Yoga Pro 2 - screen does not turn on new 8.1 Windows Installer

Last week, I received my new Yoga 2 Pro and the rotation of the screen worked correctly.

I decided to delete the partitions and install my own version of Windows 8.1.

Since then, the rotation of the screen does not work. The screen rotation button does nothing and I do not have the "Enable automatic rotation" box in the screen resolution

In my device manager, I have an error on 'Collection HID sensor' saying "this decice cannot start" (Code 10). Failed to initialize sensor collection HID descriptor. I don't know if this is related.

Can someone help me?

Thank you


I was able to solve my problem and would like to share the solution with others in case this happens to you too.

I basically installed this package of media ( and after that auto-rotation check button and work of suction works correctly.

Hope that this can also contribute to others.

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    I agree, I mean the laptop should work just fine after it has been fixed by ASP so I think that something was not right here and the technician must check this!

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    Light (switch) had already done once before and I was so worried that once I turned off the monitor that I would never get it new on... a bit short of money here, to buy a new monitor, but the next day, I pressed the power button with an additional downward pressure and I could so he could start working again (able to turn the market monitor).  It was about 3 weeks ago.  Now, the light stays green, unless I stop the whole computer.

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    Hi JDandGinger,

    I suggest you follow the provided article and check if it helps.

    If the problem still persists contact the manufacturer of the monitor for more help and information.

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    Hello danielbrauer,

    The magnetic site says the requirements are for Windows XP or higher. However, it is not on the Windows Vista or the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

    You can try the following to see if it will help with compatibility. If the program is not compatible, then you try to install and run the program in compatibility mode.
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  • Satellite A210 1AP - the screen does not turn

    I had a problem about a month ago with my Toshiba Satellite A210-1AP, just that the screen did not turn. Was working on the computer, all the lights were on. The light that shows the HARD disc flickered, as usual, but with display always off. So I stop, and the next time I tried it was warking as usual, with display turned on, he asked if I want to start windows normally or in safe mode (as when it is restarted abnormally). Then worked normally for a few days, and then it happens again. At this point, I could not go to the service (computer was in warranty, and how do you prove that something happens sometimes if it happened there). So I continued to use it, and as the time past the problem was more often. So I decided to go to the service.

    Guy in the service, said that the problem is the motherboard, so he changed the motherboard and it took months for him to do, and then when I called he said that it still does not. And maybe he has change rooms, display, graphics card is perhaps a problem, that he has not seen the problem like this...

    So my question is do you know what could be the problem? And the second question is can I demand of him, because he went from 30 days to give me a new computer rather change all parties to this issue?

    Thank you

    Hi mate,

    It's really hard to say what causes this problem, but I think that notebok technicians do a good job and they will be committed to repair your laptop as soon as possible. Maybe they ordered some new parts, but they are not available at this time

    Theoretically, all that could be the reason of this problem FL inverter, LCD screen, motherboard, graphics card, cable, etc.

    So I think you should call the technicians still what is the current status.
    But I doubt that you can get a new laptop for free. If it of still under warranty, it will be repaired.

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    I have problems with my display does not turn off automatically (for example, after 3 minutes of inactivity). What is happening is that the display actually goes to the maximum brightness, even if the screen indicates that the brightness is set to 0.

    Should which driver I update to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Ok. I decided to uninstall AMD video drivers and reinstalled them. Now its working as it should.

    See you soon...

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    I use Iphone 5s from the last 4 months. Recently I came across this situation. Sometimes I see screen only turns off when its plugged into the charger. After a few hours of mobile will be turned off. Sometimes I manually press the power button to turn off the screen.

    Please let me know how to solve the problem.

    Kind regards


    Hello there, Manjunath K P!

    Thank you for joining the communities Support from Apple! Looks like you're having a problem getting the phone to automatic locking. I know that I want my iPhone did not stay when over and have the screen lock correctly. You can, of course, that your Auto-Lock is set up correctly. Your range of choice of automatic locking from 30 seconds to 5 minutes before locking the screen, or you can choose never so that it does not lock. To change the settings, tap the settings icon, click the general button. Tap the AutoLock option and choose your preference.

    If these steps do not work, and you still do not see the iPhone Autolock when you're in charge, you can go to settings > general > reset and then press reset all settings. This removes all the data. For example, if you have 16GB of music, videos and photos, this option will not remove. What this does is actually reset some of your settings to factory default. It is not a complete withdrawal of the parameters. It deletes all of your preferences for Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb, Notifications, general, sounds, brightness & wallpaper and privacy.

    Once that is done, go ahead and try to set the automatic lock again and see if it works.

    See you soon!

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Cant Get to sleep and backlight screen does not turn off

    I tried to change the lighting settings in the menu options... will not work.

    Backlight does not cease, keyboard and track ball all lights.

    Tried it plugged, usually connected and always off.

    Only way it turns off when it is in the case.



    With the BlackBerry device powered time, remove battery for a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

    Now let's see if the backlight will turn off.

    Options > keyboard/screen, what is your timeout set on?

  • Hitachi Touro Desk pro HARD drive does not recognize on the computer of Windows 8.

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    I have a Hitachi Touro Desk pro HARD drive that no longer works since I've upgraded to windows 8 last week. If I leave it connected during startup, windows will not start and if I connect it once started, it does not appear in the Solution Explorer, even if you can hear the disc turns away.

    The HARD drive works on all other computers and operating system, not just windows 8.

    When Microsoft will release a patch for this problem? I really don't want to have to re - install windows 7 so that I can access my files again.

    I have installed Windows 10 Technical Preview version 10049 and connected my drive from 750 GB Hitachi touro in USB 3.0 and it WORKS!

    I can't believe that after several years of frustration with this device with Windows 8.1 incompatibility it finally works great in Windows 10! Please check if you also have Windows 10 TP if your Hitachi drive works as well

  • Windows 7 does not recognize the new hard drive during installation

    My Pavilion hard drive died.  I ordered a new identical and it arises.  Windows 7 starts to load (since a key USB as my DVD died a long time ago) and gets it Windows on the screen asking me to select a player.  But there is no choice to drive in the menu and I can't go any further.  Is the new drive dead too?  Someone suggested that I need to reinstall a 'chip game' and if that's the problem, how to do that?  Thank you!!

    I'm glad that the hard drive is seen now.  To the extent where the DVD player, if you have purchased a new DVD player for the laptop, and you have it installed, then there is something else involved here.  In this MANUAL, it seems that it is just a simple operation change out.  Must be another reason it does not work or is recognized in the BIOS.

  • OfficeJet 6600 does not recognize my new HP Pavilion windows 8.1 for scanning

    I have a HP Officejet 6600 networking with my new HP Pavilion windows 8.1 it prints fine but does not recognize my computer when I want to scan. Whenever I want to scan a document to my computer I have to run Scan doctor. I called tech support and they can't help me because my printer is no longer under warranty as I bought it December 2012. but my office was purchased November 2013. They said that it is clearly a problem with the printer and not on the computer. They won't even talk to me or answer my questions without fees being paid first.  The scanner recognizes my laptop and desktop to the husband who have vista and 7, respectively. But I don't understand why it will print without difficulty and habit of scanning.

    Hi leila1964,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.

    I want to offer a helping hand with the 8.1 of Windows not scanning with your HP Officejet 6600. When you run the HP print and Dr. Scan on the computer it says it fixes some thing or that it cannot fix what whether?

    Given that the printer works on the other two computers (Vista and 7), the problem is with the WIndows 8.1. I want to uninstall the printer software and the HP printer install wizard makes sure that we get the newest software possible.

    Let me know how it works.

    Thank you

  • Why my data Ext Hard Drive WORD & EXCEL from my old computer does not recognize my new computer with Windows 7.

    Recently, I replaced an old computer running Windows XP with a newer computer of Windows7.

    I have TWO Toshiba external hard drives 2... one of them (Mdl HDDR250E03X) is used for external backup of data on my computer.  I started using it for my old computer that was running on Windows XP.  Due to a Trojan infection, I had to buy a new computer running Windows 7.  I thought that the hard drive is simply a plug-and-play device, BUT my new computer has not recognized that there is a device plugged until someone suggested that I make a change in the Device Management section (which only works at Midway).  My new computer now sees that the drive is there, BUT the data displayed under a name of file/folder (dec22a69bbd43e6966c9935e4720f7).  Data include WORD files, EXCEL files and .jpg files.  When I click on this long file/folder name, I get a long list of records as well as other unknown files that I don't recognize.  Inside each of the files is the SAME set of files (EULA, LocalizedData and SetupResources.dll.  When I try to save a WORD or EXCEL file on this disk, I tells me that the drive is empty, then the path and destination does not allow me to record anything.  I suspect that the problem lies in the Windows 7 software to recognize the hard drive but, I'm totally new to this Windows 7.  Everyone recognizes what is the problem?   I KNOW that the data is always there because I ran my virus on this single drive software and I could see many file names as they were read.

    Hello DuaneMeyer,

    What are you help save external hard disk?
    It is built in the backup part OS backup software or a 3rd?

    Please let us know.


  • Yoga 2 Pro backlit keyboard does not turn off

    Not sure if this is a fault on my machine, but the backlit keyboard refuses to turn off. I tried the fn + spcbar and no luck. The light flashes for a split second and stays on. No idea if there is a quick fix or I need to send this in Lenovo?

    I ended up exchanging back to the retailer. It was a defective product.

    Thanks for the help though. Very much appreciated.

  • The computer screen does not turn off after the specified power Options

    I tried several ways on trying to turn off my monitor of my laptop through the options of food and the use of some applications such as nircmd but nothing works every time. I'm sure it can be a program I am not using a device. I have a wireless mouse plugged into a USB port, but I know that's not what is keeping the PC awake, as always happens when it is not plugged. The thing that bothers me is I don't know how to identify this process shut off and I tried to put end as many process I can safely or those that I am knowledgeable in the subject to close. I would really like this feature back. Thanks in advance for the answers and ask if all the details are needed.

    I understood what was the 'problem '. It turns the screen of my laptop never turns off if my laptop is installed on a sloping surface, because it assumes that I'm working on it. When I went to bed my laptop on a flat level surface, is power does work normally, as reduces the brightness of the screen to the bottom, then turns off after a while. I guess it must be a form any a single function on my laptop. Thanks for all your answers.

  • Satellite Pro A100: Screen does not return after hibernation

    The laptop went to Hibernate, but would not re - awaken.
    tried to disable following the manual, but the screen is now definitely blank, any suggestions?


    The update of the graphics driver is not bad idea but Stefan, how should Christian update the graphics driver if it s not able turn on the laptop?

    I suggest putting the laptop turned off (press the power button for about 4 seconds) and unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery for a while.
    After several time (10-30 min), you can try to put the battery in the laptop and connect the power adapter. Then try to start the laptop.
    If it helps, then you could try updating the graphics card driver.

    In addition if the new BIOS version is available if you could also update it. But don't forget to use the good BIOS and the correct procedure for updating the BIOS.

    Good luck Christian

    Good bye

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