Having problems downloading/getting started with Photoshop

Just bought the membership. Having problems download/getting started with Photoshop. Try once then maybe interfering. When I go into Photoshop, it says it has expired! Don't see how I can remedy this.

Hello Sharon,

In addition you can also consult the help below document:

Please check the help below document:

Applications creative Cloud back in test mode after an update until 2015 for CC

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  • Try to download "Getting Started with Windows 8"

    Try to download "Getting Started with Windows 8" on the new computer. He has been loading for more than an hour with no results? How can I stop the page to load?

    Hi Carol,.

    I understand you are trying to install app "Getting Started with Windows 8" HP store and your computer and it failed to load and freezes the computer. If I'm wrong, please let me know.

    We will try to kill the application from the taskbar. Refer to this step.

    a. right click on the taskbar, click Start Task Manager, click the Applications tab, right-click on the application and click on end task.

    b. now, go to the Windows store and try to install the application.

    You can also restart the computer and check.

    Hope this helps and let us know if you need help.

  • I'm just getting started with adobe creative cloud. I hace low loaded Media Encoder CC 2015 as well as first Pro CC 2015, but when every time I select apps in the app it says "download error please aontact costomer support". I tried to slow down

    I'm just getting started with adobe creative cloud. I hace low loaded Media Encoder CC 2015 as well as first Pro CC 2015, but when every time I select apps in the app it says "download error please aontact costomer support". I tried to reinstall the creative cloud by using the link provided and I also tried manually. I have Windows 7 with a 64 bit system.


    I think that you have found the "download error" in the Apps Panel.

    Please check the help below document:

    Download error in the applications tab of Creative Cloud Desktop Application

    You can also view the threads below:


    Persistent Cloud error - error download - creative

    Re: Creative Cloud "Download error" message

    Kind regards


  • Getting started with my Canon T1i

    I just bought for me a Canon T1i (body only) for Christmas to use for astrophotography. I'm having some trouble getting started and am hoping to get answers from here.

    First off the coast of British Colombia, I use this for astrophotography I did not buy a camera lens that I'm going to use my telescope than my goal. The problem I have is when I turn on the camera, all I see are the AF points in viewfinder and cannot understand how it get by. How do I see what I'm shooting in the viewfinder?

    The dots you see are engraved on the glass... it is up in the roof of the camera (above the reflex mirror). Of course, you will not see in your images. Also, you will not see the when using Live View (which is how you will be using when astro-Imaging).

    I would to astrophotography, either manufacturing or buying a 'development of Bahtinov mask. It is beyond the end of your telescope (like a scope) and slots cut in it. Point your telescope toward a moderately bright star and it will cause the star to launch peaks of diffraction in the form of an X with a vertical line in the middle. If the vertical spur crosses the middle of X then your scope is perfectly centered... that you focus to the vertical epi will move off center.

    You can make your own by using this Web site to generate a model (you print, then superimpose on a more durable material... and cut out the interfacing): http://astrojargon.net/MaskGen.aspx

    Alternatively, you can buy a pre-made. Many telescope vendors sell them. I use masks produced by Spike-A (they are metallic masks... they seemed to be made of anodized aluminum (or some light metals) approximately 1/8 "thick): http://spike-a.com

    To focus, point a fairly bright star, put the Bahtinov mask on the front of the bezel, switch to the "live view" mode and mount the ISO and slow down the shutter speed (aircraft Canon photo "simulate" exhibition on the display live so you will get a brighter image by turning the crank up the exposure). Adjust the focus on the telescope until the diffraction peaks converge (you may need to enlarge the live view to 10 x to make this easy).

    Once worn, remove the update mask, back the camera exposure settings you want to use for your object, point the telescope on this object (be careful not to touch the focus) and start collecting your images.

    Don't worry 9 autofocus points, that you see when you look through the viewfinder.

    If you do not have alreaady get you one, you may be interested to buy a power adapter for the camera (he slips in as a battery... but fled the current alternative). This is because exposure times a bit long for astrophotography, the combined number of lights, darks, flats, etc. you note will kill batteries fairly quickly. I have a 60Da which is designed specifically for astrophotography and Canon includes the adapter with the camera.

    You also probably want to either a remote trigger cable (so you can use bulb mode) * or * you can use BackYard EOS to control the camera (BackYard EOS only works on Windows... I use a Mac, but I can run in a virtual machine). Also... If you happen to be on a Mac, the cloud cover (by Stark Labs) will control the camera for Imaging.

    Finally... If you completely remove the IR filter, then you might want to watch the 'filter OWC' by Astronomik.com (OWC = Original White Balance). It is a filter that clips in the body and restores the IR filter so that you can use for ordinary terrestrial photography. The "catch" is that with the snap clip snap-in filter, you can not use any Canon EF - S lenses... only Canon EOS "EF" lenses can be used with the clip-in Astronomik filter. In the United States, OPTcorp.com sells.

    Good luck and a sky cleared!

  • How to stop the tab 'Getting started with Mozilla Firefox' to open every time I open FF?

    Everytime I open FF, the tab "Getting started with Mozilla Firefox" opens. I checked and it is not in my list of homepage.

    If I open any additional windows, it does not open.

    But, once I close all the and reopen it again, the tab opens.

    I had a similar problem with some addons (ietab) do the same thing.

    I found the fix for it.

    About: config, filter for 'Start '

    Ones you want to should appear at the bottom.

    Startup.homepage_override_url and startup.homepage_welcome_url

    Double-click on each one and delete the text string. Close and reopen the window to check that it worked.

    As I deleted them both at the same time, I'm not sure who was the culprit. So, I suggest starting by striking first and tests before deleting this one.

  • I bought adobe for windows, but I think they gave me the keys for mac so am having problem downloading

    I bought adobe for windows, but I think they gave me the keys for mac so am having problem downloading

    Hi wadadar85548349,

    Please contact our service customer to get this fixed number, follow this link Contact Customer Care, sign in using your adobe ID & click on "still need help? Contact us' button.

    Kind regards

  • Im having problems downloading from my site using ftp hosting

    Im having problems downloading from my site using ftp hosting, I get the following message: the server does not not in time. FTP may not be supported on this server [connection timed out after 15007 milliseconds].

    See this discussion where the issue has been widely debated

    FTP download failed: error 553

  • Getting started with VMWARE

    Hello, I'm just getting started with VMWARE. I downloaded VMWARE server I would ask what book would be a good book to start? I'm looking for something that will tell me how to install and configure VMWARE server for a beinger. Thoughts?

    Welcome to the Forums!

    You can find lots of good information on vmware server on vmware website located here:


    This is the ' book online' real provided by vmware:


    You'll find everything you need to know with the basic.  There are a few books out there, but they are not up-to-date regarding new versions of Vmware Server.  Most users always seem to use Workstation or "free ESXi.  You get free ESXi 60 days fully unlocked and I use it in my lab at home virtualized on vmware workstation.  I think you could do the same with vmware server, but never did.

    The only good book I could find was this:

    http://www.Amazon.com/Professional-VMware-Server-Programmer/DP/0470079886/ref=pd_sim_b_1# _

    I hope this helps and happy virtualization.

    See you soon,.

    Chad King

    VCP-410. Server +.

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  • Getting started with the api perl?


    I'm after a pointer or two in the right direction to start with the perl api for vmware - I have read around and ended up do not know on what api should I use. The ESX environment is v2.5.

    My requirement is to collect performance data of the computer (cpu/mem/disk/net) virtual guests and some configuration data (disk to lun map/mem & cpu allocations etc.).  I say this only in case it affects the choice of the API.

    I've also seen some docs/examples of scripts that mention a list of attributes that can come from the guest - these come completely out somewhere just in case I need more later?

    I've seen talk about vSphere cli for perl 4.0 (sounds weird like perl 5.x now), also version 1.5 and 1.6 of the perl api.  VIX too.  I guess that vmware have changed the names that they develop products, but since I was at the VC 2.5 I know of course at what point in the cycle of life, I should be in.  If there is a readme file that explains this lot just let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    First of all, definitely take a look at this page: http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/forums/vsphere_sdk_perl in the section of the resources on the right.

    It is a large document showing you the details of how the perl Toolbox not Accon vSphere SDK for Perl, really worth to go through the documentation:


    If you are familiar with the esxcfg-* commands, whereas you'll notice through the vCLI/RCLI, which uses the vSphere SDK for Perl has the same exact command set but the installer to help make managing remote:



    There are additional utilities that come with the vCLI/RCLI, take a look here for list:


    As you know, these are all Perl scripts, which means that you can open them and see how it is implemented and how they use the vSphere API, the reference for the API doc is also very important as:

    vSphere 4.0 - http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vc-sdk/visdk400pubs/ReferenceGuide/index.html

    VI 3.5 - http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vc-sdk/visdk25pubs/ReferenceGuide/index.html

    I think the best way to learn it is to start playing with some of the scripts canned and to make it even easier to have an environment that is all set up for you with the vCLI and vSphere SDK for Perl, you can download the vMA that is a management assistant from VMware to remotely manage your systems (i) ESX and vCenter.

    The version of Perl that is used is in fact 1.6 but the designation of vCLI is 4.0 which is in conjunction with release of vSphere 4.0, it has nothing to do with the version of Perl (Yes the naming/numbering really sucks and confuses a lot of people)

    Here is a nice document that made the breaking of all the various API/SDK/etc.: Getting Started with vSphere SDK - Update for SDK 4.1 release

    VIX is the main for the management of comments, it is intended to be used or can be used in conjunction with the vSphere API and you can find more information on the VIX.

    Also, here is a code example for vSphere SDK for Perl: http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/codecentral/vsphere_perl and vGhetto scripts repository

    Well, I'm sure it is a handful of information and it will take some time to digest, but still the best way to learn is to start playing with it and you'll get a kick for him.

    Good luck and happy to script


    William Lam

    VMware vExpert 2009

    Scripts for VMware ESX/ESXi and resources at: http://engineering.ucsb.edu/~duonglt/vmware/

    repository scripts vGhetto

    VMware Code Central - Scripts/code samples for developers and administrators

    150 VMware developer

    Twitter: @lamw

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  • How to get started with Obj oriented AS3? (Flash help seems broken)

    OK, I won't be the noob who does not read the manual and ask stupid questions, but I'm stuck here. It's been long since I had no experience real flash (Flash 5 in depth) and a small Flash 8. But now, my work has led me in some flash work & I'm basically from scratch. I am trying to get just a simple SWF to load an external class and have the class retrun value of a method.

    I define

    public class Greeter
    public function sayHello (): String
    var host: String;
    greeting = "Hello World!";
    return of the vows;

    in an .as file (which is located in the same directory as my .fla) then frame 1 of my time line, I have:

    var myGreeter:Greeter = new Greeter();
    mainText.text = myGreeter.sayHello("Bob");

    When I try and test the movie I get 2 errors:

    1046: type was not found or is not a constant of compilation: Greeter.

    Posted by: newsgroup user
    I get only one, which is the "Incorrect number of arguments. EXPECTED
    no more 0,' and the reason for this is that the sayHello() method
    is not configured to receive all parameters.

    Under most of the cases I would have been skeptical of the passage of an argument when nothing is defined, but I thought I had heard (way back to AS 2) AS being based on some sort of JavaScript rules so I thought maybe that didn't matter. And unfortunately, this error was not my fault for typing, its actually printed this way in the Flash help (see: getting started with ActionScript > example: creating a basic application).

    We appreciate that clarification, even if I didn't get the error you mentioned. The compiler has never had that long before he released on bail.

    Posted by: kglad
    2. you must register the Greeter Greeter.as class file

    OK, this has proved be the problem... Just on a hunch, I decided to look into the matter. Save the file as [greeter.as/i] errors but off [ Greeter.as/i] does not work. Flash is really sensitive with regard to file names? In any case, I'm a little better. Thank you very much.

  • Firefox 8.01 - automatically load the "Getting started with Mozilla... page.

    Firefox 8.01 - whenever I starts, it loads automatically the "Getting started with Mozilla...» "the my home page Tab. How can't we open the tab "Getting started...". » ?

    Hi ricklord303,

    You should take a look at the Knowledge Base How to set the home pagearticle.

    There are the steps in this article to reset your preferences on the default home page. I would try everything first to clear all strangeness. If it works, you can try to set your homepage again to your personal preferences.

    If this does not work you should look at this article on this specific issue and Preferences not savedarticle.

    Hope this helps!

  • The tab "Getting started with Mozilla Firefox" (as well as my default homepage on another tab) charge whenever I start Firefox. How can I stop this tab open at the start of the program?

    The tab "Getting started with Mozilla Firefox" (as well as my default homepage on another tab) charge whenever I start Firefox. How can I stop this tab open at the start of the program?

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  • Everytime I open a new window or refresh a getting started with firefox page opens with her. So, whenever I go to my homepage for example getting started with firefox opens along the coast in a separate tab.

    Everytime I open a new window or refresh a getting started with firefox page opens with her. So, whenever I go to my homepage for example getting started with firefox opens along the coast in a separate tab.

    This has happened

    Each time Firefox opened

    == I have this computer.

    You are welcome

  • Registration and getting started with the INK HP INSTANT

    Registration and getting started with ink HP Instant

    Note: your printer must be connected to the Internet via a wireless connection.

    How does that you will always have ink HP? Your printer uses Internet to let us know when to send more ink. Here's how you can get all the ink you need, delivered to your door.

    1. Buy an eligible printer.
    2. Enroll in a plan based on the number of pages you print.
      Ink, cartridge recycling and transport are included.
      No annual fee, change or cancel your plan anytime.3
    3. We'll will ship special HP Instant cartridges.
      Our cartridges have more ink than the standard HP ink cartridges, so you'll replace them less often.
    4. Billing service and begin after inserting your first instant HP ink cartridge.
    5. Your printer will tell us when to send handwritten entry.
      Your service is not based on how many cartridges you use, so print as many pictures of high quality that you want.
    • You will always have ink before you need it.

    LoneStarBob wrote:

    I received my first ink (three colors) of HP cartridge. check the two original instant of ink in the printer cartridges they show two 3/4 full (identical). Puzzeld just why black not sent.

    Hi LoneStarBob,

    I'm going to private msg you on it to help track.

    Thank you


  • Get started with Oracle ADF DI 12 c tutorial does no not for me


    Apart from a few differences with the screenshots I was not able to get the tutorial Oracle JDeveloper 12 c (12.1.3) tutorials - Getting Started with ADF Desktop Integration running.

    I'm not able to find information online on the error message I get at the end of part 2, when am I supposed to run the EditTable_LOV.jspx application for the first time:

    Error: < J2EE > < BEA-160187 > < weblogic.appc failed compile the application. Recompile with the option - verbose for more details on this issue. >

    Is it possible to understand what is the real issue or the tutorial work well for 12 c?

    Thank you.


    I went to libraries and ClassPath section under the project properties and go to the Java SE 1.7.0_51 (one I already had in my system) and now I have the operation of the application.

    Change the version of Java is the answer. Thank you!


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