First Elements 7 can be split 2 LCD screens?


1 first Elements 7 workspace, etc. divide between 2 LCD screens?

2 East-GeForce GTS 250 or Quadro NVS or 1700, best or proper to PE7?

Thank you.

You should have no problem splitting on two monitors, LCD or CRT display. PE4, there is a limitation, and I think it was the timeline. Don't know if this limitation still exists with PE7. I've shared between 2 21 "CRT (for PrPro), but not as my calendar to be broken by the two monitors, so never use this way. Steve Grisetti can tell you if PE7 still has this limitation with the timeline panel, but you can get everything on the second monitor afer 'disconnect you' them.

With respect to the GPU, unless you're doing more work NLE, like 3D, the Quadro will be exaggerated. I have one on my desktop and even with light 3D, it's more that I need. Good card, but I probably should have spent the extra of $ for another HARD drive (even if this machine has 6 already). Any card that is capable of double-head will work. Just be sure to check the connections and the specifications for each display. My Quadro will handle anything and everything I need were conversion adapters to drive my CRT.

I like my nVidia, but lately, there have been problems with Adobe products and new nVidia drivers. The time that Adobe and nVidia are associated, the drivers went south to Adobe products. Go figure? ATI has received good reviews on most of Adobe for one, and their drivers seem to work very well.

When I do NLE my computer work 17 "laptop, I travel everywhere in me, because I'm used to the double monitors on the floor.

Good luck


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    I gave to first Elements 9 trial a test yesterday on my Mac OS Snow Leopard. Everything else seems to work very well, but I felt a bit limited with the sharing and the export part. I want to do is .mp4 file encoded in h.264, preferably 2 passes to optimize quality vs. the size of the export file. I prefer this format because it is recommended by YouTube and can also be viewed on PlayStation3 and probably all the rest.

    Tell me also, there should not be problems with synchronization 44, 1 kHz in the first audio? I have used Final Cut Express before and found out, that it needs audio 48 kHz to stay in sync. (I save with GarageBand and he will only 44, 1 kHz)

    Thank you!


    Have you used computer-share/MPEG with H.264 preset, as I suggested, j?

    This will produce a m2t file, but one that uses the H.264 codec.

    Or, as I say, you can change the output MP4 under portable devices at any level of quality.

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    Unfortunately, the program first elements 8 does not recognize my camera Sony Cybershot video output.  However, one of first items 9.

    If I buy and install the first Elements 9, it will be inegrate with organizer and with Photoshop Elements 8 is the same way the first Elements 8?

    Or it will create 2 organizing separate programs or other compatibility issues?

    Thank you


    Two versions of the software will create two organizing catalogs separated, and you will not be able to export 8 Organizer (slideshows) projects to first Elements 9. But, apart from that, as DurbsLab says, they must live with no problems on the same hard disk.

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    Thank you very much.


    As far as I know, that laptops come with a different hardware configuration. The same series of laptop computer can be delivered with the screen XGA and SXGA screen +.

    I think that you can replace your TFT screen to the other, but the display size should be the same.
    I guess the Tecra M2 needs a 14.1 screen.

    But why do you want to replace the laptop screen? First of all, you should know that the replacement of the screen isn't easy and it should be done by a technician or a person who has a good laptop experience. In addition, the new view is not cheap. You have to spend about $ 350 for a new game and I think that it s not worth.

    But it's you choice buddy

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    Hi all

    I have an Equium P200 1ir and my screen has been crazy, color errors everywhere.
    I followed the problem down to be a cut wire in the cable of the internal lcd screen.

    My question is: where can I buy a cable lcd screen replacement for this machine that the screen itself is fine.

    I have searched all over the web and have had no joy. If possible can someone Toshiba advise me to buy the lead...

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    All laptop parts can be ordered from a local Toshiba authorized service provider.
    The ASP in your country should be able to help
    If these cables is not available or not on stock, then guys would be able to order this Toshiba head stock

    Have a look here to find all of the ASP in the world:> support download &-> find an authorized service provider

  • T510 with dock: can I use a LCD screen and a TV high definition?

    I am setting up this configuration for my boss using Windows 7.   Basically, it is three monitors, an extended desktop.  The laptop screen is 1 monitor, Samsung LCD screen is 2 and I just connected (using the display port) a Panasonic HDTV.  So, he wants to use all three and be able to drag windows on all three.  All three show on display properties, but I can't seem to get the HDTV to work.   If I 'disconnect' Samsung LCD screen, I can get the HDTV to display an image.

    If I use two LCD screens, I can make them work.  HDTV just won't work with an external LCD display.

    Does anyone have this same configuration?

    Thank you


    If you duplicate the monitor then they must be on the same resolution.

  • Adobe first Elements 9 can't transfer them to my new laptop for college. I need help.

    OK, so I bought 9 EPA a good 2 years to high school and now I'm going into television at the University, I had to buy a newer laptop. My old laptop is going to be wiped by my father (which, I might add, is very eager). I need the program to be transferred to the new laptop... and no, I'm not buying the upgrade for another $100. Can anyone help?

    Just turn on the old machine and install it on the new.


  • First elements 10 HG1920 AVCHD (.m2ts) playback is choppy


    Installed first Elements 10 day before yesterday and we tried a small project using my camcorder Panasonic SD900 material. The shots are HG1920 AVCHD (.m2ts) format. When I place them on the My project Panel and play them they are jerjy and shimmering. I tried to play sequences individual back by double clicking it in the task pane, and they play very well. I was given to understand that first Elements 10 can cope with the AVCHD formats. It's early days, but I I'm not at the moment who has impressed with the product.

    Title of the message was edited by: Brett N

    Thanks Neale

    Went to the MT2-H264/1920X1080i 25 AVCHD format and playback was fine

  • Question: Installing first Elements 10 in Windows 8.1.


    I installed first Elements 10 on my new PC with Windows 8.1.

    But I didn t get any icon to start the program with? At the same time, I have

    installed Photoshop Elements 10. Then I had an icon to start the program with.

    How should I get an icon for first 10 items?

    Best regards




    Local disk C

    Program Files


    Adobe Premiere Elements 10

    then, in the Adobe Premiere element 10 folder, scroll down to see the files

    Adobe Premiere Elements 10. exe (opens to the Welcome screen)


    Adobe first Elements.exe (open and bypass the Welcome screen)

    Click with the right button on the one that you want, select sent to: pop - up the list, and select "desktop (create shortcut)".

    Please let us know if you're OK with the information.

    Thank you.


  • Need Installer for first 14 elements. Can someone please?

    Need Installer for first 14 elements. Can someone please?


    Please see Download Adobe Premiere elements 14, 10, 11, 12, 13

    Let us know if this helps!

  • How can I reactivate it first Elements 7 after the reconstruction of PC

    I had to reload XP on my old PC. So that meant that I had to install all software. First Elements 7 installed ok, but the license key is not accepted. How can I reactivate this product?

    Hi Ned

    I used a download from the Adobe site to do the installation. When I run the first it comes up with a box to enter the license key. I entered and tt shows just a red x to the right of the license key. If I click Next it says invalid key, contact technical support. They say it's an expired product and the use of the forum.

    Just sorted. I got I get into the loft and get the original installation discs to do a clean install. He accepts the license as part of the installation and work key. Assume that the download from the Adobe site is updated

  • I want to upgrade first element of version 10 to version 14. How can I do? Going to cost me something?

    I want to upgrade first element of version 10 to version 14. How can I do? Going to cost me something?

    Hi patricel61053492,

    You can certainly improve the Premier of 14 items, but it would cost you the upgrade, not the full amount sum to purchase the software.

    You can click on the link here to purchase

    If you're still having problems, you can contact our customer Care

    Let us know if it works for you!

  • I have a disc for photoshop elements 13 and 13 items first.  My laptop doesn't have a hard drive, so I downloaded first elements of your site using my serial number but I can't the same thing with photoshop elements.

    I have a disc or photoshop elements 13 first elements and 13.  My computer does not have a hard drive, so I downloaded first elements 13 from the website using my serial number.  For some reason any it won't let me download photoshop elements 13, however.  Help!

    Try another link

    Download & install instructions can help

    -includes a link to access a page to download the Adobe programs if you do not have a disk or drive

    -Cloud desktop

    -Cloud Getting Started

    -you will need to enter your original serial number during the installation for non-Cloud programs

    - or kglad links in response to #1 here can help

    Also go to

  • I bought the first elements but I accidentally downloaded it for windows, but I need the mac version. What can I do?

    I bought the first elements but I accidentally downloaded it for windows, but I need the mac version. What can I do?

    For cancellation, please contact support

    Contact the customer service

    * Please sign with your Adobe ID *.

  • Hi, bought by mistake first Element for Windows, but I have a Mac. How can I Exchange?

    Hi, I bought by mistake first Element for Windows, but I have a Mac. How can I Exchange?

    As well as the serial number does not work.

    Thanks for the reply of wour


    If you received from the serial numbers for mac and win, dl just the Setup file you need.


    Available downloadable Setup files:

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