Wired connection

I just bought the Sony BDP-S370 and I tried to connect using a wired connection. I put my settings in and nothing I also did with 'AUTO' settings and nothing. I called Sony and they could not help I called comcast and none help so am hoping that some on hear can help.

Hello 951253, the user
Congratulations on the purchase of your new Blu Ray player. Apologies, you experience network problems. Auto is fine for Setup, but when you need solving problems, you must look at all the parties involved. Check first is the layers of the devices.

Comcast Modem > router > wired connection to the player.
Comcast Modem/Router > wired connection to the player

If you can connect directly to the modem try this first
(not all modems will allow this)
Once you have determined which device is blocking access, check your IP address.

You can find the network settings of > networking > Internet status > and if your ip address is valid as 192.168.x.xx then the router is good, but no communication to the Modem.

If you have an IP address under network settings of 169.xx.xx.xx then this is a universal car fake address created with no connectivity. and it could be your cable or other issues.

Sorry to provide general answers but with network troubleshooting, unless it is a specific Question, its best to work with us on-line.

Contact us at your convenience
http://eSupport.Sony.com/us/Perl/select... RC = CONTACT

Best regards

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  • Re: Satellite P50-A14G - unable to connect to the internet using a wired connection

    On my laptop, Satellite P50-A14-G, I can't connect to internet via wired connections.

    WiFi does not work properly, but not the Ethernet card. It has not any light when I connect the wire, and I realized that on the Panel of the map icon does not appear.
    My OS is Windows 8.1 update 1.


    Have you checked status LAN card in Device Manager?
    Please make sure you that network card installed, listed and active properly.

  • Wired connection without love at first sight?

    I need to update the software for my router at home. (The router were made by Netgear).

    At the beginning of the instructions, it says this: "to avoid the problem of disconnection during the process of the firmware download wireless, NETGEAR recommends this firmware update be performed on a computer with wired connection.

    I don't know how to connect my Macbook Air to the modem with a cable, since it seems that there is no port for this.

    It seems that I might be able to buy a "Thunderbolt" adapter for $29, but that seems like a piece of expensive hardware because I need only to update this software. For $29, I could virtually buy a new router.

    Two questions:

    1. is there a cheaper way to connect my Macbook Air to the internet with a cable?

    2. can I download updated the firmware of the Netgear via the normal WiFi connection, or he'll just permanently disconnect my laptop on my home WiFi network?

    Thank you for any advice you can give me.

    Two questions:

    1. is there a cheaper way to connect my Macbook Air to the internet with a cable?

    2. can I download updated the firmware of the Netgear via the normal WiFi connection, or he'll just permanently disconnect my laptop on my home WiFi network?

    (1) No, you need to this thunderbolt adapter and an ethernet cable.

    (2) what they give is the perfect Board as ethernet is more reliable than wifi. But I am not agree.  Maybe I have will burn someday, but chances are with me.  99% + chance you can do wireless.  You are offline but can reconnect automatically in most cases and may have to do a manual connect after installs the firmware.

  • Apple Airprint for HP Officejet 6500 has more via a wired connection to the router


    So I did a considerable amount of research in this through the internet and this forum and I still struggle to find a satisfactory solution.

    I have a HP Officejet 6500 a more connected by ethernet to my BT Homehub 3.

    It is I understand that even if there is a wired connection, as long as my iOS device (iPad 2 or iPhone 5) is connected to the same router, I should still be able to see this Officejet thanks to ease of airprint.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case. I get the message "No Airprint Printers Found" on both devices. The only way I managed to get my Mac Pro (Mavericks) to connect has been add to mannualy by using the IP address of the printer.

    Can anyone provide guidance on what I might hurt? Certainly, the printer must connect internet I can print from my iOS devices using HP ePrint app for iOS.

    Some might say, well, what's the problem, just use the HP application, but is not the point. I think that if something has been set up to make things easier, then use it. I chose this printer specifically for this feature is a bit frustrating for her so difficult to get the desired results.

    Hope it is something simple and anyone can help you.

    Thank you


    Following this request and reading the many more similar questions, I think I may have solved this.

    I'm not 100% sure but I read a few threads suggests that there are issues around BT Homehub 3 and Hello so this can be a problem.

    I tried the following in the past two days...

    (1) completely don't reset my router (wiped all settings and started)-no luck!

    (2) I tried changing to WPA2 to just WPA security - no luck!

    (3) tried to convey the Hello to the printer ports - no luck!

    (4) turn off the router, printer and all the devices iOS then fed back router, printer, then iOS devices - printer appears on iOS devices, but when printing was selected iOS device returned on several occasions not connected printer error.

    Finally, what seems to have made (at least for now) has been...

    (1) disconnected the Officejet ethernet and set up as wireless.

    (2) off voltage router, printer and all iOS devices then propelled upward in the order listed previously.

    (3) so far, I tried to print a mail and a web page of my iOS devices, and both have been successful.

    By the way I've been struggling also to airplay from my iPhone / iPad until I started messing around with the settings above, and now this question also seems to be resolved.

    Due to the variety of combinations (different printers, routers, etc.) people will have, it seems to be quite difficult to find a solution that solves a single problem but I hope some of my experiences and findings could help others in some way.

  • I am unable to connect to the Linksys WRT54G Router with wired connection to Office XP.

    My two laptops (XP and a Win7) will be connected to the router wireless and wired (ethernet). When it is plugged directly into the DSL modem, the Office connects and works very well. This problem started when I had to replace the DSL modem.

    I inherited this problem for my elderly mother... and it all started because they gave me the router password wrong, who now works (router has been reset) on two laptops, but when connected, the Office doesn't even show a light of connection on the router except during startup. I no longer get a window of logon passwork for the router, and I am unable to connect/ping the router in the office. (

    I would like to clarify a few things.

    1. two laptops work fine with cable connections and wireless through the WRT54G.

    2 desktop PC, which has only a wired connection, does not connect successfully.

    3. the symptoms of the failure of the desktop connection to are that the link on the router at the start light flashes during initialization of the PC but then will Dim.

    4. when the desktop PC trying to connect to the internet, it fails.

    5 when the desktop PC try to connect to the administration WRT54g page it fails.

    6. when the desktop computer try PIING the router at IP address it fails.

    These points are correct?

    Assuming this is correct, open a command prompt and type


    The output of the command should provide some information about the current state of the network connection.

    It would be useful that you posted this here release.

    The absence of a link light can be your main symptom and may be due to several reasons. He probably has an associate status "media disconnected" in IPCONFIG for the network connection.

    This could be caused by a bad network cable or a network connection disabled in the properties of the network on the PC. Small jets knowing the ot IPCONFIG output is would help more.

    Post this info if you can.

    Good luck

  • Compaq Presario 5400US - need network drivers for XP Home Edition. Wired connection.

    It woun't connect to internet using a good modem and cable (other PC connect successfully using this same equipment). When I type IPCONFIG, I get 2 results, one for Local Area Connection2 for LAC3. Two of them have 169.254.xxx.xxx IP addresses. Both Suffixes DNS blank and empty default gateways.

    When I go into network connections, the LAC2 says "Limited or no connectivity", but it lists a Linksys LNE 100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter. Linksys? I don't have any Linksys product. LAC3 says 'Connected' with the help of a WAN network driver. However, in the Notification area network connections has the same yellow triangle as LAC2. When I right click the icon in the Notification area and select "Repair" I always get the following ".." following action cannot be completed: renewing your IP address.

    If I right click LAC3 (the one that says 'Connected'), click Properties, click TCP. IP and select Properties, it is set to get an IP address and an address of DNS server automatically. It is also the same for LAC2.

    Client DHCP, DNS Client and call the CPP are started.

    I tried ipconfig/release, ipconfig/registerdns, ipconfig/flushdns, netsh winsock reset. When I run it ipconfig / renew I get messages (after he is sitting there for 2 minutes)
    An error occurred during renewal of the Local 2 network connection interface: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out...
    An error occurred during renewal of the Local 2 network connection interface: unable to contact your DHCP server. Request timed out...

    A run chkdsk /r have run the command netsh int ip reset reset.log.

    So, I went 2 network cards, restarted in the device and removed Manager and let Windows reinstall. Windows creates a new connection to the Local network (LAC4, 2 and 3 are gone). It only reads limited connectivity or none and is using Linksys LNE 100TX Fast Ethernet Adapter, like the previous LAC2. The previous LAC3, who uses the network never got WAN driver reinstalled. I don't understand.

    Since an adapter Linksys on a wired connection seemed odd I have tried to find what should be the correct network driver.

    I google "Compaq Presario 5400US" "driver ethernet" OR "network driver" and was taken to a page of drivers HP, which I think makes sense since HP now owns Compaq
    This page has nothing listed for network or chipset cards.  This, of course, has no meaning for me.

    Can anyone help?

    Select this version from the drop-down list on the link that I posted above.

    Depending on the size of file, it does not resemble an auto install file. Accept the agreement and unzip the file into a folder.

    So, download it to a folder and go to Device Manager.

    Click the network card in need of drivers, and then select manual search for drivers. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the drivers and the driver should install.

  • My wired connection TV does not work.

    I have a Sony Bravia 46 EX720. I tried today to get on netflix, but it says my wired connection failure. I use a router that works properly. When I went to connect to another device, it works fine. However, my TV is not able to use the connection.

    Hi there my name is jeff.i'm having the same problem too .i linked the refresh of internet content but his does not work cos my tv will not let me connect to my internet.

  • My computer always seeks a wired connection, even if I don't have a dial-up or ethernet connection.

    When I want to connect to a public wireless network, I often have a cannot display page opinions, with the ability to diagnose connection problems.  When I followed these instructions, he still thinks that it connects to a wired connection.  My computer does not have even a modem.  Is there a way to set the default connection to a wireless connection?

    Hi DAWickR,

    Thanks for posting. What exact error that appeared leading you to believe that it is looking for a wired connection? There is no way to set a default network connection, but disabling the wired network adapter is fairly easy.

    To do this:

    1. click on the Start button.
    2 click on icon from your desktop and select Explorer.
    3. in the window on the left side, right-click my network places , and then select Properties.
    4. here, you should see your wireless and wired network adapters.
    5. right-click the wired adapter and select disable.
    6. to activate the card again, click on the same card and select enable.

    I hope this helps. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Shawn - Support Engineer - MCP, MCDST
    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Low-speed Internet with wired connection to E4200

    I have a HP Pavilion p6347c AMD Athlon II X 4 630 2.80 GHz, 64 Bit, Windows 7 SP1 WITH 16 GB of Ram, using Comcast high speed Internet.

    It works very well and I had no problem with my Pavilion until I replaced my old router G with a LinkSys E4200 (state-of-the-art, the top page of the router line N).  All the features work well, except that when I use Firefox 7.0 or Internet Explorer 9.0, the connection time is very very very slow when my computer is connected to my router with an Ethernet cable.  The problem disappears when I log - in using the same Ethernet cable - directly into the modem high speed; Then, the loading speeds are fast as lightning.  When I return to the router via a wired connection, even - page very very very slow post.

    I've already spent about 8 sessions with LinkSys on the phone and chat, and it turns out that the router is not the problem (according to LinkSys).  They advised that I need to contact the manufacturer of the computer, or people who can respond to Windows 7 support issues.  Someone at - it ideas?  Maybe something I can change in the settings of the firewall, network, computer security options settings?

    I connected my HP laptop running WINDOWS VISTA on the same Ethernet cable and disabled the wireless.  The speed of the wired connection is quick as a Flash - no problem at all.

    Then why my desktop Windows 7 SP1 computer not offer me the same speed?  Whenever I need to do important online work, I have to unplug my Ethernet cable from the router and plug directly on the modem to get faster speeds.  I then reconnect to the router once completed, so that users without wire and devices on my network work.  It's very frustrating.

    Help!  I am at a loss to understand why this computer has not faster to the Internet when wired to the router.  Is - this Windows 7?  There are some options that I need to change?  Someone at - he heard talk about this and you offer solutions?  Appreciate any assistance.  Thank you.  / Jacques novel /- [email protected]

    P.S. Customer LinkSys was no contribution to this issue.  I hope that some tech "warned" this reading will say AH-HAH and offer a viable solution.

    On a hunch, I selected the reset 'Factory Defaults' option in the Administration, after having updated the firmware. Something must have been damaged during the first attempt to install the router.


    To reset the default settings, you must have the original Setup disk and re-install using the same router name and the password.


    When this was done, the Ethernet connection worked perfectly.  Hope it will be useful to all having the same problem.

  • Wired connection is not displayed in Cisco Connect

    Hello Cisco Home Community Forum,

    All my wireless to my Jack connections are fine and appear in Parental controls in the Cisco Connect software. But my wired connections are not. Each device that connects via an ethernet cable plugged into one of the ports on the router are not included in the Cisco Connect Section of parental controls software. Please tell me how to solve this problem. Or are parent to wireless only controls?

    Thank you for the help

    He won't see the square automatically.list. If the computer is not listed, click Add to select the computer. You can also check the connected devices under the DHCP Client table on the router configuration page.

  • WRT610N dhcp gives wrong IP addresses all the time (on a wired connection only)


    We use a subnet for our router. The router is and is configured to assign IP addresses from de.200. Now, while this does very well on the wireless, we get always bad IPs (of the 192.168.1 subnet) when you use a wired connection.

    The problem disappeared after only a factory resets, but now reappears. Customers are different from linux clients.

    Is the firmware bug?


    Most likely, someone else on another router your network that assigns 192.168.1 addresses.

    Do the on two computers once with a 10 addresses assigned, once with a address affected 192.168.

    Open a window prompt on your computer. Type ' ipconfig/all '. Then ping the default gateway, for example "ping" or "ping Then enter 'arp - a'. After the output is full in each case.

    This should show how computers are configured, how and where they get their IP and MAC address of the router/DHCP server.

  • No wired connection on WRT54GC

    I have a router WRT54GC.  I have no wired connection of the device.  It was working fine and then just stopped.  I noticed that when I unplug the router and let sit for awhile and then try again the connection is there for a few minutes.  A few minutes at least gives me a chance to connect to the router.  All suggested settings are always topical without change.  Free wireless in the minutes also works.  As I sit in front of her suddenly the connection is lost.  Any ideas?

    OK, I thought about it.  The downloaded and extracted from the Linksys site .img file is good.  Download computer is only used to store the file. Download computer isn't able to open the file.  At first, I thought to update the firmware with a unknown file type could lead to losing the administration program.  The router itself includes the .img file.  I downloaded the file in the router and eureka, it works!  The wired connection with the router problem was because I had the Internet connection that is connected to the router.  The initial symptom of distress was a power LED flashing intermittently. Forum of thank you for your help.

  • I keep getting error 651 trying to make a wired connection

    original title: I keep getting error 651

    I keep getting error 651.

    I replaced the system of rasPPPeO several times with a workgroup file in Vista and still no connection. After the file system is replaced, I get a new icon in a wide area network wan miniport for Device Manager. When this driver is searched, windows gives me an error of installation. Its a out of the box motherboard, all the drivers are up to date. However, no link. I am connected via the wireless, but I need a wired connection. How can I solve this frustrating problem?

    You have posted in forum Windows 7, saying: you have replaced a file system with that of Vista.  That sounds like it's likely your problem.  You don't have anyway normally just replace system files.  You install the drivers. I suggest that undo you what you've done for system files and get the correct driver for your NETWORK card installed.

    Good luck.

  • Static IP address for printer with a wired connection

    My printer (HP7210) is wired connected to my WRT54GL router. 2 computers also have a wired connection, my laptop is connected wireless. All of these computers use the connected printer. 2 computers can only use a static IP address for the printer. How can I set a static IP in my router?

    I don't think that the WRT54GL supports static IP with the stock Linksys firmware.

    The solution is to assign the static IP address to the printer. Most of the printers on network supports the definition of a static IP address manually. The key is to set the static IP address on the printer out of the range the WRT54GL uses for its DHCP server. Sign in to the administration page of your router and see what addresses the range of IP addresses he uses to hand over the IP address of the client. Usually, Linksys likes to start xxx.xxx.xxx.100 and have leases of 50 to 100 a cancelled so to avoid conflict, you can use any IP in the range of xxx.xxx.xxx.002 through xxx.xxx.xxx.099, or through xxx.xxx.xxx.254 xxx.xxx.xxx.201. After configuring the IP static on the printer, you may need to reconfigure all the print drivers that are already installed on client computers so that they can connect to the new static IP address to the printer.

    See the user guide page 140 to learn how to manually change the IP of the HP 7210 printer settings.

    For example try using the next/IP subnet mask if your router is configured to use to its DHCP server setting:

    Use the IP address of:

    Use the subnet mask:

    Use the gateway:

    To change the IP of the control panel settings

    1. press Setup.

    2. press 8and then press 3.

    This selects the Network Configuration , and then IP settingsmenu.

    3. press on until Manual appears, then press OK.

    4. change the IP address, and then press OK.

    5. change the subnet maskand then press OK.

    6. change the default gatewayand then press OK.

  • Color LaserJet Pro M277c6 MFP: MFP M277c6 unable to connect with a wired connection

    Just bought and installed M277c6.  It connects and can communicate via USB and wireless networks.  However it does not work via the WIRED ethernet connection, I need to get this printer works on the WIRED network.

    That's what I see...

    Power on the M277c6 and I see the link on the router port light will blink twice.  However after that the M277c6 has finished loading, the link light goes out and when I print the summary of network - the printer think that the "cable is not connected", but it is connected.

    I tried the following:

    1 tried 3 different network CAT 5 cables (I checked all 3 cables work as I can use them with my office to get on the internet)

    2 tried 4 different ports ethernet on the router (I checked that all router 4 ports work as I can use them with my office to get on the internet)

    3 restarted the router, printer and computer several times

    I also installed the latest firmware from the HP for the M277c6 site and have the latest version of the software on my computer to Win7 64-bit.


    1. how to activate the WIRED port that is enabled on the M277c6?

    2. How can I get M277c6 to communicate via ethernet WIRED?

    Appreciate pointers and help...  I also tried to work with HP CAT and both times they took control at distance of my deskop, but have been unable to solve the problems.  Unfortunately, they have disconnected cat, whenever I asked how to get the work of WIRED connection as they both wanted to ONLY get my wireless to work.

    Thank you!

    First thing to try is to reset back to factory defaults. In no joy, I suspect that the Ethernet port is defective in the printer.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Its continuous close the program

    Have a desktop Dell Dimension 4550, XP SP3.  Only use this machine for my email through IE8.  A 'narrow' ongoing program get her often.  Usually just turn her off.  Any ideas on what is the cause?   Computer and IE8 seem to be working otherwise.

  • the microSD/microSDHC slot

    For Sansa Fuze, can someone explain how to use the microSD/microSDHC slot.  I use Windows XP sp 2, and the firmware is V01.01.22A. Thank you.

  • Should not have spent the last step of the installation.

    I plugged the router as described in the instructions step by step on the installation disc, but it won't get past step 4.  He says that I don't have electricity but the light is on and the computer is plugged into the same outlet.  Help, please.  Th

  • photosmart HP b210a more does not connect to the server.

    I installed this new printer a few days ago and it works wireless laptop problem, phone and pad. So now all of a sudden I can't print wireless. The printer says does not connect to the server if the wireless works. The wireless working on my computer

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