HP Pavilion 17 Laptop Touch t: brand new out of the box HP Pavilion 17 t Touch M7H91AV laptop is so slow

Last night, I took my laptop HP Pavilion 17 t Touch brand new out of the box and it is so slow.  The startup is slow.  All operations running slow.  The use of the internet is slow.  I tried to transfer files from Carbonite on this new computer and just the process of realization of this installation took me a half hour.  This morning I had to reboot and it took 5 minutes.  I only know enough about computers to be dangerous, so I don't mess with many settings myself.  This performance unacceptible on a new computer.  This is certainly the slowest computer I've ever owned.  All solutions that anyone can offer (as a reminder, I need instructions step by step)




Let me welcome you on the HP forums!

I read your post about serious problems with your HP PC brand new and wanted to help.

Since it is a machine relatively new, instead of hurt for hours to fix yourself, why not just let HP fix it - for free!

You must contact the HP Customer Support directly so they put you in contact with HP Tech Support to see what they can do on the diagnosis and repair of your machine remotely.

I did recently, and HP technology was able to remotely access my PC on the Internet and to make the necessary repairs.

If you live in the United States or the Canada, details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1

If you live elsewhere, contact details are on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.html

NOTE: once you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to someone ' one - it can take a while!

Good luck

I'm a volunteer and I do not work for, or represent, HP.
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    Just the laptop out of the box (new) - lit.
    Windows 7 Administrtaor account is locked and another user will not recognize the password / name.



    Try this:
    Switch on and press F8.
    Select repair my computer then HARD drive recovery.
    Drive recovery HARD should restart and you should be able to reinstall the OS.

    Good luck

  • LR and PS 2015 incomplete installation on new, out-of-the-box Windows 10 spectrum 360 HP

    It's terribly frustrating.  I have a new machine and cannot install the software.  I've been playing with this for a few hours: install, uninstall, CS cleaner, install, uninstall, CS cleanser.  The installer said other complete installing optional components but cannot be correctly installed (6).

    Error: DW003: third payload Installer vcredist_x86.exe failed with exit code: 1603

    Error: Cannot install the Package redistributable Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 (x 86) Redestributable.

    Tried on two different networks, but always without success.

    I found this: errors 'Exit Code 6' and ' exit 7 "Code install Adobe Creative Cloud, CS6, CS5.5, Premiere Elements and Photoshop Ele... .

    But what worries.  This is a brand new computer!

    Two companies of big as Adobe and MS fail to create products that work correctly.  This process should be as simple as a click-click-click.  If you set up this kind of barriers your customers will go elsewhere.  As long as I have a new machine, I thought I might as well go with a new product and try ON1.


    Disabled the McAffee and PS security package installed, but the installation of LR ends: "the download appears corrupt 42.

    Restarted and installed PS and LR who needs an update.  Click the update button and LR apparently completed what he had to do.  Both programs show now installed.  Let's see now if they work effectively.

    A huge waste of time.

    Adobe: get your act together.

    Hi Jeff + El + Em,

    Please follow the steps below:

    1. go to > Panel > Microsoft Visual c++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x 86) > click UnInstall > a new window will appear select REPAIR inside

    2. after that, restart the computer and restart the creative application of cloud and check

    Let us know if that helps.

  • new out of the box, all the ink cartridges damaged or missing error 8500

    So, I just got the officejet pro 8500 wireless. follow the instructions in game. at the start he said that ALL the ink cartridges are missing or damaged. I have a hard time believing that, if something is down or I missed something very basic in the installation program.

    I tried to remove the cartridges and re - install. Also checked that they are in the correct order. Don't know what to try next.

    Well he chalked it up to random mishap. I installed the software to see if she said something more useful. not a lot, but he pointed out that he was missing all the cartridges. I went back and exchanged the printer. the replacement is fine.

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    Out of the box computer Toshiba brand new locks files on a laptop run single.  Incredible.

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    The lock icon has no relationship to UAC or protection.  It simply means that the folder is private and only accessible to this user.

    To add a lock: right-click and choose "share with Nobody."
    To remove a lock: right-click and choose «Share with...» "and choose someone

    I just finished setting up my new T5 rebel and was able to capture an image. I try to take pictures and can hear the shutter, but does not display the photo taken, or it will appear in the storage of photos. Someone help me, please. I am brand new to all this.

    «"... does not display the picture taken, or it will appear in the storage of photos

    I don't know THAT DISP causes permits it not reading on a T5?  You can reset the camera.  A "cancel all the settings' in the menu?

  • BlackBerry cool new Smartphones on the box 8310 / / / SOS MODE

    a new blackberry 8310 costs the box to put the sim card in and batt. the phone was looking, then mode BAM sos emergency calls only. now the sim card works in my iphone but not the blackberry, check and verify all don't know what to do CAN someone HELP ME GET MY BLACKBERRY 8310 ON SOS MODE. O SA ALSO SAY INSERT SIM CARD. BUT THE DAM THING IS ON AND WORKS FIND IN THE OTHER PHONE.  P.S OUTSIDE SAID ROGER NETWORK INSIDE TO SAY T MOBILE THANK YOU DA MAN


    1) go to OPTIONS - OPTIONS ADVACNED - GPS SELECT LOCATION ON it's prbably on 911 only.

    (2) Please do not swear.

    (3) specify the phone model and system operations GO to OPTIONS - ON version resembles 4.x.x.xxx.

    Thank you

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    I'm sorry, this section cannot be customized to the requirement that the only place you may be able to place is information about the product itself.

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    Recently, I bought a new Y410P. While game on it, it freezes for 1-4 seconds. I tried to solve the problem by doing a reset to factory default, which made no difference at all.
    If someone could help me in this case, it would be greatly appreciated

  • Brand new, fresh out of the box, DSC-HX50V is having all kinds of problems

    On my third attempt to get a HX50, sometimes finally B & H Photo today.  I'm so excited as I opened the box, then plug it in to make sure that the battery is charged.  I unplug, pop in my SD card, turn it on and do the initial setup routine.  I finished the initial installation, the lens comes out and I think, «Here we go...» "But I see on the screen, rather than the other side of the room?  'Access... '. "I see it on the screen for the next two minutes until the screen turns off alone...  Press the power button two times and it comes...  Leave would be for an hour while I desperately search the Internet to see if this is normal (without success, btw).  Click on the button of power twice, its always there...  Mocking me... Tease me... Make fun of me... Why oh why am I tortured that way?

    Finally... I try to turn off the camera by holding down the power button...  No luck.  I eject the SD card (to be noted that the access lamp is not lit). It's always "for access to the...» "So I eject the battery to force power off.  Pop the battery, turn on the camera, the lens retracts, lens extends, I see the General information on the screen (battery level, 20 M, Focus tracking, etc...) and no image... Nothing...  Just a white background, black... Try to turn off and the power button turns off just the screen, but the lens remains extended and the screen lights up immediately when the power button.  What the...? ! ?

    Then... What I have is a camera that will only show that "access to the...» «When a SC card is inserted, will show the General information but no picture when the SD card is not inserted, the shutter button does nothing, movie button does nothing, watch play button "to access to the...» "for a while before returning to the general info, change the mode, all other buttons dial mode only do something if I shortly after you turn on/off the camera (if I let the screen press on shut down, or turn off the screen with the power button, they will cease to respond to the pressures on) and the power button turns on the camera and turn off the screen , but do not turn off the camera.  Oh Yes... The Toolbox in the menu of the screen blanks, but never sends me into the menu of the box tool.

    Then...  I was wondering... I'm SOL?  Can I reset the device to factory settings and start over possibly fix everything that's wrong?  Is this a defective unit that I have to return to the B & H and hope they can replace in less than a lifetime?  ???

    Thanks for all your help.

    ~ Kiss of Azrael ~.

    Too bad... I understand that if I plugged the camera, then lit, it lights up in playback mode. In playback mode, all the buttons worked, I was not only able to reset the camera, but also able to format the SD card, which got rid of the ' access to...» "Unfortunately, none of these things toned down the main issue of the camera being completely unusable designed for the purpose of taking a photo and video recording, so I guess it's back to the store and either I'll treat the excessive expectation and additional spending, to get it replaced, or just go with another camera altogether which maybe actually available in a local store... That's life...

    ~ Kiss of Azrael ~.

  • I opened a new tab, but the boxes disappeared and comes with "the address is not valid.

    I opened a new tab and it used to show my recent history in about 12 boxes but now I get this:

    "The address is not valid

    The URL is not valid and cannot be loaded.

    Oh dear.

    Unfortunetly, you'll have to do a clean reinstall of firefox.


    Don't forget to restart your PC inbetween facilities

    Good luck

  • Pavilion AiO 23-p114: Pavilion 23-p114 start out of the box


    System-Pavilion 23-p114 All in One, AMD A8-6410 processor, Win 8.1, 8192 MB core, UEFI BIOS (80.01) 16/10/2014.

    After unpacking and setting up, system went through his customary decompression of the 8.x Windows software. This step completed to the point of asking for user name, language, country, and time zone. Unfortunately, the keyboard and wireless mouse had apparently dead batteries that the mouse had the power, but the keyboard doesn't have.

    We changed the wired keyboard/mouse and these devices were found and Setup continues. However; during the reboot step we never regained control of the system. IE, reboot, start LesBlue HP logo appeared (on black background) and we never went forward.

    The button market / he stop and attempted to revive the process, no luck. We have allowed the system to stay in this State for more than 24 hours, still no luck. Again press the power button and then shutting off the power completely the system. In approxmatly 20 minutes we still once applied power, pressed the power button to get to the same place.  No beeps, no Flash, just a hint of HP hung.

    We then consulted with the process HP support on a 23-p114 identical and followed by the restoration of the system through the power process and press F10 process.

    This process hangs at the BIOS screen, inviting us to (ESC) to get the menus (F-Keys). Again, we off with the switch power, power up and press the F2 key to start diagnostic system tests and start the Quick Test of the system.

    Everything except "System Board check"Device not found". Of note is that the main memory chip is in the Bay of '1', not '0' of the Bay, but we don't know if it's important.

    Because this particular all-in-one is not very heavy, it will not be useful as a boat anchor, but maybe a weight of fish. However, we would like to use it as a business desktop processor.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards


    Thanks for the suggestions. Another one on HP support, a set of HP Diagonistics and restore DVD were sent for me.

    Following the exact instructions with the DVD we still could not retrieve system. We then followed the other included instructions and support.

    After an hour and eight minutes of customer support guidelines, it has been determined that the DVD player was not given or some device controller within the 23 HP - p114 had failed.

    Basically, the machine has a weight of sin.

    However, CSR sent me a box of (FedEx) return to return the machine for HP, (all expenses paid by HP) due to the warranty coverage.

    I couldn't ask for more! HP support has done everything possible to solve the problem. Regardless of the nature of the failure, HP Support WORKS!
    I take it as a complete success.

    We await the return of a refurb from the original machine and go on with life.


  • New T510 won't save the ActiveX components out of the box

    I just got a new T510 yesterday Windows 7 Pro 32 bit with XP mode running and MS virtual machine. I tried to install our software which includes three components ActiveX auto-save. They are not saved. However, on other computers running Win7 32-bit and 64-bit software installs fine. Suggestions on what to get?

    I fixed this. Our components ActiveX is no longer auto-save on Windows 7 and they can not be forced to register with regsvr32.exe is. They must be registered via an installer during installation.

  • New iPad Air straight out of the box is asking for a password


    I I have just inboxed an Apple Air. It shows the slide to set up however when I drag the next screen ask password. As he is nine not sure why as long as no password has been set up.

    ANY help would be appreciated

    Thank you

    Where did you bought it leave?

  • New Photosmart C8180 displays error code C2FF8575 out of the box.

    I bought a Photosmart C8180 a few years back but put away in a closet and never opened until today. I started to install the printer and followed the instructions, but when I plugged on feeding (a first step in the installation program), the screen started showing the error Code C2FF8575, more a point of exlemation on the front of the machine and the power button began to blink rapidly. I have insterted the cartridges in it, but it did not help. I followed a tip of troubleshooting I found on the HP site to uninstall your ink cartridges, unplug the printer for at least 60 seconds, then plug back in. There is nothing to help as well. Please help me to solve this problem and get this printer doesn't work! Thank you!

    Hi mekshp and welcome to the Forums of HP.

    I see that you are having errors priner. After reviewing the error code, it seems that it is a fatal error in the firmware of the printer.  I recommend you contact HP directly.  You can use this Web site for information about how to contact HP properly, based on your region: Contact HP worldwide.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

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