what it means if the power LED flashes red, that I am plugged into the power outlet

help what is a flashing red light on average power

Yes, the batteries in laptops are like any other rechargeable battery, they have a life cycle. Since the bits of information so far, it sounds as if you do not want to replace the battery. You can see what is essentially a stack to the page linked below:

How to replace your laptop battery

What I would say has visited support site for the manufacturer of your laptop; using your specific model name/number search for laptops support page. You should be able to get some type of documentation that will explain the flashing red light. Also get the specifications for the battery of your specific model (see technical data). Though on checking support site for the manufacturer to see if they have their own forums, if so you may be able to find details about the light, and what is involved in the specific battery in your laptop.

Computer manufacturers

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    Thank you...


    sonicboomboy wrote:

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    Remember - this is a public forum so never post private information such as numbers of mail or telephone!


    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

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  • Power moves from AC to battery at random, with a strange LED flashes code

    Hi all

    From time to time, on a regular basis, I'll have my laptop go battery power even if it is plugged.  When it does this, the led power and battery charge flashing start.  This happens usually after the laptop has been for a little while, but sometimes it will start to do so as soon as I turn it on.  Often, I can run just after that I have unplug the power adapter and plug it back, although it generally takes a few tries, and it is usually only a temporary fix.

    Really, I just want to know what it means when the two leds blink.  I could not find this combination in textbooks or anywhere online.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv8000 (dv8310us) Windows XP.

    I appreciate the ideas.

    Yes, I think he fixed it.

    I went and bought a new universal power adapter a few days ago and the problem has occurred again since then.

    In fact, it happened once the first time I used it, but it turns out I had the adapter put half a volt too low.  So I think the power, and load it LED two flashing simply means that the adapter does not have enough power, meaning mine was indeed that went wrong.

  • Power LED is red (WAG354G)

    After power on, the power Led flashes red, then turns red.

    It is not described in the user manual.

    Wath do you mean?

    Thank you.

    Reset the gateway
    1. hold the reset for 30 seconds button.
    2. then disconnect the Dungeon can now hold the reset for 30 seconds.
    3 plug back the power back in and keep the button of reset for 30 seconds.
    4. release the reset button.

    If the power remains still red light, then your device must be replaced.

  • A laser printer can be plugged into a power strip?

    A laser printer can be plugged into a power strip?

    Here's the question.

    A typical wall outlet is rated at 15 watts max, but you should only put about 80 percent of this amount on the circuit as a constant pull then 12-13 watts is the actual amount of the charge, you will place it on one shot. You might get an occasional brief increased load when a device such as a printer laser heated.

    Laser printers pull a lot of power when the fuser unit, heating, so you should gave them a plug dedicated to the extent possible.

    If you put a printer into a power strip, then the band must be plugged into a wall outlet and the printer should be the only thing plugged into the power strip.

    End check model of your laser printer and find the data sheet and see how much current it draws pulling maximum amount, if it is 12 or 13 amp, then you really should have a dedicated socket or a power strip plugged into the Jack with nothing else on this subject.

    If my post resolve your issue please click the accepted solution inder button it. Thsnk a tech for a post click the thumbs up button under the post. You can even click on the two buttons...

  • Portege R100 stoped working - the power LED flashes error codes

    I have a R100 that has suddenly stopped working.
    The power led (clear amber with the image of the power wire) flashes what appears to be an error code of 5 flashes with a long pause on the last flash, followed by 3 flashes.

    That - what it means, and where can I get a list of all codes error?

    I changed the main battery, changed the spare battery and changed supply - and again, I get the error permanently. I was not able to power the laptop at all since it started. When you press the power button / nothing happens.

    I hope someone on this forum has some information that may help you diagnose this problem. Tech support representatives Toshiba post here?

    Thanks in advance.


    I m not a R100 owner but to me it looks like a card mother malfunction because you have already tried to exchange the battery and the AC adapter.

    In this case, the best solution would be if you go to an authorized service provider. Technicians can consult the specifications and they know what means this code I think.
    Here it s only a user to user forum and I have never seen anyone from Toshiba again.

    Anyway, here you can search for the nearest ASP:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online decision-making supported downloads & => find an authorized service provider

    Good luck!

  • my power green LED flashes and the laptop does not start

    Mr President, I have laptop computer Sony vaio, when I press the power button, my power LED green light begins to blink, sometimes sometimes brighter Sun, but nothing else happened, my fan remains closed, screen remains black, just POWER green LED flashing, flashing in the same way as orange light flashes in case of in standby mode, it is usually solid green , but now it flashes and the laptop does not start, what should I do Sir...

    My model number is the model of Sony VAIO PCG-61911W... His VPCEG18FG of the product name


    It seems that your device is not post.  You can try reinstalling the ram or simply by using a single module at a time, but other that that the device would need service...

  • Pavilion a1130n block of POWER LED flashes when it is connected to the mobo

    We had a power outage and now PC won't start at all and power and power supply lights both blink.  I went through the list of power supply.  When everything is unplugged PSU led remains lit.  When I plug in the mobo light starts flashing again.

    On another forum, someone suggested clearing CMOS as check/solution possible, but I've seen suggested once on all of the controls/solutions out there.

    Should I try clearing CMOS or who would really do something to help here?

    Also, I am trying to determine the most cost-effective path of repair/replacement.  The main consideration for me is software and data on the hard drive, I would really like.  I know that the machine is old so I'm thinking the mobo may need to be upgraded in any case of 6 years and the PSU, should probably due to his age and the likelihood it will fail before too long.

    Any guidance is appreciated.

    lardfw wrote: I deleted CMOS (using the pull method) and there is no change. Well, I understand that it was a long shot. I followed the checklist (do not skip steps).  I was a little fuzzy on the checklist is should I go ahead and take memory cards and disconnect the headset, microphone, usb ports, etc to the MoBo? During the only thing connected to the PSU is the MoBo.  Nothing connected to the PSU = green fixed.  Connected to the power supply flashing green = MoBo. So my concern is passed: the hell of the MoBo or PSU is (because I'm buddy up to the idea that it is).  in order to use the hard drive in a new configuration (specifically the software and data on the hard drive).

    Hello lardfw, with nothing connected to the motherboard and you try to start the system, if the motherboard was not defective, with the power supply work as it should, you get all kinds of sound signals, especially when the memory is removed.

    I'm sure that the motherboard has failed. You should be able to remove the hard drive and install it into another system such as a secondary drive and not the bootable disc and be able to copy some files from the hard drive. You would not be able to access the applications.

    Once you have recovered all the data you may be, you could then reformat the hard drive and use the total capacity of the disk as a backup, or even use it as a bootable stick with a new operating system installation.

  • mini iPad Watch Flash then plugged into 240v outlet but power guard falling %. What could be the cause of this?

    My question is General, my girlfriend overseas has my mini iPad 1st gen... it must have the last update, but I'm not sure that the wifi is bad enough, that some applications does not yet update 100%. Anyway, is his problem, and I can see it on find-my-phone app... When you plug the iPad it shows the symbol with the lightning, but the % of power is not on the rise, more often she gets, especially if it is used. She uses the system load of 5 watts. I bought a charger wall 12 watts for her, but she won't get it for a few weeks. The voltage is 220-240. I wonder if she can be a dirty plug in the iPad itself or can the points of tension also be a problem, they are known to have brown-outs, so that little said that power is incompatible. Sometimes at night it gets a load complete another time it's half are charged.  I'll add other devices using the same power source is fully charged. We used apple cords and after walking both strings have the same question. or it shows it is charging but decreases or it does not show only be charged at all. We will only on the symbol with the lightning to discern whether it is supported or not, but some other posts, I read that may not be a good indicator as she is in charge State.  Quite frustrating, any advice would be helpful!

    I'll have him get the socket cleaned today to see if that helps... Next step will replace the decision-making load inside the iPad, I'm really trying to avoid this, it is almost 3 years, so maybe that's the problem as well.

    Howdy there Wildmain,

    It sounds like the mini iPad GFs constantly recharges on its own even with different cables. There could be a variety of factors here, so I would use the next section of the following article to help you troubleshoot it or whether it may be necessary to service on the device:

    Recharge your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

    If your device doesn't load or loads slowly

    If you have very low battery and you plug in the power, a black screen or with a red battery may appear for a few minutes. Charge your device for half an hour. If it still doesn't load, follow these steps:

    1. Check your charge cable and USB damagedadapter *, such as rupture or bent pins. Do not use damaged accessories.
    2. Remove all debris from the charge on the bottom of your device socket, then firmly plug your cable to charge your device. If the port of loading is damaged, your device probably need service.
    3. To a power outlet wall, search for closed connections between your charge cable, USB adapter and outlet or try another outlet. For a computer, verify that it is not in mode 'sleep', then try every USB port on the computer.
    4. Restart your iOS device. If your device does not illuminate or still does not, know what to do.

    * If you are not sure if an accessory is damaged, take it to an Apple Store or the provider of services authorized Apple for evaluation or Contact the Apple Support.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

  • Tecra A2 power led flashing

    After an accident of liquid my Toshiba A2 PTA20E-4LV03LG3 has stopped working and when I plug it into the AC or just battery power led turns green for a second and then it turns orange and start flashing (* L * NGOs 1 sec, * S * ort half dry, * L, S, S, L * and * S *). Anyone know what this means? I think that my motherboard is damaged :|

    Post edited by: paolo6

    > Is - anyone know what this means? I think that my motherboard is damaged

    I fear that you might be right I put t m know that this kind of code could say because it's always different, but either you memroy modules are dead or motherboard.

    It's a pity :(

  • Satellite L500 is OFF and the Green LED flashes if hooked on sector


    I have a L500 which is not outside the green light flashes when the power cable is plugged in, but does nothing else


    What indicator do you mean exactly?

    DC (first on left) indicator lights up green when the properly feeding the power adapter. If the output voltage is abnormal or if breakdowns computers power indicator lights.

    The other indicator (power led second from left) lights green when the computer is turned on. If you turn off the computer to sleep, this LED starts blinking Orange.

    Also if there is a failure of memory Power LED repeatedly flashes
    0.5 sec and off 0.5 sec
    If there is a problem with the slot A the LED flashes two times orange then green once
    If there is an error in the B slot, the LED flashes orange green once then twice
    If there is error in the slot A and B the LED flashes two times in orange and green.

    But if the power light flashes green only, I guess there is a motherboard problem.

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