Family sharing ate my apps

I have an iPad, retina, iPhone 5 and two pounds of Mac, which used to be under an Apple ID. This ID is shared by my wife and me. More recently, we ran into issues with content going to too many places, so I decided to make a new ID I have spent my iPad and iPhone more to my new ID and family sharing... so I thought. At some point I had to clear in addition to space on my iPad, so I deleted some of the largest applications knowing that they would not be gone forever. Well, I'm not sure now.

The iTunes of my wife, I see some of the apps that I used to use on my iPad, but not all of them. Some of the apps I bought as part of this first ID disappeared from everything, including the app store. The app store to buy me some of these applications. It turns out that the creation of a new ID and going to family sharing has been more devastating than what we had before.

I went through a lot of step by step tutorials, and nothing has helped. My country codes are up to date, and I rechecked all my payment info.

Thoughts? Thank you.

All purchases are always related to the Apple that was used to buy and download ID the. If your woman "inherited" this Apple ID, then she is the one who needs to set up the family sharing and grant you access. (Or change account)

You don't need to pay again for your applications. Simply log in to the store with this original Apple ID. All your app, from those who have been abandoned, appear on the purchases tab.

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    I ask this in the name of someone else so I can't test, so I ask if anyone has had this experience:

    The problem:

    iCloud family sharing is implemented.  Application of MOM on the iPhone music on Shuffle and continues to play music of Dad - MOM does not like the music of my father and he does not want in his list.

    Is there a way to hide family purchases shares in other iCloud in music iPhone app?

    Or is it a case of Daddy asking to hide his music buy other members of the family sharing?

    Any thoughts much appreciated!

    Has your mother and your father separated Apple ID?

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    Is it possible with the family sharing enabled for sharing everything but IOS apps? My wife and I are the only two users on the network on the part of the family. But none of us wants to get automatically the other apps.

    Turn on downloads automatic for the iTunes Store, App Store and iBooks Store purchases - Apple Support              Settings - iTunes and App Store - automatic downloads / Apps

    Hope this helps, good luck to you

    ~ Michael M

  • In - app purchases - family sharing


    Thank you for taking the time to help me. My wife and I both have an IPhone 6 and I have family sharing set up between the two of us. I have a credit on my iTunes account. However, whenever she makes an in-app purchase he is charged on my credit card, rather than the iTunes credit. The app which she acquired is a game (not something like for example Amazon, Ebay, where it would be obvious credit ITunes is not applicable). In any case, through the sharing of family purchase should not be deducted from my credit iTunes rather than being charged to our credit card? If not, how can I make it so that's the case?

    If you are the family Organizer so your balance cannot be used - family member can (and will) using a scale for their own account, otherwise the Organizer card will be charged.

  • Family sharing and Apps

    I joined apple music and decided to upgrade so that my family can also listen to music, I did it because the price is reasonable.

    I'm a little confused and a little annoyed of cannot just leave your family to listen to music, you agree when setting up that any member of the family who decides to purchase music or Apps YOU will pay for their stuff!

    This includes set up subscription services until you decided to make the family sharing.

    I'm using the service correctly, is it set up right?

    I hope that someone can let me know another way to implement this sharing family...

    If that's the only way then APPLE LOOK please, can't you have another level in the subscription that allows the music on its own?

    I'm sure if you did your customer would increase

    Waiting in anticipation


    Hi simonnightclub

    You sign up for an individual membership or a family membership?
    Just turn on the part of the family is not enough for the Apple's music. If you want your family to share the subscription, you must update the members of the family.

    This will give you up to six people unlimited access to music from Apple.

  • family sharing - can I share only music and apps not?

    Is it possible to only share music and not the applications?

    Apps can be shared, but not all applications are shareable.

    If you do not see your family sharing content - Apple Support

    What are the types of content can I share with family sharing? -Apple Support

  • iCloud family sharing Question

    Dear Apple,

    My name is Noah Gilbert, and I happen to be the Expert IT with our family.

    Unfortunately, for these past years, our family of 4 shared an Apple ID and somethings happened.

    When one of us call each other, that the contacts of the things up, and also when you go in recent, there are people that I didn't call, but have called others in our family, and it's something that are not nice and also very scary.

    I read upward on your iCloud, sharing of family and are generally fascinated on this subject, but when diving into the details, it's when it gets a bit murky.

    If all 4 of us was to create an Apple ID and had to get the sharing of the family, what would happen to all of our data.

    The main question is:

    What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

    Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

    I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

    Thank you

    Gilbert of Noah,

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    Blockblue47 wrote:

    The main question is:

    What would happen to all our Contacts, Mail, calendar, iTunes purchases and also the App Store purchases?

    Also, when it would be and current execution, will be our contacts and the stuff of colander, be separated into different lists of info.

    I would really appreciate it if someone from this community come back to me, please.

    Thank you

    Gilbert of Noah,

    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

    First, everyone should have their Apple ID individual to avoid confusion you describe above.  If that were the case, then all the Contacts, calendar, e-mail, purchases of App Store and iTunes purchases will be remained connected to these accounts; under family sharing, however, there are some things that can and cannot be shared.  You can have a read more about it here - What are the types of content can I share with sharing family?-Apple Support

  • Family sharing - allow the teenagers download free applications without the approval

    Set us up the family shares so that we can use music to apple app.  I want my teens to still be able to download free applications they want, but since the family sharing requires entering a credit card, I need to configure askToBuy on their accounts to ensure that they are not using my credit card to buy things.  Is it possible to have a third parameter to solve this problem. The following would work

    (1) the property which requires only the parent for permission for non-free applications (preferred solution)

    2) allowing children to have their own itunes cards linked to their personal account (as they do now) and shopping (free or not of these cards).  Then only trigger the request to buy when their card is 0.

    In addition, I don't want my 20 years, student sophomore to have access to my credit card to buy things. The only way I can get "askToBuy" for it must be him to fix a wrong age on his apple ID.  I would have preferred he go into the truth. You can 'request to buy' option until max at 23? When he came out of the University and, hopefully, on his own?


    You do not discuss Apple here. If you want to see a change in something like this, you will need to provide feedback to Apple to let them know you want to see this change. This isn't the place for this, you use the feedback page. Located here, , then click on the box in this area.

  • I can't get the family sharing to work properly

    I want my daughter to be able to see the items I purchased.  Audit on my iPAD, family sharing is set up and its ID is.  I can even see applications that she bought on my iPAD. But on his Mac, I see no sign of my purchases (music or TV shows).  Running his Mac OSX 10.9.5.  Its iTunes shows no sign of my apple ID - for example it is supposed to be a drop-down menu beside the words BOUGHT on the upper left side of the various windows you get in ITunes by selecting purchased.  There is no drop-down list.

    I have tried all the usual suggestions by logging on iTunes and iClod and then again (using his AppleID), restart the computer, etc..  But his iTunes seems to still know nothing about the fact that she is in a family.

    I was going to buy a TV series about ITunes, but if she has xcannot see it I don't want.  Why Apple made things so difficult!

    An additional piece of info.  I just hand on my iPhone of girls.  Looking at the app Store of Itunes, I can see my purchasies.  So family sharing was set up fine, it's just the Mac iTunes who can't seem to see.  Unfortunately, this is used to view movies etc., not the iPhone!

  • Family sharing and creation of local Web site/blog


    I have been looking online and have not found what I'm looking for... Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology in my query. I hope this is something already available and I don't know where to find it on the machine...

    We have an iMAC with the recent update.
    I want to create a family blog on the iMAC, that would 'feel' like a Web site - where I can post family updates, calendar, news, academic results and achievements, photos, a family journal, recipes, etc... each topic under a different title, which open as tabs in the browser, in order to avoid having to open different applications for this information. But I want all to reside on our family computer. It is accessible directly from the machine at home, nothing online.

    I am familiar with, but once again, I want to keep this content just us.

    I am listed with family sharing and iCloud, Apple has something that does what I'm looking for, but I ask just the wrong question.

    Thank you


    No, please read that sharing of the family is in OS X Yosemite: set up the sharing of the family. If you want to set up a blog, you need a blogging app and a place to store. I advise to use Google to research what you need. I found the following article by doing a quick search on Google that you may find useful.

  • Issue of payment family sharing?

    Hi all

    I recently set up the family sharing for my household... and linked to my wife and her sister in my Apple music subscription.  We also like the location tracker (so we can see what anyone of us and if we are sure). My sister-in-law lives with us.

    Anyway, my sister-in-law made some app purchases, and he was billed on my credit card.  I went into iTunes and iCloud settings but can not find a way to block my sister in law to make purchases on my card and she even can not find a way to have purchases charged to their own card.

    Is there a way to do this?  We would not take him out of family sharing and not be able to use the tracker location or my subscription of Apple's music.

    Any input would be appreciated!


    While she is in sharing family (and not the Organizer) she cannot use her own credit card, it can either use a balance on his account or your (as organizer) credit card: payments - Apple Support and family purchases

    After you set up your family, anytime a family member throws a new purchase, that it will be charged directly to your account, unless the family member has gift or store credit. First of all, their store credit will be used to pay the invoice total or partial. The rest will be billed to the card of the family of the Organizer. The family Organizer, the revenue generated by the transaction will be sent to you

  • my daughter has every music we want to pass the family sharing the will she lose her purchases

    my daughter has every music we want to pass the family sharing the will she lose her purchases


    She will be able to keep all purchases on his account.  See this document:

    Family shares - Apple Support

    Note that "all eligible songs, albums, movies, TV shows, books and applications already bought by members of the family are immediately available for everyone in the family."

    In the future if she leaves the group sharing of the family, she is no longer able to share purchases, but she will always keep its own.

  • Family sharing woes

    I like the idea of family sharing, but is it possible that my 17 year old son can participate in sharing family so he can take advantage of our subscription iTunes but allow him to make purchases with his iTunes account? I have the family facility and everybody sharing

    Hello blmclaws,

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support.

    I see you want to add your son to share your family enjoy the iTunes subscription, but make purchases with their iTunes account. How the family sharing is set up, all purchases are made with the credit card provided by the Organizer. The exception is that if a member has a credit on his iTunes, usually by a gift card account, then purchases will come from this credit until the credit card of the Organizer is responsible. Thus, in the case of your son, he could buy gift cards and add them to their account before shopping. In this way, the Organizer will not be charged.

    For more information, see the following:

    Family sharing

    Best regards.

  • family sharing iTunes

    Within the family sharing in iTunes family members will be able to see all my photos stored in iCloud? Or they will not see those shared within the family photo album?

    They will see only those shared via iCloud, sharing of photos- Photo Sharing - Apple Support iCloud, iCloud: overview of sharing photos of iCloud, get help using iCloud, sharing photos and albums shared - Apple Support, the family shares - Apple Support

  • Card balance using gift on family sharing account

    I have a family sharing the account into which my 2 wires are connected to my iTunes account.  When they buy something from the iTunes store, it is loaded on my credit card.  How can I get their purchase deducted from the balance on the card gift or credit on my account? Only my purchases are currently being paid on the credit on my account gift card

    Redeem an iTunes Gift Card - Apple Support

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