Wake up the PowerEdge R710 on the power supply power


I have a PowerEdge R710 server and try to configure startup when the main switch in case 19 "is turned on. No chance, there is no option in the BIOS. It is possible at all?

Will be grateful for your suggestions...


In the BIOS to the title of the SECURITY of the SYSTEM, you have AC POWER RECOVERY. If you set that on IT and programming your waiting time if desired, and then the will to power server when it has power restored to it.

I would like to know if that's what you were talking about.

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    I've been in contact with Dell and they said that it's a software problem.

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    Thank you.


    I'm sorry for the late reply.

    As you mentioned in your previous post, you wanted to know how to boot from the disc, I've provided the steps how to boot from the disc on my previous post. However, you can try to repair your windows using DVD for Windows 7 backup and check.

    You can see this Microsoft article below that will help you fix Windows 7.


    Let us know if you need help most.

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    I got a PowerEdge R710 with no hard drives (and out of warranty). I added 6 WD RE3 1 TB disks. I'm new on PERC controllers and don't know how to start the implementation of this table. The only documentation I found was Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller cards H700 and H800 Technical Guide but it says nothing about the configuration of the table I can find. Is there documentation for a complete reconstruction of this server?

    I'm probably not the first person to do

    There are more than 1 way to get discs into the caddy. One of them will result in the data connection and feeding only reaching no not the player no matter how hard push you into the slot. I still have problems later, but I see you pushing me now.

  • Memory support for the Poweredge R710 speed

    The Dell Poweredge R710 supports up to 1600 MHz memories? As [manufacturer: SNP20D6FC / 16G |] [Dell Part #: A6994465] is compatible with R710?


    Frequency of memory in servers are affected by a number of factors, including; Speed DIMMS and CPU and memory configuration.

    R710 server supports:

    1. Speed up to 1333 MHz for one module of memory through
    2. Speed up to 1066 MHz for both modules of memory through
    3. Speed up to 800 MHz for three modules of memory per channel. All these speeds correspond to memory single or double modules. Therefore, the speed of 1600 MHz will be down-clocked at a speed suitable depending on the configuration.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  • PowerEdge R710, the problem with RAM


    On our server, 'PowerEdge R710' fails to increase the amount of RAM. On the motherboard there are 18 slots for RAM, 6 black and white 12. We bought 18 modules of memory 16 gigabytes of each. However, the memory ran in the white slots. In the description of the server on your company's Russian website indicates that the server supports up to 192 GB of RAM. The English language description of the server page says that he accepts 288 gigabytes of RAM. We are always able to put only 96 gigabytes, which we do not like it absolutely. Maybe we are doing something wrong. Tell me, how much RAM you can place on this server and how to do it correctly?


    What you need to do, it's actually install memory in A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 - 6 free slots you but this should allow you to install 192 GB.

  • PowerEdge T410 won't do anything when you press the power button / stop.

    My work has recently retired this t410 server. It worked without any problems when he was arrested. I had to remove and destroy the hard drives from the system. After that, I was allowed to bring home for my own use. I installed a new sata drive and plugged into the power supply and a free sata port on the motherboard. I get nothing when I tried to boot the system. This version has the unique power. Power light only lights up when you press the test button. System fan is going at full speed, but stops when you release the power button. Also on the control panel lights 1,2 and 4 and HDD power on and turn until the test button is released. There is a single green light lit on the motherboard, while it is plugged. Apart from that, I have no response when you press the main power button. Can anyone tell how to try to get it up and running again.


    I have not received the answers more so I think that this issue is ignored. So I'll let everyone know what finally happened. I solved my problem after a lot of electrical testing. I found a diagram of the arrangement of the power dell power supply pins and I made myself the best possible meter test. After several rounds of tests, I found several pins that did not have the right voltage. I bought a new power supply. I installed and replace everything. I plugged into the system and it auto fed on itself. I loaded from an OS and it works perfectly.

    Problem solved

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    Try a forced reboot. Hold down the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons at the same time for about 15 seconds, until the Apple logo appears.

    Then go to settings > general > storage & use iCloud > manage storage (the first) > and if there is an update, delete. Then go to settings > general > Software Update and try again.

    If that doesn't work, try updating through iTunes on your computer.

  • the power led stops working...

    in my macbook pro (early 2011) during the update of the el capitan 10.11.2 to 10.11.3 power led to go to Flash mode & stops working after update.can help me! ?

    The usual remedy is to reset the SMC. Read all the steps.

    Before resetting the SMC

    Try each of the following steps in this order before reset you the SMC. Test the issue after execution of each troubleshooting step to determine if the problem persists.

    1. Press Command + Option + escape to force quit all applications that are unresponsive.
    2. Put your Mac to sleep choosing the Apple () menu in the menu bar at the top left and then choosing sleep. After that he went to sleep, to wake up the computer.
    3. Restart your Mac by choosing the Apple () menu in the upper-left menu bar, then selecting restart.
    4. Stop your Mac by choosing the Apple () menu in the bar menu at top left and then choosing stop.

    Resetting the SMC on laptops with a battery you should not remove on your own

    1. Shut down the computer.
    2. Plug the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting to the Mac if it is not already connected.
    3. On the built-in keyboard, press Command-Option-shift keys (left side) and the power at the same time button. Power adapter light can cycler deactivation / activation once.
    4. Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.
    5. Press the power button to turn on the computer.
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    Why I get this is event viewer? Source ACPI
    The embedded controller (EC) data returned when none was requested.
    The BIOS may try to access the European Community without synchronization with the operating system.
    These data will be ignored. No further action is necessary; However, you should check with the manufacturer of your computer for an updated BIOS.

    When Windows 7 starts, the icons on the desktop, menu start and records are white then start then normal fill when seen once again, any reason why?

    I used Windows 7 drivers.

    Thank you

    Hey mate,

    I have too many Qosmio F50 and you can change the option if, after hibernate or stand-by the account should be locked or not. As far as I know that this can be changed in power management.

    About this window of Event Viewer, I never heard talk about this and my Qosmio F50 works fairly well with Windows 7. You have installed all the drivers for it? You have yellow exclamation marks in Device Manager?

    I also used Windows 7 drivers, but did you download from the Toshiba page? These drivers are pre-tested and normally should work pretty well.

  • How to wake up the Satellite L350 of the hibernation mode

    Can I clarify, please?
    I press FN + F4 to close in hibernation mode.

    How can I reboot the machine?
    Sometimes it starts when I rub my finger on the touchpad, but sometimes it doesn't seem to work and I have to turn it on by pressing the power button.

    Is this correct?


    Usually, you must press the power button to wake the portable computer from hibernation mode.
    I always use and press the power button on my two different notebooks to wake up machines to sleep extended or stand by mode.

    Welcome them

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    I tried to use the power button to lock and unlock the screen on my Moto G 3rd generation (16/2). I found a program to turn it on and off by touching the screen. The soft, I liked very much and installed is DTSO, which means Double Tap screen on / off. Screen lock and turning off the coast of the screen is half of what makes this app, and I liked the way he did. However, the part of the application of release control or to wake up the phone was unacceptable. Although he performed this task well, it consumes too much autonomy, maybe 3-5% per hour. I disabled this half of the app and have resigned myself to using the power button to turn the phone on. But I noticed that when the phone is moved or bumped starts to wake up and watch [Black] dark screen with the digital time displayed with a lock screen are locked. If I get really aggressive, I can unlock the spice to this lock screen, but it's really too much work and awkward, not to mention borderline abusive to the screen. Unfortunately, I never understood the exact shot required to unlock the screen. In addition, this [Black] dark, with digital time display and a padlock, don't constantly it becomes active when the phone is moved or bumped or vibrated, so that he would never be an acceptable way to unlock the screen. There a waiting period after the display has become active and closed, so if I failed to unlock the screen by typing emphatically on the padlock, it will be while before her will again appear to give me another shot at it. The reason that I have disabled the wake-up/unlock half of the DTSO program was that she consumed autonomy that he controls the user to "shake" the phone awake. It turns out that this supervision is in fact redundant because the phone is already followed by a gesture of torsion (x 2) unlock the phone for the camera. Once the phone woke up to allow the camera, it's a simple matter to press the Home button to access the unlocked phone normally. So, instead of using the power button, the user can wake up and unlock the phone by calling the camera with a twist of wrist gesture (x 2), then press the Home button. However, I am interested to know exactly how to drag the lock to unlock the phone on the screen dark ephemeral digital time/lock. What is the secret to unlock the phone in this dark view [Black] for 3 seconds?

  • Wake up the lan problem

    Wake on lan suddenly stopped working last week.  No idea why?  It has worked flawlessly before.  I made no intentional change to the PC, but the Windows updates have been loaded.  Hardware and BIOS are always value of wake on lan.  I am running XP.  Anything in the updates of June 2011, which would have penetrated WOL?  More importantly, how can I solve this?  Thank you.

    If you use a classical WoL - which means that you use it for * voltage * the machine - then the OS has nothing to do with it.

    If you use it to wake up the machine to hibernation - BIOS is always the main target.  However - it's not just the setting of Wake On LAN, you need to worry about, but also the power management...

    1. on the computer target in Device Manager or in the network settings, select the network card.
    2. click on: properties
    3. click on the button Configure the network card.
    4. Select the tab: power management
    5. place a check mark to: allow this device to wake the computer
    6. click on: OK
    7 continue to close all property pages.

  • X 220 wake at the opening of the lid

    I know this is pretty trivial, but my X 220 suddenly stopped waking up when I open it. Anyone know how to re-enable the which? I have been in the power settings and others and have not been able to find. Thank you

    The computer wakes you up on the opening in the lid if you put it to sleep by closing the lid. If you used the sleep or Fn + F4 option in the start menu, you have to press the power button. Is he not wake up the open lid if you sleep by closing the lid?

  • stand-by power mode re - begins shortly after entering the power saving mode

    My other machine stand-by mode and then the power automatically back up after about 30-40 seconds

    Hi sibsales1,

    1. When did you start the questions?

    2. you remember to make changes to the computer before this problem?

    You can check the following link and try to run the Fixit and see if it helps:

    Solve power problems


    If you are still facing problems, then check the advice given to "my computer suddenly wakes up from his sleep" in the link above.

    Hope this information is useful.

    Jeremy K
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Pavilion Slimline lock up in sleep mode-fan works high not lights up unless I pull the power cord 1

    New HP Pavilion Slimline desktop 400-314 - mode 'sleep' sometimes cause to lock the computer, the power light is on, the fan runs at the top.  Only way to unlock the computer is to hold the power button for 5 seconds.  I wait 15-20 seconds, then press the power button to wake it up.  Immediately the computer restarts to the top with solid power light and the fan turns at the top.  The only way to break this vicious circle must first pull the power cord to the rear, wait 30 seconds and plug it in again.  This time, when I turn on the computer it goes off just fine.

    Is this a BIOS problem?  Please help as I don't have that much hair left.

    * Solved * Finally!  After 8 grueling days of pain staking agony and incessant attempts to fix this thing, I finally solved my problem.  I spent countless hours on the phone with HP support and nothing resolved.  That is: the problem with this computer locking up and sending the fan at high spin was due only with external speakers. When you reset the power system disconnected to boot the system, he would normally go for at least half a day before locking up.  I discovered that the speakers are older than 15 years. It's funny, these speakers worked fine on a desktop HP 2004 previous Pavilion running on Windows XP.  Now, it's static build-up that caused my death or something else?  As far as I know, it's that I'm a happy camper using headphones with a new system of HP that finally works.  Thank you to everyone who made suggestions.

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