x476dw: X476dw lack of print head...

This machine, Officejet x476dw MFP, is less than a year.  I am only my second black ink cartridge and my original color cartridges.

The machine does not print and tells me that my heads of installed printing arew missing, undetected or incrrectly.

0xc6fd0913 error code

What can I do?


It was covered by the warranty.

HP has been great about it and got a new one mailed to me.

My old printer laser b & W was 8 years old and I needed a new.  I was pleased with their response, so I gave the company to HP.

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  • Photosmart HP B210a more - keeps saying lack of print head

    Help! I've had my printer for months and it has not yet printed anything. When installing, it came across with a message "lack of print head" and regardless of how many times I have re-seat of the print head it will not go away. I tried to clean it, turn off the printer and wait, restart, nothing works. Please help me!

    Try to connect your printer to a different power source, directly connected to the outlet, to deny the problems of power.

    If the same error message as well, contact the call center of HP in your region, as the printhead is damaged and need a replacement.

  • lack of alignment 8500 after installing new print heads

    I replaced the print heads in the 8500 wireless all-in-one and get alignment failed.  printer will print documents sent to it, but follows with a print alignment page.  Displays the alert of misalignment.

    always print test page of alignment after each document printed.

    Note: replace the print heads about two years without any problem.    Patrick

    I appreciate the answer @patrickoj

    When the alignment fails, it will continue to retry the alignment every time that you print - it's frustrating, but it's normal.

    If you have tried all the steps of a "alignment failed" Error Message appears on the printer control panel, I would like to contact HP Support to see about replacing the printhead (s) that do not work properly. Check the model number and the form to receive a file number for faster assistance.

    You can review the limited warranty for print HP ink and print heads replaceable by the customer of consumables HP inkjet cartridges, whether your print heads are in warranty.

    Thank you

  • Print heads

    I have an Officejet Pro L75990.  Cyan is streaks.  I replaced the cartridge and it does the same thing.  I pulled the print head and cleaned.  Who took care of him for a day, but he's doing the same thing.  I replaced the print head and still questions.  I took a flashlight and looked at where the print head.  The black looks like that there is something that clears the print head.  On the Cyan/Magenta, nothing is there and it's just a smooth plastic surface.  Is there supposed to be something under the printhead as well.

    I don't think it's normal for the printer do not have the SpongeBob, I think it's a coincidence that your printer and one that I used to take photos lack the same sponge. My advice would be to replace the printer not the print head. In fact what you would spend on a printhead could be invested in a new printer, that would come with a complete set of inks, guarantee, and the most recent print and ePrint AirPrint technology.  Easily printable for your smartphone or Tablet - learn more

    HP may even be able to offer a discount on a newer model rather than you will with any purchase on local. If you are in the Canada, U.S. dial 800-474-6836 or you can Contact HP worldwide.

  • What to do if your print head is in or out of warranty.

    First use the post linked below as a reference to determine if the print head is in or out of warranty.


    For the in guaranteed print heads:

    Contact the HP technical support to have the printhead replaced.  You can contact them at the 1-800-474-6838 to the United States and Canada, international users, click on the link below.


    For guaranteed print heads:

    Since the print head is out of warranty, you don't need to worry about voiding the warranty, which means you can do a physical cleaning the printhead without worry.  You should only do physical cleaning if you have a problem of quality of sever, have a faulty alignment problem, an ink system failure, or you lack color and a mechanical cleaning does not work.  Bob_Headrick was kind enough to make the post below which describes the steps to physically clean the print head.


    If your problem is still there after a, you can either contact HP to try buying a new head of printing, or you will need to buy a new printer.

    I hope this helps.

  • Problem with the HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer: clean the print heads each time it is turned on

    Hello everyone,

    the printer HP all-in-one Officejet Pro 8500 (A909a - product n. CB022A) clean the print heads whenever I turn it on. This problem affects any HP Officejet Pro 8500 printer, it is not a problem only of this one I bought. It is a boring bug and annoying because each power clean print heads on involves two bad disadvantages:

    1. waste of ink (each heads cleaning process consumes little ink);
    2. too much time (2-3 minutes) to prepare the printer after plugging.

    I upgraded my printer with the latest firmware available on the HP site (firmware ver. DLM1FN1006BR), but the bug is still present.

    At this point, I ask:

    1. There is a way (or procedure) to disable automatic cleaning this useless to all power on?
    2. Can we communicate with the HP engineers or tell me how to contact directly one of them to indicate the bug and request a new firmware updated?

    Please don't tell me to leave the printer on all the time or that the printheads to each cleaning power is normal behavior! Where then are power and ink savings claimed for this printer model?

    I hope that a solution to this problem. Thanks in advance to everyone will help me!

    Maintenance when the printer is turned on is normal and is required to keep the printheads in good health (not blocked). See here for more information.

    With respect to energy savings, the printer automatically goes to low power mode when the don't feel not for awhile.  It is not necessary turn the unit on to save energy.

  • DesignJet 5500: print head print test very good page, but I still get the error message to replace the printhead

    On my DesignJet 5500, I rswitched the ink tubes, printheads and printhead cleaners dyeing anti-UV, 81 to 83.

    I got an error message saying that the black print head needed to be replaced so I bought another head black printing and after that, I was able to print a test page that shows all the colors (image quality page?).

    Magenta not give not any code of error before, but now I get an error message saying that the printhead magenta must be replaced, even if magenta print well on the printed test page.


    The printer give you a warning when the health of the print head is low, but it will continue to print.

    If the problem has been solved after all print head replacement can be that a print head cause others to fail

    Or, just a few bad print heads

  • 7520 new stuck in the installation phase. Print head move load ink cartridges

    I'm stuck in the new phase of printer configuration. After running through the commissioning of questions and I opened the cover to charge the ink cartridges and the print head did not move. I ran across several reset process... Unplug the printer. Wait 60 seconds and plug it in again. Browse the configuration... Unplug the printer... more.

    This printer does not seem to be any cartriages.

    Hey JohnTT,

    Sometimes, these printers come with packaging that holds the printhead completely to the right at the gas station.  This avoids damage to the product during shipping.  You see all plastic parts orange that it may contain in place or Blue Ribbon?

    So, have you tried the carriage to the right hand?  Can it be moved or is it blocked?

    If the printer still will not release the print carriage after the power cycles and move it by hand, then I suggest you return the product and return to the retailer of purchase or by calling the HP Technical Support to see about a replacement.  The phone number for the USA / Canada residents is 1-800-474-6836.  If you are not in this region, click here.

    I hope this helps.

  • Photosmart Pro B9180 'Replace due to defective print head' WARNING

    My B9180 gave me the msg "replace the defective print head" after a period of inactivity.  I'm using Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro 10.6.8.  The printer went through several periods of non-use, since I bought it used, but almost nine.  Usually, I experience white lines in my impressions after using the printer, I've always been able to fix by cleaning of the nozzles and/or the print heads, either automatically, or manually.  The last round resulted in the warning "defective printhead" even after repeated manual cleaning.  In fact, the process to put off the printer and back, with and without unplugging it, led to 'replace' warnings for ALL the printheads several times, only 2 print heads a couple of times a moment seems to be giving me just the consistantly 'replace magenta/yellow print head.  The strip of plastic that surrounds the ink nozzles is loose to the point of current on the PH.  My printer is no longer under warranty, but before I spend money on phone support and new print heads, I want to look at other possibilities.  The book says that if the manual cleaning of the printheads does not, HP support should be contacted, suggesting that there could be other possible remedies, before you buy new print heads.   I wouldn't begin to buy new print heads to find that again, they will not work because of some other problem.  I am also concerned by the other warnings of print head, even if they did not intervene now.

    Also, opening lid for cleaning of the PH, I noticed a lot of ink accumulate in 4 coarse foam pads, each in its own little tray located inside the printer on the right side.  some of them were overflowing. / I carefully daubbed a part of the ink with q-tips, but I wonder if this condition could be or cause problems.


    Finally got tired of waiting on HP.  Expected response Bob during the 'days of Forum' or whatever they called.  My problems with their goods should not have affected them too!

    FYI, I ordered a new printhead magenta/yellow, installed and still had "replace print head faulty warning."  Has released the new printhead, cleaned of some sort of clear, gelatinous * beep * of gold contacts with a q - Tip and reinstalled.  Surprisingly, printer started working.  (Took a lot of time to do her routine 'thump, bump & hum'.)  Don't know how long it will last.

    My next printer will be a Canon or an Epson!

  • DesignJet 1050c more: 1050c print head cleaning

    Hi all

    I recently bought a 1050c more printer in fairly decent condition. I used to use a Roland SP540v at the office but this 1050c was home so I'm somewhat familiar with printers large format.

    His print beautifully after I replaced the timing belt, new valves of printhead on the ramasseherbe Assembly and removed all the air from the system. The only thing I noticed when I got all the covers off the coast has been the print head cleaning.

    The cleaners C, M and received this pleated filter sitting at the window near the wipers but the black does not. Is this normal? I can see what appears to be a sponge sitting at the front of the vacuum cleaner that I don't see in color.

    Refurbishable are printhead cleaning products? I only ask because it will be a unit of the House and I would try save as much as I can where I can.

    Kind regards

    Select this option.

    I just went down and checked on my 1050C cleaners and Yes, they are the same.  Also the same on the cleaners of the 5000 series, IIRC.  Foam on all colors but black without foam.

    Can you tell me where you extracted the floodgates of print head?  Also, I have a problem with the air in the lines on my 1050c and seeks to replace the system of whole tube by a refurbished.  But if I can try to solve it by simply replacing print head valves, I could even quite a bit of money.

    Thank you!

  • DesignJet 1050c more: 1050c failure print head

    Hi guys,.

    So I have a 1050c that I had recently worked, there done upon arrival have air in the black line. I replaced the nozzle which leaked onto the station transport and removed all the air from the line. It worked perfectly for the last two days. Ive kept a close eye on the tube system to ensure no air flow. Last night when I tried to print, it came with printhead failure on black background.

    Now its almost certain air went up in the head after the first print test I did with the printer, I think it was the test of the palette. That's what prompted me to check the tubes in the first case.

    After I got the error last night I tripled checked the lines for all the bubbles that their absence. I also pulled the head and checked the nozzle and there certainly no air either, when I put the printhead in the unit, says its fine all it prints perfectly 3 or 4 passes and then triggers the error. If I reinstall it, it still print 4 or so passes and then triggers the error.

    Is there a chance the other than the head thing, I just want to avoid the replacement of the head to find her something else cause. I'll try and rinse the head with ink to make sure there is no air inside, could give the old head a new lease on life, but I have another head on command in any case.

    99% of the time it's a defective print head.  If the print head has got to air inside the first time you used it, then he should be replaced because there is no way to remove the air unless you can fashion a form of suction device that attaches to the side of nozzle and do enter the PIN that normally goes into the nozzle on the transport of ink.  A few years ago, I saw a device that somebody foreign did but have never seen one that was produced for the market.

  • Photosmart eStation C510: I have a Photosmart eStation C510 series with a print head problemo

    Error message indicates that there is an unknown problem with the print head.  When I went to the customer support told me that this model is no longer one of HP services

    Welcome to the community @mickster71 HP

    I wanted to reach out to the issue you are having with the print head on your printer Photosmart C510. See the link below to see if these measures can help the issue. If this isn't the case, then looking at needing a new printer. You can call the phone support to see what are your activities in the options if this happens.

    'Ink system failure' or "0 x... "Error code is displayed

    Hit the "accept as Solution" if we reached a solution and the "thumbs up" to say thank you for my help.

    Contact HP:
    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number appear

  • OfficeJet Pro 6230: Error Message: incompatible print heads

    The printer is not even a month and has worked perfectly, until last week when he simply stopped Mid-print page. There are no jams, no flashing lights, it just stopped printing. I turned it and turn it back on and that's when the ink lights began flashing. First there was black ink, which I changed with a new cartridge (even though I know that the configuration it was not empty). Then each colored ink lights began flashing. I replaced all four cartridges with the new HP ink and the Scan doctor says that the print heads are alternately missing, damaged or incompatible. The message passes whenever I check. I am at a loss and impossible even to contact someone to get this repaired thing (because it is still under warranty).

    None of the troubleshooting techniques worked. I had all the tried before they have been suggested, so I ended up contact HP and receiving a replacement printer. We'll see how it goes.

  • HP Officejet Pro 6835: Print head: missing, defective or Incompatible for 6830

    My 8830 printer is only 6 months old and today I just received this message "print head: missing, defective or Incompatible. Tried to reset and same question as other messages. It seems that he is a typical problem with this printer. Someone can help or will it take to complain about Costco for the sale of this product?


    Thank you for using the HP forum.

    If you receive this error, is there nothing more you need to do, except to contact support.

    Depending on where you are in, please select the appropriate link:

    Series 6800 printer supports training US, Asia

    Series 6800 printer supports statement Europe Middle East Africa

    Thank you.

  • HP Officejet Pro K550: Software to clean the print head

    I need tool box for old HP printer: HP Officejet Pro K550, for 10-64 bit Windows.
    I need a software tool to clean the print head!


    The HP Toolbox software is no longer available for your printer for any later OS such as Windows 7, 8 or 10:


    You can align, clean and calibrate the printhead from the printer itself by using key press combinations.

    See page 33 on its manul below to perform all the tasks of cleaning for the front panel of the printer, such as the cleaning of the printheads:


    Kind regards


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