HP Officejet Pro 8630: 8630 Pro HP Officejet printing problems

I'm trying to print from Printmaster Platinum 18.1 to the printer Officejet Pro 8630.  I tried using a network connection and a direct connection, it seems not to matter.  When I check the printer icon, it shows it's queue, and then print.  The message on the printer printing runs for awhile, thenprints 1/2 "of the document then stops and spits out the paper.  My old HP printer never had problems printing of this software.  Any idea what the problem might be?

I tried to download and install the latest drivers and it does not change the issue.  He still hangs with spinning print button and print only 1/2 "of the document and spit the paper without completing the print job.


I have no problem printing from other programs. I tried to print a different document from Printmaster and it printed fine. It is just a document. I finished by exporting as jpg and managed to print that way. Thanks a lot for your suggestion. If I have other questions, I'll install the 9800 driver.

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