W510 - install RAM

Hi guys!

I've had my W510 for about 4 months now, and I couldn't be happier. However, I recently bought 8 GB of ram (1 333 Mhz - 2 x 4 GB) to replace my current setup of 2x2gb 1066 Mhz.

I found an installation guide on the Lenovos site that guided me very well. However, when they show how to install memory in slots under the keyboard, the video differs from my W510 (4319 - 29G) in a very annoying way. The location of the bottom is the song of the lower left corner of the laptop. Here are some photos I've taken "."

Sorry for the blurry cam...

Link to photo

Link to photo

No where on the Lenovo site, the hardware maintenance manual, or anywhere on the internet they mention this, so I don't really know what to do. The only solution I can think of is to follow the service manual and remove the entire top of the laptop, but I don't know if that could result in the cancellation of my warranty.

in any case, this is why I write here... Someone at - he then seen before?

Photos full resolution can be found at:


Thank you...

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Just thought I'd give you an update. The solution was to disassemble the entire top of the laptop and then remove the thermal protection (2 screws, nothing major) and once that is done, insert the memory. Fact. So it's just the reassembly of the machine which is easy enough.

Works like a charm.

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  • HP p6245d gives error beeps after installing RAM

    My HP Pavilion p6245d desktop computer that has a motherboard of Foxconn H-I41-Μatx gives an error beep code of a short and a long beep after that I installed a 2 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 DIMM on it. The code of the RAM is KVR1333D3S8N9 / 2G, manufactured by Kingston. My system has a 2 GB installed RAM origin, but I would like to install an another 2 GB as it says that the motherboard can support up to 4 GB of RAM. I tried to clean the slots, reseatting RAM, reset the CMOS, etc., but not from their work. I also checked through the internet and I found out there a lot of people have the same problem. Hope someone can help on this issue. Thank you!

    P/S: Operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit.

    I would like to ask you something.

    The motherboard gives you a beep sounds when the original RAM is installed on the other slot?

    If your answer is Yes, then the slot is faulty.

    It has only two instances when your PC gives you a beep sounds when the memory stick is plugged.

    1. when the memory stick (live RAM) is defective.
    2. his slot memory on the motherboard that is defective.

    Find a stick of memory work on all locations on the motherboard. And mark that on which working memory is to give tone to the PC.

    It would prove the functionality of your memory locations.

    If you have any other questions or if this does not correct the problem, ANSWER.

  • computer laptop dv6-612tx of hppavilion: size of the installed ram

    I am Agnes... .i am using a computer hp pavilion dv6-612tx laptop... I have a size of ram of 4 GB of origin with the product... but today, recently I gave the lappy to a store aimed a cleaning after I got my lappy when I see the system information in my computer that I could see that the installed ram is 2.45 only...? My question is will show 4 GB ram ram of 4 GB installed or 2.45 only? Please tell me quickly

    Hello @Hemanth17,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I read your post about the size of the memory installed showing incorrectly on your dv6612tx Pavilion laptop and wanted to reach out to you.

    At the right amount showing before you had the system cleaned? What's the memory installed value that is incorrect or available memory?

    If the system displays 4GB but 2.54 GB usable, the system recognizes that the memory is installed, but retains little memory for the physical operations.

    It is possible that the maximum memory is enabled. To change this, you need to go into the System Setup and check the Advanced tab startup options.

    You can also try the tests for a hardware problem or remove and reinstall the memory using the procedure described in the Service Manual (page 53) If you feel that there is a problem of physics with the memory.

    Please let me know how it goes. If this helps you to find a solution, please click on the button accept as Solution down below in this message.

    Thank you!

  • Pre-installed RAM in a R60

    I bought my R60 about two years, with 1 GB of pre-installed RAM. Is there a way to check how much RAM is in each Bay without opening the device? (i.e. 512MBx2, one in each 1 GB, with an open Bay or Bay;)

    Well, you really don't fix the RAM sticks... just replace them.

    Even though I already know that some people would disagree... but that's how this issue is treated in most cases.

    I hope this helps.

  • I installed RAM from 1 GB to 8 properties but system says 3.5 GB.

    I have a xw4400 workstation HP with Windows XP and I installed RAM from 1 GB to 8 but properties system indicates 3.5 GB. Why do we say not that there are 8GB?

    If you are running win XP 32-bit, it cannot "see" more than 4 GB, your video card is to eat the rest.  Only way to use the 8 GB is upgraded to 64 - bit

    If you have 64-bit check the setting of memory max msconfig.sys (not sure if it is called the same in XP, I used it for a decade)

  • Installed RAM 16 GB, only 4 GB in BIOS - Precision T5400

    Hi all

    I'm at the end of the roll, trying to make the best of my memory upgrade.

    I am running Windows7 64-bit on Dell Precision T5400 single quad-core Intel Xeon E5405. Card mother 0RW203. BIOS version A11

    Has obtained eight identical sticks of 2 GB of ram (for a total of 16GB) and installed on all the places available. Noticed on the properties of Windows - installed RAM 16 GB (4 GB usable). Tried to play with the allocations of virtual memory, but without success.

    BIOS enabled and it showed all 8 locations occupied with 2 GB of ram, but the installed memory is 4 GB. Don't see any options for tweaking the settings of the BIOS for it to recognize all of the 16 GB of ram.

    Checked each stick individually and all play nice and the CPU - Z reports installed as well, removing the issue of housing or the motherboard. I suspect that it is a BIOS problem, and I would be grateful to anyone who can suggest a solution.

    I'll be happy to provide the additional information requested. I inherited the machine, so RMA and returns are out of the question.


    Here is a temporary workaround

    on my example

    Initially, I had installed 4 GB / 4x1Go in slots 1-4 (white)

    I wanted to move to 16GB / 8x2Go

    And obviously had a same problem as the topic starter

    But I managed to work the memory following the path:

    1. Install memory old back and let the bios not recognize
    2. restart and shut down pc
    3. install the new memory (16 GB / 8X2Go)
    4. After turning on, you will see the message "memory size has changed.
    5. strike the F1 to continue and just forget about the existance of the BIOS, because as soon as you go, chances are that your memory will be reduced

    Clearly, this is a bug in the BIOS.

    I use A11.

    For DELL it would be really good remedy finally

  • How to install RAM


    I have a HP Pavilion elegant book 14 b 010 - we and it came with 4 GB of ram expandable to 8 GB. I have a new ram of 4 GB ready to install, but the back of the computer does not come off. For theis particular model, you know how to install RAM?

    Hi g3,.

    Rats.  If you can get your laptop to a local repair shop, ask how much it will cost you for having done that.

    Be aware of your warranty. do not take the computer in an authorized shop.  The procedure is simple for a trained technician to do this kind of thing, and the cost should not be prohibitive.

    Compare the benefits that you will get the upgrade against a time cost to achieve.

    For more security, have backups of your data to an external source before doing anything of this nature, if you do the work yourself OR you send/take the system to someone else.

    If you have not done your recovery disc, it would be a great time to do so!

    Creation of recovery disks or saving a recovery Image on a USB drive (Windows 8)

    HP - backup of your files (Windows 8) computers

    Good luck!

  • W510 installed 8 GB new ram, total of 12 GB, only showing 6 GB installed

    Hello world

    I recently bought a kit of 8 GB of ram, my computer came with 4 GB. I followed all the instructions in the discussion forums. Installed the 2x4gb in slots 0 + 1 and offers the 2x2gb slots 2 + 3.

    HWiNFO shows the 12 GB installed two-channel (I think), but windows is only say 6 GB installed. Any ideas?

    Just to keep things clear. I installed a piece of Go 4 on the left side slot at the back of the computer and the other into the upper slot under the keyboard. The 2 GB was obviously installed left over slots.

    Link to photo

    Note of the moderator; image (s) for a total of > 50 K converted for the programming of the Forum rules

    Well I got it to work, don't know why. What I did piece at a time... then disconnect the piece on reboot, check. then rinse and repeat with the next 3 pieces.

  • Satellite A105-S2194 acknowledges that half of the installed RAM.


    I have a Satellite A105-S2194 I bought in January 2007 from Walmart. It came with a single stick of PC - 4200 512 MB of RAM. Later this year, I bought a 1 GB of RAM PC-4200 (Crucial memory) key, so it has been read 1.5 G since then. Last week, I bought another stick of 1 GB of RAM (Kingston), which is PC-5300. Today, I installed the second stick, and when I started, it shows only 1 GB of memory in the BIOS and Ubuntu.

    If I take one of the sticks out (any), then it also shows 1 GB. This isn't a case of the PC-5300 is not not retro-compatible.

    Then I have three questions.

    1 is actually able to give me 2 (as advertised in different memory online configurators) GB the laptop?
    2. the fact that I mix PC-4200 and PC-5300 the reason why it does not show 2 GB now?
    3. If it's the fact that I mix speeds, should I buy another PC-4200 (which was originally installed) or another PC-5300 (I'm leaning toward the 5300, since that would mean only two brand new sticks as opposed to one that is 4 years old and a brand new).

    Thanks, and have a great day :)

    In your case the problem is compatibility.

    Please visit THIS page and clck on detailed specifications. You will find all necessary information on your laptop and also part of the compatible memory modules number al.

    My answers to your questions:
    # Yes.
    # Probably
    # Use two modules with the same specifications. (PC-4200)

  • Portege Z930 cannot start with installed RAM module

    My laptop Toshiba Portege Z930-108 has stopped booting with any module of RAM installed in the support.

    If I remove RAM module, laptop computer starts and works fine, but if I install any module of RAM (4 GB 1600 original or a new 4 1600 CL9 or 1600 8 CL11) the computer cannot start.

    The screen stays black and power led flashing two green and two orange and a few seconds later, 3G indicator also on blue.

    This is the only problem I have with this computer, but it's strange.

    I updated the BIOS to the latest version and the problem is not resolved.

    I tried to reset the hardware (http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB3B03J90000R01.htm), also I tried to reset the equipment with power button 30 seconds without battery but button without success.

    Any idea on this problem of strage?

    Kind regards

    I guess you used bad RAM or not fully compatible modules.
    It's the only plausible explanation.

    I recommend you to order the RAM modules recommended by Toshiba that are:

    4 GB DDR3 - 1600 PA5037U-1M4G

    2 GB DDR3 - 1600 PA5037U-1M2G

  • Qosmio G30-102 - can I install RAM DDR2 - 667 Kingston rather RAM DDR2-533?


    I have a Qosmio G30 102 and I wanted to spend my RAM to a total of 4 GB (currently I have 2 GB installed with specifications of a PC2 - 4300 DDR2 (533 MHz)). So I searched for RAM, and I wanted to know it would be possible for me to install.

    * Kingston Technology - memory 2 GB PC2 5300 667 MHz 200pin SODIMM DDR2 *. Would it work properly and if so it would be better than doing a (* 1 GB) memory PC2 - 4300 DDR2 (533 MHz) * the standard RAM installed on my Qosmio?

    Thanks in advance for the answers of th



    To upgrade RAM on my laptop, I used Kingston DDR2-667, and it works without any problems! :)

    Thus, you can use this module Kingston too but I guess that it runs only on due speed 533 MHz FSB of the processor limitation. You can check with a tool of information material such as Everest or PC Wizard 2008 for example the speed of the FSB.

    As far as I know, the laptop can be upgraded to 4 GB maximum RAM.

    Good bye

  • Re: Install RAM in Satellite M60 - 104


    Need to install a new RAM in my Toshiba Satellite M60-104, seem to have problems try to suss out exactly where he is going and can't find my manual, can anyone help?

    Thanks in advance


    RAM modules are placed under the memory cover. This coverage is in the middle on the underside of the laptop you. If I remember well that hood is fixed with a screw only. Check it out.

  • install RAM

    I use dc5750 small factory.i already installed 4 GB of ram... I want to not upgrade to 8 GB

    can i intall 8 GB ram... because it says maximum 4 GB

    Yes. A maximum of 8 GB.

    Crucial memory guaranteed compatible updated 8 GB at the following ADDRESS.


  • How to open the Pavilion g6-2210us laptop computer to install RAM?

    I have a HP Pavilion g6-2210us laptop PC running Windows 8.  He came with the bar of 1 to 4 GB memory and has a foul slot up to 4 GB of RAM.  I bought another 4 GB module and intended to install today, but I don't know how to open the bottom of the computer to install the RAM.

    I have a Compaq laptop that was new in July 2007 and he has a sign on the bottom that covers the compartment memory and a separate panel that covers the hard drive.  Each of these panels can be removed by loosening a few screws and pulling the top of the Panel.

    But with this new HP Pavillion-2210us g6, I see a big sign which applies to sites of memory and hard drive.  And there is only one screw.  Everything simply loosen this screw does not allow the Panel to be raised.  So I suspect the slides Panel stop someway.   Can someone explain how the Panel is removed?


    See Page 49 of your & Maintenance Guide.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How correctly to install RAM in my Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F

    I have to get out the existing 8 GB of ram that it comes with? I have to do something for the operating system so that it recognizes the new ram once I install it? (Beginner)

    to take on the original of the ram, it depends on how much ram you need.

    8GB is a good amount, but if you wanto to raise 16 GB and your Predator has only 2 RAM sticks, you can add a different RAM sticks 2 without removing the original ram but sticks

    2 new RAM sticks must be exactly the same as the original or you will face a lot of questions.

    If you want to raise up to 32 GB of ram, you can buy 4 8 GB ram sticks, so take off the original.

    On the OS, there is no problem, the program will automatically configure at least if BIOS recognizes the right amount of ram installed.

    It's the list of replacement ram OEM:

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