Cisco Connect connects to the router E2000

I got an E2000 router, set up and works very well for years. Today, I tried to connect with Cisco Connect, I want to establish a network of separate comments (by the way, if there's a way to do this through the web management interface, please let me know!). However, the software is unable to connect to the router; the progress bar gets to 25%, and then eventually times out. I tried several computers on network, cable and wireless, with the same results. Any suggestions? Thank you!

I solved the problem; I activated the setting "Allow users to set up" in the "Administration" tab, as well as utility access Web via HTTP. I don't know which of these settings did the trick, but I was able to connect and configure the network invited (even from a PC wireless).

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  • Uninstalled Cisco Connect to the router password now not recognized

    I uninstalled Cisco Connect and now I can't connect to my wifi router.  The password is not recognized.  Do I have to reset the router as a whole?

    Reset would do the trick.

  • Names of the devices connected to the router

    How can I tell the names of the devices that are connected to my router E2000? Cisco connect says I have 4 devices but I only have 3. I'm trying to understand source of the 4 device.

    Open the Cisco connect software. Go to "Setting up the router" and click "Advanced settings". Who will open the router configuration page.

    Click the status tab. Go to the tab "Local network" sub on the button "DHCP Client table". Here is a list of the devices connected to the network.

  • Firefox prevents the connection from the router

    WRT120N router Linksys-Cisco, Firefox 22.0

    I discovered that my router rejects all attempts at connection (, 401 authentication failure "browser can not perform authentication or authentication failed") when you browse to it from Firefox. It allows the connection when the attempt is made of Chrome.

    I remember having long ago something similar with Firefox, but resolved by disabling the option "say it me not to follow the sites", following what connections made; just looked and it is still not verified - if this isn't it.

    I looked a the packet capture and the password IS sent to the router, but it rejects the connection.

    Any ideas?

    Which prompted me to check the extensions.
    I called, guess what... TAKE STEPS TO TRACK ME.

    (Why is there such an extension if it is built in function?)

    Disabling, allowing the router to connect! I don't know why twice now, try to activate Do not not track eliminated the possibility to connect to the router... but this is the solution.

  • EA6500 unable to connect to the router after Time Machine

    Just got an EA6500 - updated to the latest firmware available.

    I have attached 2 x WD NAS and 1 x WD through the USB port of the device.

    Each time after I finished running Time Machine on the MacBookPro (written to one of the WD NAS), I can no more connection to the router as neither the local IP, or the cisco connect cloud. The error message I get (loosely formulated) is: unable to connect to the router. Please ensure that the router is connected to the internet.

    At this point, all the devices connected to the router (wired and wireless) still can access Internet perfectly. Only the console of the router is therefore more accessible.

    Anyone else have the issue?

    Any ideas on how to solve it?

    Contact support for Cisco and the person advised me to do a factory reset (even if the router is new with no customization!). Regardless, it now works correctly. Cisco Cloud Connect works always before, during, and after a Time Machine.

    "When in doubt, try to turn the grid and the.

  • Can CCNA configure DSL/PPPoE connection into the router?

    Let me know CCNA can configure DSL/PPPoE connection into the router?

    Thank you


    Contents/chapters/review of CCNA certification change over the years almost on regular basis. What part of the CCNA it a few years ago could already be excluded. This applies to DSL technology. A few years ago, she was part of the CCNA (CCNA4 as subject WAN training programs) related, but this is no longer a part of CCNA.

    In summary CCNA certified person isn't ready for DSL PPPoE Configuration, as this isn't a part of existing CCNA reading preparation. But I hope that someone who asked the CCNA exam could be so clever, find the corresponding/HOWTO documentation on the internet and be ready for DSL and PPPoE configuration. It is not really difficult to implement that.

    And at the end - Yes, PPPoE for DSL by CLI configuration on router Cisco is the biggest challenge to do it on the simple one - goal with WebGUI DSL router, but I believe that a new set of commands related to this is not really too difficult to apply and understanding for CCNA certified users.

  • 9.3.4 disabled wifi on an Ipad, but it connects to the router. Just don't download at all

    IPad was working fine, but I've updated to 9.3.4. Now Wireless does not work. Shows connected to the router, but nothing happens, but say unable to connect to the server, error trying to access the internet or by mail. Also turn continuous flashing VPN gray to green, then again, but we have never set up a virtual private network. Don't know if it is connected. Have you tried

    1 disconnection / reconnection to 2 routers that work very well for other devices

    2 reset wireless via settings > general > reset > reset network settings and then hang up again

    3 airplane mode on, wait a few minutes, then shut off again

    Overall, the router will connect to any time, we put the password, but there is no transfer of data. 3 other devices work fine with the router. Don't know where to go from here, or if it is possible to back out from the upgrade. Anyone else having this problem? A research increase the same problem.

    Thank you

    Anything that causes the problem is not specifically 9.3.4, which fixes just a security breach. Have you tried to restart routers?

  • HP Envy 4500: Printer connected to the router, but will not print wireless Macbook

    I want my wireless printer to work on my macbook, but I can't. I tried setting up on the HP utility to connect with the router as the mac and printer on but it does not work! It indicates that the download was successful, but the device was not reachable. I don't really know where to go from here and any help would be really appreciated. Thank you.

    Hey @miriamnimmo,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP, I would be happy to help you! I understand that you have the printer set up on your network, but the software says that the device is not accessible. Sometimes the IPv6 may interfere with the connection, and I suggest we disable that before anything else. On the fornt of the printer Panel, scroll down to and then select Wireless. In the wireless Menu, select Advanced settings, then IPv6 and.

    Now we are going to let the router and unplug the power cable (NOTE: do not reset the router), then do the same with the printer and shut down the computer. After a minute, plug in the router, wait to fully turn on, then plug the printer back in and wait for the wireless light become solid. Once the router and the printer are on, go ahead and re - turn on the computer. This will refresh the network connection.

    Please let me know if this solves the problem by marking your post as solved (click on Accept as Solution button below). If the problem persists, let me know, I'll watch for your reply.

    See you soon!

  • 15 - r074TU: laptop does not connect to the router

    Day sum... .my laptop (model No. 15r074TU) with window 8.1 does not connect to the router that is D-link

    I uninstalled my driver reinstalled again, but it didn't work... even if I formatted my laptop, reconfigure the router and... done with all possible measures to overcome this problem, but have ultimately failed. Please suggest ways to tackle this problem as soon as possible...

    Follow the wizards in the following forum sticky and troubleshooting.

  • iMac connects to the router of Linkysys WRT1900ac

    I am trying to help a friend get his iMac 12.1, that is running 10.11.4, to connect to a new Linksys WRT1900ac router.  The router is a novelty in this House, is in the same room of 10 x 12, as the computers listed below, and the installer was using the Linksys recommends the method, which is to let the Linksys to make adjustments.

    Here are its configuration;

    The router is connected to a cable modem, ISP and the following devices are connected to the router and works well;

    Via ethernet

    Windows 10 PC

    AT & T cell phone extender

    Ooma VOIP




    Notebook PC

    While troubleshooting my MacBook 5.1 also allows to connect without problems to the Linksys router.

    Note that her iMac connects without problem to the wifi network Netgear Guest unprotected from its neighbor.  I also installed in his room my 1st generation Airport Express, which has added a second wifi network but without access to the internet and his iMac connect without problems to this wifi.

    Here are the steps I took to try to solve this problem, and they were unsuccessful;

    ➔ Scanned for malware/adware with Malwarebytes and found nothing.

    ➔ Ransacked after the files in/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration and restarted

    com Apple.Airport.Preferences.plist

    ➔ When the previous did not work I trashed all the files in the folder/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration except "', which would not remove and rebooted

    ➔ Created a second user account and still not able to connect to the Linksys router

    ➔ Repaired permissions

    ➔ Created a new location in System Preferences > network and added the OpenDNS addresses and in the material value MTU 1453

    ➔ restarted in safe mode and not still could not connect

    Firmware on the router Checked ➔, which is updated

    ➔ Reset SMC

    ➔ reinstalled El Capitan via the App Store

    That's all I could think about.  I'm puzzled.

    I checked the router and everything seems ok, but I'm no expert.  There may be something I'm not contagious.  I have seen that he has no MAC filtering set up in the router, so this isn't everything.

    Please tell me if there is something that I'm on.  Is there something in the router, that I need to change?  There are other files in the Mac, I need to delete?  Is there any other troubleshooting steps I can take to identify this problem.

    Any help would be appreciated as it is a total mystery to me.

    There are a lot of variables, but start with some basic info. So on her iMac, if you click the wifi at the top right, you can see his router listed?

  • Unable to connect to the router WLan - Satellite L300D

    Please help me so that I have still a few hairs left!

    I installed WLAN driver on my laptop Satellite L300D with Vista Home installed.

    I see my network in the available connections, but when I go to connect, it will not connect.

    My other two desktop computers can connect to the router without a problem.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you


    I think that you didn t try updates. Right?
    Therefore, my first recommendation would be an update of the BIOS and driver WLan.

    Check the current version of the BIOS that is available on your laptop. If the latest version has been released then update the BIOS.
    In addition, to download the latest WLan driver from the Toshiba WLan portal and to update:

    On this Wlan site, you will find three different WLan drivers for three types of WLan cards. First check your wireless network card, and then use the right driver!

    See you soon

  • Samsung S6 connects to the router but no internet

    When I switched to xfinity I bought a C6300. I had problems with the first not allowing my NAS to connect so I exchanged against another. My phone would connect to the router and work fine for awhile then lose Internet connectivity. The only way to get it back is to reboot the router. I tried several different units, and I am now on a C3700. The problem still exists and seems to be deteriorating. All of the suggestions.

    I solved my problem by replacing the Netgear with a Zoom. It was the only one that I could find who said it would work with Android. I hope that Netgear will get things straightened.

  • Unable to connect to the router (even after reset)

    I'm really frustrated, and I hope that this community can provide an answer. After all the hype around this router, it is he who gave me the most trouble.

    About a month and a half... completely randomly it seems to me, I could not connect to the router more. Not through intellectual property, It just says: cannot display the page. I did everything I could possibly think, tried all of the suggestions I could find here and elsewhere and still nothing would work.

    I finally did a hard reset and obviously lost all my settings... and RIGHT AFTER the hard reset after upgrading the firmware, I can't connect to the router again. This could be the cause? Is there a way around it?

    The router worked fine until about a month and half ago. Then I stopped being able to connect to the admin page. Several resets hard did nothing.

    I ended up RMA'ing it and the new replacement works fine (for now).

  • M40X connects to the router Netgear DG834G wireless

    Message on the toolbar and warnings are; No limited connectivity or. Improved Intel Pro wireless 2200BG driver worm without success.
    I have another laptop with a USB wireless network too and that works very well.
    I was able to connect to the router via the ethernet card.
    Been on Netgear, and the router works well.
    Any ideas, anyone please...


    I guess that your laptop uses the map Intel 2200BG wireless.
    You will find a lot of questions and problems with this card intel.
    Mainly the graphics driver update will solve these issues.
    You can also check the power save mode settings in the properties of the wireless card. Go to the Device Manager, choose the wireless card and go to properties. In the second Advanced tab you should find the Power save mode option. Please switch off (off)

    I put t know where you download the driver, but you must use the latest version on the Intel site.

  • Unable to connect to the router

    -Please ignore this message: I did not wait enough to do the factory reset. It seems that launch a factory reset without waiting for 10 seconds only restarts the router.


    Today I tried to connect to my router (I do not use it for a few years) and it didn't work at all.

    Initially, I plugged it in just 2 RJ45 cables: one for internet, one for the PC. The computer could not connect to the router (DHCP failed).

    I then restored the factory settings and tried again: same thing, the computer could not find the router via DHCP.

    I tried to force an IP address (IP:, mask: Gateway:

    By forcing the INVESTIGATION period, I was able to connect to the router, but when I tried connect to with admin/password, it wouldn't let me (bad password - don't forget I restored it to factory settings, several times actually). The address is not found (404) and I was unable to go on websites (404). A curious thing is, using this connection, I was able to connect to Skype (and send/receive messages), although the sites Web could not be reached from a browser.

    I'm running out of ideas to solve the problem, but I suspect a hardware problem, so any help would be welcome.

    Yes he did.

    I couldn't find an option to delete my message, otherwise I would have done it.

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