Why the recovery disks do not work?

Hi friends:

My laptop is HP HDX18. He has broken several days so I had to send it to a repair station. I took my laptop station repair for a week. Engineers told me that some material had been changed, such as motherboard, LCD display, but also outer shell. I checked it and it worked fine.

Before my phone was broken, I did a system recovery discs and they worked well.

Now I want to restore the system to the initial setting at the factory by the recovery diskettes, BUT! It alert with the words ' this product does not support system recovery!

Could you please tell me why not recovery discs work? and how to fix this?


the devices that were replaced are:

audio device

graphics chip


You can go back to that of the repair station and ask for drivers, they must provide you with the pilots because they are the only one who knows what motherboard has been installed.

your recovery discs no longer work while you do a clean install of your operating system.

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    Yes, return the Zotac motherboard and get an OEM HP/Compaq M2NC51-AR / HematiteXL-GL8E motherboard. I know that's not the answer you want to hear, but the recovery discs are locked to a specific set of HP/Compaq machines with specific HP OEM motherboards. Apart from this, you will need to buy a new OS.


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    I made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which has also installed Windows 7 64-bit. When I use the recovery disk and it loaded the files etc it evokes just a black screen and the cursor.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening?
    I tried to start my computer acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine.

    As is - this does anyone have suggestions as to why I get the message "disk read error - press ctrl, alt and delete to restart?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    On this virtual path, it is not easy to offer the exact diagnosis, but of course, there must be a problem with the HARD drive. Can you get a second one for test purposes and exchange it. Just to be sure if the HDD is troublemaker.

    But there is something else:
    > I made a Windows 7 recovery disk using my other computer acer laptop...
    Sorry, but I don t understand this. Can you please explain what you did exactly?

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    What happens when I go through the process of installation with the recovery discs, is that instead of the Windows installation continue as it is supposed to, I have "no boot device - insert boot disk and press any key any."  I'm desperate, I tried two different options - one was the minimum image recovery, the other was a factory restore.  Nothing seems to work. What can I do?   Moreover, the original hard drive is not * completely * dead - I can still access most of the data on it.


    Yes... It works fine for me.

    Here's the source Web page.  Select the download link of W7 Home Premium x 64 from there...

    http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/14709-Windows-7-Digital-River-direct-links-multiple-languages-x86-amp-x64/page58?p=469389 & viewfull = 1 #post469389

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    I have a Compaq Presario CQ4010F Desktop PC (Windows 7 64-bit) in which the hard drive went bad. I bought a new hard drive which is a 1 to, the failed drive was 500 GB. So, I ordered disks system recovery, four in total. The disk labeled 'Use this first!' appear to be running fine, then prompted me to launch the next disc, which I assume is the 1 of 3 system recovery disk. With the computer, always, I inserted the CD 1 of 3 and have waited and watched as nothing has happened. I restarted the PC with the 3 disc 1 again and that will inspire nothing happened. Any help is appreciated in this matter.


    If you can't get the recovery disks to work (don't make sure that the keyboard, mouse and monitor are connected), then you can make your own windows 7 installation DVD and use that to at least get windows 7 installed and your PC back to the operation.

    Here's how.

    If you can read the Microsoft windows 7 25-character product key, you can download simple Windows 7 ISO files to burn on a DVD for the version of windows that is installed on your PC, and which is listed on the Microsoft COA sticker on your PC case.

    Burn the ISO with the option to burn the ISO on your DVD burning program and burn it at the slowest possible speed that will allow your program. This will create a bootable DVD.

    Or use the installation of Windows 7 USB/DVD tool to compile the ISO file that you download from Digital River. Link and instructions below. You need a 4 GB flash drive to use the USB compilation method.


    Use 25 characters on the PC product key to activate the installation.

    The key will activate a 32 or 64 bit installation.

    Then go to the support of the PC and driver page to install the drivers you need.

    Link to downloads ISO of W7 is below.



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    Can someone help me?

    Download the full installer from http://forums.adobe.com/thread/909550

  • Satellite A50 - recovery disk is not working


    I'm trying to do a clean install on my laptop, but the recovery disk is not working.
    The files transferred to the laptop, but once done, I get an error message that says: "the system is not fully installed. Please run Setup again."

    Does anyone have suggestions as to how to fix it?

    It took me four days to get to this point and make me very frustrated.

    Thanks heaps



    What is the installation using another CD; That is to say the Microsoft Windows XP disk?
    Have you tried that?

    In my opinion, this would help to pinpoint the problem
    The error message can be linked to different issues; I mean the HARD drive or a single partition problem could also be possible.

    Try to format the drive HARD whole again. Delete all partitions from the HARD drive and check if you can proceed with the installation.

    But if you will not be able to install the OS by using the recovery disk and other disks then a question must relate to a part of the material. (possibly HDD)

  • System recovery disks do not work.

    I have a HP G62 339WM Notebook PC with Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  I bought by mail, system recovery discs and they do not work.   And my HP Support Assistant displays "an error has occurred" and end not updates.

    The Troubleshooting Guide for the recovery started from CD or DVD says: "update the firmware of the drive. This is especially true if the disks were received from HP customer service by mail. The firmware of a DVD player (the pilot) isn't able to recognize the support of recovery disk which was created using a newer DVD manufacturing process. Download and install updates on the firmware of the DVD available at HP that corresponds to the type of DVD drive on your computer. »

    How do I update the firmware of the player when my HP Support Assistant would conduct no updates.  I downloaded the latest Hp Support Assistant and he always always says "an error has occurred."

    My laptop model has no updates from HP.

    As new as your laptop is I doubt you need a firmware update for the CD/DVD drive.

    Could you give a little more detail also the recovery disks do not work. For example you get an error, or is the laptop just not boot from them and goes directly into Windows?

    Have you tried to put the first disc in the drive, shut down the laptop, wait a minute or two and turn on the laptop, start typing the ESCAPE key to get the menu. Should be an option of F9 to select the boot device. Select the CD/DVD drive and press ENTER.

  • For 1000-zx satellite recovery disk does not work

    XP Recovery disk does not work. The 3 options are unresponsive. Is there an easy solution. All other functions of cell phones seem ok. It is a reliable machine for more than 3 years, but now must use the recovery disc. Brilliant ideas greatly appreciated.


    Well, I put t know why you recovery CD doesn t work. Have you checked the CD some scratches? Have you tried to clean this CD?
    However if it of impossible to use the recovery CD, you can contact the ASP and buy a new one. It doesn t expensive.
    In addition, you can install an original Windows operating system and then all the Toshiba necessary drivers on the Toshiba site.

    Good bye

  • Satellite P300 - 13 M - recovery disk do not work


    I have a Satellite P300 - 13M. I want to reinstall my Vista, but the recovery of the program disk do not work.
    I do not have to uninstall the program, it is also on my list of software. I can see the program in C:\Program Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator, but when I click on ToRDC.exe it does not start.

    These are all the files in the map:

    13/08 / 2008 17:30 < DIR >. +
    13/08 / 2008 17:30 < DIR >... +.
    28/02 / 2008 20:49 < DIR > Img +.
    19/03 / 2003 13:14 msvcp71.dll + 499.712
    21/02 / 2003 21:42 msvcr71.dll + 348.160
    30/10 / 2006 08:27 tdcmdpst.cat + 7.958
    27/10 / 2006 23:36 tdcmdpst.inf + 4.093
    18/10 / 2006 11:50 tdcmdpst.sys + 16.128
    11/03 / 2006 03:30 122.880 TDComSet.exe +.
    21/11 / 2007 17:09 TDMSTING.dll + 262,144
    21/11 / 2007 17:23 TODDSrv.exe + 129.632
    12/06 / 2007 13:59 1.212.416 ToRDC.exe +.
    + 14/02 / 2006 16:23 TosChk.dll + 57.344
    24/06 / 2007 19:39 TrdcHelp.html + 9.657
    25/10 / 2005 08:53 VXBLOCK.dll + 28.672
    + bestand (en) 2.698.796 12 bytes +.

    I also have the map on E:\HDDRecovery with all the files in it (4.12 GB).

    Is there a way that the program works or can I make HDDRecovery map an ISO image and burn it to a cd?


    > I do not have to uninstall the program, it is also on my list of software. I can see the program in C:\Program Toshiba Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator, but when I click on ToRDC.exe it does not start.
    Sorry for my question but what you want to do exactly?
    You want to retrieve the laptop using the recovery disk or you want to create a recovery disk?

    The Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator creates the recovery disk using files in HARD disk recovery file that is placed on the second partition.

    If you want to recover the laptop, then you simply boot from the recovery disc.

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    I have the following statement in a package.procedure:

    -- (...)

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double
    -- (...)

    When dbms_metadata.object_not_found then

    -- (...)

    Execution is stopped in the select, not enter the exception and the following message is displayed in PL/SQL Developer MicroHelp:

    + "ORA-31608: specified object type INDEX not found." + "

    I did it another way by adding the following clause:

    -- (...)

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double
    where exists (select 1+)
    of all_indexes+.
    where table_owner = 'OWNER'+.
    and table_name = sTableName); +
    -- (...)

    + When no_data_found then +.

    -- (...)

    It works, but: why the object_not_found exception does not work?

    Thanks in advance for everyone!

    Oh I just noticed:

    What happens if instead of this:

    Select dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName)
    in the cDDL - clob for index DDL
    of the double

    you say:

    cDDL: = dbms_metadata.get_dependent_ddl ('INDEX', 'OWNER', sTableName);


  • Satellite P10-304: 2nd recovery disk does not work

    I'm selling my laptop.

    Went to use recovery of original product CD provided along with the PC.

    1 disc worked OK - unfortunately 2nd disc (undamaged) stops at about 60 percent and gives the following message;

    error number 437
    Can not read the file
    version: 7,00 (Apr 2001 19, build 254).
    License: XQ199905
    command line arguments: - clone, mode is pload, srx = x: \01367000.GHO:1, dst = 1:1 - batch

    PROG mode: prog_local
    Name of the path:
    dump file: x:\01367001.GHS
    dumpPos: 0
    flagexplode: 10

    State of IRQ of mouse: no IRQ (0)

    Help, please!?!

    I have a buyer waiting and everything seems to be Dutch!


    It's not easy to say what's wrong with the 2nd recovery disk.
    I would recommend formatting the HARD drive completely and try again to recover the operating system. If it doesn't work, well try to contact Toshiba. Here, you can order the recovery CD. Maybe the problem of recovery will be solved as a gesture of goodwill.
    Nevertheless, the recovery cd is not expensive.

  • For Satellite 5200 recovery disk does not work


    I try to use the recovery for Satellite 5200 disk but it won't work. I have the recovery disk in the DVD player and I tried holding C and also tried to change the boot sequence by pressing F12 at startup to the top but he's not in it.

    Someone at - it ideas?

    Is there a problem with the drive while the OS is running? Try to use different bootable CD and see exactly what is happening.

  • How the recovery disk creator actually works?

    I read on the forum on the recovery disk creator and I'm a bit confused... in the name, it becomes obvious that he is indeed a creator, but I have no thread caught my attention which in fact is to create a recovery disk. How does it work? Of course, it is used to restore the system to the default settings, but you can make your own backup copies recovery of the State, the system is now? Or do all the recovery discs take you where it all begun so to speak...

    And if I could create my own presets, restrictions on the amounts of images? And he brings with him all that is installed in the time that the image was created?

    As I made clear in my previous posts, I have not bought the thing... It's in the mail. I'm just getting ready for the terrible experience of how things can go wrong when I don't have the original DVD of Windows in my hands :)

    Thanks in advance!


    So many questions! I'll try to help you with unclear words.

    In the latest Toshiba has delivered laptop computers equipped with recovery media. Very old computers laptop Toshiba created mainly two CD recovery and newer laptops a Recovery DVD.
    This recovery DVD was in the box with the notebook.

    This recovery CD/DVD contains a recovery image. Recovery image can be installed on the laptop and after that each installation of the laptop will have factory settings the same state that you have when you start your laptop for the first time.
    Recovery image contains the system operations, drivers, Toshiba and utility tools and some additional software. Therefore, after you install the recovery image, you should not install drivers or additional software. Everything is done for you.

    Then, new notebooks, as your Satellite Pro A300-1EA, are not delivered with a separate recovery media and all those who buy the laptop must / should create a clean copy. This copy can be used for installations of operating system further. For recovery, multimedia creation Toshiba has designed special tool and it is designed to create recovery media ONLY.

    To start the tool, select the media you want to use (I recommend DVD - R), put the media in the optical disc drive and click Create.

    In fact the recovery image is saved on the HARD drive and placed on the second partition in the file called HDDRecovery.
    Still, there is one thing. If nothing is changed on the system, partitions, and if this folder is not removed, you can install operating system whenever you want, but without using recovery media.

    It is simply procedure. When the laptop starts press F8 and you will enter the advanced startup options. The first is called to fix my computer. Enter it and follow the on-screen menu. After two stages, you will see the window with several options and the last recovery option.

    So please create DVD to be on the right side of recovery.

    If you have any other questions please ask. Someone here will help you for sure.

    Good luck!

  • Recovery disk does not work for Satellite A100-197

    I'm working on an A100-197, which would not boot into normal Windows, but was able to start in safe mode.
    I used MSConfig to disable all startup and other services. Not good.
    I used the system restore. Not good.
    I have scanned for viruses, rootkits, etc. None found. Not good.
    I copied data to another hard drive in SafeMode with network and inserted the recovery DVDs.
    Through unpacking and got message saying to remove DVD - did this and system seems to freeze.
    Click the exit button and it restarts, but Windows froze (the movement stopped moving blobs). Tried safe mode
    but got a message saying that the installation of the system has not finished.
    Tried the recovery again, but this time I left the unpacking screen 100% of the overnight to see if
    He has nothing. There can be no. Click on exit and got the same as above.
    HDD formatted in partition magic and I tried again. Not good.
    Created 5 GB FAT32 partition and DVD files copied to the FAT32 partition. Tried to run the decompression program
    back. He refused to run in DOS mode.
    I think that connects the hard drive on another machine and RecoUnpack.exe a work PC running to
    unzip the files on the laptop HARD drive image, but this is crazy - the recovery disk is supposed to retrieve the
    System. What else can I try?


    I would say that you have some serious hardware malfunction. Have you ever tried to check the RAM and the processor?
    In your case, I would try to run the UBCD4Win (www.ubcd4win.com) and superPI allows to see if the RAM is faulty.

    It could also be another component such as the motherboard or something on the motherboard (graphics, sound, some capacitors)

    It s just a suggestion, but you could really give my hint a chance. ;)
    I would also try another HARD drive in this machine, maybe the controller from your old HARD drive disappeared...

    Welcome and appreciate all comments


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