is khalid I just bought a laptop from HP Envy 15 15 - j002ex of the local store in Saudi Arabia.

    IM on windows 8.1

    the second day I bought this laptop I get problems with wireless screens and the blues of death.

    and now I get blue from different mistakes as screens:

    • CARNIANI driver corrupt
    • bad pool header

    I've had so many blue screens its boring

    I took the pc in the store they said it would take 2 weeks to diagnose the problem and it's too long I need the laptop for exams and finals.

    I really need your help, thank you

    Hi TeeShirtArtist,

    I saw your post on the BSOD and I'll be happy to help you. With the error you found it is usually connected to a corruption of driver any. There are two things that you can take a look. First, go to your device manager and uninstall a device at a time and restart your computer, and which causes Windows to check for an update and install it. Do this for all devices in the Device Manager.

    The other method is installed the drivers from HP web page. I have the link below. Again, I recommend to make a time to see if you still get the BSOD.

    Thank you

  • Blue screen of death BSOD when you unplug a Thunderbolt - MacBookPro Retina Display drive

    I have this problem for almost a year now, I hope that there is a real solution.

    I have a MacBook Pro with the Retina display, I am running windows via BootCamp 8. Whenever there is a disconnection of a bolt of lightning external, hard drive of the computer freezes and 30 seconds later a blue screen appears.

    Also when love at first sight is connected to an external hard drive, that the 'Sleep' function is disabled, so my only option is either restart or shut down the computer.

    My primary operating system is windows of course, I have my photo and video library on an external box Seagate Thunderbolt, this situation causes me a lot of problems with data loss o certain occasions.

    Y at - it a new version of the drivers or firmware that allows to correct this situation?

    An update of the Intel driver solve the BSOD when disconecting the drive, I still have to reboot for windows recognizes the drive and just 'stop or restart"when the disc is less active but I have my life is safer now :D

    Thanks to you all.

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