BB Bold 9000 with OS 6.0 blackBerry smartphones

Hi all

I believe that this thread can be issued before.

All advice if BB 9000 "BOLD" can be installed with OS 6.0.

Thanks for the tips

You can connect your smartphone to your PC and check the software updates DEsktop and see if she gets the latest versions of the software, it should work, and at a certain point, it should reach the 6.0 version

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  • Problems with DOWNLOAD world BB blackBerry Smartphones

    Dear Sir

    I had problems with Blackberry "BOLD". BB world.

    This app need to upgrade. When I accept, he send me directly to BB pages to download, but nothing happened.

    Time exhaustion is mentioned on the page.

    Could you help me please?


    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Please try this sequence:

    (1) to remove from your BB AppWorld

    • KB10040 How to view or delete applications on a BlackBerry smartphone
    • He asks to restart the BB,

    (2) a Batt Pull reboot (power on, remove the battery, wait, insert the battery, wait), even if redundant to the one you did in step 1.

    3) install a new copy of AppWorld (on your BB)

    (4) restart another Batt-sweater

    (5) see if it works now.

    See you soon!

  • Help with the notification icon blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a white envalope with an icon for blackberry menu at the top of my backberry where notification is. I open it, but it does not show me a notification.

    Help please.

    It could be a lot of things.

    Click on the Messages icon, then press the menu key and select display folder.  If you scroll through the records one by one, you should be able to locate the message.

    I hope that helps you.

  • Problem of 9000 "BOLD" after upgrading to 5.0 blackBerry Smartphones

    After that last night at the 5.0 OS upgrade ( 2, Bundle 1385, platform I have a question that I can't solve. When you select notification sounds for the different e-mail, messages BBM and SMS sound for the phone, including the ringing of the phone, goes into a mute mode despite not to select mute. I can't sounds until I have restart the phone. Any suggestions?

    He is clearly a very common problem that BB knows but doesn't have the time to fix it. The store in rep AT & T told me to just live with it. Can't wait to see how BB handles a Tablet (I don't think they can). Solutions to your problem is to downgrade to the older operating system, at least that's what I read on this forum. Good luck. Phones Windows 7 will be released in a few weeks, and then we can really improve.

  • Link to 9000 Desktop Manager directly from blackBerry Smartphones

    The CD that came with my 9000 "BOLD" does not... I need a "Direct link" to download 9000 Desktop Manager on a PC

    You want Desktop Manager version 4.7

    Download Desktop Manager here:

  • Problems with update and restore blackBerry Smartphones

    Hello I'm a newbie here, but have some problems with BB Bold 9900 updated.

    During the update alls datas were recorded as usual during restart the BB there's an error to come, means that BB lost its operating system. I used the tips here and somwhere else to restore successfully. Unfortunately the data stored during the update process have not restored, even if the file already exists on my PC.

    The file is called LoaderBackup-(2013-09-26) .bbb - so almost similar to the usual backup file.

    Ho do I restore the data now?

    Thank you much for the help.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Please see this KB:

    • KB13428 How to back up and restore data from smartphone BlackBerry using BlackBerry Desktop Software

    Good luck!

  • Problem with restore wiped 9700 blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a 9700 "BOLD" giving me connection problems so I thought to change the operating system on the phone. I installed proceeding on my curve 9300 7 times, and he was free of any problems. I tried to do the same thing with my bold 9700 and I wiped it until I start. I tried to install, a of Vodafone, but the application loader gave the following message: "the blackberry Desktop software doesn't have a blackberry device software for the device you have connected to the computer. Contact your mobile service provider or system administrator. "I tried to delete the vendor.xml file but it says the same thing. I tried to use the Desktop Manager, but he says no update available. Then, I decided to downgrade it to version A6.0.0.526, but the same error given application loader. So basically am stuck, the application loader does not load the OS on my device. I found an online forum where I was advised to find a BONE for my carrier, but unfortunately, there is nothing available at Airtel or MTN Zambia. Please advise me on what to do.

    Hi chikwa

    Welcome to the Forums of the BlackBerry Support

    Most often when you perform a manual updrade, the charger does not just because of any PROVIDER. File XML in our PC. It was important to ensure than any SUPPLIER. XML is left undone, on your Pc change your records option to show the hidden files/folders and search again that there may be 2 or 3 SELLER. XML files also remove or uninstall any other BlackBerry Device Software is from your PC.

    Make sure that you use the latest BlackBerry Desktop Software, or download it from BlackBerry desktop softwarehere.

    So please check these things again.

  • Problem with new Storm2 9550 blackBerry Smartphones

    I have a 9550 (Verizon and unlocked) and use it with a SIM card for Smart Comm. (GSM only) in the Philippines.

    My problem is: I the data connection (BIS) in some places and none among some. These places are accurate and reproducible.


    (1) in locations A, B, C, D, I have BIS (logo EDGE/GPRS). The entry "BOLD" 1 in HRT has An APN: Even with a battery pull, everything works fine. When I join the network, I get the message on the recording. Service books are complete. No problem.

    (2) However, in places E, F, G, H, I have no BIS (logo edge/gprs). "BOLD" 1st entry in HRT show APN: I can only connect to BIS via wifi. Join the network said the message was sent, but I do not receive a return message. Battery grips makes no difference. I send the documentation of service via the web to get the browser.

    If above the number of point 2 exists and I go to places to point number 1, I can get BIS (EDGE/GPRS logo) and the AFN in the 1st entry of HRT becomes This happens without no battery pulls. Everything's fine work. To the network and I get a message back.

    If above point number 1 exists and I go to places to the number of article 2, are all right except when I do a battery pull. If I pull the battery, the first entry "BOLD" of HRT goes back to and I get edge/gprs and can connect to BIS via the wifi only. To the network says message sent but I don't fit any message.

    I've wiped and re-installed the OS several times, changed SIM card (same network and number) and the problem persists.

    Can anyone help me please with this. Thank you very much! \



    I can make and receive voice calls and SMS.

    Found the solution!

    I went to another service provider and it now works fine! Just for the info of those in the Philippines. My previous BIS is Smart communications. I am now with Globe Telecom!

    Thank you all!

  • Sync memo/Notes with BDS for MAC-blackBerry Smartphones

    I'm having a problem with my notes/memos with MAC BDS synchronization.   Some of the old memos that had been deleted before appear on BB memos (and not on the notes to MAC) after a sync.   I re - removes unwanted on BB memo, sync and everything seems good (the meaing notes on MAC and memos on BB are synchronized correctly) overnight where synchronisation would bring back the old memos on the BB again.

    The issue I had with my old Bold 9700 (OS6) and the new Bold 9900 (OS7).

    Can someone please help with this nagging problem?  Thank you for your help in advance.

    Bold 9900 OS7

    MAC 10.6.8

    BDS 2.1.3

    Hey Ashley,

    Welcome to the community of BlackBerry Support Forums.

    I suggest go to device > forget device in BlackBerry Desktop Software.  Try to shut down BlackBerry Desktop software and re - open and connect via the USB port and configure the synchronization again and test it a few times to make sure it's working properly.

  • With the help of blackBerry Smartphones as a Textphone for deaf


    I'm really interested in the private Blackberry because it has a physical keyboard and can also run android applications.  I wonder do you know if it will run without a doubt the next generation text relay service app for the deaf? as it would a great compact minicom/textphone.

    This application is available for free in the game of google (called NGT Lite) store.

    Also. I have currently a phone Samsung S4 is the same type of SIM as the PRIV would use? I'm with giff gaff... I would be able to share package data with my biggest Samsung Tab Pro if necessary?  (I can't read the Web pages on a screen that is smaller, much easier on the 12.2 "display).

    Finally... She has the same accessibility as the old Blackberry Storm had with prediction of words and the ability to take "shortcuts"?   IE, affect entire sentences to an abbreviation as this feature in particular would be great to have to quickly give details by phone where it should be mentioned the address and the same every time for example.  .. or implement the introductery sentences before calling to save time. and speeding up call for example rp = "Hi, I need to order a prescription repeat it please", fn = sends name meds = sends a list of what I I need drugs etc.

    It would really speed up communication of phone for me, as my old minicom has no features as what you have to type everything letter by letter and companies have stopped making them or brand new more, it seems.

    Thank you


    Yes! the IVR BlackBerry is running Android Lollipop.

    I love the button. you're probably clicking the wrong button. Click on the button like on the bottom of the post you want to love. you were probably by clicking on the custom text on my post. See the image below

  • Issue of calendar entries sharing with groups of BBM blackBerry Smartphones BB Curve 8520-


    I am currently using a BB Curve 8520. I have a problem with the birthday entries sharing with my BBM groups.

    When I add a birthday entry to my contacts from the phonebook, the phone will ask whether or not you will share this date with the BBM groups calendar.

    If I select No., birthday entry will continue to BE SHARED to your BBM groups.

    So I have to go to the calendar of the BBM groups to delete manually created entry.

    Can you help me to solve this problem with my phone?

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi, Ahmed.

    Follow the steps; below

    1. take a full backup of your device.

    2 reset the device (Do a security wipe)

    3 register your device with Netowrk.

    4. return the maintenance book.

    5. If more than one e-mail account then delete pulled CICAL service book of reset. (but keep a default for CICAL service)

    6. now, do a restore advance except BBM GROUP and data.

    7. now, create a new entry in the calendar.

    Please read the following threads for more info:

    Courtesy: Santosh-Boiro

  • Problems with address book to blackBerry Smartphones

    New user of BB 8310 - had old AddressBook fone sprint imported in bb by att - only # first book Sprint in the bb - then - I transfer the address book on my bb for laptop (xp) complete/modify existing data and then send it to the bb?  Downloaded the address book to laptop but unable to open w/extension .ipd files to edit - any help would be appreciated.  Thank you

    Use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to synchronize the address book to BlackBerry with your email and address book application. Change from there and then send again.

  • Problem with my App World blackBerry Smartphones

    When I try to use my App World, he always says A Blackberry identity update is necessary. You want to install it now? Then, it shows that the bar of load after a few seconds, it says Blackberry installation failed, please try again later. (80003), then once I press ok the page just disappear. Please help because it happens all the time, my phone is not a phone without App world.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    Here's a knockout who deals with this error:

    • KB29613 The error "failed Installing BlackBerry identity. Please try again later. (80003)"appears in BlackBerry App World

    I hope that it contains something useful! There are also several existing threads on this site, which discuss that exact error... your opinion of those who may prove useful, and a search of this site, by using the code, or an error message should reveal all the existing threads that are applicable to you.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Problem with unified message box blackBerry Smartphones

    Hi all

    I have problems with my BB Torch 9800.  When I use the message Unified Inbox to view emails, emails have regularly occurring blank spots where there should be some text.  The text is simply hidden.  When I display the same message to the individual email (gmail or hotmail) Inbox, the message is complete.  A battery pull solves this problem for a few hours or a few days and then it reappears. This problem started a week ago.  I did not recently updated from the BONE.  I didn't do a wipe and restore again... I was hoping to avoid this.  There was an update to the new BB (August 6, 2012).  There were some other 3rd party applications which have also been installed.  I have not tried UN-installing again.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your help.

    BioDave1955 wrote:

    Hi all

    I have problems with my BB Torch 9800.  When I use the message Unified Inbox to view emails, emails have regularly occurring blank spots where there should be some text.  The text is simply hidden.  When I display the same message to the individual email (gmail or hotmail) Inbox, the message is complete.  A battery pull solves this problem for a few hours or a few days and then it reappears. This problem started a week ago.  I did not recently updated from the BONE.  I didn't do a wipe and restore again... I was hoping to avoid this.  There was an update to the new BB (August 6, 2012).  There were some other 3rd party applications which have also been installed.  I have not tried UN-installing again.  Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hello and welcome to the community!

    I recommend that you try to start safe mode:

    • KB17877 How to start a smartphone BlackBerry in Mode safe

    It will take several attempts to get the combination of keys ESC (press/release/hold) OK, so be patient. When properly in Safe Mode, let it run for some time... long enough to know if the behavior will return. Normally, Safe Mode is designed for immediate diagnosis... nor for normal operations... but in your case, run long enough in mode SAFEW in order to know if the behavior will present will actually help diagnose.

    If the behavior presents while in Safe Mode, then it is likely that your OS kernel became somehow corrupted, requiring these steps you're reluctant to undertake.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Hurt to have with e-mail setting blackBerry Smartphones!


    I just got a Blackberry "BOLD" from my local Vodafone store. I went through all the bits and pieces to set up a blackberry email address (via Vodafone mobileme) so I can start the push email. However, when I got the email from the implementation of the wizard, the only option, it is for me to set up an email is Blackberry Enterprise Server!

    I already called Vodafone to activate the Blackberry Internet Service @ 5pounds per month. But the option of Blackberry Enterprise Server is still the only option given to me. I wonder how to change the Internet Service of Blacberry and what I can do to put up my email. What I am doing wrong? (becomes frustrating! haha)

    Thank you very much


    do you know if they put the BlackBerry plan in effect for this billing cycle?

    Try the re-registration of the device by going to Options | Advanced options | The host routing table. Select the "BOLD" entry, display the menu and select Save now. Then, remove the battery for a minute and let the unit will restart

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