Microsoft Solitaire not work Windows 8

When I try to play Solitaire on Microsoft collection solitaire, the page will open and on the upper right says icon's signature and then close the page.  But it is up to the task bar.  I can't click or open all solitaire games.  What can I do to fix

I lost my code in Windows 8

Hi, I tried to dual boot Ubuntu with Windows 8, but when I installed Ubuntu Windows 8 would not start. If I ever go back to Windows 7 and since the copy was a gift and I had to write my code on my PC with Notepad and since has been deleted I can not

Find the windows product key

find the windows product key?

a windows 8 NEW ACER AND the computer will be returned. What should I do to get windows 8 transferred to a new pc? thxs for any help

BOUGHT AND INSTALLED windows 8 NEW ACER a few weeks ago and now have decided to return the ACER.  What should I do to get windows 8 transferred to a new pc?     can I "return" windows 8? thxs for any help

I would like to have the best possible experience for the games on my laptop and I want to download everything that is necessary for the performance of the games.

I bought a new laptop which has Windows 8. I heard that Windows 8 is new, it only is not automatically provided some 'things' - forgive me for my lack of knowledge in technology. I intend to play games on my new laptop, but according to my knowledge,

Is it necessary to do all the recommended windows updates?

I had an older laptop and I have updated to each update which has been recommended to the Windows Action Center. However, he caused finally my laptop to no longer connect to the internet. A few years went by and I got a new laptop now. According to m

permanent deletion of the E-mail of Mail app

When deleting emails they reappear - they won't go away, and it's very annoying! But when I go to Hotmail via the Internet these deleted e-mail can't be - it's just on the app

Sudden drastic reduction of DISK space free?

Two days ago, I had 21 GB of free space on my drive system hard. Then I subscribed and installed Office 365 Premium (subscription online service). I noticed that I had lost almost 2 GB of space, give me about 19 GB of free space. So today, I suddenly

Do not access App Lync for Windows 8

We have Lync Online and Exchange Online with office 365. We can connect to Lync using the office Lync 2013 applications along with Lync on iOS and android devices, however, when we download Lync from the store of Microsoft it does not connect to a co

Screensaver reappear even with the power set to NEVER

Hello The screen saver appears when reading articles, I put the parameters of sleep FOREVER, but the problem persists. That's all new out of the box, is another parameter to disable. The new computer running Windows 8, my old computer was XP. Thank y

Remove advertising sales executive in my e-mails.

I was encouraged by a deliberation I win when sending emails. Hoping that it is profitable I registered. But the products that they are attached to my emails are directly in competition with the services I offer with the same mails and I don't know h

Mail application will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox

The Mail app will not keep email deleted out of my Inbox. I remove a bunch of old email, and then it reappears in my Inbox, next time I open the Mail application.  This happens in the Mail application on all my devices: mobile phone of Nokia Surface,

Constant BSOD/crash on Windows 8

Hi I just did a clean install of windows 8 pro last week. Since then, I have had several accidents. It is random when it happens, sometimes it will happen as soon as I start, sometimes a few hours later. I tried to find me a solution, but were unsucc

Windows 8 Advanced Boot does not work * SOLVED *.

I recently got the Ouya console and I'm looking to develop games for it. Part of the configuration forces me to install the drivers manually unsigned, but Windows 8 prevents this from happening. I need to disable driver signing enforcement and I read

Trying to regenerate my installation of WIN 8

I am trying to update my installation of WIN 8. I have problems of pilot (optical drive and virtual disks) and I hope that this will help with. When I try to WIN 8, it says that some files are missing, and I need to insert my media. It is a download

don't send email IMAP account

Hello I recently bought a laptop Windows 8. As I tried to use the email app it worked fine for the Microsoft Mail (Hotmail and live). But when I added an email account Imap, I couldn't send an e-mail. He remained in the Outbox. Receive emails is not

SilkRoad will not install on my pc Windows 8

I recently got a new computer with windows 8. I tried in vain to install the Silkroad game which takes about 4-8 hours. I reached around 50% finished and then encountered an error. I did it twice. Can anyone help?

N small iconi the lower right corner that shows your network connections is no longer has any connections

The icon with bars showing network connections is no longer visible connections.  I still have access to the internet.

Get the error: 0xc00d11d1 when you try to play any media in Windows 8

I get a problem with 0xc00d11d1.  Tells me I do not have the appropriate, drivers but don't tell me where to get them (or what they are).  Cannot run the media on Windows Media Player, Zune or the built-in app I bought from (video xbox).  Cannot run

Impossible to update the music app with the error 'cannot play... '. Error is C00D11CD (8004b82e).

Original title: musical Application will not play music. Error: C00D11CD (80070424) Whenever I try to play music using the Windows 8 music application, I get this error: C00D11CD (80070424) I tried everything on this page without a bit of luck: http:
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