Class driver 0253 Canon inkjet does not print

Original title: print printer print

I just added in my printer Canon inkjet 0253 class driver on my HP laptop (and he said b/c, it is selected as my printer) so now when I try to print something it does not work. Nothing happens, I'll control P / file print, but nothing. I need help, I don't know what to do?

I'd appreciate any help!


If this isn't a driver problem there is a problem of setting or material and you
need to contact Canon.

As Canon OEM is responsible for the good operation of the printer and their
drivers provided. Check with Canon support, online documentation, and

Good luck, you need to update or reinstall the latest driver.

Canon - Support and drivers

Canon - Support - contact us

Canon - Windows - Vista and Windows 7 support

Canon printer - page local confirmation - could be from another region.


The main issue is probably the drivers, but these can help:

Add or remove a printer

Solve printer problems

Open the printer Troubleshooter

Find the manufacturer's Web site

Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7

I hope this helps.

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    starting in September, my printer (Canon MB2320) does not print PDF formats. Newly created or archived.


    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Try these steps and check.

    Step 1: You can try to use the Printing Troubleshooter will attempt to diagnose and solve your problem automatically:

    a. open the printer Troubleshooter by clicking the Start button, then Control Panel.

    (b) in the search box, type Troubleshootingand then click Troubleshooting. Under hardware and sound, click use a printer.

    c. access the link below for more information on troubleshooting printer utility:

    Open the printer Troubleshooter

    Step 2: Go through the link below and follow the steps provided to solve the problem you are experiencing:

    Resolve PDF printing problems. Acrobat, Reader

    I hope this helps. Get back to us with results.

  • OfficeJet 6500 has windows 7 Pro, does not print black

    Black is not printing, the colors are OK.    Changed the black cartridge for a new a (genuine HP!), no change.   Checked inserted cartridge etc OK.

    Tried to open the screen of the wizard to do the alignment, cleans the heads but had the same problem mentioned on another post, the assistant is beyond.

    Tried the update of the software 710z, but does not connect via USB.     I know that the cable is OK and printer, Windows gave the found new software message.

    Went to the HPPIW. EXE installation method, it is OK, but returned to 710f version.   Not cleaned heads and alignment no impression always on black background.     Tried the diagnosis HPPSdr who told me there is a problem of driver incompatibility.    Deleted the entry of control panel of configuration/printers, uninstalled, rebooted and reinstalled, same problem.

    In short, impossible to get 710z to connect via USB.   710f tells me that I have a driver incompatibility.  And does not print the problem original, black.

    In my view, that covers, all more than welcome advice, this machine is in a store of cats protection Chrity and we desperately need it works again!

    Thanks for the advice, given that the machine is under warranty, contact HP and were sent to a replacement machine which works AOK.

  • Canon Pixma MG5320 printer does not print. Ink tanks are full, but the pages are blank. Help, please.

    I recently formatted my hard drive on my laptop and loaded a full version of Windows 7. (I had been running a version upgrade before formatting.) I downloaded the latest driver of printer on Canon website. My Canon Pixma MG5320 will not be printed. Ink tanks are full, but the pages are blank. This happens if I print from my laptop or my iPhone or IPad. What is the problem? Help, please.

    Hi marsha3236,

    To try to resolve the problem, you'll want to confirm that the inkjet nozzles are distribute the ink properly by printing a printer nozzle check pattern.  If the model does not print correctly, we recommend you to at least cleaning and deep cleanings on the printer to try to get the printing ink.  To print the nozzle check pattern and make cleaning, please follow the steps located here.

    If you are still experiencing difficulties after cleaning, please call or write us using one of the methods on the page contact us for further assistance.

  • Mac 10.6.8 Business Inkjet 1200n - printer does not print (printer error)

    Mac 10.6.8 Business Inkjet 1200n - printer does not print (printer error)

    Anyone has an idea how to get pinter will again? I loaded a current printer driver, but it did not help. The pilot goes hand in hand with this Mac OSX. I restarted the printer. Still no luck.



    HP Business inkjet 1200 series is not compatible with Snow Leopard, as you can find below:

    Try solutions third 3rd as HPIJS, which seems to support your printer and should provide basic features of the printer.

    Don't forget to install one of the prior agreement of 3 downloads required as a result of the printer, configure the instructions:


  • CANON PIXMA MG3250 PRINTER - seeing yellow (danger?) in the top left corner and the printer does not print

    Original title: Ms. Sue Somerville


    Yellow light (danger?) in the top left corner and the printer does not print. It was OK until I changed the inks.

    I lost instructions and can't download the manual though, like many others I tried for hours!

    I used little of this printer and just need to do simple, but urgent tasks.

    Are we supposed to it's bin and get another, then we can just get instructions and resume our work?

    I don't know about spacing in your message.  Heh

    This is a question for CANON - those who make and take over the device in question.  Everything you describe indicate that this is NOT a computer / software somehow problem and the problem would be the same if the device was not connected to any computer at all, an OS X one or a Linux one...

    These are the Microsoft forums.

    Here is the Canon forums:

    Here is a link to the manual for the device:

    I suggest out of ink, check you removed all the "stickers" on the ink that * need * to be removed to work properly and make sure that the ink properly.  Print the pattern check nozzles and then to make sure that everything is installed properly:

    1. Make sure that the power is turned on.

    1. Load a sheet of A4 or letter paper format in the front tray.

    1. Open the output tray extension, open the paper output tray, and then extend the output paper support.

    1. Print the nozzle check pattern.

    (1) press on the button in Maintenance for poster has.

    (2) press the color or black.

    The ground of review of the nozzle will print.

    1. Review the rationale for control of the nozzle.

  • Printer does not print need to update driver of Magenta - Lexmark

    Original title: printer does not print Magenta

    I have an old Lexmark printer. I just installed new toner and it won't print magenta. I downloaded a new driver from the Lexmark Web site supposedly and yet, it will not be printed. I can't find the old driver anywhere, through each directory on the computer. Windows Help doesn't help. Told you to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Manufacturer tells you first uninstall the old driver. Windows Help doesn't tell you how to uninstall the drivers.

    When I contacted Windows /Dell they pass the buck to Lexmark. Lexmark passes the ball to Windows/Dell.

    Would appreciate help. Found this material to support online and they scanned and said I have eight corrupt & or old drivers, but it is $29,95 to help.

    Thx for any help


    driving finder programs can tell you almost anything to earn money from your

    drivers for your computer:

    Make sure you have the latest vista drivers for your computer which you can get your computer manufacturers Web site

    go to their website and look for a driver and software download section

    Enter your model number for the last look drivers vista then download and install

    and for drivers Lexmark contact you Lexmark

    Lexmark wrote the drivers for their products, NOT microsoft

  • my printer does not, print says no driver found and implemented to update spooler.

    Original title: all of a sudden my printer does not print says no driver found, went to the website of downloaded lexmark driver but still does not print. conjecture.

    I try to print, but it seems that the computer and the printer are not on the same page.
    This just started about 4 days ago.
    Spooler has something to do with it, I got a pop for updating the spooler or not and not clicked by chance do not know how to find it so I can update.
    Not really in all the tech stuff, any help would be grateful.


    Do you remember the full error message with spooler?


    Method 1: Run the following fix - it:

    Diagnose and automatically fix problems printing and printer:


    Method 2: See the following article:

    Why can I not print?


    Method 3: As it happened four days before, restoring the computer to a date where it worked fine before.


    System Restore: frequently asked questions:

  • Inkjet e: 5740 5740 printer does not print color cyan &amp; alignment problem


    Recently, I replaced my lights on my P 5740 printer ink cartridge while trying once photograpgh print [6 x 4] & have had nothing more than headaches since.

    The cyan color does not print ink levels indicate that it is used. I cleaned the heads of ink at level 3. I have replaced the ink cartridge & still have the same problem and now the alignment is unsuccessful.

    I'm challenged to begin with technology & this challenge is both frustrating and disappointing that I do not understand what I did right.

    Any suggestions before I have packing the printer & return to Staples?

    Thank you

    HI @RC23,

    Because the printer is only a couple of months I suggest to HP customer care and ask about a replacement printer. Most likely, it is a matter of ink system, since you've already tried another cartridge with the same results. Check the model number and the form to receive a file number for faster assistance.

    Thank you!

  • HP Officejet 6700 does not print

    I have a HP Officejet 6700 connected to my desktop HP w1858.  I can't the computer to send documents to print.  The printer icon has a yellow triangle with a! Select this option.  I tried to download a driver for HP printer, but it still does not print.  Windows does not list the HP Officejet 6700 (7100 & 6500 printers are listed).  Can I use a different printer model to obtain a class driver?

    Hi @katsus98040

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support.    I understand that you can't print from your printer Officejet 6700.

    I assume you see the exclamation icon is in your connected HP account.  Connected HP sometimes gives a false report that there is a problem not specified with the printer. HP has been able to reproduce the error.  If there was a genuine mistake, the message would point to the problem (low on ink, paper, etc). Unspecified error message does not prevent you to use ePrint.

    If I have understood you please let me know so that we can you top and printing.

  • HP Officejet 8620: 8620 HP does not print Office 365 in Win 8. Office pointed out a mistake on 8620 when he tries.

    HP tests work perfectly. A ran the printer HP convenience store and windows tool. No problem. Just do not Office files print (Excel and Word).  Excel returns an error message saying 8620 has an error. Word does not print anything.

    Text files, PDF files print correctly. Only been able to print Word documents by using Office to produce a PDF file and then using the 8620 to print the PDF file.

    I must say that, by far, we have had more problems with the HP software with Lexmark, Canon, Brother. If it isn't getting fixed we do have more than one option. We had several HP printers as well as other manufacturers, but HP has been by far the less reliable with the software which is a shame because the quality of printing is superior.

    Thank you greeturtle. It turns out that download drivers actually the cause of the problem. The driver for the 8620 will not work. However, the deskjet 9800 printer driver works. Go figure!

  • My HP psc 1110 does not print colors when I use the shortcut keyboard F12 key to print. considering that it is p

    I just bought printer HP psc 1110 and despite I loaded the print from the HP website driver and together it up correctly, it has new ink cartridges, it does not print color to color text pages when I use the the keyboard F12 shortcut key to show.  I have the microsoft intelli wireless keyboard.  Although that it prints very well in color while I use the method of dialogue of the system either by pressing "Ctrl + Shift + P" keys together.   I have another canon printer canon pixma 1500 a former model, even this canon allows to print in color using one of the methods above to print.  I'm curious to know why HP is behaving as it is with me.  Can someone knowledgeable enough to enlighten us on this issue and help me on this problem, please.  I would be grateful if someone can send me a response.

    My email is: {deleted personal information}

    Naseer Malik

    Hi Ngoyi-Malik,

    OK, when you right click and select print work properly?

    If you come to open a different document in your Word and press Crtl P it prints correctly?

    The question seems that it is related to the program that you use for your missions. You may need to continue to press the Maj LTRC P in order to get the color to print from this application program. Let me know if the Word printing works well?

  • M401dne does not print large font

    I made a page in Word 2010 with a 115-point font. My M401dne prints as a blank page.  The page prints fine at my local DeskJet 6940. The M401 is a network printer, and I use the version of HP Universal PCL6 printer driver. I have attached the page if someone else with my setup to try to print.

    Is this related to a known issue?

    Thanks for any idea.

    Jeffrey Pike

    Groton public library

    I don't have your Installer ((Universal) printer driver, so I can't do a like-for-like test or printer model.)

    What I did is:

    • Install it 'HP LaserJet 400 M401 PCL6 driver class' built into Windows 8.1 Professional 64-bit edition.
    • This used to "print" your document (using Word 2013) in a capture .prn file.
    • Envoy conternts of the file captured at my local LaserJet 1320n printer; the text of the large font size prints OK.
    • Envoy conternts of the file captured at my local printer LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M475dn ; the text of the large font size prints OK.

    What you could do is to take the same file (attached, with an extension extra .txt added to the name so that it can be attached here) and send the content to your printer port and check the result.

    If it prints OK, then the problem is likely to be something to do with your driver printer and/or the application.

    If it does not print OK, then the printer, or the printer firmware, is at fault (or arguably deliberately not large font sizes).

    Welcoming send the contents of the file on a network printer from a Windows command prompt session, use:

    LPR s address of the printer P - all largefont_M401_PCL6ClassDriver.prn.txt

    to send the contents of largefont_M401_PCL6ClassDriver.prn.txt to the printer with TCP - IP address address of the printer.

  • Epson effective 435 does not print in El Capitan?

    Hi, I have recently updated to EL Capitan and attempted to add epson Stylus 435 with no luck. The problem is that it appears in the list of printers so I choose what it but then under 'use', I try to look for the model but number 435 was not found. I only see epson 24 pins series and epson 9-pin. I tried both choices of 24 and 9 series. My mac connects to the printer, but does not print anything. There is nothing wrong with the printer because when I print from windows 7 is very good.

    I also tried to connect my mac to the printer via the usb port and it's exactly the same as above, it does not list my model.

    What should I do?

    When you connect to this model of Epson, by network or USB, you should get a prompt indicating that a driver is available at Apple and you want to download. Given that this is not happening (perhaps due to a previous version of the driver) then you can download and install the package of printer Epson v3.2 drivers from Apple and then you should be able to add your printer.

  • I'm on a mac and my printer does not print

    I'm on a mac and it sends the document to my printer (Hp Photosmart 4680 all-in-one), but the printer does not print. My printer worked fine and now it will not print. I'm doing something wrong. This has happened once before and I am frustrated with and left for about 2 days, I had tried everything I could think of, unplug the unit for an hour or more, uninstalling and reinstalling, checked ink levels they were very good. Then all of a sudden, he started working again. I turned on my computer and the printer, and surprisingly it comes to start printing. Does anyone else have this problem? If so what do you have? Or someone has any suggestions of what I can hurt!

    Thank you

    Make sure that your OS X is healthy:

    1. download and install OS X Combo Update.
    2. download and install the printer driversHP from Apple.

    Finally, download the latest version of the software for your printer from the "Support & Driver" link at the top of this page (if you want).

    Do not connect your printer via a USB hub, connect directly to your Mac.

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