I don't know what happened, but I can pick up is more than Web sites, etc. It says "Welcome to a new tab" and refuses to take anything of that type I.

I write what I'm looking for and it disappears. A site that I've used before is sometimes displayed. Nothing new does not work. Will have need to switch to another browser if the problem persists.

by default Firefox search engine

Hello, I have problems with my default firefox engine. I know how to change my default engine. I have change to Google as my default search engine in the browser bar. But every time when I restart the firefox, the default engine is automatically chan

My wifi icon Mac says "installed hardware", but the connection works perfectly on my PC.

I tried to restart the Mac, but get the same result. The page 'aid' Mozilla heading to the Menu and Options, but no options are displayed in the drop-down list box. Would be really grateful for any suggestions on what to do.

Firefox does not take into account the formatting

Just made the mistake of Firefox reset. Could recover all my favorites, but now some pages aren't formatted correctly (see attachment). It is as if he is ignorant of the CSS or javascript. I have ESET. The attachment is the stack overflow, which I us

If I updated FF I lose my Lastpass app?

I want to reset or update my FF, but I'm going to lose my LastPass and my stored passwords?

Changes in Firefox March 2017

I'm not sure that understand these changes. I use Netscape to my private email. The NPAPI plugin, telling affect me? In addition, it is said that in the month of August, Firefox crashes some flash. Click to enable approval. Does that mean my Facebook

Adobe Flash Crash

I can't use Adobe Flash Player in FireFox for some reason any. I can watch YouTube HTML no problem and the Flash works fine in Chrome but doesn't work at all in Firefox. I tried to disable and re activate mode protected with no luck, I can't access t

I get requests for money on firefox to make it work. Is - is this legitimate?

Firefox is often unresponsive. This creates a lot of frustration and delays. then these messages asking for donations comes every time I log in. You send funds? They are legitimate inquiries? See the example""Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, is a non

Password of Firefox showing under points when connecting

When registering for a site my login email and password are normally shown with the password showing only the Department of transport. Now it shows to me a small greyish window under my password with the actual password visible? Started making this x

where is the spam folder for the email that we have

We have two e-mail files. They have an Inbox, draft, sent, files, Recycle Bin, but not spam. The company is missing from the emails that we know have been sent and think they might be in spam. How do we get to spam?

How to restore Google as my default search without having to reset the Search Options every day?

I see that other people have this very annoying problem. Whenever I restart my computer, Firefox become my default Google search Yahoo. It is irritating as hell and totally unnecessary. Please tell me, IN the LANGUAGE of the LAYMAN, why this happens

I lost access to my e-mail website through Firefox page. What can I do to get it back?

The site host Web told me that it is perhaps that Firefox has done something to my cookies. I'm not tech savvy enough repair myself. I can get to my webmail account page fine using chrome but would prefer not to transfer all my pages saved on them. L

Impossible to uninstall 50.0 (x 86 en - us)?

I'm unable to uninstall50.0 (x 86 en - us) of my computer. Any suggestions?

Message from CDC Web site... In order to offer a web experience more safe, we have updated the site. The browser you are using is not

When you try to view the CDC Web site, I get the following message. «Please update your browser in order for you to provide a safer web experience, we have updated the site.» The browser you are using is not possible because it does not meet

Don't want username and password registered for the huntington Bank website

I accidentally checked don't forget username and password on my account on the site Web of Huntington. Please change FOREVER REMIND me on my newspaper of Huntington, in. thank you, Robert Grywalsky

present and open to a new profile

Hi, I have installed the multifox addon and I can open the new profile in the tab separated what I want to do, I want to submit a form, and that form should open in the new profile of data sent on the original profile. example, I'm on a profile - 1 t

AutoFill control addon?

I would like to be able to transform the fill auto power on/off with a button in toolbar - rather than go through several steps via the preferences on Mac. Such an option exist?

Sorted bookmarks manually reset after a certain time

First of all, I use Firefox 50 on a Tumbleweed openSUSE Linux distribution. Most of my favorites is located in the bookmarks bar and is arranged in folders whose positions are defined manually. And several bookmarks there are sorted manually as well.

Drop-down URL bar length

Hello I noticed that my URL (address) Bar when I click on the drop down arrow that's long enough for the moment. History only fills half upper and the lower half is just empty. Now, I had some time ago and someone here had suggested using STYLISH to